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by Whatsits Galore
May the Force Be With You

What is a glitch? Glitches are mistakes in movies and TV shows. They can be technical goofs, continuity errors, or anything that makes you scratch your head and say, "Huh?" This site is devoted to glitches in the original Star Wars film series, not the Special Editions or the made-for-tv series. No information from novels or fan-based media is included.



Episode I: The Phantom Menace

The Jedi apparently use the Force to hold their breath and avoid being overpowered by the gas. Yet when they swim to the Gungan city, they use miniature breathing apparatus. Didn't they have those devices with them earlier? Or did the gas attack teach them the wisdom of being prepared?

In the hangar of the Trade Federation ship, Qui-Gon says "Battle Droids" in a surprised tone, although the Jedi already saw and fought Battle Droids on board the ship. Now if he'd made a comment on the large number of Battle Droids...

Anakin's bedroom is filled with interesting sci-fi paraphernalia, including a bowl-shaped object with a handle hanging near the door that appears to be formed of thin black plastic strips. This is a toy that was sold on Earth sometime in the '80's under the name of Trac Ball.

The decoy queen gives Padmé, the true Queen Amidala, the task of cleaning up R2-D2, a dirty job she could've alotted to one of the real handmaidens just as easily.

The citizens who elected Queen Amidala probably know that her first name is Padmé. Wouldn't that make it dangerous for her use her real name when posing as a handmaiden? Or is Padmé just a super-common name?

Anakin builds a protocol droid to help his mom. It doesn't seem that a slave would have much use for a protocol droid. Perhaps a housework droid or a manual labor droid would've been more appropriate.

Capt. Panaka says one of the candidates for the new supreme Chancellor is Bail Antilles. Earlier, we heard that Bail Organa was in line for the job. Is this a glitch, or are two men named Bail actually in the running?

Episode II: Attack of the Clones

Anakin doesn't have to fly that slalom course through the flame jets. He can easily follow Zam Wesell's flyer while steering clear of the flames.

Anakin is supposed to be traveling incognito, though his distinctive Padawan haircut is visible to all.

Obi-Wan lands his fighter in the pouring rain, exits the craft, takes about five steps, and then, when it is too late to do him any good, puts on his hood.

Padmé pushes a button on the ship's control panel to send a message to the Jedi Council. She pushes the exact same button to display a star chart.

Artoo can fly. Wait...he can fly?!?

On the conveyor belt, Anakin is trapped when a particular component is clamped onto his arm. None of the other plates in the factory get this component welded on, only the one Anakin is standing near.

When Yoda turns to protect Obi-Wan and Anakin, Dooku could attack the Jedi Master, instead of running away.

Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Most of the things Obi-Wan tells Luke about his father in Episode IV turn out to be true, at least from a certain point of view. Except for that business about Skywalker Sr. wanting Luke to have his lightsaber when he was old enough. If Anakin had any such wish, he couldn't have told it to Obi-Wan since the latter didn't even learn about Anakin's pending fatherhood until after the two Jedi were beyond the point of making friendly small talk.

When Artoo is sliding across the deck of General Greivous swiftly tilting ship, why doesn't he just fly above it?

On a space ship, "down" is determined by artificial gravity. Therefore, if the ship is damaged and begins to tilt, those inside would not begin to slide across the floor; gravity would keep them oriented to the floor, no matter what position the ship was in. The only way our heroes could experience the "Poseidon Adventure" effect would be if the artificial gravity controls malfunctioned. And what a strange malfunction, as the gravity continues to shift a millimeter at a time until everything is upside-down!

General Grievous has enough organic parts to cough, but his breathing is unaffected by the vacuum of space.

"Send me to kill the Emperor," says Obi-Wan before he knows Palpatine is the Emperor.

How does Padmé find Anakin in the Mustafar system? Maybe that's the only habitable part of the planet.

"Only a Sith deals in absolutes," cries Obi-Wan, although his statement is itself an absolute.

It takes twenty-some years to build the first Death Star, but only a few months to build the second, at least to the point where it is fully operational.

Why does Obi-Wan have Threepio's memory erased, but not Artoo's? Perhaps because the astromech droid can't speak?

