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What is a glitch? Glitches are mistakes in movies and TV shows. They can be technical goofs, continuity errors, or anything that makes you scratch your head and say, "Huh?" This page is dedicated to glitches in The New Scooby-Doo Movies. Look below to see groovy glitches from Scooby and the gang.


Ghastly Ghost Town (Three Stooges)

When Velma sneaks off to follow Mr. Crunch, Freddy organizes a search for her. He should've simply turned around, because in the very next shot she is right there behind him.

The Dynamic Scooby-Doo Affair (Batman and Robin)

Robin changes height several times throughout the episode.

The gang hears someone approaching the house and everybody runs to hide, Freddy, Daphne and Velma behind the crate. If the mysterious person turns out to be the criminal, which is certainly possible, behind the crate is the worst place to be, as it's pretty likely he would be coming to check on his crate.

Shaggy's beard is missing.

The blindfolded Shaggy pulls Scooby over the car seat like he can see him. Is he peeking?

Batman says they can't use the batrope to escape from the pit trap because there's nothing for it to grab onto, not even a doorknob. Actually, there is a doorknob plainly visible in several shots.

The Joker pulls the exact same lever for different spooky effects.

Velma is a better detective than Batman; she's the first to notice that the Batmobile is missing.

Robin loses his emblem.

Batman's throat is colored blue a few times.

Lots of people manage to talk without moving their lips: Fred, Robin, Batman, and the Joker.

Scooby leaps through a broken window that is half obscured by jagged glass, miraculously, without cutting himself.

Shaggy jumps into the front seat of the car but is soon seen in the back. Did he climb back there to be closer to Scoob?

The crook should've seen Freddy coming into the crane, yet the teen manages to sneak up behind him.

Freddy lies about what happened inside the crane. Perhaps he was ashamed to be so easily overpowered by the diminuitive villain.

And just how did that little old lady Mrs. Baker take out big, strapping Fred?

The rims of Velma's glasses turn white.

When Shaggy and Scooby are on the moving floor, the door in front of them is sometimes there, sometimes gone.

For some reason Batman temporarily removes his gloves not once, but three times throughout the episode. Robin also loses his gloves once.

Daphne rides a bicycle very well, although in Bedlam in the Bigtop, Shaggy says that she can't.

The shot of the Mystery Machine leaving the Batcave is a true reverse image; not only is the steering wheel on the wrong side, but the lettering is even in reverse!

Robin calling the gang "you kids" is pretty condescending, considering he's only a Boy Wonder.

The Joker's closed circuit TV sometimes shows people without the background.

Scooby loses his spots for a moment.

In the warehouse, Batman warns the gang that there are piles of crates ahead. He fails to mention that there are also piles of crates behind them and on either side. In fact, the room is filled with piles of crates.

A toy punch clown knocks Velma one way and her glasses in the opposite direction. An instant later, we see the glasses right next to her.

When Robin enters the mysterious house, he comments that Shaggy was right and the furniture is indeed nailed to the floor. Only it was Freddy who made the comment about the furniture.

Are the pillow and blankets nailed to the bed, too?

Penguin is shown both with hair and bald, depending on which scene you are watching.

Velma talks with Daphne's voice, and the Joker talks like the Penguin.

The Joker's microphone vanishes.

Joker's ear turns green.

The bottom of the upside-down house should be at the roof of the cave so the fake bushes can stick out the top, instead of ten feet below.

The ceiling is so low in that kitchen that Freddy, Daphne and Velma shouldn't be able to hang from the table without touching the "floor."

The house suddenly turns green for a moment.

Freddy and Daphne run up the wrong end of a sliding board, but somebody goofed and turned the picture sideways, making them look like they're running down.

Scooby's nose is brown while he's riding that toy car.

At the end of the episode, Mrs. Baker seems to have disappeared while Robin is supposed to be guarding her.

Shaggy is very short in the last shot.

Wednesday Is Missing (The Addams Family)

Why does the gang think the very obvious headlights are giant eyes? Even the ever-practical Velma is scared.

Scooby loses his spots several times throughout the episode.

The Mystery Machine vanishes from one scene, but its tire tracks are still there.

The gang has seen the Addams Family on TV...in what, a documentary?

Morticia is standing in front of Gomez at the sandbox, but somehow her arm goes behind him.

Daphne loses the stripe on her skirt.

Fester's trapdoor doesn't close correctly.

Look at the dishes on the table. In the far shots, they don't seem to be drawn or painted, just formless white patches on the table cloth.

Although he is shown quaking in terror at the flapping sound, a moment later Shaggy is seen sitting at the table smiling away.

It sure seems like the vulture is actually in the dining room, which would be pretty tough for a helicopter.

The candles on the table are out immediately after Thing lights them.

Grandmama and Uncle Fester aren't very concerned about Wenesday's disappearance; at least, they don't help to look for her.

Maybe it's useless to comment on weirdness when dealing with the Addams Family, but doesn't it seem weird to label a door "closet" in your own home?

The signs above the doors vanish.

Freddy reaches for the doorknob and misses completely.

The second time Shaggy's and Velma's candles go out, the room doesn't turn pitch dark as it did the first time.

