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It's Scooby Time!

What is a glitch? Glitches are mistakes in movies and TV shows. They can be technical goofs, continuity errors, or anything that makes you scratch your head and say, "Huh?" This site is dedicated to glitches in Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? Look below to see groovy glitches from Scooby and the gang.


What a Night for a Knight

There is no one driving the truck in the very first scene.

It seems nearly impossible for Wickles to overpower Prof. Hyde-White while the former is in the bed of the pickup truck in a suit of armor and the latter is in the driver's seat.

The Black Knight's eyes appear to blink when Wickles is standing next to it and not inside the armor. Could it be a trick of the light?

Scooby pops up behind the gang while riding in the Mystery Machine, only he appears to be between Daphne and the seat back.

When the gang finds the weird glasses Scooby took from the museum, instead of returning them like good citizens, they detour to the library to do some research on them.

Velma loses her glasses and mistakes the Black Knight for Shaggy. When Shag arrives, she's suddenly wearing her glasses, but still thinks she was talking to him all along.

Mr. Wickles also manages to fit into armor that is much too tall for him.

Freddy can somehow see, in the dark, that the small window way up on the top floor is open. We sure can't tell.

When Freddy grabs that jack, his arm is certainly long.

To put the jack under the ladder, Freddy has to lift the ladder with Shaggy on it. It would've been easier if he'd put the jack under the rung before Shag started to climb.

When Fred raises the car jack to its limit, the grooved part is so long, it couldn't have fit into the jack in the first place.

And besides, the ladder is too long to fit into the Mystery Machine.

Velma doesn't move her lips.

Apparently, there is no night watchman in this museum, though Velma forces Scooby to be quiet anyway.

Although the Black Knight casts a long shadow over Scooby, the dog casts no shadow at all.

The Black Knight does at times sneak up on the gang, although a man in armor should make some kind of noise whenever he moves.

Scooby tackles Shaggy and knocks him down the hall, where he notices a missing painting. While they leave to bring the others, the painting is returned to its place. Just how far away did Scoob send Shaggy to give the villain time to replace it?

The hidden door inside the mummy case is a different shape the second time we see it.

The Black Knight has no plume.

The Black Knight puts his fist through a painting. Sure hope it's one of the forgeries.

That mousy-looking curator certainly is strong. Not only does he run all around the museum in full armor, but he lifts a table with Shaggy and Scooby hanging under it and throws it with considerable force, even though the entire load has got to weigh around 300 lbs! Of course, after he throws Shaggy and Scooby against the wall, they are shown landing facing the top of the table instead of the underside.

One area of the museum is called the Relic Room. This is awfully vague...aren't all museum exhibits considered relics? Besides, the room is filled with vehicles. Shouldn't it be called the Transportation Room or something?

Even though it's a museum exhibit, the plane has gas in its tank.

The plane flies very well without wings.

Shaggy says he'll try to use ventriloquism to make his voice sound like it's coming from the room. He meant to say, "From outside the room."

Shaggy pulls back on the plane's stick, but he's not holding it in the far shot.

I wonder if the gang has to pay for any of the museum exhibits they destroy...

When the gang exits the Relic Room, the background shows the same vehicles in the next room.

One of Shaggy's legs is missing in one close-up of Scooby; either that, or it's simply colored wrong.

Although Hyde-White is bound and gagged inside that Indian headdress, he still could've moved enough to get the gang's attention. Come to think of it, maybe the secret room would've been a smarter place for Wickles to hide his prisoner.

When Scooby puts on the armor, the gauntlets suddenly become paw-shaped to fit him.

Hassle in the Castle

Don't the kids have a radio in their boat to call for help?

Velma's skirt loses its pleats.

Scooby loses his spots not once, but twice.

When Freddy takes the map, he's looking at the back until Scooby's close-up, when the map is suddenly turned correctly.

The Phantom is nearly always transparent, which makes sense, as he is usually a projected image. Except in the shot where Scooby is about to fall on him. He ought to be solid in that scene, since Scooby lands on a flesh-and-blood human being.

Shaggy's ear turns brown for a moment, as do the whites of Scooby's eyes, and Daphne gets a yellow cuff.

Freddy asks what happened to Daphne though he can clearly see the trapdoor closing.

Shaggy politely thanks the skull for saying "thataway," although, without a hand to point with, the directions are useless.

Bluestone has a ham sandwich all ready just when Shaggy asks for one.

Daphne stands ready with that vase for a long time before she says, "Someone's coming."

Who left the clues "The Old Bell" and "Catacombs"? Old Vasquez the pirate? Why? Did he want someone to find the treasure? Or was he afraid he'd forget?

When the gang finds the door that fits the key, that room looks different in two different shots.

Bluestone goes to a lot of trouble to make a fake Shaggy head just to scare Velma for a few seconds.

Into the closet," says Fred, only this "closet" has stairs and passageways inside.

According to the solution to the mystery, all the flying objects are moved by wires. When Freddy and Daphne unroll the magic carpet, why don't they notice the wires? And why does the Phantom make it fly for them?

Why in the world is there a sign saying, "Magic Carpet"?

The falling anvil produces white "force lines" common to cartoons to denote moving objects; only these lines remain in the shot, just sitting there.

How does the suit of armor in the trap grab Scoob by the collar?

Bluestone wears gloves throughout the episode, except when Scooby falls on him.

Bluestone's costume has a separate mask by episode's end, although it doesn't look that way at any other time.

A Clue for Scooby-Doo

When they arrive at the beach, the whole gang begins talking at once, but not one moves their lips.

The title is on the back cover of Velma's biology book.

Velma does an excellent imitation of Daphne.

Poor Daphne has, at various points in the episode, a green dress and botched lipstick.

The door of the locker disappears when the diving suit falls on Scooby.

The inside of Shaggy's collar is skin-colored instead of green.

Velma pronounces Ebeneezer Shark to be mighty fishy. In this case, she's mighty mistaken; Shark is completely innocent.

When Scooby and Shaggy fall from the boat, the bosun's chair and rope are missing by the time they hit the water.

The gang splits up, Freddy and Daphne staying put to watch Ebeneezer Shark while Shaggy, Velma, and Scooby visit the lighthouse, presumeably in the Mystery Machine. If so, then how do Freddy and Daphne know that Shark won't be stepping out today, since they'd be unable to follow him without transportation?

When Shag grabs the bottle, his arm is bare, as usual; unfortunately, he should be wearing his long-sleeved diving suit.

When Shaggy sits on an underwater rock, his hair briefly changes from his trademark cut to a 'do suspiciously like Freddy's blond coif.

Freddy tries desperately to open the door of the sunken ship, but to no avail. He might have had better success if he braced his foot on the wall instead of the door he was trying to pull open. Better yet, he might try pushing, since the door opens out.

How can the diver run underwater?

Scooby fills his diving suit with oxygen and Shaggy punctures it in order to send Scooby careening at the diver. The only problem is, Scooby shoots off in the wrong direction, toward the puncture instead of away from it.

The hole in Scooby's wetsuit migrates from the left side to the right side before it disappears entirely.

Velma says that only Scooby can squeeze through the drainpipe when, in fact, he doesn't need to squeeze through at all, but just runs into it normally. Actually, if Scooby can fit inside, it seems that Velma or Shaggy could also fit just fine.

A plant in the foreground moves along with the gang as they swim by.

Shaggy says the cannon is loaded, but how can he tell?

Why does Shaggy carry matches in his diving suit?

There seems to be a lot of historically valuable salvage in the Graveyard of Ships, including a hundred-year-old corpse. Does anyone ever come back for it?

Freddy comes up with his soap suds plan before anybody checks to see if there's any soap or a spray bottle around.

When the gang springs the trap on the diver, the bottle with soap attached to the hose vanishes.

The cargo net in which they planned to trap the diver also disappears.

Velma points out the ramp to the others as if they had no idea how the trap was supposed to work.

Daphne cries out that Scooby can't see where he's going in the runaway boat. Actually, the soap suds aren't covering his eyes; and anyway, he's not even trying to steer, so it doesn't matter whether he can see or not.

When the boat smacks into the diver, it knocks him from the dock all the way to a rocky cave floor.

When the diver is unmasked, Shaggy puts seaweed on the man's face and asks if it reminds anyone of the picture on Widow Cutler's wall. Freddy, Daphne, and Velma all shout, "Captain Cutler", even though Freddy and Daphne never even saw the picture.

Shaggy's glass mysteriously fills again just before Scooby slurps all the sodas down.

Mine Your Own Business

Shaggy opens one side of the swinging saloon door, and the other opens by itself.

When Scooby is reluctant to enter the abandoned hotel, Shaggy pushes him in, knocking the spots right off his back. Temporarily, anyway.