Solo: A Star Wars Story

When Han talks to Chewbacca, he gets no response, so he tries a few words of Wookiee. That works, but Han immediately reverts to his own language, just assuming Chewie can understand it, even though the Wookiee has given no such indication. Is it a known fact that all Wookiees understand Galactic Basic?

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

These rebels have a much easier time defeating AT-ATs than in The Empire Strikes Back. Or are Snowspeeders simply that puny?

For the first time in the history of the Star Wars universe, there is a protective railing on a dangerous catwalk, at the top of the Citadel Tower.

Darth Vader and his Stormtroopers stand at a hatch opening directly onto airless space without either suffocating or being sucked into the void.

Episode IV: A New Hope

Threepio moans that there's no escape for the princess. Yet when he sees the hologram of Leia, he doesn't know who she is.

That plastic armor worn by all Stormtroopers isn't very effective. It never takes more than one blaster shot to down a Trooper.

Threepio, after being jettisoned in an escape pod, looks back and comments that the damage doesn't look so bad from out in space. Is he referring to the rebel ship he just left? Because the only ship we can see is the Imperial Star Destroyer, which probably wasn't damaged a whole lot from the battle with a tiny consular ship.

Leia claims to be on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan. Since when do ambassadors go on missions to their homelands? No wonder Vader isn't fooled.

Luke neglects to remind Uncle Owen about getting a droid that speaks Bocce; fortunately, Uncle remembers on his own.

Luke calls the damaged droid an R2 unit, though Star Wars lore names that particular droid R5-D4.

When Owen purchases R2-D2, there is suddenly an R5 unit beside the droid, even though it blew its motivator only moments before. That's because it's actually a bit of reused footage of Artoo.

Luke struggles to pry out something that's jammed inside R2, setting off Leia's message. Is that supposed to be the Death Star plans hidden in the droid? Because that's not where Leia put them.

First Owen says he doesn't know what R2 is talking about when he mentions Obi-Wan Kenobi. Then he says that Obi-Wan is dead. Is Luke buying any of this?

When Owen claims that Obi-Wan died about the same time as Luke's father, Luke assumes, for some reason, that this means the two knew each other.

While Luke is eating with Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru, the cup in his hand jumps around quite a bit to and from his mouth and from one hand to the other.

If you look carefully, you'll see that one of the droids at the farm is actually running on rails.

Luke spies Banthas wearing saddles, but he's not sure there are any Sandpeople around until he sees one. What does he think the Banthas are doing there?

Threepio moves after he powers down.

Ben Kenobi's memory is certainly faulty. He seems not to remember Artoo or Threepio at all. Sure, it was a long time ago, but they played a pretty big role in his life, and he personally hid them with Capt. Antilles, good reasons for the droids to be indellibly seared in the Jedi's memory. He also claims to have dropped the name "Obi-Wan" before Luke was born, though that certainly was not the case. And he claims that Owen had a problem with Anakin's ideals. The only time Owen and Anakin met, the latter wasn't behaving in a particularly idealistic fashion.

The sound on the hologram message is sometimes out of sync, and one of the eternal loops of Leia ends on the wrong pose.

The Leia hologram says that her mission to bring Obi-Wan to Alderaan has failed. Good thing! If it had succeeded, he would have died with the rest of the planet. What exactly was Leia's plan, I wonder, once they arrived on Alderaan? We'll never know...

When Tarkin discovers that Princess Leia has lied to him about the location of the Rebel Base, he angrily orders Darth Vader to terminate her immediately. Obviously, Vader never complies. He later comments that she may yet be of use. This must be some new definition of the word "immediately."

"Only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise" with blaster fire, says Ben Kenobi. Only, Troopers aren't all that precise during the rest of the film. In fact, they miss our heroes quite often.

Ben Kenobi specifically states that he wants safe passage to Alderaan with no questions asked. Naturally, the first thing Han does is ask if it's some kind of local trouble. What part of "no questions" didn't you understand?

The Stormtrooper leader makes it very easy for the droids to hide by ordering his men to ignore any door on the street that's locked.