A flying carpet isn't very frightening, yet Fred runs from it for some reason.

When Daphne asks where they are, Freddy answers, "It looks like we're in a hall of doors." Like, no duh!

The first time we see the box of fireworks, the word "candles" is at the top; there's no room for the word "Roman" that suddenly appears in the next shot.

A Roman Candle explodes in Freddy's hand, but it doesn't appear to do him any harm.

Shaggy suddenly has holes in his shoes, but they aren't there for very long.

One clue is the voodoo doll "that Wednesday was holding." We didn't see her holding any doll at dinner. It could've been down low in her lap, but then, how did the housekeepers get it from her if they moved her chair magnetically from outside the house? In fact, how did they manipulate all those other things from outside in their helicopter without being able to see inside the house?

In the chess game, Shaggy moves his knight incorrectly, but so does his invisible opponent.

Freddy says, "Look, gang, a door!" It's not like it was hidden or anything; in fact, they all just watched a table crash through it.

That secret terrace looks more like a plain old non-secret room.

From the outside, it looks like the elevator fills the terrace, but from the inside, we can see that there is plenty of room.

Wednesday miscounts her yo-yo bounces.

Wednesday says the chair she's sitting in was levitated up to the secret room, but the chair doesn't look anything like the dining room chairs.

The elevator cable doesn't go all the way to the top of the picture.

Daphne talks like she's never seen the flying carpet before, even though it chased her around for a while.

Haven't the Addams Family lived in that house for years? Why does this old couple suddenly decide that children are afraid of them? They could simply ask the neighborhood kids what they think.

Where did those old folks get a helicopter disguised as a vulture? That's some pretty high-tech equipment.

Three times in the episode, a mummy is mentioned, yet we see no mummy.

Frickert Fracas (Jonathan Winters)

Freddy forgets to open his mouth while talking to Jonathan Winters at the gas station.

The scarecrow pops up from behind a barrel, but he wasn't there a second before.

Shaggy goes aroung the mill wheel head first, except when seen through the window, when he passes feet first.

At the end of the episode, Shaggy laughs but we only hear Daphne.

Freddy talks like they are almost out of gas, but they still have a quarter of a tank.

When Vernon is running on the water wheel, it makes at least a full revolution, but we don't see Shaggy anywhere.

Maude forgets herself for one line and talks just like Jonathan Winters.

Shaggy loses his eyebrows. Or maybe they're hidden under his hair.

Shaggy hides in the hayloft with no ill effects. See The Haunted Horseman of Hagglethorn Hall.

Jonathan Winters loses his mouth for an instant.

When Shaggy uncovers the tin box, it appears to be already partly above ground.

The giant chicken's head sticks out from behind the coop before the building explodes.

When the chicken coop explodes, the nesting boxes, the holes in the ground and most of the chickens are gone. The few chickens that remain disappear a second later.

Guess Who's Knott Coming to Dinner (Don Knotts)

From our vantage point outside the house, we see Don Knotts move past the first and last in a series of windows, although we never see him in the middle windows.

When Scooby falls down the chimney, it scares him spotless, for a few seconds, anyway.

Is Daphne mocking Velma when she speaks in a perfect imitation of her voice?

We know that Phineas Fo'c'stle's peg leg is a fake, but is that any reason for him to wear it on different legs at different times?

How does Don Knotts do that special effect that makes him look like a floating transparent ghost? And why can't he sustain it for more than a few seconds at a time?

The gang runs through a doorway in the hall of the mansion that is so low they scrape their heads on it.

Freddy finds a book on ghosts which he calls "scientific;" one would think he would scoff at the very idea.

When Scooby puts a banana on top of his sandwich, his paw is momentarily peach-colored instead of brown making it look more like a human hand than a paw.

While running from the ghost, Shaggy bursts through the bedroom door, flattening Scooby between the door and the wall, then slams the door to keep the ghost out. We then see Scoob, still splatted against the wall, but the door is open again.

The gang finally finds Capt. Moody tied up in the old mine. Although they were standing only a few feet away from him for some time talking, the captain never once called out for help.

A Good Medium Is Rare (Phyllis Diller)

The trapdoors in the floor keep opening and closing, but when the last one opens, we see another open at the far end of the room.

The kids hide under the furniture covers in the dark, but when they jump out, the furniture is gone.

When a hand grabs the burglar's bag through the window, Freddy determines to follow; for some reason he and the girls choose a different window for their exit.

The colors on the mummy case keep changing.

When Mysto says good-bye, he dashes away, not out through the door, but inside Phyllis Diller's castle.

Alberto's vest is suddenly double-breasted.

The boxes are much smaller when Shaggy and Scooby run away with them. And who put the end panels back on?

The gang doesn't move their lips while talking inside the Mystery Machine.

Shaggy moves from the Mystery Machine's front seat to the back seat, and then back to the front again.

While eating his imaginary hanburger, Shaggy says, "yummy, yummy" without moving his lips, at least, without moving them in time to the dialogue.

The two ghouls slide across the floor to the wall when Shaggy and Scooby enter the room.

Why doesn't the bell ring when Shag and Scooby climb the rope?