Daphne says of the cigar store Indian, "It's hollow," although she is looking at it at such an angle that she can't see the hollow part. Similarly, Velma says, "It's a map of Gold City," while looking at the back of the map from three feet away. Perhaps it says "Map of Gold City" on the back.

Shaggy tries to show off his burglary skills by opening the lobby safe, turning the dial while listening for the tumblers. Then, Scooby tries the handle and finds that it's open. However, turning the dial at random as Shaggy did would lock a combination safe, not unlock it. Either the lock was broken, in which case the combination the gang found in the wooden Indian would be worthless, or Shaggy is an expert safcracker!

In the excitement of finding the map, Scooby never tells the gang of his encounter with the miner.

When Scoob switches with Shaggy and opens the other's closet door, the knob is on the wrong side.

This is the only episode in which Velma is shown wearing lipstick, albeit, temporarily.

The railroad tracks go into the tool shed in which the miner is trapped, but the door looks too close to the ground for them to fit under.

While picking apples, Scooby falls into a water trough, although it's not the same trough we saw a moment before; this one has a spigot nearby.

Decoy For a Dognapper

Where does this adventure take place? There is nothing to indicate that the gang is on one of their many vacations; in fact, seeing Shaggy on a first-name basis with a gas station attendant, one who is even willing to lend the teen his "wheels", makes it pretty obvious that the kids are chillin' in their hometown for a change. Now, Pueblos are located in only four US states: Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. If our heroes really did live in one of these states, it's unusual that we've never seen a hint of their distinctive topography in any other episode.

When the poodle is dognapped, it's daytime, but when Scooby reaches the gang to tell them, it's night. Poor Scoob must've been running a long time!

This appears to be the first time Shaggy ever tasted a Scooby Snack.

While discussing the safety of Bob Miller's Great Dane, Masters says not to worry, since Miller only walks the dog at night. Is this supposed to be a precaution?

The chair behind Buck Masters is temporarily blue instead of brown.

Scooby gives his trademarked battle cry without moving his lips.

Scooby wears a red studded collar over his normal blue while in the crate, which turns to blue, then to blue with studs, then back to red again.

Scooby temporarily loses his spots in the scene where the garbage almost lands on him.

When Scooby is dognapped, Shaggy yells "Scooby" several times. He could blow the dog's cover that way.

The tracking antenna on the roof of the Mystery Machine is gone, then returns.

The radar screen and blip are different in different scenes.

Velma continuously remarks that the Indian village, artifacts, and such are a thousand years old. In fact, the oldest pueblos in America are dated approximately 1000 years ago. However, Geronimo was born in the 1800's, so why would he drop a thousand-year-old tomahawk?

Velma pronounces the tomahawk authentic. So how'd it get on the train tracks? It sure wasn't dropped by the projection of Geronimo.

Where does Fred get that giant arrow he shoots up to the pueblo?

To escape the bats, Shaggy runs through a door, leaving Velma behind. He meets Scooby dressed as an Indian, runs back through the door and closes it. On this side of the door, he sees--Scooby again! To return to Velma, Shag goes through the door a third time, which should be the exact opposite direction from her.

Why'd Scooby put on that Indian mask anyway?

Shag actually holds the space above the door handle instead of the handle itself.

"Good boy, Scooby," says Fred, "You found them and freed them all." Daphne found the dogs first and undoubtedly helped Scoob free them, but she doesn't get any credit.

Daphne suffers several fashion faux pas in this episode: she loses one of the stripes on her skirt and her lipstick is messed up in one shot.

What the Hex Going On

Much of the action takes place in either the estate where Sharon lives, or the abandoned old Kingston Mansion. Unfortunately, the backgrounds for the two are sometimes mixed up, unless Sharon's home is really full of cobwebs and broken furniture.

The clock in the background is set at 8:00 throughout the episode.

The lights are on in the Kingston Mansion, even when Stuart is not there. It must be part of his special effects routine, along with the recording of the "ghost's" voice.

In this episode, Shaggy proves to be quite a good ventriloquist. Daphne must also be one, since her voice clearly comes from Velma's mouth not once, but twice.

Velma's voice is also wrong when she says the line, "And fast."

Daphne says Uncle Stuart is going into the mansion when he walks right past the front door.

The ghost threatens the gang and walks away. Curiously, they don't even try to follow him.

The gang casts no shadows when walking across a patch of cast shadows.

Shaggy asks if Uncle Stuart was wearing a blue suit, red tie, and tennis shoes, to which freddy replies, "Yes." In fact, he was wearing a brown suit, black tie, and shoes.

Why did Freddy tell Shag to use Velma's fingerprint kit? Surely Velma would do as good a job or better. And it is her kit, after all.

In a close-up of Scooby, the mausoleum in the background is missing its door.

While trapped in the mausoleum, Daphne passes a window with bars that only go partway up. It certainly looks like they could squeeze through there.

Daphne's lipstick is messed up.

Once they get the ghost's fingerprints, they could try matching it with suspects to learn his identity.

The ghost enters the mausoleum, and the gang follows. While they look for clues, he exits the mausoleum and locks them in. Now, if he went through the secret door which leads to the Wetherby Estate, he had to do some sprinting to get back and close the door. Or maybe he went through Daphne's window.

In one shot of the Mystery Machine, Shaggy is suddenly holding a map.

And just how far is it from the Wetherby Estate to the Kingston Mansion anyway? Stuart travels the distance on foot, but the gang drives it in the Mystery Machine.

Long after the gang travels through the secret passage, Velma says out loud what everybody already saw, that it took them to the Wetherby estate. Like, no duh, Velma.

When Daphne opens the closet, the resulting avalanche clobbers Shaggy and Scooby, who were standing right beside her, but Daph herself is nowhere to be seen. Unless she's buried in the rubble.

Why doesn't Scooby run away when the customer enters the shop? Everybody else does, but he just sits in the chair.

Shaggy uses his ventriloquist skills to make it appear to a nearsighted lady that Scooby is a swami. So, why does Shaggy insist on joking around, saying that he sees his reflection in the crystal ball and that the customer will dance with a man who will whisper to her that she's standing on his foot? Is he trying to get Scoob in trouble?

Instead of simply hoping there will be no more customers in the swami's shop, the gang could try locking the door. In fact, they don't seem to wonder at all why the door is unlocked when the swami is out. If they'd thought about it, they might've realized that he was there somewhere, which we learn when the ghost moves the table around the room.

The closed circuit TV images come complete with sound effects.

After capturing the ghost and tying him to a chair, Freddy and Shaggy wipe the make-up off his face to reveal Uncle Stewart...complete with eyeglasses. Either his make-up job was so skillful that he was able to disguise the fact that he was wearing glasses, or the guys obligingly put them on the prisoner so we could recognize him.

Although Sharon admits that she saw Uncle Stuart's wig blow off, she's still shocked to learn that he is the ghost.

The family doesn't seem very upset to learn that Uncle Stuart is a crook. Maybe they don't like him very much.

How'd Shaggy know it was a turkey Scooby ate, when every bit of it was gone?

Never Ape an Ape Man

The movie poster says "Epi-Center Film Co." but a later sign says "Starbright Films." So which is it?

The kids stand outside talking to Mr. Maxwell while Scooby plays with a make-up kit. The dog walks back and forth between the kit and his pals, listening to their conversation all the time. Yet the background behind the make-up kit is an interior room. Is he standing on a partial set only a few feet away? It is never shown to the viewer.

Shaggy is suddenly wearing a watch.

Though Carl, as the Ape Man, falls off the cliff, he is unhurt.

Scooby bounces straight up and down near the far cliff face, but on his last bounce, he somehow ends up next to the near cliff face.

Velma is missing the lenses from her glasses. Later on, her glasses must be steamed up, because we can barely see her eyes.

Everyone, including Mr. Maxwell, searches inside Carl's trailer. Suddenly, Maxwell is in front of an outdoor background while still talking to the gang inside.

Why is a parrot on the set of the old mansion after everyone quit working on the movie? I hope someone remembered to feed it.

The gang is trapped inside a movie set. How hard can it be to escape? Sets aren't built that sturdily and they always have plenty of open space for cameras to come in and move around.

Shaggy tries to open the door while holding it closed with his foot.

We know Shaggy eats anything, but the cherries in his pot pie still have the stems on.

The same billiard balls that are next to Scooby are next to Shaggy on the other side of the table.

When Scooby plays pool, look at his dogtag--the cue is visible through the tag. Similarly, the Ape Man's leg is in front of the pool table, but behind Shag.

Although Shaggy screams, his mouth doesn't move.

The wig vanishes from the stand.

As part of the plan to capture the Ape Man, Velma stands by at a bank of switches to release a net. When Scooby fogs up her glasses, she pulls the wrong switch, the one in the center, and accidentally turns off the lights. Surprisingly, that is the very switch she had her hand on before Scooby came along. Looks like she can't blame Scooby; she would've goofed up anyway.