One of the Stormtroopers orders the rest to load their weapons. Since when do blasters need to be loaded? We never see anybody load a blaster in any episode of the franchise. And if they did need to be loaded, wouldn't the Troopers load them before leaving their ship?

As Luke and Obi-Wan head for the Milennium Falcon to leave Mos Eisley, a long-nosed alien spies on them; while alerting the Stormtroopers via his comlink, the alien's nose gets in the way and he socks himself a painful-looking blow. You'd think he'd be used to the size of his own nose.

The first thing Chewie does upon settling into the cockpit is remove his bandolier. Yet he has it on again when they make the jump to hyperspace.

When 3PO mentions Princess Leia by name, Luke reacts, even though the hologram message never gives her name. Ben must've talked with him about the princess onboard the Falcon.

Darth Vader continues to make hand gestures after he's finished speaking to Tarkin.

That catwalk leading to the tractor beam control is awfully dangerous without a railing. Have any technicians fallen off, I wonder?

As soon as Han drops into the trash compactor, he fires his blaster, causing Luke to scream, "I already tried that!" Han was barely five seconds behind Luke in the garbage chute; if the latter had fired a shot, it would still be ricocheting as Han came down.

Leia states that it won't take the Imperials long to figure out that they've escaped down the garbage chute, nor should it. But no Stormtroopers ever show up at the door to capture our heroes.

In the garbage compactor, you can see Luke mouth the words, "What was that," but can't hear him say anything. Maybe he's whispering.

Luke is almost killed by the Dia Naga, while Chewie stands off to the side, futilely pounding on the door. A little help, please...

If Luke had happened to talk into the comlink Threepio carelessly left lying on the console without shutting it off, the Stormtroopers would've heard it and the jig would be up.

Leia's hair is a mess when she exits the trash compactor, and no wonder, with all she's been through. Only it looks a lot neater when she and Luke meet up with Han at the Falcon.

Leia shouts, "They're coming through!" well before the Stormtroopers begin to open the door.

Tarkin comments that Darth Vader is all that's left of his "religion." Doesn't Tarkin know about the Emperor being a Sith? Is it a secret?

When Han and Luke fight off the TIE Fighters with the Falcon's guns, Han's headset is a right-handed apparatus, but Luke's is a leftie.

Some shots of Leia and Threepio in the Yavin control center are reverse images.

We hear an announcement that the rebel base will be in range in thirty minutes, but the on-screen counter is moving much too fast to be counting down minutes. Actually, the numbers on the screen are often different from the numbers that are announced.

We hear someone ask over the com system, "Red 6, can you see Red 5?" Too bad Red 6 is already dead by this time.

A message is sent to Red Leader that Tiree and Hutch are gone, to which Red Leader answers, "I copy, Gold Leader." Hey, buddy, Gold Leader's already dead. You're talking to Gold 5.

"I've lost Artoo!" wails Luke, though we can see the droid behind his head, and he looks okay.

Since TIE fighters are short-range ships, how does Vader survive when his is blasted into space?

Although it's hard to hear, when Leia rushes to hug Luke after the destruction of the Death Star, young Skywalker happily shouts, "Carrie!"

Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Nobody can pronounce Han's name correctly in this episode.

Many of the shots of the rebels are reverse images.

Somewhere between the destruction of the Death Star and the beginning of this film, Darth Vader learns Luke's identity. At the end of Episode IV, Luke was just a nameless rebel pilot to Vader.

Luke's ocular device has a single objective (the part you see out of). But when we see what he sees, the view shows the double objective of common binoculars. Compare this to the view through the Hoth trooper's identical device, which shows a single rectangular image.

Luke's legs are closer together in the close-up of the cave ceiling.

If you look carefully at the Wampa's arm, you can see where the fur ends and a sleeve begins.

Luke manages to slice off the Wampa's arm. It seems like, rather than running out into the frozen darkness, he might've finished off the creature and spent the night in the relative shelter of its cave.

Ben tells Luke to go to the Dagobah System to find Yoda. But he never says which world in the system to visit. Maybe the system only has one planet.