Shaggy and Scooby slide down a laundry chute and land in a basket. A moment later, we see Shaggy and Daphne in the same basket while Scooby has one all to himself. And the rest of the gang are out of order in their baskets.

The laundry baskets are missing from one shot, and their lids are missing from another.

The gang only has a second to cut those eye-holes in the sheets.

Why do they get rid of those ghost disguises? They work like a charm.

The flashlight beam reveals the wall safe with no painting hiding it, but a second later, the portrait is covering it, as usual.

Lucas claims he came over to see his "little wife, Madame Zokar." Actually, he came in the capacity of Phyllis Diller's chauffeur.

Sandy Duncan's Jekyll and Hydes

Although Scooby is in the back of the Mystery Machine, he is somehow in front of the seat at the same time.

One of the flower decals is missing from the Mystery Machine.

Although it's night, the background shows a daytime sky at one point.

Scooby loses his spots several times in this episode, and once they run together into one big blotch.

The fallen lamppost vanishes, but soon returns.

When Scooby acts out the man pulling down the lamppost, the gang acts like they never saw the rope. Say, what happened to that rope, anyway?

Shaggy says the overhead door won't give, but he and Scoob are just barely tapping on it; they look like they're not even trying.

When Scooby bangs his head on the manhole cover, a woodgrain design appears on it. Then, it is suddenly on the ground next to the hole. But when Shag and Scooby jump out, both hole and cover are gone.

Both Daphne and Velma suddenly find themselves wearing watches.

The sheikh seems to appear suddenly inside Scooby's cloud of sand.

We know that can't be a coin slot in an Egyptian sarcophagus, not even in a phony prop, but then, what is it?

The ski lift is entirely different in different shots.

Fairchild, as the mummy, manages to get in front of Shaggy and Scooby awfully fast, and changes his costume to boot.

The dune buggy changes shape when Shaggy and Scooby exit the pyramid.

The pirate throws a net at Freddy and Daphne, but misses by a mile, until they turn and run toward where the net is falling; then they are nearly snared.

In one scene, the pirate ship has the wrong background, making it look like a dock and not a ship at all.

The pirate looks completely different while he is inside the dragon.

Fred loses his eyebrows.

The rowboat changes shape.

Shaggy mentions King Kong several times, but we never see that scene.

While trying to escape from the old west set, Freddy tells Shag to "try the wall between us." Unless there is another bunk in that jail cell, that's precisely the wall Shaggy was pushing on.

The entire western town set collapses, but there is no rubble, not a trace of the walls or furniture.

Mr. Hyde is supposed to throw Daphne off the balcony, which seems like a pretty dangerous stunt for an untrained teenager to be allowed to do, and without an airbag, yet.

Daph gets from one balcony to the other impossibly fast.

Sandy says the only way out of the balcony set is around to the front, so one would assume Hyde disappeared through a secret passage. He did, but it is way off to the side, far from the set Sandy said you couldn't exit without being seen. So how did Mr. Hyde get away?

The letter "U" in "No U Turn" is much too big to be used in the ransom note.

Although there is only one "g" in the ransom note, there are two cut from the newspaper.

Sandy's eyes disappear for a second.

When Sandy and Scooby go back to the tunnel, it sure seems like a longer walk than when they came.

Part of Mr. Hyde's sleeve somehow manages to cross in front of Daphne when it should be behind her.

Hyde ties the gag over Daphne's hair, but then it suddenly goes under.

The gang finds Mr. Hyde's cape, but he is still wearing it.

The gang is standing on level ground which suddenly slants when Scooby jumps from the ski lift.

Sandy is pretty generous to forgive Fairchild, considering his stunt with the lamppost could have killed her.

Sandy talks about her next picture in Africa, but she doesn't know there are neither tigers nor alligators on that continent.

What's that weird brown blot on Scooby's nose?

The Secret of Shark Island (Sonny and Cher)

Velma hardly ever has freckles for this entire episode.

Freddy wants to surf during a thunderstorm? Not too smart.

While Sonny and Cher ride in the Mystery Machine, we still see the rain pouring down, no matter how close the close-up is, which makes it look like it's raining inside the van.

Not only does the brochure misrepresent the Hideaway Hotel, it also misspells the name.

Sonny doesn't move his mouth to say "twins."

Although Cher is standing in front of the fireplace, it vanishes in her close-ups.

Cher's eyes vanish for a second while watching Matilda.

Why doesn't Meekly warn the kids about the high tide? They would've rushed right back to the mainland. Does he want potential snoopers to be trapped on the island to possibly learn about his gold-smelting operation?

The lobby desk changes color.

Shaggy doesn't move his lips when the Pescado Diabolical is shaking the boat.

The footprints by the desk weren't there a moment before.

The footprints go down the stairs but away from the desk. What'd he do, back into the desk before going down?

Shaggy comments on the "little elevator we rode in last night." That must be in the deleted scenes, because we sure didn't see that in the show.

The cellar floor behind Sonny is the wrong color.

Velma talks with Daphne's voice. Later, Daphne returns the favor.

In some shots, the phony shark fins disappear.

