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CAST: 2 men, 1 woman

Here is an excerpt:

Lola:(in a breathless voice) Are you Sam Egg, Pie?

Sam: That's "P.I." As in "Private Eye."

Lola: So, you're a detective?

Sam: Depends on who's askin'.

Lola: My name is...(coughs and clears throat, then speaks in a normal voice) My name is Lola.

Sam: Her name was Lola.

Lola: I just said that. I need help.

Sam: There's a psychiatrist's office on the next floor.

Lola: Not that kind of help.

Sam: Listen, I don't come cheap. Do you have any dough?

Lola: What would it take to hire you? Twenty-five dollars?

Sam: You'll have to go higher than that.

Lola: (Speaks in high falsetto) Twenty-five dollars?

Sam: If you want to hire me, it'll cost you a "C" note.

Lola: (Sings a high note) How's that?

Sam: That was a B-flat, but it'll do for starters. Okay, Miss LaTour. Take a load off and spill it.

Lola: What?

Sam: Sit down and tell me all about it.

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