by Linda Campanella

Characters (can be male or female; the Lady can be changed to a Man if needed):
Walk-on to hold a sign, if desired

A scouting costume can be worn, but is not necessary

A sign saying "Much later"
Stack of play money

(Scout enters)

Scout: What a day! I've been trying for hours to do my good deed for the day. But I can't find anybody who needs a good deed. What can I do? I've just gotta do a good deed today! Wait, here comes somebody. Now's my chance to do my good deed for the day.

(Lady enters and stands, looking away from Scout)

Scout: Excuse me, ma'am, let me help you.

(Scout takes Lady's arm and pulls Lady across stage)

Lady: What do you think you're doing?

Scout: I'm doing my good deed for the day. I just helped you across the street.

Lady: Yes, and made me miss my bus! I wasn't trying to cross the street!

Scout: Oh, I'm so sorry. I was trying to help you. I need to do a good deed today.

(Scout looks up)

Scout: I know...I can get your cat out of that tree! That would be a good deed. (reaches up, then stops) Wait...does your cat bite?

Lady: No, my cat never bites.

Scout: Oh, good. (reaches up, then pulls hands back) Ow! He bit me! I thought you said your cat didn't bite.

Lady: That's not my cat.

Scout: Please, can't I do some good deed for you?

Lady: Okay, okay, you can mow the lawn. There's a lawnmower sitting right there. And then you can do the edging and pull all those weeds.

Scout: Sure thing, I'll get right on it!

(Someone holds up "Much later" sign)

Scout: Whew, all done, ma'am.

Lady: And you did a nice job. Thank you, sonny.

Scout: No, thank you, for allowing me to do my good deed for the day. (exits)

Lady: (knocks on door)

Neighbor: Yes?

Lady: Hello, neighbor. You said you were planning to hire someone to do all that yard work you've been putting off. Well, take a look.

Neighbor: Wow, it looks great! What a nice surprise! You saved me having to hire someone. You must let me pay you what I would've paid a service.

(Neighbor hands money to Lady)

Lady: Just doing my good deed for the day.

(both exit)

2020-2024 by Linda Campanella

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