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Act it out!

by Whatsits Galore

Church Groups, Clubs, Scouting

You can perform these fun and easy skits at your next church social, scouting event, or club meeting. It can be tough to come up with new material, but Whatsits Galore has several entertaining one-act skits available, each lasting only 2-3 minutes, requiring very little by way of props or preparation, and suitable for all audiences. Whether you're performing, directing, or just watching, you'll love our Skits & Bits. The play's the thing!

You can order online via PayPal, it's fast, secure, and sign-up is free! Just follow the links at the bottom of the page.

After Noah's Ark
The Case of the Superfluous Skit
Turkey Shoot
The Big Scoop
Fractured Fairy Tale
Lewis & Clark
Doctor, Doctor
How the West Was Lost
Mom's Purse
Time and Time Again
Fast Food Frenzy
I Spy
Jingle All the Way
Viking Cruise
PC Christmas
Yearly Physical
The Perils of Polly--A Musical
Scout Handbook
A Day at the Zoo
Art for Pete's Sake
The Hold Up
Good Deed For the Day
Two Guys From Pomona
Help Desk
Army of One
Handy Dandy Handyman
Road Trip
Job Fair
Mom's Day Out
Rosie the Riveter
Can Do
New! Trial and Error

How can a prince find his true love? Leave it to Mom to choose a bride. Click here to meet the lucky girl.

A dream vacation turns to farce when American tourists visit an authentic French restaurant.Click here, s'il vous plait.

Everybody's heard of the Twelve Days of Christmas. Did you ever wonder what happened on the Thirteenth Day of Christmas? Click here for a holiday treat.

Why would a man take his wife golfing when she knows nothing about the game? Click here to see this couple tee off.

An elderly couple tries to rekindle their romance. Without their hearing aids. Listen closely and click here.

A tribute to film noir finds Sam Egg on the case. Click here for hard-boiled hilarity.

Meet a backwoods couple who can't decide whether to get married or un-married. Y'all kin click rye-cheer.

Be careful what you wish for: good advice for three ladies who find a genie. Click here to make your wish come true.

Two cowpokes settle their disagreement the traditional way--with an unexpected twist. Click here to revisit the Old West, pardner.

What are those babies in the church nursery really thinking? Click here to for a babies-eye view.

A harried waiter just can't please these two customers. Your table is ready. Click here.



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