The fin Freddy pulls from the water is still attached to the chain--it should be pulled right out of his hand.

The cave is much too small for that ship to sail through. Maybe there's another entrance somewhere.

The kids could swim under the nearby dock to avoid being scooped up in the kelp bucket.

A lot more gold pours onto the shark monster than was inside the pot.

Meekly's gloves disappear while he's working the crane.

Freddy quips, "At the sound of the tone, the tone will be..." I think you mean, "the time will be..."

Although he is avoiding paying taxes by melting down the gold coins, the money Meekly is spending on this huge smelting operation must be eating up all his profits. Couldn't he find a cheaper way to cheat the government?

If Meekly really wanted to keep his operation a secret, a simple sign saying "This Building Condemned" would be better than claiming the hotel is haunted. In fact, a sign at the mainland side that said "Bridge Unsafe" would probably work wonders.

The Spooky Fog (Don Knotts)

Shaggy actually jumps behind the mine car, but a moment later he's inside it.

Scooby loses his spots several times during this episode.

In the cave, we see a hairy brown paw push over Shaggy's rock pyramid. Who, or what, is this? The baddies are dressed in skeleton costumes.

We hear Shaggy yell while in the mine car, although his mouth doesn't move for the second and third scream; they must be echoes.

A spider web in the mine is floating, not attached to anything on one side. Is it a fake placed there by the villains for atmosphere?

The rope Don ties around his waist has three ends, one at the top of the pit, and two visible at the knot. Did it break?

Scooby-Doo Meets Laurel and Hardy

At the very beginning of the episode, Shaggy is in the front seat, but seated behind Velma, as though she is sitting on his lap. Then he is in the back, then in the front again.

Shaggy is suddenly seen wearing his shirt, instead of the pajamas he had on a moment before.

Shaggy says he won't put on his skis until he reaches the top of the hill. In the next scene, he's shown wearing his skis on the chairlift, but without them again when he reaches the top.

Freddy and Hardy see a sheet standing in the middle of the room with Bigfoot's toe sticking out the bottom. When they tackle it, they find it's only Stan Laurel under the sheet. How could Bigfoot sneak out from under it with everyone standing there watching?

Scooby sneezes so hard that he shoots himself across the room and bumps into a clue, not once, but twice in a ten-minute interval! He ought to sneeze more often.

Hardy keeps switching from one bed to the other.

Velma talks without moving her lips.

Freddy says, "Look, footprints", when he'd already been following them for ten feet.

Velma says the boys room is next door and Laurel and Hardy across the hall, but it's the other way around

When Hardy sees someone on the second floor of the junkyard office, he immediately gets a ladder to climb in the window. Why didn't anyone think of trying the stairs?

Scooby follows Bigfoot's tracks, but suddenly they're gone, then back again.

When Velma looks out the bedroom window at Bigfoot, she puts her head right through the glass.

The Ghost of the Red Baron (Three Stooges)

Moe forgets to move his lips, then he moves them in time with Curly's dialogue.

Wouldn't it be more comfortable for at least some of the gang to sleep in the back of the Mystery Machine?

Shaggy's ear turns brown for a second.

We all know Shaggy and Scooby are chicken, but they're terrified of a model plane? Seriously?

Moe and Larry switch voices.

Although the Red Baron pulls the ladder off the windmill, it is later shown intact.

The Red Baron even uses a German accent when he talks to himself. The guy really gets in character.

How do the Stooges get in the barn with Freddy, Daphne, and Velma?

The mini plane continually changes in size.

The gang and the Stooges switch places while in the plane.

Daphne delivers Velma's "Chinkies" line at episode's end.

So the Red Baron "flies" using a hook and cable...so who's running the cable? And how does he fly around outside?

The Ghostly Creep from the Deep (Harlem Globetrotters)

In the close-ups of the bus, Meadowlark is sitting next to Bobby-Joe; in the far shots, he's several seats in front.

The pirate ghosts look exactly like those the gang encountered in Go Away Ghost Ship, only all white. What are the odds!

Several size mistakes in this episode: the Globetrotter bus is smaller than the Mystery Machine in one shot, the Trotters themselves shrink down to the size of the kids, Pabs is much too tall in one scene, and Velma is equal with Daphne at the end of the episode.

The entire episode has a lot of muted sound effects that are barely audible.

The Globetrotters' emblems are drawn differently in different scenes.

A disoriented Shaggy is seeing double, but for some reason says, "It's Fred, all three of them."

Scooby and Shaggy hang back while the others head for the inn. So how does the duo manage to get ahead of everyone else?

Scoob loses his spots while in Shaggy's arms.

Geese sounds just like Curly.

During the improvised basketball game, each team shoots for the wrong basket.

Both Curly and Gip have their emblems on the wrong side of their warm-up suits.

When Scooby makes his first basket, the ball disappears into the trash can; the second time, the ball is too big to fit all the way in.

We hear the sound of running feet before Shaggy and Scooby start running.

Velma's words don't match the movement of her lips.

Redbeard's lower lip vanishes.

Why on earth is the inn's closet full of cannonballs?

We don't see any button on the floor when Shaggy and Scooby fall in the trap door.

Those are definitely not catfish.