Twice a button is pressed to flatten the stairs, but it's a different button each time.

Shaggy takes a flash picture dirictly into a mirror, yet the photo has no glare on it.

The Scooby mask loses its collar; in fact, if you look carefully, the collar actually vanishes before your eyes.

Foul Play in Funland

In this episode, we learn that Scooby doesn't like clams, perhaps the only food on earth he doesn't like.

There are three balls on the counter, but when Freddy has one in hand, there are still three.

The reflection of Scooby's dog tag in the funhouse mirror is not a reverse image, although it should be.

Scooby attempts to track the mysterious man by sniffing out his trail, until he learns that the robot has no scent. Great idea, Scooby. So, how come he never tries that trick with any of the other spooks the gang encounters? Because he'd get a whiff of them and instantly know that the ghost is really the farmer, or the nephew, or whoever, and that would be the end of that episode.

Shaggy's ear turns momentarily brown.

Daphne's dress is missing a stripe.

When the camera is on Shaggy sitting behind the overturned boat, there's no sign of Freddy, Daphne, or Velma, who are also hiding behind the boat.

The second time the gang sees the lights on in Funland, Fred says, "No doubt about it this time." Did he doubt what they all saw the first time?

Scooby's lips don't move when he cries, "He's got me!", or, rather, "Re's rot re!"

Freddy and Shaggy paddle on the right side of the Tunnel of Love boat, but the girls don't paddle at all on the left. Unless the boat is on a track, it will only go in circles.

When describing the test-your-strength game, Shaggy comments that the "ball" will ring the bell. It's actually a cylindar, not at all ball-shaped.

After Scooby hits the test-your-strength game, the bellringer thingie doesn't slide back down; however, it's there again when Charlie tries his luck.

To escape the robot, Shaggy and Scooby jump from the moving car of a roller coaster into a car travelling in the opposite direction on another track, an incredibly dangerous stunt! Zoinks!

That roller coaster is just full of glitches. Shaggy and Scooby manage to change sides at some point during the ride. When they leap into the other coaster, they land in the first car. Yet, when it stops, they are sitting somewhere in the middle. Charlie the robot begins his ride in the last seat, from which he begins climbing forward, closer to Shaggy and Scooby. No matter how far he climbs, he never gets any closer to them, but is shown in the last seat again.

The Dodge'em car has it's own motor and can drive around the park. A normal car of this type is run by a pole on the back that must touch the ceiling of the Dodge'em arena to receive power.

You'll have to watch in slo-mo to see this, but Scooby in the dodge 'em car passes right through the robot's outstretched arm, which turns transparent. Maybe he is a ghost!

When Freddy asks how the equipment works, Mr. Jenkins replies with the simplistic explanation that a magnet will attract the robot's metal body. No doubt Freddy already knew this, since he's not a complete idiot. He was probably asking how the locator device worked.

When the caretaker Mr. Jenkins tries to capture Charlie with a large electro-magnet, the device suddenly and mysteriously ceases to function. He soon discovers that a wire has been cut. Of course, he failed to see his sister Sarah cut the wire, even though it was only around six inches from his face.

Sarah says she sabotaged Charlie because robots shouldn't work around children, to which her brother replies, "I never thought of that." Maybe she should've just mentioned the idea to him and avoided all the trouble.

The Backstage Rage

The pizza is not sliced.

How does a lone puppeteer keep the poodle marionette working while he goes to pick up the violin case Scooby left on the sidewalk? Or move the witch puppet while he's standing on the other side of the room talking with the kids?

There are several mistakes with the violin case: Shaggy's arms while holding it are reversed in different shots. And although Scooby doesn't put it anywhere near a storm drain, it's next to one when the puppeteer picks it up, at which time it's also facing the opposite direction.

When Shaggy hears a car coming, he wonders if it is the Mystery Machine. Why would he think that, unless he expected the others to come by soon? Yet, when he finds the violin case, he telephones the gang. In the age before cell phones, that must mean that they were at home.

Shaggy leaves Scooby to guard the violin case while he makes a phone call. Scooby could easily have come with Shaggy to the phone booth, violin case and all. But, no, they separate, and Scooby loses the case. In the time it takes for the rest of the gang to arrive, Scooby doesn't run to tell Shaggy about the case, nor does Shaggy return to Scooby. They each stay put until the Mystery Machine drives up.

At one point, the mysterious sedan looks as if it is driving on the sidewalk. Not only that, but some smudges on the cel move along with it.

The doorman's hands are sometimes the wrong color.

Scoob's ear sticks right out through the Mystery Machine's windshield.

Shaggy finds a twenty dollar bill inside the theatre, which Velma later declares to be genuine. Does Shaggy ever return it?

When Shaggy says the line, "Here it is, I found it sticking out of the doorman's desk drawer," he forgets to move his lips for part of the sentence. Unless he was just practicing his ventriloquism.

When Shaggy produces the twenty dollar bill, Scooby's reaction is one of surprise, even though he's seen it already.

So the twenty is real, planted by the doorman, Freddy guesses, to fool the gang into leaving. Actually, it has the opposite effect. That's a pretty expensive blunder by the pupeteer, considering the kids might've left him alone if he hadn't put that money there at all.

Daphne's neck turns green, probably from wearing that cheap scarf.

The background doesn't move outside the Mystery Machine's windows.

Why does the puppeteer open Johnny the marionette's eye to peek at the gang? Surely he can't see through it.

The puppeteer raises the Phantom puppet out of sight just before Shaggy finds it. Why? Pietro should be happy to scare the gang away if possible.

The signal agreed upon by the gang is a whistle, so why does Shaggy tell Scooby to bark three times if he sees anything?

There are a lot of problems with that scenery wall that narrowly misses Shaggy. The door vanishes right before the whole wall falls. And the strut holding up the scenery doesn't fall, but remains standing. Finally, the entire thing is gone from the floor when we view the scene from a different angle.

The jack-in-the-box has a tiny latch on the front, which promptly vanishes.

Shaggy scolds Scooby to quit clowning, right before the teen decides to play dress-up.

From the outside, the doorway to the secret room is stone, but from the inside, it has a wooden doorjamb.

Velma's moth is gone for second or two.

There is a short flight of stairs that leads down from the stage through the prompter's box to the low-ceilinged room with the violin cases. To return to the stage above, however, the gang climbs a ladder that is clearly two stories tall at least.

All four of the kids are standing at the top of the ladder together, yet don't seem at risk of falling off.

When the organist vanishes before their eyes, Daphne concludes that he was a figment of their imagination. Come on, Daph! Do you really think all four of you imagined the same thing?

Why does the pupeteer bring out the limping poodle puppet again? It's certainly not scary, and he knows it has the engraving plates in its stuffing.

The counterfeit plate practically leaps out of the dog puppet and into Velma's hand. Not only that, but there's another identical plate behind it.

When the gang catches the puppeteer, he falls into a base drum that looks like it was already broken.

Bedlam in the Bigtop

It's hard to see because the picture is so tiny, but Daphne talks in Velma's voice.

Samson hangs onto the bicycle handlebars, keeping his arms in the exact same position, even though the handlebars are no longer attached to the bike.

Samson points off to his left, saying that Max flew off the bicycle in that direction, yet Scooby finds him hanging from a tree off to the strongman's right.

Max is standing behind Scooby, then suddenly by his side.

Although there are many people, probably workers, at the circus in the far shot, we never see any of them during the course of the episode.

The kids are curious enough about the curse to visit the circus to investigate, but when told of the Ghost Clown, they simply leave. Since when do they hear about a ghost without sticking around to look for clues?

The gang inside the Mystery Machine are shown reversed, with Freddy driving from the passenger side.

When she enters the tent, Velma deduces, "It's the big top." Anybody could see from the outside that this tent is three times the size of any other. Yeah, I'd guess it's the big top.

Velma climbs the ladder, but her hands miss the rungs and grab empty air.

The Ghost Clown's make-up is the wrong color.

Velma mistakenly calls the tightrope a trapeze wire.

Shaggy drags the trampoline so that its end is next to the ladder, but in the far shot, it's moved away from the ladder. Perhaps he tried to move it more directly under Scooby.

The Ghost Clown tries to nab Velma on the high wire platform and fails. A moment later, he's up on a completely different platform throwing darts at Scooby.

Why does the Ghost Clown carry darts in his pocket? He couldn't have known that Scooby would fall into a bunch of balloons.

No matter how many of Scooby's balloons the Ghost Clown pops, their number never diminishes.

The trampoline is gray where the floor should be showing through the ropes around the edges.

Why does Shaggy stand on the trampoline?

When Shaggy is bounced off the trampoline, he flies up into the wooden platform on which Velma is standing, knocking it completely off the pole. The two teens fall back to the trampoline, but there's no sign of the platform falling to earth.

