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Bloopers©, Goofs, Mistakes


by Whatsits Galore

What is a glitch? Glitches are mistakes in movies and TV shows. They can be technical goofs, continuity errors, or anything that makes you scratch your head and say, "Huh?" In this case, the glitches are from the classic television series Get Smart, not the later series, films or made-for-TV movies.



During the ending credits, Max puts his hands up to his face before the door closes on his nose.

Mr. Big

One henchman has a tear in the shoulder of his wetsuit.

There are bullet holes in the door before Max fires the machine gun, bullet holes which disappear after he shoots.

Diplomat's Daughter

That explosive pellet wasn't as destructive as we were led to believe. Neither Smart, the Klaw, nor Bobo were harmed by it.

School Days

When Max arrives at the spy campus, he leaves his suitcase in the car. Doesn't he intend to check in?

The wire is clearly visible next to the knife in the wall.

The close-up of the knife shows it stuck in the suitcase with the lid open, even though Max already closed it.

Although Zukor is said to be a lefty, he is shown to be right-handed several times.

Zukor's handwriting doesn't look all that distinctive.

Our Man in Toyland

Sometimes Max holds the lighter-phone to his ear to listen, sometimes not.

Where does Smart get 99's glove all of a sudden?

Max declares that the vent is too small for a human being to crawl through, and 99 agrees; yet later he decides to go back and try the vent.

Now You See Him, Now You Don't

Why are there no pens in the pen holder on the Chief's desk? So we can enjoy the gag of Smart asking for a pencil.

There is a wire clearly visible above the gun in Max's apartment, even though it is later reavealed that the gun was held up by a wire underneath it.

99 could just turn on the lamp trap. It would be less work and safer than whispering to Max to push the button.

Washington 4, Indians 3

Max takes the tapawasi's clothes, but where does he get the wig?

The teepees are much bigger inside than outside.

Red Cloud accidentally locks horns with one of his men; later he snags his horns on the door of the war tent.

That book must not use alphabetical listings, as "tapawasi" falls before the middle. Maybe there are a lot of appendices.

Max tells White Cloud to close her mouth and open her eyes. Somehow she understands that he means it the other way around, and acts accordingly.

Some of those sitting in the war council don't get to vote at all.

99 does a lousy job keeping the Indians covered; she lets several of them get behind her.

KAOS in Control

The Chief says the only agent he trusts is Max, yet he evidently has no suspicions about 99.

The Day Smart Turned Chicken

The hearing is public, and reveals to the world the existence of CONTROL and Max's role as a secret agent.

Satan Place

Max forgets to talk into the mouthpiece of his belt phone.

The night light that supposedly fell out of the socket could never have fit with that other cord plugged in above it.

Our Man in Leotards

The experimental car looks exactly like the Chief's car of last episode.

Max, as the repairman, is wearing coveralls, not overalls, as Naharana claims.

99 mispronounces Naharana's name.

Too Many Chiefs

It sure looks like the chief is laughing at the end of the Cone of Silence scene.

My Nephew the Spy

Did Max pay for those shoes?

There aren't enough letters for the entire alphabet on Max's Dial-A-Fact.

The Chief asks if Max has a match, but Max just gets one from the holder on the Chief's desk.

If the papers were all destroyed in a fire, why was the empty file sealed?

Aboard the Orient Express

The British Intelligence agent warns Max about Krochaska; does he know his own dog is the famous spy?

Max wastes a lot of time fumbling for his gasmask when he can simply opent the window.

Weekend Vampire

How does Drago get into the CONTROL lab to play his little tune in the first place?

Drago lies down inside the coffin, even though it would be very difficult for him to go down the hidden staircase from that position.

Why play a tune at all when it's only one note, high C, that fires the blowgun? For that matter, why use a note at all? Why not just blow into it?

Survival of the Fattest

Double Agent

The bust in front of the air vent appears to have a bobblehead.

If the four KAOS agents are really good guys, then why don't they volunteer to kill 99 themselves so they can set her free, instead of giving the job to an agent they think has gone bad?

99 comments on "four of our government's top agents." Actually one of them is from the UK.

Kisses for KAOS

Since 99 already made her date with Savage, presumeably she gave him her address. Yet, after this, the Chief tells her to meet her date at Max's apartment instead.