Shag and Scooby open the door, are frightened by the pirate flag, and run away. When they feel brave enough to go back, the door is closed again, and Shaggy says, "Maybe this is the way out" in such a way to make it sound like he's never seen this door before.

Redbeard is behind Shaggy and Scooby when the two jump out the portholes. Then suddenly, the pirate is on the dock. Later, the group climbs a ladder to escape him, yet he somehow manages to get onto the ship in front of them all. Maybe he is a ghost.

"Duck, everybody," says Meadowlark, but he's the one who doesn't duck.

Daphne is missing one stripe off her dress.

Shag douses everything with oil, including the pirates, yet we don't see one drop of oil on anything.

If only Pete had thought of following Redbeard, he might've found the villain's hideout a long time ago.

According to the scoreboard, the Globetrotters are playing against the Sky Scrapers, but the sign outside says the Miami Marauders.

Shag's ear turns brown for a second.

The Haunted Horseman of Hagglethorn Hall (Davy Jones)

In this episode we learn that Shaggy is allergic to hay. However, in Jeepers, It's the Creeper he finds himself trapped in a bale of hay with no noticeable ill effects. He must have remembered to take his allergy medication that day.

The gang has a hard time following the moat monster's trail, until Velma points out that his footprints would be side by side when he hopped like a frog, and staggered when, unmasked, he ran like a man. Good deduction, Velma, except we saw the moat monster run, not hop, even before he was unmasked.

The old farmer who disguises himself as the Moat Monster is quite an athlete. He hops and runs all over the cavern wearing an oxygen tank and swim fins; he also breaks off a huge stalactite with his bare hands.

The Phantom of the Country Music Hall (Jerry Reed)

Trying to keep the gang from splitting up, Shaggy comments that "ten pairs of eyes are better than four." Check your math, Shag, you guys only have five pairs of eyes among you.

The Caped Crusader Caper (Batman and Robin)

Penguin's monocle switches from his right eye to his left, and back again.

It doesn't look like the man at the bridge control can see when his quarry enters from down in that gorge; how does he know when to turn the wheel?

"I'm swinging over the river," says Batman; but Robin is flying the Batcopter at the moment.

Velma's eylids aren't tinted blue from her lenses, although the rest of her eyes are.

Nobody in their right mind would use the cave for a hideout, says Freddy. Turns out it's exactly where Joker and Penguin have their secret base. Which doesn't say much for their state of mind.

Shaggy's entire arm vanishes for one frame, and later, so do Prof. Flakey's eyes.

The boat is facing the other way when Shaggy and Scooby jump in.

Chipmunk? Batman, that's a squirrel.

Batman loses his tights.

Joker talks just like Penguin for one line.

When the mechanical bat falls, it somehow loses the stladtite it was carrying.

It looks like the dynamic Duo allows the gang to drive them to the Batcave. Isn't it a secret anymore?

Joker and Penguin are awfully confident that Prof. Flakey will never be able to find the hidden switch that opens the secret door to the room in which he's trapped; they trip the mechanism right in front of him and just leave him there. It's a pretty safe bet that the Professor will simply keep trying until he finds it.

Scooby's warning is utterly useless; it's the noise of the Batcopter that alerts the gang to the arrival of Joker and Penguin. Some lookout!

The tire is moving toward the baddies, but it's not rolling.

The flying suit is on a hanger, not in a crate, like Prof. Flakey says.

Nobody's flying the Batcopter when it lands at the Gotham Rubber Company.

How does Penguin get his umbrella back after flinging it at the flying suit?

Loch Ness Mess (Harlem Globetrotters)

In the very beginning of the episode, the wheels on the Mystery Machine are not actually turning.

Although Granny and Dribbles are not in the episode, they do appear in the bus.

Shaggy goes to bed fully dressed.

Nearly every Globetrotter has his emblem on the wrong side at least once. Not Pabs, however; he loses his entirely.

Velma talks without moving her mouth.

Geese appears to be in both the Mystery Machine and the Globetrotter bus at the same time.

When the gang sees the first ghost, he vanishes, but his lantern remains. When the lantern disappears, the scene goes dark, as it should. But then, everything lights up again. Why? Did Shaggy suddenly turn on the headlights?

A very tiny detail: when the Mystery Machine stops after crossing the covered bridge, one of the petals of the flower on the hubcap is missing.

In one far shot, either Pabs is bald, or Curly is very short.

When the ghost of Paul Revere rides by, almost every window in the house lights up in seconds, even though the occupants appear to be in only four rooms at the time.

There are only eight pairs of eyes in the dark closet; did the other 3 people have their eyes closed?

Everybody runs into a closet, but when they see the ghost inside, the gang runs out, followed by the ghost. There's no sign of the Globetrotters.

Scooby says, "Curly" without moving his lips.

Shaggy has an enormous stack of pancakes, at least fifty, but when Scooby eats only about a dozen, they're all gone.

It's hard to see, but it looks as if the ghosts scared the mustache right off Geese.

Curly talks just like Bobby-Joe.

Although Meadowlark admits he hasn't been scuba diving in ages, the Globetrotters just happen to have scuba gear in their bus.