Rogue 2 radios to the rebel base that he found "them," even though he only sees Han. Luke might still be missing for all he knows. Unless by "them" he meant Han and the Tauntaun.

Luke appears to have found time for a haircut after his release from sick bay.

The rebels' ion cannon is so powerful, it can fire into space and damage a Star Destroyer. They should try using it on those Imperial Walkers, which are much smaller and closer.

Luke says the armor on the Imperial Walkers is too tough for the Snowspeeders' blasters, yet once the AT-AT falls over, the blasters destroy it easily enough.

It seems like Luke neglects to tell his friends he's off to Dagaobah. Do they wonder why he doesn't show up at the rendezvous?

Luckily, Luke lands his X-Wing very near to Yoda's home, considering he had an entire planet to search.

Leia's arm is suddenly around Han's neck in the close-up of their kiss.

Trying to hide from the Imperials, Han flies the Falcon into a cave in an asteroid, unwittingly entering the mouth of a giant space slug. The creature or the asteroid must have its own atmosphere, because Han, Leia, and Chewie are able to walk around inside it without any type of space suit.

Luke tells Artoo to stay and watch over the camp. So what is the droid doing away from camp, peeking in Yoda's window?

Does Darth Vader kill Captain Needa? The officer seems to move when the guards carry him away. Perhaps the Sith Lord was merciful this time.

Yoda sits in the middle of a leaf-covered clearing when he raises the X-Wing from the mire. Then, he's suddenly perched on a hill.

Lando says that Darth Vader and friends arrived in Cloud City just before the Falcon. How? Boba Fett followed our heroes to Bespin and must've contacted Vader to relay the Falcon's destination to the Sith Lord, who somehow managed to get there before Han.

Luke never mentions seeing a vision of Chewie in pain. Doesn't he care about the Wookiee?

Yoda tells Luke that he will destroy everything his friends fought for if he leaves to help them, a prediction of Yoda's that definitely does not come true.

Between her arrest and torture, Leia changes clothes for some reason.

Han is wearing a jacket in the close-ups prior to his carbon freezing.

There's a very long interval between Luke spotting Cloud City and landing there.

At the very end, Lando is shown in a white shirt and black vest. Is he wearing Han's clothes?

Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

Lando still can't pronounce Han's name.

It's a good thing none of the denizens of Jabba's palace sleep near the carbonite, or Boushh could never get near enough to free Han undetected.

When Han is defrosted, he's not wearing the upper-arm restraints he had when entering the carbon-freezing chamber.

Right before swinging off the barge, Luke says, "Come on," without moving his lips.

Is it an optical illusion, or can you see right through the Emperor's hand when he arrives at the Death Star?

Yoda's body, like that of Obi-Wan, vanishes at death. But Qui-Gon's didn't back in Episode I. Nor does Darth Vader's, though he does manage to return as a Force ghost.

Ben Kenobi tells how the Skywalker infants were hidden from Darth Vader at birth. But why not change baby Luke's last name as a precaution?

The Endor landing party is well camouflaged for their trek into the forest--all except for that shiny gold-plated droid who stands out like a beacon.

Luke and Leia don't even try to shoot the Imperial Biker Scouts until they are fired upon by one. Leia's even carrying a personal blaster she could've used.

Luke travels miles and miles on the speederbike, then walks back to Han. Maybe he was flying in circles...

Where does Leia get that buckskin dress she wears in the Ewok village? Does she always carry it on dangerous missions? Or do the Ewoks keep extra clothes around for large visiting aliens?

C-3PO complains that it is against his programming to impersonate a deity, yet he does so, upon Luke's orders. Does the Force work on droids?

Leia doesn't yet know that C-3PO is mistaken for a god when she tells the droid to order the Ewoks to release the captives.

Threepio enthralls the Ewoks with tales of his adventures, even though he said in A New Hope that he wasn't very good at telling stories in an interesting fashion.

Leia says that she remembers her real mother as beautiful and kind, but sad. While these things are true, it would be impossible for Leia to remember them, since Padmé died minutes after giving birth.

Wedge calls for Red 3 and Red 2 to fly with him. Aren't the Red Squadron all X-Wings? 'Cause one of the guys who answers Wedge isn't.