Is dapper Max really going to the diner for lunch in his undershirt, and covered with paint?

The Dead Spy Scrawls

Why don't Max and the Chief know the code?

Since pool is the Chief's hobby and Max is so bad at the game, maybe the Chief should consider taking on the assignment at the pool hall.

Max flinches as if he knows he's about to accidentally fire the shotgun-cue.

In the far shot, Parker is loading the shotgun shell backwards; in the close-up, the shell is suddenly correct.

The Shark warns Stryker to never bother him in the middle of a big-money game. Yet later, the assassin interrupts his game once again, and this time the Shark has no problem with it.

How is 99 supposed to search for the brain when she's busy manipulating the cue ball?

Back to the Old Drawing Board

There are several odd cameras in this episode. The film Natz watches of Dr. Shotweiler, evidently taken in secret by KAOS, switches to close-ups as if it was a motion picture. The camera hidden somewhere on Hymie somehow takes pictures of the robot, as if it was mounted on the wall.

To enter the garage, Hymie bends the latch until it gives. So how can the same latch later be jammed?

See When Good Fellows Get Together.

All in the Mind

How would Markovich have killed Joanna Sloane, one wonders, if she hadn't decided to make a call from the booby-trapped phone booth?

99's hair is suddenly wet, although she hasn't gone completely under water yet.

The Chief should know where Max and 99 are without being told--after all, he sent them to Dr. Braam's office.

Dear Diary

Smart, the Assassin

I'm Only Human

Max keeps his hands raised after he is chained to the wall. He also removes one glove, for some inexplicable reason.

Stakeout on Blue Mist Mountain

While Max is trying to phone Prof. Parker, the others could at least try to look for the bomb.

It might've worked better if the Chief had talked to Parker on the phone while Smart defused the bomb, instead of having Max continually pick up and put down the phone.

It sounds as if they caught every one of the KAOS couriers on Blue Mist Mountain that night. That's over three hundred men. Where were they all hiding?

The Amazing Harry Hoo

How does Harry Who know that Smart is a CONTROL agent? He must be a better detective than we thought.

Hubert's Unfinished Symphony

The portable Cone of Silence isn't very effective; even from the outside, Max can hear the Chief's every word.

It's a good thing Mr. Big's real name uses only the letters on the musical scale, or Hubert could never have hidden the name on his sheet music.

Ship of Spies

Smart's jacket dries awfully quickly.

Max never asks if Agent 44 is dead or alive.

Shipment to Beirut

The Chief gives the wrong total for the two dresses bought by Max.

How do the villains manage to spray the plastic under their victims' clothes?

The Last One in Is a Rotten Spy

Greco carries his spear gun everywhere; and that doesn't make anybody suspect that he might have had something to do with the murder by spear gun of Agent 81?

Why can't the enemy agents nail Max with the machine gun, just because he's underwater in a swimming pool?

Anatomy of a Lover

Hymie only wipes up a tiny portion of the coffee spill on the rug.

Max claims to be "programmed for sloppiness," but his apartment is neat as a pin in every other episode.

Strike While the Agent Is Hot

The coded sign is simply "would you believe" written in reverse, but it is misspelled.

A Spy for a Spy

The Only Way to Die

Max loses the bandage on his forehead for a couple of scenes, but it's back soon.

The lever, once pulled, goes up slowly, but sometimes is seen back down again.

Maxwell Smart, Alias Jimmy Ballantine

The shadow on the wall behind the car changes.

There are no numbers on Ballantine's mug shot except in the close-up.

In order to protect his fingers, Jimmy Ballantine won't shake hands. I thought he was going straight...

Turning the dial on an unlocked safe would lock it.

Did they plant phony money in every vault in Washington? Where did they stash all that real money? And why does the Chief have to put the money back in the vault if it's fake?


The Decoy

Max's cufflink is missing, which proves to be convenient for the KAOS scientist who gives him the shot.

Hoo Done It

99 calls the island "the Gateway to Hawaii." So, when she sets out in the rubber raft, she would surely head for Hawaii, not for the US mainland, as is erroneously stated several times.

When 99 drops the luggage it bumps the main gate, which shakes like it's made of cardboard instead of iron.