Daphne says, "He's going into the costume tent," after she and Freddy have already followed the Ghost Clown inside.

Scooby instructs the elephant to squirt Daphne with water to rouse her from the trance while whe's riding the backs of the elephants. Isn't he afraid she'll hurt herself falling off?

The trunk is full of costumes when Fred is pushed inside, but they are nowhere to be seen when he is freed.

The platform in the lion cage turns from blue to red.

The Ghost Clown's black make-up turns white.

For some reason the Ghost Clown uses a whistle to wake Shaggy from his trance, although he spoke to awaken Scooby.

See The Dynamic Scooby-Doo Affair.

"Back to the cage," says Shaggy, "And the hero sandwich." Normally, the bribery snacks are consumed before Shaggy and Scooby have to lure the ghost.

The capture of the Ghost Clown is entirely Shaggy's plan, and he carries it off perfectly.

The Ghost Clown tries to hide his bulky body behind a tent pole, where he is utterly visible.

Barnstorm thanks the gang for catching the Ghost Clown because now his circus can open on time. Hopefully, he can get all the performers to come back, since he mentioned earlier that they'd all quit.

The audience members around Freddy, Daphne and Velma seem to be the only ones who don't applaud Shaggy and Scooby's act.

A Gaggle of Galloping Ghosts

Big Bob Oakley is a pretty amazing villain. He moves from the castle turret to the gypsy wagon at incredible speed. He also manages to sneak into the lab and crawl onto the gurney under a wet sheet without being seen by Shaggy and Scoob, who are only a few feet away. Alas, he does make one mistake when his Frankenstein's monster growls like the werewolf.

Freddy's shirt is the wrong color beneath his collar.

Five minutes after Shaggy tells Scooby there are no werewolves, he's voting to skip the castle to avoid them.

The kids comment on the strange lightning flash when there's not a cloud in the sky. Surely Oakley didn't create that effect.

When the gang arrives at the castle and finds the drawbridge up, they might have decided to go home, until the Vampire, opens the drawbridge to scare them off and traps Daphne inside, thus forcing the kids to find a way in. If the fool had just left the drawbridge closed, he could have gotten away with the jewels without any interference from our favorite teenage sleuths.

The gargoyle casts a shadow although the lasso doesn't.

Right after Shaggy runs across the scene, the background shifts to the left before Scooby follows his master.

Freddy's collar turns white.

While Shaggy is hanging onto one end of a rope, we see the same end fall behind the werewolf. Similarly, Scooby uses a rope to tie up the vampire's legs, showing both ends of the rope at the same time that Daphne is supposed to be climbing it.

The fire that was crackling a moment before is no longer visible by the time Fred gets to the fireplace.

Why does Scooby say the pantry is locked? Clearly, it's not.

The pantry door vanishes.

Daphne copies down the message from the dungeon, except for the date, 1668, which she just keeps in her head.

Daphne's note is on a loose piece of paper the first time we see it; then it's on a spiral notebook.

Scooby loses his spots.

After Freddy declares that the gang searched the entire crypt, they get the bright idea to open the coffins. How did they miss such an obvious place to look for a clue?

The tapestry is always attached to the wall near the ceiling, even when Shaggy and Scooby drag it across the room.

When they open the coffin, the gang flees from the vampire inside. He chases them and jumps back into the coffin. Suddenly, the kids must find some courage, because they open the coffin right back up. If they see the vampire, will they run away again?

Franken Castle was removed stone by stone and rebuilt in this country, with the furnishings intact. How did the workmen miss seeing the jewels sewn into the back of the tapestry? Maybe they thought they were rhinestones. In fact, Shaggy and Scooby move the tapestry, and they don't spot the jewels either.

Another thought on the furnishings of Franken Castle: Shaggy and Scooby find such delicacies as Werewolf Snacks and Fried Moonbeams. Were these part of the castle's original furnishings? Do they sell such things in Transylvania? Or did Bob Oakley add them for effect? Three monsters running around wasn't spooky enough, so I'll really scare them off with my haunted pantry!

The headlights shine on the kids' faces, then on their backs. Is the car in front of them or behind them?

Daphne's shoulder is in front of Freddy at the same moment that her hair is behind his head.

First Shaggy has one sandwich, then two, which, when he shuffles together, are suddenly not on the picnic blanket any more. And when he ducks his head, that sandwich is shorter than before.

Scooby-Doo and a Mummy, Too

No one can agree on how to pronounce Dr. Najib's name.

Shaggy holds the coin differently in the close and far shots.

The clock in the Professor's room always shows the same time.

The kids order sandwiches to go, but they're served on plates. Not paper plates, either; you can hear them clink when they hit the counter.

The word "Janitor" suddenly appears on the closet door.

The mummy's foot isn't quite touching the floor when he smashes the urn.

When the mummy appears and first asks for the coin, Velma's response is to shout, "Don't give it to him, Shaggy," thereby revealing who has the coin and making Shaggy the mummy's target. Thanks a lot, Velma!

The mummy is within a few feet of Velma and Shaggy; then suddenly, he is a lot farther away.

The loose bandage is on the mummy's left foot, but it's shown on his right when Scoob nails it to the floor. Later, the piece that always hangs from his right arm is on the left.

Although the mummy couldn't rip the bandage holding his foot to the floor, Velma tears it quite easily.

The flasks of green liquid are empty in the far shot.

The columns vanish from around the doorway in the museum.

When Shaggy hugs the stone statue of Scooby, his arm is behind it, then suddenly in front of it.

The tunnel Scoob dug to escape from the shack is gone when Shaggy and Scooby hide in the shack later on.

Velma uses her magnifying glass on the wrong page of the book.

Shaggy's neck turns momenarily green. And Scooby's turns blue inside his collar.

The statue of the Professor disappears from his office, as do the pens from the holders on his desk.

That power saw has the world's longest extension cord.

When Shaggy finds the spray molds, he exclaims, "So that's how he made stone statues of everyone," to which Scooby replies, "Uh-huh!" Scooby knew about that ever since he was captured by the mummy and given the stone treatment. So, why didn't he tell the gang? What's the use of having a talking dog if he doesn't tell you these things?

The trampoline in the gym wasn't there a moment before.

Scooby kicks the mummy off to the left, into the basketball hoop, which we saw, not on the left, but behind Scooby. Unless the court has four hoops, one on each side.

In the explanation of the mystery, it is revealed that Dr. Najib only dressed up as the mummy after he had captured the Professor. Yet we see a very mummy-shaped shadow pass the Professor's door while the Professor is still at liberty. Could there be a second mummy running around the place?

Velma says that Dr. Najib broke the window so he could enter the museum and steal the coin. However, the hole in the glass is clearly man-shaped. Did he hurl himself through it? Maybe that's why he wrapped himself in those bandages.

The real mummy looks quite a bit different when he's found at the end of the episode than when we saw him in the beginning.

Which Witch Is Which

The top of Shaggy's head sticks out of the Mystery Machine window...on the opposite side of the van!

The background seen through the Mystery Machine windows doesn't move, even when the van does.

In Zeke's flashback, the Zombie has a lantern in his hand that wasn't there before. Of course, it is only a flashback, and of something that never really happened anyway.

When we first see Zeb's shack, the door is hanging open. It's closed when Shaggy gets there.

Shaggy's shadow should touch the door when his hand touches it.

The voodoo doll of Zeb suddenly gains a hat.

Freddy and Shag paddle the dinghy canoe-style.

The footprints on the rug which show Velma that Daphne slid into a trap door are very peculiar. When observed from the room below, they slide to the side, not in the direction that Daphne must have fallen. Not to mention the fact that Daphne is shown standing on a bare floor, not on a rug at all.

It's a really far shot, but Fred's collar is white.

Scoob's collar turns yellow.

The door on the closet Shaggy and Scooby hide in opens first one way, then the opposite way.

Freddy and Velma search for a secret door leading into the bulkhead when there's a window right there.

Shaggy drapes a purple sheet over his shoulders for a witch disguise. Suddenly, it becomes a purple cape tied around his neck and a separate sheet is lying on the deck.

Zeb and Zeke use their Witch and Zombie voices when they find the money bags, even though they have no reason to think anyone is nearby. Maybe Zeb really sounds like that...

After Fred yells for Shaggy and Scooby to Duck, he waits a rather long time before springing the trap. Wasn't he afraid the baddies would get away?

Although the throttle is stuck on the boat, the propeller stops when the anchor snags the sunken armored car.

When the crooks are unmasked at the end of the episode, we learn that Zeke is the Zombie and Zeb is the Witch. Velma then explains how Zeke the Witch used smoke pellets to appear and disappear. I guess she can't remember which is which either.

The Spooky Space Kook

The phone wires behind the farmer go to a particular pole and then stop. Must be the end of the line.

