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Bloopers©, Goofs, Mistakes


by Whatsits Galore

What is a glitch? Glitches are mistakes in movies and TV shows. They can be technical goofs, continuity errors, or anything that makes you scratch your head and say, "Huh?" In this case, the glitches are from Hanna-Barbera's classic cartoon TV series Speed Buggy.


Mark and Debbie lose their pockets so often in practically every episode that it's nearly impossible to keep track.

Speed Buggy Went Thataway

Tinker loses his zipper.

Although the bad guys don't remove the gate when they open it, the corral has none for the rest of the episode, even when Aunt Belle puts her herd back inside.

Debbie's collar changes color.

Speedy's axle turns orange. Later, the rear axle is missing its connector.

The entire background behind Speedy changes during Tinker's kidnapping.

Speed Buggy drives straight up the vertical wall of Buzzard's Butte. Now you might think that would be possible with his mountain climbing treads, but, he's clearly not using them.

Speedy doesn't move his mouth to speak. In another scene, he has no mouth at all.

Tink's ear is red for a moment.

Speed Buggy loses his antenna.

Debbie says, "Uh-oh," while looking off to the left of the screen, but the villain is closing in on her from the right.

The door of the truck is open in the far shots, but closed in the close-ups. Then we see it too low behind the conveyor belt to be opened at all. And finally it loses half of its latch.

Aunt Belle's ear turns gray.

Speed Buggy's Daring Escapade

When Speedy starts down the ramp, he actually goes behind it!

Tinker's ear turns red temporarily.

The third dog simply appears in the truck doorway.

It only happens for a second, but the entire far side of the bridge vanishes.

Tinker's helmet disappears when he falls into the river.

When Tinker says, "All clear," he doesn't move his lips. Mark pulls the same trick a little later.

Speedy's eyes turn completely white when he wakes up on the operating table.

Tink actually has no eyes!

The bridge doesn't go all the way up; did the gang break it by playing with it?

Speedy pops a pair of skis out of his undercarriage. But in Professor Snow and Madam Ice, he needs to use his fenders as skis. Tink must've made some adjustments.

The door moves a lot slower the second time it closes.

Mark's collar turns white.

Debbie loses her zipper.

If you watch the bridge very closely when Dr. Klug's car drives onto it, you'll see the floor wobble as the cel is moved.

The robot's leg rivet keeps disappearing while he's being catapulted through the air and into the tree.

The episode ends with a very long shot of the kids laughing at the villains. If you listen closely, you'll hear Mark interject a "Speed Buggy," though his mouth remains frozen in the same position.

Taggert's Trophy

Tinker never moves his mouth to speak while he and Speedy are flying.

Those tires are huge when Speed Buggy lands on the pile.

Speedy can't drive up the steep cliff. We see Tinker and Debbie pushing him up the hill, finding the secret entrance to Taggert's lair, and then Tinker worrying that they should wait for Mark. When he eventually catches up, Mark says he told the others to wait for him. Wait, did we miss something? When did the kids split up? And why? There must've originally been another scene there.

One of the parts Speedy drops is his muffler; he should be making all kinds of noise at that point.

The ladder into the secret opening is missing in the far shots.

Debbie comments that the thugs look like the men in the blimp. She must have the eyes of an eagle to be able to recognize those uniforms at that distance.

How do the kids see the henchmen heading straight for them when the crooks can't see Speed Buggy?

The eye hole in the minion visor Mark wears turns green.

While disguised as Taggert's goons, both Mark and Tinker think the other is Debbie. Seriously? She's the shortest person in the entire room.

Speedy has no antenna.

Wouldn't Speedy's fanbelt break before it pulls the bars from the cell window?

Mark loses his zipper line.

When he sees the kids running away, one of Taggert's thugs says that they can get them with the Motion-Control Ray. Does it work on people? Taggert says it can control machines, and he ought to know.

The window in the blimp turns purple.

Taggert calls Debbie a "clever girl," even though he practically has to hit her over the head with that mask before she figures out he's the Chief.

It sure looks like those goons would see Speedy duck behind the pillar.

The controls inside the blimp are different in the close-ups.

Mark uses the Motion-Control Ray to toss the henchmen into a cell. Is that the same cell the gang was imprisoned in? If so, they left the window open

Speed Buggy Falls in Love

Pygmo respectfully calls Baron Vulch by his title, and even "Master" a couple of times, but once he forgets himself enough to say simply "Vulch."

It never ceases to amaze how many places Speedy is allowed: hotel rooms, airplanes, cruise ships, etc.

Mata Cari loses the hair-shaped detailing on her hood.

Mata Cari's headlights are sometimes attached to her hood and sometimes to her fenders.