Rub-a-Dub-Dub...Three Spies in a Sub

Robert Kasavetes appears here as Larabee for the first time; at least, it's the first time he is named. In earlier episodes, he appears several times in various roles, sometimes even playing KAOS agents.

Max warns 99 to hit the dirt when he says "now." He never says it, but she ducks anyway.

Before they even try, the Control agents lament that they can't get through the minefield, although they knew it was there before they started the mission, and were even told they must find their way through it. However, they are surprised to find that the computer center is visible from the beach. Seems like the recon information for this mission wasn't too great.

Kruger reports that the sub is on the bottom when we can see that it is not.

It's no surprise that the characters' voices should echo while in the sub. It is surprising that they only start to echo ten minutes into the scene.

Max bonks his head while exiting the sub. Of course, that's not so strange for Agent 86.

The Greatest Spy on Earth

Agent 51 is killed by a thrown knife. Later Max is attacked by thrown knives. And yet he must identify the handle of the knife before deducing that the knife-thrower is after him.

Max and 99 never think the killer, whoever he is, might recognize them as the couple seen talking with Agent 51 when he was killed. They're even wearing the same clothes.

Max blows 99's cover by calling her by her number in front of Hanlon.

The corpse of Tiny Allen moves a little.

When knives keep flying at Max from out of the darkness, neither he nor 99 thinks to take cover.

Max and 99 knock several of the villains to the ground, temporarily stunning them. But they never think to grab their guns.

Island of the Darned

Max and 99 go to the island undercover, posing as sportsmen, says the Chief. Some cover! They are known by Hunter the instant they set foot on the beach.

Hunter has a trophy of a sabre-toothed tiger mounted on his wall. Is that how they became extinct?

If only Max and 99 had thought to use the cigarette bombs earlier, they could've taken out Hunter and his men as soon as the hunt started.


Max can't seem to get his painting back into the envelope, so he stashes it still sticking halfway out. When he gives it to Agent 58, however, the painting is neatly back inside its envelope.

Agent 58 dies with his head turned toward his left hand. 99 immediately comes from the kitchen and sees him with his head turned toward his right hand.

The brush that splatters the Chief with paint is dry and paint-free in the close-up.

When Max spatters the Chief with paint, a large splotch hits the wall behind him, but that wall is perfectly clean moments later.

Perils in a Pet Shop

The Whole Tooth and...

Max is arrested, tried, convicted, and sent to prison, all within 72 hours. The justice system is never that fast.

Why does Max need dental instruments? He removed the tooth from his own mouth with just a flick of the wrist long after it was supposed to have bonded.

Kiss of Death

It Takes One to Know One

The Eiffel Tower model in Chief's office has become a leaning tower in a few shots.

The Chief says that Octavia wants the papers for CONTROL. Doesn't he mean she wants them for KAOS?

Someone Down Here Hates Me

Even if Max hadn't bent down, the bullet would've still missed him. And hit the KAOS agent.

For some reason, Siegfried's name does not appear in the credits.

Cutback at CONTROL

The Man from Yenta

We see no trace of the champagne Max spilled on the tray.

When Max goes flying over the desk, of course it's really a stunt man. But if you watch his third flip over the desk, you'll see the stuntman's foot plainly visible behind the desk while Don Adams steps back into the picture.

The Mummy

When Rita Smith drinks the knock-out drug, she falls asleep sitting up with her hand raised to hold her glass. We soon see her still sitting, but with her hand down on her lap. Then she is seen again with her hand back up in the air.

For once the audience gets to see Agent 13 outside of his traditional tight hiding place.

The Girls from KAOS

Max trusts Tisha, an untrained civilian, to search the bedroom for bugging devices.

One of the beauty contestants in the registration line is not wearing a sash.

Smart Fit the Battle of Jericho

If the cigarette girl is really Agent Charlie Watkins, then why did he keep Max's silver dollar?

Max isn't really dialing that sandwich phone.

We get a very clear look at Smart's stunt double on the uncompleted building, much clearer than we should.

Where-What-How-Who Am I?

99 claims it would arouse suspicion to check into a hotel without luggage, but that's just what the agents do after they drive off and leave the Honeymoon Kit behind.