The Imperial commander tells his men to "bring those two down here," referring to the droids. I can't see Artoo in that shot, can you?

Take a good look at the band of rebels held prisoner by the Imperial troops on Endor. Among them, standing with his hands on his head, is that Biker Scout they captured earlier. Guess he couldn't convince the Stormtroopers he was on their side.

Luke enters the lift flanked by stormtroopers, but exits with Vader, who originally stayed behind.

Is this Han or some other rebel? To trick the Imperials into opening the bunker door, Han puts on a helmet and radios them from inside a scout walker that all is secure. By the time the doors are opened, he is on the ground next to the bunker door sans helmet. While this would be possible if the Imperials were relatively slow to come out, it seems like a waste of energy for Han to rush over there when other rebels could easily have taken care of things.

We already know that there are always exactly two Sith at a time. If Luke is to become the Emperor's new apprentice, then that should signal to Darth Vader that his days are numbered. Maybe that's why he turns on his master.

Annakin's ghost is dressed exactly like Yoda and Obi-Wan, a costume he never wore in his lifetime.

Episode VII: The Force Awakens

Why doesn't Rey drive her speeder right up to the Star Destroyer hulk? For that matter, why does she park so far from the entrance to the town? This girl just enjoys walking.

Teedo the scavenger leaves his net behind. If he's as poor as Rey, you'd think he'd take it with him.

Rey is set upon by thugs who try to steal BB-8. You'd think after this she would keep the little droid within arm's reach for a while, but immediately after fighting off the would-be thieves, Rey turns her back on BB-8, almost inviting another attempt.

Poe flies the TIE fighter right through the force field that keeps the atmosphere in. In Episode IV, you hear a loudspeaker announcing that the field is turning off.

When the turret in the Millenium Falcon freezes, limiting Finn's ability to aim, he might try climbing up the ladder to the other gun.

Good thing the rathtars decide to drag Finn away instead of eating him immediately like they do to their other victims.

How does BB-8 climb the steps that lead into Maz's place?

Will we ever learn where Maz got Luke's lightsaber?

If Kylo Ren is so good at extracting information from a prisoner's mind, one wonders why he bothers to have Poe tortured at all. It seems like a total waste of time.

Rey battles Kylo Ren with obvious anger, a path that leads to the Dark Side.

Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

Just a grammar mistake, but in the beginning crawl, the phrase should read, "Leia's band of Resistance fighters stands..." Not "stand."

Standing on a planet's surface, Lt. Connix hears a boom as a ship exits hyperspace outside the atmosphere.

When locked out of Luke's house, Rey could try looking in or talking through, or even climbing through the windows; they're only holes in the wall.

Luke has learned to understand R2's beeps without the aid of a translator droid

When a ship in frictionless space runs out of fuel, it should keep going. And going, and going.

R2 turns his head dome while projecting Leia's image. Why doesn't the image move?

Why don't Finn and Rose put the cover back on the manhole? It might buy them a little time. Of course, the guards recapture them without actually following them through the sewer, so maybe not.

Wouldn't you like to see just how BB-8 manages to tie up those guards?

You can touch Force ghosts?

Leia can use the Force to survive in space, while poor Jedi Master Qui-Gon needs a machine to survive under water.

When Poe opens the door to let Leia back into the ship, it should suck all the air out. And him, too.

Rey's escape pod passes right through the force field to enter the hanger on Kylo Ren's ship.

Snoke created the telepathic link between Kylo Ren and Rey, but it continues after he is dead.

Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker

If Kylo Ren hadn't flown his TIE so close to the ground, Rey never could've disabled it.

How can our heroes sink in the sand and pass through the ceiling of the tunnel?

Finn could try blasting Kylo Ren while he's locked in a battle of wills with Rey. They are so evenly matched that it probably wouldn't take much to tip the scales in Rey's favor.

Rey exits the hangar bay through the force field, passes through airless space, and enters the Milennium Falcon through its open door.

It's a good thing the part of the Death Star that matched the dagger remained intact; if that piece had broken, the map would've been useless.




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