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CAST: 2 men

COSTUMES: cowboy gear

Here is an excerpt:

Second Cowboy: This here's Dodge City.

First Cowboy: That's a funny name. Why do you call it "Dodge"?

Second Cowboy: Because that's what you have to do, lessen you wanna get shot full of holes.

First Cowboy: Tough town, huh?

Second Cowboy: Tough!?! It's the toughest town in the territory. We spend every Saturday night down at the blacksmith's shooin' flies. Folks in other towns just let 'em go barefoot. What brings you to Dodge, stranger?

First Cowboy: I'm lookin' fer a cowboy named Deadeye Dick. Do you know Deadeye Dick?

Second Cowboy: I reckon I know Deadeye Dick. I am Deadeye Dick. Who're you, stranger?

First Cowboy: Name's Walleye Pike. I got a score to settle with you.

Second Cowboy: What's your beef? I've never seen you before in my life!

First Cowboy: But I heard you insulted my sister.

Second Cowboy: Who's your sister?

First Cowboy: Black-Eyed Susan.

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