Max tells the Chief to charge Schnell and Petrovich with, among other crimes, murder. They didn't actually kill anyone in this episode, though they did try.

The Expendable Agent

When a KAOS assassin is spotted, 99 hides behind Whittaker, the man she's supposed to be protecting.

The net trap in Max's apartment is set to drop on whoever pushes the button.

Max declares that a bomb small enough to fit inside a pack of cigarettes would have a hair trigger, making it too dangerous to throw out the window, yet he already threw out all the watches, in case they were bombs.

The presense of a bomb in the apartment would seem like a good time to blow Chain's cover, instead of leaving him exposed to the bomb while Whittaker, the real agent, hides behind the invisible shield.

Chain runs into the invisible shield but passes partially through it before he stops.

Max raises the invisible shield so Chain can pass under, but he never lowers it again. Whittaker then runs into it anyway.

The Chief said that the scientists would be meeting in his office, but they actually meet in the lab, which seems like a more appropriate place.

There is a sign on the lab door that says "Authorized Personnel Only." But it's on the inside of the door. Scientists check in, but they can't check out.

How to Succeed in the Spy Business Without Really Trying

The spies agree to meet back in the same KAOS warehouse in which one of their agents was just killed; not a good idea, as KAOS is likely to watch the place more closely. However, Seigfried does suggest that they move their third meeting elsewhere, after yet another KAOS man is shot there.

When Max turns on the hidden tape recorder, it's already been rewound to the appropriate spot.

Seigfried's right-hand man is credited as both "Shtarker" and "Starker," depending on which episode you check.

Appointment in Sahara

A minor glitch: the Chief makes a grammatical error, asking for "two people who knows each other..."

Jamal slips up and referes to their unknown visitor as Smart, and Max reacts to it as though he noticed. But no further mention is made of the suspicious gaffe.

Max and 99 may be forgiven for losing their backpacks in a sandstorm, but after the storm is over, how do they manage to lose their hats?

Those words don't look inscribed on the bottom of Max's goblet, they look like they're floating.

The close-up of the fight in the tent is so much darker than the full shot, which is bad because you get a better look at the stuntman.

There is just no way for the CONTROL agents to outrun the fallout from a nuclear missile.

Pussycats Galore

When Max works the multiple devices to open his apartment door, there are two padlocks visible. One he touches without manipulating, the other he actually locks.

There doesn't seem to be enough time to get Charlie Watkins a job in the Pussycat Club.

A Man Called Smart

The roads of Washington are covered with puddles, except when the camera focuses on Max on the gurney; then the streets are dry.

A shadow crosses over Max and 99 in the Three Brothers' Omniwash. Considering how they are whispering to each other about the case, you'd think they would react to anyone getting that close.

99 is still puzzling over the initials "T.B.O.", even when she and Max are sure they stand for Three Brothers' Omniwash.

In the close-ups, Max's sword is in his left hand.

99 is hit on the head with a sandbag and ends the episode with a cast on her foot; the Chief is shot in the side and gets himself a neckbrace; and Max's left arm is in a sling though he seems fine after his fight with Hurrah. What happened to these guys?

The Spy Who Met Himself

Smart puts the gasmask on upside down.

While Johan prepares to take Max's place, we see him dressed in exactly the same suit as Max. Why? He doesn't replace Agent 86 until the next day, when both Max and his double wear a different suit.

The writers inserted a clue to tell the real Agent 86 from the imposter: Max never shows the bruise on his ankle without asking 99 to turn her head away, while the KAOS imposter has no such modesty. Trouble is, none of the agents pick up on it. So why is it even in the episode?

Viva Smart

Witness for the Persecution

In the close-ups, Max is sleeping under the green blanket; in the far shot, his legs are on top of it.

The Spirit Is Willing

During the fight in the cemetary, 99 cowers behind a tombstone, never trying to help Max, never searching for her dropped pistol. Some spy!

Maxwell Smart, Private Eye

Supersonic Boom

Why does Billet keep his gun pointed at Max throughout the phony flight? Not only is there no place for the agent to escape to, but he's blindfolded and can't even see the weapon.

The cell has a steel door on one wall, but the opposite wall is at least partly made up of bars. What do the bars look out on to? Not the outside world. A corridor? Another cell? Why? What plausible reason can there be to have the cell door opposite bars that don't look outside?