Chickens roost at night, yet there's one scratching around the yard in the dark, pecking Scooby.

"What is this place, anyway?" asks Daphne, as if any idiot couldn't tell it was an air field.

The tracks going through the gate weren't there in the earlier shot.

You might wonder why the ghost's foot prints stop at the door. Apparently, the costume doesn't actually make the footprints; otherwise, there would be weird tracks all over the place. Bascombe must use something else to create the prints, just for spooky effect.

If Shaggy sees Scooby's reflection in the window, why can't he see himself?

The gang finds several clues on the abandoned Air Force base having to do with working machinery, namely a generator that is still warm from use, and fresh grease. We never learn what Henry Bascombe was using the tools and machines for.

Scooby eats peanuts shells and all.

The controls in the cockpit vanish when Shaggy and Scooby inflate the life raft.

Daphne says the newspaper story about the outer space ghost is circled. When we see it, there is no circle.

Shaggy bounces up and down when Scooby begins to run.

Where does Shaggy suddenly get a torch?

You'll have to watch in slo-mo to see this one. When Shaggy and Scooby parachute from the tower, for a mere two frames of film, Scoob's entire head vanishes!

The sheriff wears his badge on the left in his close-ups, and on the right side for far shots.

Daph needs to fix her lipstick.

There is no tape in the tape recorder until the last shot in which Fred turns it on. There's no film in the projector either, and the reels don't turn.

What is the spaceship projected on? And how does a projection cast an orange glow on the Mystery Machine?

At the very end of the episode, Scooby makes a strange-sounding bellow...and with his mouth closed.

Go Away, Ghost Ship

This is rather nitpicky: the tiny patch of fur visible through the ring in Scooby's dogtag is not brown.

Scooby's tag turns yellow.

Velma's eyes are not visible throgh her glasses.

Daphne comments that they should be able to find the ghost ship "if old Redbeard sticks to his schedule." If his activities are so regular, why isn't the Coast Guard out there looking for him? Even if they don't believe in ghosts, somebody is hijacking these ships.

As the pirate ship is about to strike the gang's boat, Freddy yells, "Paddle!" They might've escaped if Freddy helped paddle, instead of just standing there.

The flying sword somehow comes right through a closed door. Although the solution to the mystery states that the sword is on wires, perhaps in this scene it is really a projection. Except, the scene ends with the sword stuck in a door, making a very realistic "thunk."

Daphne mistakes Redbeard's gravelly laugh for Freddy's.

The pencil simply vanishes from Scooby's paw.

The pirates cast their shadows on Shag and Scooby, who themselves have no shadows.

Redbeard hands Shaggy and Scooby a bowl with a spoon, but there are two spoons in the very next shot. Now, Shaggy may carry a spoon with him at all times, just in case.

When he falls, Shaggy loses his apron, but has it again in the close-up.

When Shag and Scoob walk the plank, we see the splash before we hear it.

The pirate ship is about to enter the cave when the camera cuts away, then cuts back to see the ship farther away than before.

When Shaggy is making the paper pirate hat, his leg vanishes from behind the table.

The pink is lost from Daphne's lips.

Neither Daphne nor Freddy move their lips when they say "moe."

One henchman has a pistol stuck in his belt, which he never uses.

There are actually no tire tracks leading to the chest.

In one long shot, as Shaggy guesses the right password, the treasure chest has straps connected to the open lid. They aren't there in any of the other shots.

Scooby and Shaggy hide in a crate which is only half full of Scooby Snacks boxes, and one box is opened already. Have the pirates been snacking on the loot?

Shaggy, Scooby, and Redbeard are almost at the stacks of tires when the camera cuts to Velma, yet it takes a while for them to collide.

Daphne says the two pirates are "hired henchmen, I guess." Why don't the kids unmask them?

Scooby-Doo touches dry ice with his bare paws, a good way to get frostbite.

A Night of Fright Is No Delight

We see no boats at the dock, although there must be several somewhere. Not only do Creeps and Crawls need one, but the cousins all leave the island during the night.

The front door of the mansion opens outward, not inward as most front doors do.

The heirs are to share the inheritance of one million dollars. Who gets the island, the house, and all the antiques inside?

The table with the phonograph disappears.

The fish and castle suddenly appear in the fish bowl.

Freddy is shown wearing his pajamas, then in his street clothes, then in his pajamas again. Apparently, the girls never change into nightclothes at all. Which makes one wonder where the guys got theirs. After all, they didn't know they'd be spending the night.

Take a close look at the chute Scooby slides down from the bathtub to the basement: although the background moves, Scoob actually stays in one spot.

Scooby says, and I quote, "Shadow...spooky...whooaaaahhhh," which Shaggy translates to, "And you saw a shadowy, chain-rattlin' phantom." There was nothing about chains in Scooby's description.

Scooby's shadow suddenly appears, just in time for him to use it to demonstrate the Phantom he saw.

Freddy and Shaggy conclude that Scooby imagined the bathtub incident, yet they never question how the dog got out of the bathroom and into the hall. And isn't he still wet?

Although the tub is bolted to the floor, we know it really does move. The bolts must be phony, but that part of the mystery is never explained.

When he pushes the drainpipe, the Phantom Shadow is transparent. How does he do that?

For that matter, how can a shadow have a glowing red mouth and eyes?

The Phantom Shadows' chains often switch from arm to arm, and sometimes vanish altogether.

When the gang discovers that all the cousins are gone, they each hold up a different nightcap for emphasis. Shaggy holds Cousin Simple's cap, which they found a while ago, since he was the first to vanish. Why did Shag go into Simple's room to get it? Everybody knew that guy was long gone.

The cousins were scared away, but nobody heard or saw them leave. Did they take their luggage? We know they didn't take their nightcaps.

Daphne's dress loses a stripe.

The entire gang runs from the Phantom Shadows, dropping Scooby on the way. Shaggy returns, picks up Scooby, and runs in the wrong direction, toward the Shadows. Yet, there they are, behind him after all.

The trap door opens differently each time someone FEEDs the organ.

Scooby the ham brings in a candleabra when he prepares to play the organ, but he never puts it on the organ; in fact, we never see it again.

There are only two villains in this episode, yet they found it necessary to write a pretty detailed memo to themselves: "FEED the organ and watch the floor." Couldn't they remember that without writing it down and leaving a clue?

When Shaggy and Scooby pull the corks on the wine bottles, the racks hold four bottles in each row. In the next shot, they hold three bottles per row.

Shaggy comments that the empty coffin is dog-shaped. He means "the open one," since he can't know if the closed caskets are empty. In fact, when they open to reveal the cousins, the teens seem like they weren't expecting to find bodies inside.

Shaggy and Scooby on the flying washing machine enter the elevator with the two Phantom Shadows, but still can't catch them in that tiny space.

The money in the strongbox is larger and arranged differently in different shots.

That's Snow Ghost

Greenway gives his Snow Ghost growl when he's obviously out of sight and earshot of anyone he might want to scare. Maybe he was just practicing.

When the gang first sees the Snow Ghost through the window of the guest room, they panic and leap onto Velma's back. She runs around the room, carrying the others, but only picks up Daphne at the threshhold of the door, the door leading out into the snow. Why isn't Daph in the room with the others, where she was when the whole business started?

There are several mistakes with tracks in the snow. Freddy says the Snow Ghost's tracks end at the chasm, but they actually end well before it. The snowmobiles don't leave any tracks at all, although the Snow Ghost does. And why does the gang never find Greenway's ski tracks anywhere when they're continually finding his footprints?

Daphne and Velma simultaneously say, "You?" but we only hear Velma.

Foo Lun Chee has spent much of his life fleeing the ghost of the Yeti. When the mystery is solved, we learn that he had no connection with Greenway's smuggling operation. So, is he just crazy?

The reflection in the broken mirror is incorrect.

Mr. Greenway is one of the more dangerous criminals the gang encounters. While most of them are content merely to scare off intruders, this guy ties Velma to a buzzsaw, and then tries to blow her up with dynamite!

There must be a conveyor belt moving the log toward the buzzsaw, since there is no chain pulling it. Yet, when Scooby gnaws the log in two, only the front half continues to move.

The dynamite explodes before the fuse is burned up.

The Snow Ghost is right behind Shaggy's snowmobile, when suddenly, the snowmobile hits an icy cliff face, does a loop-the-loop in the air, and lands immediately behind the skiing ghost. The question is, if he was so close behind the snowmobile in the first place, how did he avoid the loop, which would've put him behind them once again?

After Shaggy and Scoob crash into the sign, it takes a moment for it to break off.

When Shaggy and Scooby drive onto the ice, they turn and see the Snow Ghost, who was chasing them, stopped on the edge of a cliff, even though they didn't encounter any cliff to get there. And why does the Snow Ghost stop chasing them, anyway? Cliffs don't deter him, as we've already seen. Perhaps he knew the ice was dangerously thin.