When Velma runs the boat past the rock, she's towing Pabs, but Gip seems to have disappeared. He reappears a moment later, still towed by the boat.

Velma loses her freckles.

How does the monster breathe fire under water? For that matter, how does a balloon stay under water?

The Harlem Globetrotters and the girls run out of the old cabin, the ghosts slam the door behind them and shout, "There's no escape for ye!" Hmmm...it looks as though they've already escaped. Unless the ghost meant that he'd catch them eventually, but why close the door at all?

Fred says, "There goes Scooby" before the dog falls out of the boat.

When Winslow is unmasked, his mustache is colored wrong.

When the gang catches the first two ghosts, Freddy says, "That still leaves one ghost unaccounted for--the one with the lantern." Actually, there are two different ghosts with lanterns, one of whom they caught.

The Mystery of Haunted Island (Harlem Globetrotters)

Once again, Granny and Dribbles appear in the bus although they are not in this episode.

The artists had a tough time with the Globetrotter costumes: sometimes the globe emblems are drawn incorrectly, sometimes they are on the wrong side, and sometimes they disappear completely. In addition, the zippers vanish, along with that red piece that hangs from the back collar of their sweats. The uniforms fare little better: they sometimes are missing the numbers on the back and the "H" on the front.

The flimsy floor is actually bent by bouncing a basketball on the ceiling of the room below, then snaps back to normal. What's it made of, rubber?

Scooby loses his spots a couple of times this episode.

Shaggy shakes hands with his left.

Daphne is missing the lower stripe on her skirt.

During practice, Pabs is the only one who appears in his uniform; the rest all wear warm-up suits.

Gip lifts Velma to help her abandon ship. When they reach the island safely and walk inland, he's still carrying her.

Shaggy and Scooby practically fly from the ship, each wearing a life preserver. They land face-down in the sand, but the lifesavers are missing.

Meadowlark calls out, "Anybody in this place?" and Gip answers with a list of their names, leaving out Geese and Bobby-Joe.

The knight somehow manages to get out of his armor and force Curly into it while under the blankets. He then gets away without anyone seeing him.

The Globetrotters must've left their sneakers under the bed, because after they fall through the trapdoor into the library, they all have their shoes on again.

The villains put a lot of work in their haunted island effects to scare the Globetrotters. Since they couldn't have known that the team would meet Scooby and the gang and agree to sail to Picnic Island with them, they must've had some other plan to get the Globetrotters on that boat.

Velma says, "Look! Luminous footprints," but we don't see any.

The glowing foot and handprints were apparently left accidentally by the bad guys, just luminous paint that rubbed off. So, how did they get prints behind the books on the shelf? For that matter, why do the handprints continue outside? The villains should have finished crawling once they exited the tunnel.

Fred's collar turns white.

The Globetrotters keep falling asleep during their game, but the gang doesn't appear tired at all, although they, too, were up most of the night.

The scoreboard depicts each digit separately in its own little window until the very last scene, in which the number 15 appears in one window. On second thought, it must be a different scoreboard, one that was removed for repairs, since it appears to be sitting on the floor.

Twice, the numbers on the scoreboard spin horizontally to change instead of rotating vertically.

The Haunted Showboat (Josie and the Pussycats)

Whenever Alex and Shaggy speak together, the former uses a female voice. Or maybe he just screams like a girl when he's scared. Actually, the problem is that the same actor voices both characters, and someone was either too cheap or too indifferent to cut together two tracks of Casey Kasem's dialogue.

The door on the Mystery Machine opens backwards, with the hinges near the van's front end.

Okay, so the gang might know the names of Josie, Valerie, and Melody; the Pussycats have at least some minor celbrity. But Alan's just their roadie, and Sebastian is the pet of their hanger-on wannabe. How do they know those names?

Alexandra has a few fashion mishaps: her collar changes color, her belt disappears, and the black stripes appear on the back of her dress.

Freddy comments that they might as well fix up the boat because they're all stuck there, meaning his gang and the Pussycats. What makes him think the other kids are as stuck as the Mystery Machine? They must have a vehicle of some kind nearby. Besides which, one tire breaking through a board doesn't seem like an impossible situation. But nobody even tries to get the Mystery Machine free.

Val's sleeves turn purple, not once, but four times.

Sebastian's black mask is white for a second.

Shaggy and Alex are standing on the deck, and then they are suddenly replaced by Injun Joe.

I guess in the Scooby-Doo universe Mark Twain was a writer of history books, not fiction, because a fictional character can't become a ghost.

Of course, in the book, Injun Joe doesn't dress like this ghost, with a long robe and feather. And his chain, according to Velma, should hang from one wrist, not both.

Capt. Canaby's buttons disappear.

The gang asks how Lance Goodwin knows that Johnny is missing, believing they've found a clue. Only, Lance turns out to be innocent. So, how does he know?

Shaggy knew that Scooby was right behind him. Yet when the dog taps him on the shoulder, he's so scared, he faints dead away.

We hear background music from the Hanna-Barbera cartoon The Harlem Globetrotters, which is used in episodes where the gang meets the famous athletes. But it sounds strange associated with Josie and the Pussycats.