The KAOS agents carelessly put Max and 99 into a cell with an obvious escape route: a barely-concealed manhole cover in the ceiling.

One of Our Olives Is Missing

Annie's hat falls past the window when she is ejected from Max's car, but where did the car seat go?

Max finds Siegfried's hotel room because he knows that the KAOS agent will be "stuffing his face." This is a side to Siegfried that is never even hinted at in any other episode.

When Good Fellows Get Together

Looks like Dr. Ratton survived being shot in Back to the Old Drawing Board. I guess Hymie was only shooting to wound.

Smart has Gropo's remote and therefore complete control of the robot. Why doesn't Max order the robot to destroy itself by jumping into the ocean? Or he could simply bring Gropo back to headquarters for reprogramming. Instead, 86 leaves the robot to cover his escape, after which KAOS regains possession of the death machine.

Larabee's working in the lab now?

Hymie runs normally when Gropo breaks through Max's apartment door.

In the cabin, why does Hymie get the bedroom all to himself while the humans camp out together on the floor?

Hymie's two lists of office equipment frineds have different names. Maybe he knows two elevators.

Dr. Yes

Smart doesn't unlock the door of the camper, he just turns the knob.

After ringing the gong, it would be wiser for 86 and 99 to assume somebody heard them and run away. They already know where Dr. Yes's secret base is. Instead, they hang around for the villains to capture them.

Why does 99 take off her shoes to be untied?

That Old Gang of Mine

Why does the Dutchman insist that there be no violence unless absolutely necessary? Is he a pacifist villain?

El Gato is supposed to be an expert cat burglar. Then why is The Turk chosen to break in through the window?

For some reason, the window opens inward.

The Mild Ones

When the Knights try to draw and quarter Max, the chains are cut by Baby Doll and the motorcycles ride away without harming Agent 86. Somehow, this causes one of the bikers to wipe out and another to drive into the lake.

Max's face is covered with dirt, then noticeably cleaner in the next shot, and then dirty again.

Classification: Dead

When Max walks into a door, he leaves a make-up stain, which disappears shortly.

The Mysterious Dr. T

Why is there a fortune cookie instructing the reader to meet Dr. T. in the Chinese restaurant at 3:00? Prof. Longnecker went there at three every day.

What a coincidence that Max and 99 just happened to sit at the table the professor used to frequent.

Dr. T. has a tough time to keep from showing how much he's enjoying the fight in the restaurant.

The King Lives?

Max pronounces Basil's name incorrectly several times.

Smart promises to wear Princess Marta's ring always, but he doesn't have it on in any other episode.

The Groovy Guru

When we look down into the room below the trap door, the psychedelic designs on the floor are not visible.

Why does 99 think a Lie Pill will help her when she begins to succumb to the Groovy Guru's hypnotic music?

The Little Black Book

Sid doesn't dial a full seven-digit phone number.

It takes the KAOS agents a long time to realize that the silhouette on the window shade doesn't fall when shot.

The Chief says he has only three years to retirement, yet in What's It All About, Algie?, he claims to be only 42. Do they really retire that early at CONTROL?

Max says the computer gave him the address of the Maestro. How does he even know the Maestro is the villain they're looking for? Did I miss something?

Nancy and Zelda are wearing exactly the same outfits at the end of the episode that they wore on their date with Max and Sid.

What makes Max think of a plan that involves screaming to get the Maestro's attention? Does he forget they are in a soundproof room?

The silencer on the cannon doesn't work very well.

Don't Look Back

Watch carefully; Max doesn't actually unlock the second handcuff.

99 certainly wears a lot of eye shadow to bed.

99 Loses CONTROL

Suddenly, we can hear the music through the closed door.

Max doesn't drink? Since when?

Smart taps the phone cradle, but you can see it isn't real.

Royal's plan was to make the police believe Max shot himself. How many people commit suicide by shooting themselves in the stomache?

The Wax Max

86 and 99 seem pretty helpless while in the Tunnel of Love; why not simply grab them?

Why did the Waxman build all those deadly traps into the Tunnel of Love? Did he expect CONTROL Agents to take a ride?

Max and 99 run straight down the center of the Midway when dodging or hugging a wall would seem like a safer idea.

