by Linda Campanella

Hiker #1
Hiker #2

Something to indicate a bear: fur coat, mask, ear headband, etc.; scout uniforms are optional

2 books or booklets, but if you like, you can just use the script

(Hiker #1 & Hiker #2 enter)

Hiker #1: I've seen that same rock three times. We're going in circles! We're lost in the woods. Lost, I tell you! What are we gonna do?

Hiker #2: Can you see which way to the edge of the forest?

Hiker #1: I can't see the forest. There are too many trees in the way.

Hiker #2: Don't panic. We'll be all right, as long as we have the Eagle Scout Handbook. It tells a scout everything he needs to know.

Hiker #1: Great! Does it tell you which way is back to camp?

Hiker #2: No, but it will give us all kinds of useful information so we can get back on our own. And survive along the way.

Hiker #1: While you read the manual, I'm going to fill my canteen from that pond.

Hiker #2: Wait! Is that still water?

Hiker #1: I'll check. Yeah, it's still water all right. What else would it be?

Hiker #2: No, I mean still water. The handbook says that running water is safer than still water. Fill your canteen from the creek instead.

Hiker #1: Ooh, berries. I'm starving! We might not find any more food for a while. We'd better pick these.

Hiker #2: Stop! Don't you know some berries are deadly? We'd better check the guidebook to be sure. Hmmm...blueberries, strawberries, logan berries, crunch berries...aha! It says right here that red berries with green dots exhibit lethal levels of toxicity!

Hiker #1: That's okay, as long as they're not poison.

Hiker #2: They are poison, berry-brain!

Hiker #1: Whoa! Thanks, guidebook!

Hiker #2: Look at that rock. If you see a rock with moss growing on one side, do you know what that means?

Hiker #1: That it's not rolling?

Hiker #2: No! According to the book, moss always grows on the north side of a rock. Now we know which way is north.

Hiker #1: Boy, that handbook sure is useful.

Hiker #2: I wouldn't leave home without it.

(Bear enters)

Hiker #1: Oh, no, it's a bear! What does the Handbook say to do? Run?

Hiker #2: No, don't run. We have to play dead.

Hiker #1: Play dead?!? In ten seconds, we're gonna BE dead!

Hiker #2: Okay, here's a way to frighten off a bear. It says stand together, raise your arms, and yell so you look as big and dangerous as possible. A really big animal will scare away a bear.

(Hikers stand together, raise arms, and yell. Bear looks at them, pulls out a book and reads out loud)

Bear: If a group of hikers stand together, raise their arms, and yell, don't be fooled. They're only trying to scare you.

Hiker #1: Hey, no fair! How did a bear get a survival manual?

Bear: I used to be a Cub Scout.

(Bear chases hikers off and exits)

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