The ropes are on the wrong side of Sebastian.

If the chain clogged the gears, then it should be jammed in there,and not so easily removed.

Alex and Melody think the player piano is haunted, played by an invisible hand. Suddenly, Alex says that he must've scared the ghost away. Yet we still hear the music playing.

The hose twists around behind Shaggy, but doesn't connect to the tank.

Alex loses the stripes from his bell-bottoms.

You'd think the Pussycats would've brought luggage with them on this gig, but they go to sleep in their street clothes.

Freddy tells Valerie to deactivate the trap, but Velma steps in and flips the switch.

Shaggy turns the crank the wrong way; he's lowering the trap, not raising it.

In a far shot of all the kids together, neither Josie nor Daphne move their lips while speaking.

The canvas, though nailed to the deck, slides across the floor when Sebastian crawls under it.

Velma grows even more suspicious of Lance Goodwin, pondering his resemblance to Capt. Scavenger. Which, incidentally is nil. They don't look at all alike. If that's your idea of deduction, then arrest Capt. Canaby, who looks a lot more like the ghost than Goodwin.

If the cargo net catches all the kids, it should pick up the boxes and bales they were sitting on.

There's a trail of money in the water before the boat even gets there.

Injun Joe gets his chain back, but loses his feather.

The gang should realize that, if the net holds the bad guys for even a second, they can't possibly be real ghosts.

After he's unmasked, Injun Joe's face turns white for a second. But then, so does Valerie's.

Why should Capt. Canaby hire the Pussycats and then try to scare them away? And why does he talk them into staying when Johnny asks them to leave? If that was an example of reverse psychology, it didn't work very well.

Freddy and Alex use the counterfeit money to fuel the boilers. That's evidence, guys, to put the crooks in jail.

Lance offers Shaggy a hamburger as a reward. Only, Lance doesn't own the restaurant, so he's giving away food that isn't his to give.

Mystery in Persia (Jeannie)

Spirited Spooked Sports Show (Tim Conway)

Scooby and Shaggy switch from the front to the back seat while the Mystery Machine is moving.

Daphne wants to get the license number of the bulldozer that nearly runs them down. Since when do bulldozers have license plates?

Shaggy's ear turns brown.

Tim Conway fails to move his lips to say, "Gosh."

Although Shaggy seems like an odd choice for Velma's spur-of-the-moment boast of "The World's Greatest Athlete," he is a gymnast and a member of the track team (see What a Night for a Knight and Bedlam in the Bigtop). But Scooby? She couldn't think to suggest Freddy instead of a dog?

Scooby loses his spots.

The locker in which the ghost hid was on the end of the row, not the one in which Fred finds the secret passage.

Daphne's nose vanishes for a second.

The automatic pitching machine still has plenty of baseballs when Shag says it's empty.

It's pretty hard to believe that Fenster could masquerade as the trim Fireball.

The Exterminator (Don Adams)

So many exterminators disappeared in the house, yet the bank never reports it to the police.

All through the episode, pesticide tanks appear and disappear, along with the straps and the dark ring around the tops.

Don Adam's business card only reads "Don Exterminator."

The paintings are supposed to be of Lorn Chumley in his famous film roles. Yet some of them are dead ringers for the spooks in A Gaggle of Galloping Ghosts. Did Big Bob Oakley copy his costumes from old movies? Even worse, one of the paintings is of Swampy Pete from The Ghostly Creep from the Deep. I guess he copied old movies, too.

Velma speculates that one of the gang brushed against the light switch, causing the lights to go out. Then Freddy suggests that they search around the room for said switch. If they had brushed against the switch, they would be standing next to it, and wouldn't need to walk around the room looking for it.

Otto claims he warned Shaggy and Scooby not to get separated from the rest, but he really said it to the others after Shag and Scoob were gone.

How does Chumley animate two paintings at the same time? Is Otto also a man with a million faces?

The umbrella stand has "umbrellas" written on it, as if you couldn't tell.

Why does the life preserver sink?

Shaggy and Scooby can't swim? All dogs can swim, and Shag seemed to do all right in Scooby's Night with a Frozen Fright. Besides, I don't think you can be scuba certified, as in A Clue for Scooby-Doo, without knowing how to swim.

Don Adams is alternately short and tall.

That must be some movie with only one actor in it.

The Weird Winds of Winona (Speed Buggy)

In the opening far shot of the Mystery Machine, neither Velma nor Shaggy moves their lips.

Daphne's scarf looks weird, like it's missing a piece.

At times, Speed Buggy loses his antenna, and once, his pupils.

Upon reaching Winona, the gang stand in front of a boarded-up hotel. The next morning, the windows are no longer boarded up.

Shaggy and Freddy spend the night in sleeping bags laid out side by side, but when Shag is shown a moment later, Freddy's nowhere in sight.

Daphne gives us her famous Velma impression.

Fred smashes up the front end of the Mystery Machine, but when Tinker is repairing it, he has the engine in the back. Now it is sometimes necessary to remove an engine to work on it, but it would take way too much unnecessary effort to move it into the back of the van.