Now matter how far they run, the agents are still visible to the sniper on the Tilt-A-Whirl.

Smart and 99 probably have radiation poisoning from the plutonium by the time the episode is over.

After fleeing from assassins over half the park, Max and 99 finally pull out their guns.

Why do our heroes chase after the injured vampire? They only went to the merry-go-round to find the park exit. So...exit.

The villains consistently swing above the neck of the decapitated Smart, trying to hit a head that obviously isn't there. Do they think his head is invisible?

Run, Robot, Run

Entering a robot in the track meet is certainly cheating, as is using a magnet to boost your runner over the finish line.

Operation Ridiculous

By episode's end, KAOS agent Miss Magruder knows many of CONTROL's secrets, including the identity of Dr. Steel, who will now have to find a new cover.

Spy, Spy, Birdie

For a guy who hates noise, Pfister knocks pretty loudly on Max's door.

The pieces of the demolished statue strike Max and 99, bouncing off as if they were made of harmless styrofoam.

The gun is gone from 99's hand, then it's back again in the next shot.

Starker just stands there and allows Smart to attack Siegfried.

Siegfried has the bird's cage open, then reaches back to open it again.

Why the pigeon that targets KAOS headquarters lives in a cage marked "Pentagon" is never explained.

The Hot Line

The Kaos agents begin to talk before hanging up the phone, a good way to reveal their plans to CONTROL.

Freeze the picture to get a good look at the John Byner mask on the stuntman who falls out the window.

Die, Spy

If Kaos' secret headquarters is on the way to CONTROL's secret headquarters, as Max says it is, then it would be troublesome for the Chief of Kaos to drop of the Chief of CONTROL.

Max refers to his ping pong paddle as a "racquet."

Can't 99 do anything to attack or escape while the men play ping pong?

The Reluctant Redhead

Nobody's holding the super satchel for a second.

Max introduces "Miss Amanda Krispin" when it should be "Mrs."

There is very bad dubbing of part of Max's line, "Krispen's bound to learn..."

The flashback of Mimsi's dialogue is different from what she actually said. Smart must be remembering it wrong.

The agents would've seen each other arriving to take the statues' places.

The Impossible Mission

Is that photo the same as the one in Die Spy?

Why do KAOS agents so often dress in black trenchcoats and hats? As in other episodes, 99 here spots the killer instantly.

Herb is faking it with the trumpet, but he could at least push the valves to make it look authentic.

Snoopy Smart vs. the Red Baron

The Chief couldn't let 99 sit next to her fiancé?

The unconscious Chief is missing when the plane taxis by.

How does Max ever catch up with Siegfried's plane, considering the head start the KAOS agent has on him?

What a lousy shot Siegfried is; he misses Smart at point-blank range.

Closely Watched Planes

The villains dropped several CONTROL couriers carrying vital documents out of airplanes. Weren't any of the bodies ever found?

The depressurization in the rest room would've alerted anyone, even Maxwell Smart, to the open trap door.

Dr. Von Shickel must be asleep again. He's the only person who doesn't react to the seat belt sign turning on and off.

The Secret of Sam Vittorio

CONTROL dresses Max and 99 in costumes exactly matching the clothes Connie and Floyd are wearing when they escape from prison. Except somehow they got Connie's scarf wronog.

Diamonds Are a Spy's Best Friend

While using the Hydrant Phone, the Chief can't decide which is the earpiece and which is the mouthpiece.

99 says that Max's mother is his only relative. What happened to Aunt Gladys and Uncle George from My Nephew the Spy? Or the cousin mentioned in Hurray for Hollywood?

When Max falls in the alley, his pant leg looks very strange, like it has a white cuff.

How do the rings stay in the holes while the bowling ball rolls around?

The Worst Best Man

How does KAOS know who is on Max's best man list?

A Tale of Two Tails

The ring from the pull-down map is on the wrong finger.

The Return of the Ancient Mariner

Too bad Max doesn't have his ubiquitous shoe phone while locked in the closet.

With Love and Twitches

The Laser Blazer

The taped conversation is different than the original.

The KAOS agent Smart downs with a backhanded blow is the same guy who takes Max's three best hits a moment later without flinching.