The lid is missing from the tub of water, which Freddy erroniously calls a "bucket."

All through the episode the Snow Ghost mask covers Greenway's entire head, but when it finally falls off, it's just a frontal face mask.

Where does the Snow Ghost carry his skis when walking?

Scooby sits on the edge of a cliff above the kids, waiting to throw water down on the Snow Ghost. When the ghost appears, he growls, Scooby yells, and they have a noisy tussle that goes on for quite a while before the others notice what's happening.

Nowhere to Hyde

This episode takes place in the gang's home town (note how Freddy comments they'd better head home). There is an alligator-filled swamp nearby, which leads us to believe they live somewhere in the south. Yet in Decoy for a Dognapper, their home town is near a desert pueblo.

Velma labels the spook as "the guy they're calling 'the Ghost of Hyde.'" So some witness picked the name of Hyde for this spook. What a coincidence that he was really Dr. Jekyll in disguise.

Luckily for Dr. Jekyll, the Mystery Machine just happens to drive by his house, so he can jump out and run home.

Why does Jekyll have a trap door that drops you into his lab? Wouldn't he rather keep people out of it?

After he enters the basement, Dr. Jekyll's shadow vanishes. Later, Mr. Hyde's does, too.

The mud on Jekyll's shoes wasn't there a moment before.

While watching Shaggy and Scooby slide down the bannister, Fred turns his head all the way around. Ouch!

When Shaggy opens the trunk in the attic, the tongue that is attached to the lid doesn't move with the lid; it stays connected to the trunk bottom.

Scooby opens a series of doors, one covering the other, but the fourth door doesn't quite cover the one beneath it.

Helga's shadow appears coming from the space between the door and the wall behind it, where she can not possibly fit.

Scooby loses his spots while in the library, and again on the bannister, and once more after the gator chase.

We see a book titled Origin of Species, although the actual title, if it's the book we're all thinking of, is On the Origin of Species. There is also an even longer subtitle, but that might not be shown on the spine.

Helga must be the world's worst housekeeper; the building is in total disrepair, filled with spiderwebs, ruined furniture, torn curtains...even in Helga's room.

Velma says Jekyll couldn't have turned into Hyde, because they just saw the doctor reading in the other room. Why couldn't he transform that quickly? He changed into the costume fast enough.

When Shaggy shows the suction cups he found, there are clearly four of them. But, when Scooby later uses them to demonstrate their wall-climbing capabilities, he has five.

Hyde captures Shaggy, presumably to get back his suction cups and keep the teen from telling what he found. After Shag is rescued, however, he still has the suction cups in his pocket.

Hyde shakes violently with laughter while pouring chemicals into a test tube...and doesn't spill a drop.

Watch the background in the lab when Hyde tries to grab Scooby; the wall behind the table slides.

In order to escape from an alligator, Shaggy runs right through the side of Dr. Jekyll's house, leaving a Shaggy-shaped hole in the wall...complete with floating pieces of wood to delineate the negative space in the crook of Shaggy's arms!

When we see it from the inside, the Shag-shaped hole in the wall extends beyond the baseboard into the floor.

Just before the gang catches Hyde, Daphne loses her pink hose.

The picture on the wall is just a solid blue. Modern art?

The back door opens the opposite way the second time it's used.

Dr. Jekyll plants a host of false clues for the gang to find in order to implicate Helga the housemaid as the Ghost of Hyde. The one real clue is the suction cups which point to Jekyll as the ghost. Even though Shaggy finds the suction cups, Velma and the others still think Helga is guilty and are surprised to see Dr. Jekyll beneath the mask. Therefore, Jekyll's frame-up idea worked; only he didn't expect the kids to capture and unmask him.

For a moment during the solution to the mystery, Daphne looks as tall as Shaggy.

When Daphne and Velma follow Freddy across the room at the end of the story, their arms alternately cross in front of each other, giving the impression that they're elbowing each other.

Shaggy has no ear near the end of the episode, unless it's just invisible under his hair.

Scooby is wearing four suction cups on his paws when he climbs the wall, but when he falls, he suddenly has only two on his feet and an additional suction cup on his tail.

Mystery Mask Mix-Up

Fong is quite the egomaniac. He has his zombie henchmen bowing before him in this episode's opening scene. Maybe he believes he really is Zentuo.

Scooby sits on Shaggy's shoulders to view the parade, even though they are standing in front of the crowd with an unobstructed view.

The crowd doesn't react for a long time to Shag and Scooby's careening back and forth before their eyes; they just continue to enjoy the parade.

Not one of the gang is seen carrying the mask as the kids walk around Chinatown.

Mr. Fong is the only oriental art dealer in all of Chinatown? If you can't find oriental art dealers in Chinatown, where can you find them? Besides which, that guy who sold Daphne the mask should count.

Similarly, there's a sign in a window saying "Chinese Laundry."

The zombies don't need to kidnap Daphne. All they wanted was the mask.

The background outside the Mystery Machine's window is not moving.

Daph has no sleeve while in the Mystery Machine.

Scooby is such a good bicyclist that he passes a car while pedaling uphill!

Scooby is seen inside the Mystery Machine at the same time that he is riding the bicycle.

The artists could've used a slippery fish for the Mystery Machine to slide on, since the pier is full of them, but they went with the standard banana peel gag.

Scooby's arm turns green when he reaches into the pile of fish.

Take a close look at the message which leads the gang to "The temple in the hills"; it is written in reverse so that it can only be read in a mirror--all but the second "the", which actually appears frontwards.

Daphne's feet aren't tied; she could've run out of the secret room instead of allowing Fred and Velma to walk into a trap.

Scoob and Shaggy barricade themselves behind a door. But Zen Tuo raises the entire wall. The only problem is, we see from another angle that there is no side wall to the room Shaggy and Scooby are hiding in, so the ghost could've simply walked around the door and wall to get to our heroes.

In an attempt to bluff Zen Tuo, Shaggy draws a line on the floor & dares the villain to step across, which he, of course, does without hesitation. Trouble is, when Zen Tuo steps across that very first line, there is already a second line on the floor behind him.

While Shaggy and Scooby run on the carpet as it's being pulled by the zombies, they suddenly meet a table coming right at them. Shag slides across the table, but Scooby stops running on the carpet. Shouldn't he be pulled backward to the waiting zombies instead of sliding along foreward?

Another of the more dangerous villains of the series, Zen Tuo thinks nothing of blowing Shaggy to bits with fireworks.

The sound of the burning fuse stops when Shaggy speaks his line, but is heard again later.

The fuse grows considerably longer as it burns.

At first, we see no track near the model train, then the train is on the track, then the track is gone again.

There is no sign of the sliding door that opens to reveal the two zombies right before they are hit by the model train; it's neither on the inside of the wall nor in a slot hidden in the doorway.

The captured Fong is suddenly wearing a black costume.

The mouse's nose turns grey for just an instant.

When Shaggy and Scooby get up from their fall, they are each on the wrong side of the mouse hole.

Jeepers It's the Creeper

Although you can tell a guard by his uniform, can you tell a bank guard from any other kind of guard?

The Mystery Machine is the wrong color twice: when it pulls up to the fallen tree, and when the Creeper is inside.

The injured guard has no paper in his hand at first.

The second time we see the guard's car, it is closer to the fallen tree.

Freddy comments that there is something strange about the torn up negatives, but we are never told what. Obviously, the strange thing is that negatives are impossible to tear.

Mr. Carswell is shown standing behind a small end table; however, he is not visible between the table legs.

The first shot of the barn shows no cars in sight. Later, we see several cars pull away. Where were they and why were they moved to the barn door before everybody left?

The word "chocolate" is misspelled on the jar of syrup.

The lights in the barn are back on before the teens leave.

The wagon wheel on the side of the barn disappears.

The Creeper's shadow vanishes.

Freddy and Daphne have a conversation about the Creeper before the former yells, "Run!" Velma, who is right next to him, hears the "run" part, but not the rest, and has to ask what she's to run from.

Who put that rake in the middle of the barn floor? Was it there during the dance?

Neither Freddy, Daphne, nor Velma seem surprised to find a chick who barks like a dog.

When the gang follows the hermit's footprints, the background moves too fast, making the kids slide along the scenery.

The hermit has one suspender button undone, though not always the same one.

Both Velma and Freddy believe that the Hermit of the Hills is really the Creeper. We never find out the truth, but why would Carswell don a hermit disguise?

Velma suggests they go for the sheriff. Is she forgetting he's out of town?

Usually, Velma can't see her hand in front of her face without her glasses, but she sees the Creeper well enough to kick him in the leg.

Daphne loses the cuff on her sleeve, right before she loses her stockings.

The hay baler machine isn't anywhere in sight the first time we see the barn.