All through this episode, Mark looks Hispanic, but in the Speed Buggy TV show he looked white. Actually, he was originally intended to be a Latino in the series, but somehow that idea went by the wayside.

Debbie recognizes the gang and knows them all by name although they've never met. Are they really that famous?

When the girls want to go into the village, Mark says, “We’ll get more work done if they're gone.” Who knew he was such a male chauvenist? Especially since the girls didn't seem ready to interfere in any way, and Debbie regularly helps work on Speedy in their own series. Besides which, Mark later admits that Tinker did all the work, so who is he to complain about the girls?

Speedy's a two-seater in front, but Velma manages to sit between his bucket seats.

Mark says that the girls will need to take Speed Buggy in order to get into the village, even though they all walked to the village the night before without a problem.

Mark and Debbie both lose the pocket on the front of their shirts.

Speed Buggy heats his tailpipe enough to melt a padlock to slag, yet the pipe itself was unharmed.

We hear the sound effect of Scooby sniffing even though we can see that he's not.

While inside the caves, the weird winds blow the kids away, but at one point, the girls are blown foreward instead of backward.

Tinker sometimes travels using Shaggy's distinctive walk.

Why does the wind blow Tinker so slow and the other guys so fast?

Shaggy and Scooby hide in the kneehole of a desk. Somehow, they run out through the wooden panel covering the front.

Seven healthy teen-agers with a big dog and a small car continually run away from four unarmed, ordinary-looking thugs. Surely they could take 'em.

Tinker drives a skip loader but tells Debbie to hit the brakes.

Freddy's arm stretches like crazy when he runs around the stalagmite. Sure, this is a cartoon, but Fred doesn't normally exhibit rubber-hose tendencies.

According to the sign, Winona has a population of 10. But we see Mr. Duncan, the Sheriff, Mr. Peabody, six people on the sidewalk, and six cars on the street, making more than ten people.

The Sheriff calls a map of Winona a scale model.

All four villains are tied up together at the end of the episode. Somehow, Mr. Peabody frees himself and runs away although there are still four crooks tied together.

The Haunted Candy Factory (Cass Elliot)

Cass Elliott says she's thinking of changing the name of the factory to Sugar Plum, even though this is the name already on the sign on the front of the building.

The Green Globs warn the kids to leave the factory, but they stop Shaggy when he tries to exit.

Scooby-Doo briefly loses his spots.

The latch vanishes from the outside door.

Shaggy doesn't notice that he's surrounded by a giant pink bubble until he starts to float.

At various points in the episode, Shaggy sounds like both Freddy and Scooby.

Shaggy and Cass follow Scooby as the dog trails the Green Globs. When Scoob stops short at the foot of a Glob, the others are immediately behind him, yet they didn't see the villain until they were right on top of him. Were they watching the floor that closely?

When Cass can't open a sliding door, she says it's bolted to the floor. Unlikely, since it slid shut on them only moments before.

The kids and Cass are trapped in taffy when Shaggy and Scooby enter the room. Shag accidentally runs into the sticky mess as Scooby watches. In the next scene, Scooby's suddenly trapped in the taffy, too.

Piles of peanuts and other foods on the floor are serious health code violations.

The same switch on the same machine is used to work the ceiling conveyor belt and the secret door.

Scooby watches as Shaggy is snagged by a hook and dropped over a vat. When Freddy asks where Shaggy is, Scooby replies, "Beats me."

Some of the candy machines are very dangerous, like the jawbreaker maker that shoots candy out like bullets.

You might have to pause it to spot this one, but when Scooby taps his head to indicate to the audience what he thinks of Shaggy's brain-power, the dog has five limbs.

How does Scooby suddenly get caught in the taffy?

The Haunted Carnival (Dick Van Dyke)

After Dick Van Dyke pitches the strongman act, the scene switches to the gang, but the background remains the same, as if they suddenly appear where Dick was standing.

Shaggy's reflection actually sticks out of the funhouse mirror.

The word "Balloons" disappears from one side of the balloon stand.

The balloons burst without a sound.

Daphne and Velma each use the wrong voices.

Scooby's nose temporarily turns brown. In another scene, he loses his spots.

In the tunnel, Shaggy and Scooby try to run away but a gate falls and blocks the way, forcing them to go on and find the villainous strong man. The question is, who dropped the gate? The strong man? He wanted the gang to leave, and besides, he didn't even know they were in the tunnel. Maybe he was closing it to keep them from finding his lair and accidentally locked them in.

Daphne loses her lipstick. Twice.

Mystifo's magic cabinet vanishes.

Shaggy and Scooby have a very long fall; there's no way a cart full of ice cream could've saved their lives.

Dick’s shirt turns beige.

Fred, Daphne, and Velma are riding through the carnival on a 3-man tandem bike. Daphne gets off and heads for the photo booth, where she and Velma have a conversation before Daph steps inside. Then Freddy comes over to ask what's going on. Where was he looking all that time?

Velma's sleeves are uncharacteristically long in one shot.

The back of Shaggy's shirt turns brown.

After hoisting Van Dyke out of the Tunnel of Love, Freddy and Daphne are standing right over the open trapdoor. In the close-ups, however, Dick is lying on the open door.





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