The Farkas Fracas

Max's shoe phone is coming apart before he opens it.

I know they redecorated, but the door to the kitchen is now in a completely different part of Max's apartment.

Temporarily Out of CONTROL

Schwartz's Island

When the ship is magnetically pulled in reverse, even the smoke from the stack goes backward.

One Nation Invisible

The floor in the bar is covered with sawdust, not a very good place for an invisible scientist to choose for a meeting.

Max opens the apartment door without unlocking even one of the locks.

Hurray for Hollywood

Polo says to check that the prop gun is in the end table. The stagehand nods, but checks the desk drawer instead.

The Day They Raided the Knights

For some unexplained reason, Max has band-aids on his fingers.

Why does the Chief declare that the KAOS munitions dump can't be in a topless restaurant or a delicatessan, when he admits he doesn't know where it is?

Marco suddenly sits down in the middle of a fight with a Control agent, making it really easy for Smart to capture him.

Tequila Mockingbird

according to legend, the Tequila Mockingbird is worth a fortune in diamonds, rubies and pearls. Wouldn't it be simply worth a fortune, in any commodity?

I Shot 86 Today

Smart doesn't put a dime into the golf shoe phone before using it.

On Max's golf shoe phone, you talk into the toe; on the Chief's, you talk into the heel.

There is a very clear shot of a special-effects wire during the mid-air explosion.

Absorb the Greek

If CONTROL already knows where the KAOS hideout is, why didn't they just destroy it long before 99's mother is kidnapped?

To Sire, With Love

It would be far less likely to create a disturbance or attract undue attention to simply ask Max into the office, rather than chloroforming him.

The tarantula enters the apartment through a mail slot, a mail slot which is never seen in any other episode, or even in other scenes in this episode.

99 claims she can tell her husband from King Charles by checking for a wedding ring. That's probably why Max wears a ring in this episode, although he doesn't in other episodes.

Where is the body of the guard Max kills?

According to the credits, Rupert of Rathskeller is played by himself.

Shock It to Me

The body of the truck is not visible through the cab window in the close-up of Max.

At first, Max and 99 have their hands behind their backs while strapped to the table, leading the viewer to believe that their hands are tied. Soon, however, 99's hands come out, making us wonder why the spies had their hands back there in the first place.


"Lil's" upside down wouldn't be "717 S," it would be "S717."

The Chief seems surprised by 99's suggestion about using the computer. So, why did he put all that information onto computer cards?

Although the flashing light goes dark when ARDVARC is killed, it is still flashing in the long shots.

That 'Utility Room' sign in the hall is new.

Greer Window

The Not-So-Great Escape

It sure doesn't look like Larabee is actually writing anything.

How does Nova get into the back room before the phone booth even turns around?

This episode mkes it seem as though CONTROL has only twenty-five agents, and 99 the only female among them.

As Kessler, Max has a gun on his belt, but he never thinks to use it when his cover is blown.

The prisoners built a microphone into a flower? With what? Couldn't they use that time and those electronic parts to build something more useful? Like a transmitter to alert the police, maybe?

The Chief lists Kessler as one of the only three prisoners he can trust. Boy, is he wrong!

How do they expect to keep the direction of the tunnel a secret from the prisoners who are helping with it's construction?

"Good work, Max," says the Chief, completely ignoring the timely assist from an unknown agent who knocks the gun from Kessler's hand.

What happens to the unconscious body of the double agent?

Pheasant Under Glass

The photograph vanishes from Smart's hand.

There is obviously no glass in the phone booth.

The spray-on face makes Max taller.

The door is over 99's right shoulder, not her left.

The Chief attackes the KAOS hideout in a successful frontal assault. So, why did they need the subterfuge with the opera singer?

The fact that Max blows his cover to the media has absolutely no effect on him in any later episode.


Several times in the episode, we can see that the iron hand is actually made of some flexible material.

Valerie of the Dolls

Why bring the dolls on the plane where they might cause suspicion? We saw Miss Valerie writing the formula.

Widow Often Annie

The Treasure of C. Errol Madre

The armored truck rolls a little after Max gets out. Guess he forgot to put the brake on.

The map is sewn onto a shirt and longjohns, but in the flashback, it's obviously one shirt torn in half.