Scooby's collar shows through his neck for a second when he pulls off the Creeper's mask.

The guard says he installed a hidden camera in the bank, but it's mounted on the wall in plain sight. Somehow, Carswell still didn't see it.

The picture of Carswell is taken from his left side, yet the camera hangs behind him and to the right.

The gang never even tries to figure out the "flame will tell" clue until the mystery is solved.

The kids are going to be in serious trouble from the farmer who let them use his barn. By episode's end, they have broken a farmhouse window, knocked the top off the silo, wrecked a wagon, lost the horse...at least they helped the farmer by baling his hay.

When Scooby is covered with baby chicks, there is one more than there were hatching eggs in the nest. Unless one is the original chick who finally learned to peep.

See The Haunted Horseman of Hagglethorn Hall.

Scooby's Night with a Frozen Fright

Shaggy and Scooby simultaneously exclaim the word, "melts" and simultaneously fail to move their lips correctly.

There are many aquariums in the backgrounds at Oceanland, but the fish inside them never move a muscle.

Shaggy left his rod and reel at Oceanland--why did he take them inside in the first place? Why not leave them in the Mystery Machine?

When the gang returns to Oceanland to retrieve Shaggy's fishing pole, they find the Arctic Room demolished and a shredded parka which Velma proclaims to be Prof. Wayne's. Unless his name is sewn into it, she would have no way of knowing it was his, since they left without actually seeing the professor wearing it.

Shag's mouth disappears for a moment while he's on the phone.

The switch is missing from the space heater.

Prof. Wayne would have to move like lightning to turn on that space heater and still get over to the desk.

The parka Scooby holds changes color.

The heater is missing from the counter in one scene.

Shaggy doesn't move his mouth for the line, "Now you really got him mad."

We can sometimes see the background right through the caveman's huge brows.

The song that plays during the chase begins with the lyric, "Well, it's Saturday mornin', Don't know what to do, Since Monday mornin', I've been dreamin' 'bout you, Seven days a week." Monday to Saturday is only six days.

Prof. Wayne is strong enough to hurl a huge anchor; could it be a phony prop?

The sign says "Performing Seals," but they are really sea lions. So, why are the sea lions out on the stage after closing time anyway?

Watch in slow motion as the caveman pulls his club, not out of, but through the waistband of his loincloth.

Shaggy tries to pull open the door while pushing it closed with his feet.

Nobody even thinks to try turning the ice machine off, nor do they try to get out through the portholes, a feat which Shaggy just might be able to accomplish.

If the keyhole created a key made of ice, it certainly wouldn't have all those precise details, including a handle that's too big to go through the keyhole.

It looks as though the ice key melts in Scooby's paw.

Would an ice key be strong enough to turn a lock without breaking?

Instead of riding on a block of ice, the kids could try sailing the fishing boat back to shore.

Shag and Scooby don't need to dress up in fish costumes; they could've lured the caveman into the trap in their normal guise.

The Sheriff's badge is seen on both his left and right sides.

Prof. Wayne is handcuffed by the Sheriff with his hands behind his back. Suddenly, his hands are cuffed in the front, and he's wearing his lab coat.

Prof. Ingstrom's mustache turns white.

Haunted House Hang-Up

The fallen sign has a vine covering it that wasn't there a moment before.

Scooby cries out, "Lost?" even though the others have been talking about it for the past ten minutes. Wasn't he paying attention?

Highway I-5 runs through California, Oregon, and Washington, yet this mystery takes place in a southern-style mansion and involves the ghost of a Confederate soldier.

Asa Shanks gives the gang directions to the highway by telling them to take the long route to the right and avoid the haunted mansion, hoping to keep them away from the hidden treasure. If he had simply said, "Turn right at the fork", they never would've found the Stillwall mansion in the first place.

Shanks blows out his lantern for some reason, then walks home in the dark. Just to scare the kids a little more?

Shaggy says he's flipping the last piece of baloney, but we saw more a second ago. Boy, did he eat that fast!

Although the baloney slice doesn't come anywhere near Scooby's nose, he still somehow gets mustard on the tip.

When Shaggy is hanging on to Scooby in the back of the Mystery Machine, his shirt appears to be on backwards.

Freddy takes the short route because the Mystery Machine is nearly out of gas. So instead of running out of gas, it overheats.

This may be the first haunted house in history that the gang plans to pass without stopping to investigate, although the Mystery Machine has other ideas.

There's no reflection of the roof over the well.

The lighted window isn't a window at all, just a rectangular hole in the wall, though all the rest of the windows have perfectly good panes.

When they first hear the strange knocking sound, Freddy remarks that he thinks they've stumbled onto some kind of kooky mystery. He should've figured that out when he first heard about the Headless Spectre.

Stillwall's double breasted coat is buttoned the opposite way in the close-ups.

Scooby finds footprints where we already saw there were none.

The gang follows a set of footprints that mysteriously split into two paths, the right-foot marks going to the right and the left-foot marks going into the room on the left. When next we see the same tracks, however, they appear as normal footprints entering the room.

Daph's pink stockings are missing after she falls down the stairs. At another point in the story, she loses an eyebrow.

Velma and Shaggy both remark on how cold and clammy the Headless Spectre's hands are, yet he looks like he's wearing gloves.

The carpet on the stairs appears to have another rug beneath it, but both disappear when the Spectre goes back down.

When the Headless Spectre comes up through the fireplace, his hands pass through the solid floor. And one of his buttons changes color.

The bookcases in the library are different in two different shots; suddenly, the upright boards between sections of shelving are missing, but only in the spots where Velma and Shaggy push the books onto the ghost.

When Shaggy rides his improvised bicycle out through the window, the glass somehow falls inside the room.

The inside of the well looks much bigger when Scooby, Shaggy, and Velma are in it than it did when they simply looked into it.

Daphne says, "An old book of some kind," when there are actually two books next to each other.

The sheet has no holes in it until Freddy throws it over the balloon.

When Velma reads the diary entry about marching men in single file, she adds the words "could a column...", apparently trying to figure out the meaning of the words. Trouble is, she says the line as if reading the words from the diary.

Freddy fails to move his lips for part of his dialogue.

The back of Fred's shirt turns white just below the collar.

Freddy often disbelieves tales of ghost sightings when Shaggy makes them. But in this episode, he doesn't believe Velma saw the Headless Spectre either.

Penrod's nose turns transparent for a few frames, just long enough to see the lines around his mouth through it.

Shaggy moves his mouth for Freddy as they leave the attic.

When the hooded man in the attic sees Freddy and Shaggy, he gives chase, though he drops his only weapon, an axe, first.

Velma mispronounces Asa Shanks's name as "Asia."

The Headless Spectre's laugh is voiced by actor Hal Smith. But when unmasked, he's really Penrod Stillwall, who is played by Casey Kasem. Of course, the real villain, Asa Shanks, is indeed Hal Smith.

Shaggy is riding in the front seat of the Mystery Machine until the close-up. Then he's in the back with Scooby.

A Tiki Scare Is No Fair

The witch doctor turns out to be John Simms, the man who brought the gang to Hawaii. If you were planning to cover up a crime by dressing as a ghost to scare people away, would you bring along a group of amateur sleuths whose hobby is solving mysteries?

The kids plan to visit the ancient village of a lost tribe. Have you ever heard of any lost tribes in Hawaii?

Shaggy's hair changes color, but only for a second.

How do the drums play by themselves? They even vibrate with the sound.

Velma's glass suddenly has more drink inside.

Shaggy has a map while driving back to the luau. Why? Could it be because this is actually film from Mine Your Own Business?

The corner of Shaggy's map sticks out through the Mystery Machine. On the driver's side.

"I have an idea," says Velma, namely, questioning the only person in sight. No wonder she's the smart one.

While Scooby's drum bounces along, we see the bottom of it several times; yet when it flips over, we see that it has no bottom.

For one line of dialogue Velma sounds just like Daphne.

Daph needs to re-do her lipstick.

Why bring the Mystery Machine to Hawaii? Wouldn't it be cheaper and easier just to rent a car? But then, the gang wouldn't have a funhouse mirror handy when they needed one.

While they sniff out the trail side by side, Shaggy is on the right and Scooby on the left. They suddenly reverse positions when scared by Lt. Tomoro.

The torch Freddy takes from the wall bracket wasn't there a second before.

The gang uses modern-looking furniture to barricade the hut door, things that look out of place in the native village. Could these articles belong to Simms?

It seems like, if Shaggy hadn't let loose with a Tarzan yell, the Witch Doctor might've walked right by without seeing the kids in the tree at all.

Those oysters look more like clams.

It looks like some of the color is washing off Daphne's dress while she's swimming.

The wall beside the revolving door is missing, giving viewers a peek inside the room.

The control button for the revolving wall wasn't there when the gang first found the place.

