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Bloopers©, Goofs, Mistakes


by Whatsits Galore

What is a glitch? Glitches are mistakes in movies and TV shows. They can be technical goofs, continuity errors, or anything that makes you scratch your head and say, "Huh?" In this case, the glitches are from the Mel Brooks television series When Things Were Rotten. It's not easy to list glitches for a show so filled with intentional inaccuracies, but we will try.



The Capture of Robin Hood

Bertram is officially the Royal Tax Collector, but he certainly spends a lot of time in other episodes with other, unrelated duties: master of the dance, announcing visitors, fetching and carrying. You'd think that the high tax rate in Nottingham would be enough to keep any tax collector busy full time.

The French Dis-Connection

The French flag as seen in this episode was not created until the French Revolution. The Marquis would've had a flag with a fleur-de-lys design.

The House Band

Why does Dapper Danny Doyle wear an eyepatch? He appears to have two perfectly good eyes while disguised as Friar Tuck.

It's hard to take seriously Robin's warning about the snark when he laughs while giving it.

Those Wedding Bell Blues

Several of the sound effects are out of sync, namely Prince John blowing on the hookah and Friar Tuck opening the Good Book.

Of course the begats "Isaac begat Hayes" and "Sarah begat Vaughn" are mere silliness. But of those leading up to the jokes, "Ruth begat Isaac" is just wrong. Ruth begat Obed; it was Sarah who bare Isaac.

While the treaty is being signed, the bearer fanning the guard is instantly changed to the guard fanning the bearer, and back again, depending on the angle of the shot.

When the Shiekh arrives at the wedding, the gong is rung twice. The second time, we can see that the gong-ringer guy hasn't moved.

During the bridal dance, Bertram is shown dancing between the Sheriff and Prince John before the latter gets to the bottom of the stairs.

When Robin kisses Marian at the end of the episode, we can see that his fake mustache is still intact.

A Ransom for Richard

Actually, Prince John is, indeed, "Your Highness," even as a lowly prince. King Richard is "Your Majesty."

If Little John is strong enough to punch through a stone wall, why can't he escape from the dungeon in The French Dis-Connection?

The stick holding up Prince John's rubber duckie is visible through the suds.

The gold that pours out of the armor isn't nearly as much as was in the chest. So, where's the rest of it? Hmmm?

The Ultimate Weapon

I don't know what Little John was kneeling in, but he's got a stain on his tights.

That aimer is so specific. How can you set it to destroy Sherwood Forest (or China) when there are no settings for those places?

When all the Merry Men watch the plane cross the sky, Little John is clearly looking at something else.

Ding, Dong, the Bell is Dead

Turkeys were unknown in England until the 1500s. And the first clocks were invented in the 14th century.

Although Bertram says he attended Nottingham Junior College, Prince Enjomo calls it "Sherwood JC."

Bertram has a long bandage trailing from his jerkin.

The Merry Men tie up Bertram in the bell tower, but what happened to that other guard?

Robin asks Little John to lift the bell before it's completely wrapped. Good thing the big guy fainted, or the bell would've rung, blowing their cover.

Right before the scene changes, Friar Tuck is about to say something, something urgent, by his expression. We never find out what.

There Goes the Neighborhood

If they want the Four Guys to believe that skeleton is really the vampire, or used to be, why give it a fluffy gray wig that looks nothing like Alan's slicked-back hair?

All the Merry Men's spooky tricks appear to be possible, except the skeleton that vanishes before our eyes. How did they do that?

Guy Cooper is terrified to see that he suddenly has three hands. He might've suspected a trick if he'd realized one of those hands was white instead of black.

Alan may've had his vampire get-up on under his ghost costume, but Little John sure wasn't wearing that witch's hat under there. So why does he put it back on to eat dinner?

Everybody runs from the ghost once they realize it's not Renaldo. Maybe it's just one of those generic Merry Men we see in the early scenes.


Although it's a very common mistake, that seal is actually a sea lion.

Princess Isabelle says, "Oxes don't have drumsticks." That may be true, but the plural of "ox" is "oxen."

When the Merry Men enter the castle, Renaldo must constantly dodge the arrows in Robin's quiver, which repeatedly threaten to hit him in the face.

Maid Marian forces Robin and the Sheriff to drop their swords. She then tells them to back away and adds, "That's better," although they haven't moved back a single step.

Birthday Blues

The first glitch is the title. Although this is the title seen on the DVD, an official mailing from Paramount before the existence of DVDs lists the title as "The Birthday Boys."

Why is Hollingsworth on his way to the castle in the first place? Renaldo's capture is pure accident, and there don't seem to be any other prisoners on hand. And once Renaldo escapes, the disappointed executioner immediately leaves for Palm Springs.

Marian mispronounces the word "Celtic." Unless she's talking about the basketball team.

Renaldo opens a gift from Robin and Marian, another from all the Merry Men, and yet there are two more gifts visible on the table. Who can they be from?

Marian comments that it took her an hour to ride to Robin's camp, as though it was some new thing. But she visits his camp often. Does Robin move it around, and this particular camp is especially far from the castle?

It is one hour before midnight when the Merry Men ride out to rescue Renaldo, yet we see them galloping along the road in broad daylight.

The Spy

The Sheriff warns the spy to make himself scarce before the attack on the inn, but Renaldo doesn't take that advice.

Renaldo leaves the bedroom door open; anyone passing by could spot Bertram unconscious on the floor.

Near the end of part 1 we get our first look at one of those nameless Merry Men who sometimes appear. Good thing he didn't show up any sooner, or the guys might've pegged him as the spy.

If Queen Poopsie's real name is Anne, then why is there a deck chair emblazoned with "Elizabeth" on King Rchard's yacht?

The Sheriff orders all weapons to be concealed. Apparently this does not include the swords worn by his troops.

This Lance for Hire

Renaldo steps on the spongy ground in front of Robin, revealing the hidden mattress there for him to faint on.

"Devout right-hander" Robin does many things left-handed in other episodes, including shooting his bow, which is no surprise considering actor Dick Gautier was a leftie.

How does the Black Knight get that note to stick to his tent wall?

The note Robin sends doesn't mention the site for the duel. How does the Black Knight know where to show up?

The duel is to take place at a neutral site of Robin's choosing. So he picks the area right in front of the castle? Where the Sheriff can watch and probably set up an ambush?

Sylvester and the old cheese merchant keep switching places while watching the duel; that's because they're using a lot of reverse images.

You'd think that Prince John would attend such an important event as a duel between Robin and the Black Knight.




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