Smart Fell on Alabama

It's pretty clear that Max isn't wearing a watch long before he meets Farley.

How can you open a safe without turning the handle?

And Baby Makes Four

Max's shortcuts through buildings appear to do nothing more than to get him back where he started.

The word "Bijou" is obviously dubbed whenever Max and 99 say it.

The antenna isn't broken off the police motorcycle.

Smart wouldn't need to give 99 the number of the phone booth if he had his shoe phone.

Simon ordered his coffee first, but Max is served first. Is that any way to treat such a nice man?

Physician Impossible

That cabin sure doesn't look like it's overlooking the lake in the far shot.

The Apes of Rath

Not really a glitch, but there is a life preserver from the S. S. Minnow hanging on the wall.

Agent 77 was in the room with Agent Roberts but couldn't prevent the latter's murder. And the Chief still pickes him to guard Max? Armstrong must've given some convincing excuse!

99 faints at the sight of an unarmed man acting like a monkey. What happened to that tough secret agent?

The band-aid on Armstrong's finger is different the second time we see it.

Age Before Duty

The bottle of Dorian Gray was clearly under the wastebasket when Max turned it over.

It sure took the Chief a long time to remember Felix's claim about ageing people through painted photographs.

If CONTROL knows exactly where KAOS headquarters is, why don't they launch an attack to wipe it out?

Max foolishly tells Felix that 99 is painting the traitor's photo with Dorian Gray. If Felix was smarter, he would've painted her picture immediately and killed her.

Is This Trip Necessary

Don't Smart and 99 realize they will be recognized if they enter the bottling plant?

Max calls the antidote in his ring a powder, but it's a pill.

Ice Station Siegfried

Isn't 99 suspicious that there are no special gloves issued to her?

99 and Quigley just leave their snowshoes outside in a blizzard to be covered with snow and lost.

There are no penguins in the arctic.

Starker may be strong, but does he think two healthy adults will not be able to move the block of ice he uses to block the igloo?

Isn't there anything in the underground lab 99 and Quigley can use to escape from the igloo?

Moonlighting Becomes You

99 claims she hasn't been allowed on any dangerous assignments since the twins were born. How about the last two episodes?

Who does Frank Ogg cue in the sound booth now that Hammerstein is dead?

House of Max

Many of the wax figures appear to sway, as though they might really be alive, but Hitler is the worst, blinking constantly.

How does the werewolf find Max with only his name and the name of the hotel to go on--ask at the front desk?

What is that black mark on Max's fingernail? It is still visible in Witness for the Execution.

When Smart falls over the rim of the vat, his hands are no longer tied behind his back, though they are when next we see him.

Rebecca of Funny-Folk Farm

It sure looks like the dead Sebastian opens the door of the clock himself.

The Mess of Adrian Listenger

I know Max was up late the night before, but must he wear the exact same clothes all next day?

Witness for the Execution

Hasn't CONTROL figured out by now that Max's apartment is a bad place to hide people? KAOS always checks there.

How Green Was My Valet

In order to feed Max a false combination to the safe, the ambassador hangs up on somebody without even finding out who it is.

Max says "22 left," but he turns the dial on the safe to the right.

The safe has no handle, so Smart can be forgiven for holding it closed with one hand while trying to pull it open with the other.

And Only Two Ninety-Nine

You know Max and 99 have been married too long when they suddenly get twin beds.

the Chief suggests that a kis will reveal the imposter, as no two women kiss alike. However, Max kisses the KAOS agent without a hint that she's not the real 99.

Archer tells 99 she will spend the rest of her life in the cell, then he reveals his plan to have her arrested for Max's murder.

Archer tells his assistant to put all of the furniture from 99's cell on sale to get rid of the evidence. Just how does he plan to get rid of those bars?


Why do Smart and the Chief talk about searching for a hidden microphone in the locker room? If there is a mike, won't all that chatter alert whoever's on the other end?

What's It All About, Algie?

The telephone operator wears the exact same outfit to work two days in a row.

Hello Columbus, Goodbye America

Neither Borgia nor Gemini recognize Smart? His disguise isn't that good.

Do I Hear a Vaults

I Am Curiously Yellow

Foo Yung's suit is torn before Whip attacks him.




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