What's a funhouse mirror doing in the back of the Mystery Machine anyway?

What is that thing Daphne is sitting on while Freddy begins to explain his plan for trapping the Witch Doctor? Is it supposed to be a rock?

Scooby and Shaggy run from Mano Tiki Tia and run smack into him. Couldn't they notice a monster as big as a four-story building moving around in front of them?

Shaggy and Scooby blunder into the trap, see themselves in the funhouse mirror, and run away, as the Witch Doctor was supposed to do, but they miss the pit entirely.

When the Witch Doctor is carried in Mano Tiki Tia's grip, his arms are flailing, but when the giant statue falls, Simm's arms are pinioned.

Several points are not explained at the end of the mystery: what was dragged through the jungle? What is the significance of the downed airplane?

Simms has makeup on his hands and feet as the Witch Doctor, but it vanishes when he's unmasked.

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Werewolf

The Werewolf growls when he's all alone in the middle of nowhere. Is he practicing?

Scooby's nose is visible through the back of the tent, then he rips his head all the way through, then it pops up again, and no hole at all is visible.

Freddy, Daphne, and Velma are cooking hot dogs on a grate over a fire. They call out, "Come and get it," as if the food was ready, and then we see everyone cooking dogs on sticks with no grate in sight.

Shaggy cuts his shirt with scissors, but it soon fixes itself.

The werewolf tracks really look nothing like wolf paws, more like bear tracks.

There are no tracks by the grave in the first shot.

A ghost wouldn't leave footprints anyway.

While following the tracks, Velma's collar is temporarily the wrong color.

"Hey, it's opening!" exclaims Freddy of the door to the mill. Does he mean it's opening by itself? Or does he expect it to be locked?

What's a tiki mask doing in an abandoned mill?

Shaggy saws a hole in the floor so he and Scooby can escape the werewolf who's standing right behind them. They fall onto a bannister and slide down into the arms of...the werewolf! Boy, he's fast!

The on/off switch is dangerously close to the exposed fan blade. Scooby could lose a paw!

Freddy must hear Shaggy talking, yet he waits before emerging from the barrel in which he's hiding.

Daphne loses her stockings.

The huge piece of wool in Shaggy's ear is not visible until Velma spots it.

When Shag pulls the Werewolf into the barber shop, he's wearing his regular green shirt. An instant later, he's in his sailor disguise.

"What's that?" asks Daphne. Anybody could tell it's the Werewolf's shadow.

Check Daphne's sleeve when Velma says, "He's probably up to something." It's drawn puffy, like Velma's. In the next shot, the sleeve is back to normal but the cuff is the wrong color.

The sliding door moves to the right to open. When the kids poke their heads through the doorway to have a look, the door is on their left instead.

The cars follow the rails out of the mill and up the gangway to the waiting ship. That means the rails on the gangplank have to match up exactly with those on the shore.

What powers those rail cars, anyway? They have no engines of any kind. Is the track electrified like a toy train?

The shadow of the sliding door moves as though it's a standard door.

Why can't the kids break the window to escape the locked room? Two of the panes are already broken anyway.

Freddy puts his hands right on the broken glass. Ouch!

The barge wall has two notches at the bottom to fit over the rails, but they're missing in one shot.

The werewolf seen from the back suddenly has all his hair again.

The werewolf puts the barrel on a car that's next to the rails, not on them.

Fred's collar is white for a second.

Some of those barrels have knotholes. Hope the sheep don't drown.

Velma says, "Here comes Shaggy and Scooby's barrel." But all the barrels look exactly alike.

The werewolf is standing in the right spot for a long time, so why doesn't Freddy snag him with the hook? Why even wait for Shaggy and Scooby's barrel to come along?

Shaggy pops the lid off his barrel, but it's back on a moment later.

When Shaggy and Scooby's barrel opens, it splits in half, including the lid which was one piece a moment ago. Earlier, we saw Shag open a door on the same barrel which looke more like the barrel Freddy hid in, with two smaller doors opening on one side.

Daphne swings past the werewolf the first time, but he's nowhere to be seen. And why doesn't he see and hear her and just get out of the way?

The werewolf could capture Freddy, Daphne, or Velma while they fumble around on the roof; instead he grabs a canoe and goes after the others.

The spot on Scooby's shoulder keeps flashing.

The werewolf just sits in the canoe for a bit before taking off after Shaggy and Scooby.

The werewolf paddles his canoe on one side only, a sure way to go in circles.

Shaggy and Scooby also make a mistake while paddling: they sometimes use their inside hands, which are inside the barrel and can't touch the water.

The bottom of the barrel gains an unusual stripe when one of the boards is the wrong color.

Where do they find that giant net?

We never see any of the werewolf's accomplices. Not even the ones sailing the ship.

Is Shaggy really afraid of that werewolf with Scooby's body?

Don't Fool with a Phantom

The Wax Phantom does an awful lot in a few seconds: he trashes both the stage and office, opens and robs the safe, and ties Johnny to a chair.

When we first see Johnny tied to the chair, there is nothing under it; suddenly, there are papers under the chair which vanish in another moment.

Although Johnny Sands is tied to a chair, he manages to free one arm before Freddy unties him.

Several fashion faux pas for Daphne in this episode: she has no hose when standing next to the safe, and part of her scarf is missing while the gang looks at the mummy case.

Grisby has some great special effects in his home: a ghost in a box, skulls rising from a kettle, glowing crystal ball, waving skeleton. Does he just like to scare people?

Velma is surprised that Grisby should know of the Wax Phantom attack at the television station. He could've just seen it on TV.

The one time Shaggy suggests a split-up, and Velma nixes that idea.

That wax monster with the big stick appears all over the museum.

Shaggy momentarily loses his chin fuzz.

Shag moves his lips not only for his "Zoinks," but also for Scooby's "Yipe."

When Velma comments that someone dropped an airline ticket, Shaggy adds, "Or something!" Does he really think the Wax Phantom bought an airline ticket?

The Wax Phantom was originally an exhibit in the museum. Why? It's not a famous character, just a blobby wax thing a child could've made.

The Wax Phantom traps Freddy, Daphne, and Velma by dropping them through a trap door. Too bad it leads to the room where he hid the stolen money, enabling the gang to find it.

And why does a wax museum have a trapdoor in it, anyway?

"Topsy Turvy" is spelled wrong on the sign.

In the Topsy Turvy Room at the wax museum, Shaggy & Scooby become disoriented & climb into the chairs which are attached to the ceiling. They then try to eat a box of Scooby Snacks on the table. If it was attached to the upside-down table, how does Shaggy pick it up?

The Wax Phantom is another of the villains who actually tries to kill the kids by dropping them into a vat of molten wax.

Can't Shaggy and Scooby at least try to get off the conveyor belt? It's moving pretty slowly, and their feet aren't tied.

The sign on the Wax Phantom mold suddenly has tape on the edges.

Scooby actually has no eyes while Shaggy paints the door.

When the Wax Phantom smashes through the painted door, some of the paint disappears.

Can't the Wax Phantom hear Freddy yell, "Lead him to the showers"?

You'd think that hot wax would give Shaggy and Scooby severe burns.

The "un-waxing" takes place outside. Which means that the gang carts Shaggy and Scooby out the door and then waits for the sheriff to arrive before breaking their friends out of the wax.

The Wax Phantom is eventually revealed to be Mr. Stevens, yet we previously saw both Stevens and Waxy in the same shot!

Mr. Stevens is amazingly strong: he smashes through a cinder block wall, breaks a crate with his arms, and destroys a giant mold from the inside.

It looks like the Wax Phantom costume is indeed made of wax, which begs the question: how can Mr. Stevens move his arms and legs?

Shaggy is seen in the front of the Mystery Machine while he is simultaneously sitting in the back.

In the final shot, Daphne deosn't have any neck; her head is just floating above her scarf!




Click here for glitches from The New Scooby-Doo Movies.

scooby daphne

Meet The Mystery Machine

There's only one Mystery Machine, or is there? Here are a few instances of the groovy van looking a little different than usual...

What a Night for a Knight

The back is filled with miscellaneous equipment, a ladder, lanterns, rope, etc., mounted on hooks.

What the Hex Going On?

There is a bench running longwise in the rear of the van.

Decoy For a Dognapper

The back contains a table and chairs, plus the walls are lined with computer equipment; there is a large antenna on the roof and a circular skylight.

The Spooky Space Kook

Another table, but this time the walls are lined with kitchen cabinets.

Haunted House Hang-Up

One wall has a cabinet.

Instead of double doors on the back that open out, there is a door that lifts up, revealing the radiator.

The engine is in the rear.

Mystery Mask Mix-Up

In one scene, we see a side mirror.

Jeepers, It's the Creeper

There is a lighted vanity mirror mounted in the back.

View the real Mystery Machine.

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