Baron Vulch's monocle switches eyes.

Tinker fails to move his lips while on the motorcycle.

Speedy swims underwater, never thinking to inflate his tires a he does in other episodes.

Vulch gives Pygmo plenty of orders on how to drive, even though the Baron himself is behind the wheel.

Only seconds before the race, and one driver is still posing beside his car, having his picture taken.

Potholes on a race track? Bulgonia must be a pretty cheesy country.

A professional race car comes equipped with a passenger seat that extends on a metal arm.

Is that an Irish accent coming out of that Bulgonian policeman?

Speed Buggy's tracks are on the hill before he actually makes them.


Tink's eyebrows are gone, and later they become transparent.

Asking your passengers to parachute from a plane into an uncharted jungle is pretty drastic. You'd think the pilot would try lightening the load by tossing those crates overboard first.

Mark and Debbie wear their pockets on the wrong side.

Although the bananas are over ten feet tall, Tink is seen eating a normal-sized one.

Speedy is chewing something; is he eating a banana, too? If so, it's the only time we see him eating people food.

Speedy loses both his antenna and his mouth.

Speed Buggy stops when the way is blocked, and his clouds of exhaust freeze in mid-air.

Grobek warns the gang to get off the path to avoid being stomped by the giant gorillas. When the apes pass by, however, both cars are still on the path, only inches away from getting trampled.

Debbie's white tee is gone, not once, but twice.

Mark's collar turns white multiple times during the episode.

Kingzilla's foot changes color.

Why does Tinker need to talk into the remote control when Speedy's only three feet away?

Grobek's mustache is suddenly a lot bigger.

Professor Snow and Madam Ice

The volleyball turns blue before it freezes.

The first time Speed Buggy turns his fenders into skis, the fenders are still there; the second time, it looks right.

Madam Ice says that everyone wears skates inside the Ice Palace. Not true; Professor Snow never wears any, and even Madam Ice loses hers later on.

That robot is awfully flimsy if slamming it into the wall can break it into tiny pieces.

It doesn't seem like the villains need Tinker's remote-control technology. They can just program the Freezemobiles to work as well as the robots.

Speedy tracks Tinker by following his "signal." Do the kids regularly wear homing beacons?

Speedy has no antenna for a moment.

The first time, Professor Snow gives Tink 24 hours to build a remote control. Later, he shortnes that time to a mere hour.

Tinker misses an excellent opportunity to wrap up the crooks single-handedly. Instead of building a remote control unit, he should be able to build a weapon to take out Snow and Ice when they return.

No amount of icy covering could possibly make Speed Buggy look like a trim Freezemobile.

After the escape from the lab, the very next shot begins with Mark suddenly yelling, "No way!" It feels like a scene has been cut here.

If Speedy can melt his way out of the lab, why can't he melt his way out of the dungeon?

That's not a very effective cell with a secret trap door that is so easily activated. Maybe the bad guys planned to put a shark tank underneath.

During the climactic chase, a snowbank in the background disappears.

Look closely and you'll see that the wheels are missing from the Freezemobile.

Professor Snow's goatee is skin-colored for a second.

Good thing the police have a pair of giant ice tongs handy.

Out of Sight

That's some mask Rishna wears. How does he get the mouth to move? Wires?

There's no way a full-grown man can fit in that little trunk.

Watch Mark's arm flash and disappear for a few frames.

Speed Buggy's mouth vanishes just after he says "steam."

When Speedy backs up the stairs, his antenna goes right through the wall!

In the pit, a notation from the animation cel becomes visible for a second.

The jack vanishes when Speedy takes off.

Deb's pocket and stripe switch sides before our very eyes, and Mark and Tineker each lose the car emblems on their backs.

We can see both of Abdul's hands, and he's not honking the horn. So who is?

The lever is gone from Rishna's control panel before Mark kicks it.

Debbie acts like she's trapped in the truth control chair, but there's no strap holding her down.

Rishna sure is strong for a professor; he carries Mark and Debbie at the same time!

Debbie is suddenly invisible. When did that happen?

Gold Fever

After that narrow landing on the ledge, although Tinker's lips move, it's Mark we hear.

Speedy has a lot of trouble with his eyes this episode: the pupils go blank, the rims turn white, and for a moment, he loses them completely.

Part of Gold Fever's nose keeps disappearing.

Mark and Debbie each lose the emblems on their backs at some point.

Gold Fever is watching the kids on a monitor, but he's surprised to see his guards captured by the satellites. Did he switch to the news, or something?

Although there is a button clearly labeled "trunk," its not the button Tinker presses.

Tink is pulled off his feet while hanging on to Speed Buggy's tires. In the next shot, however, he has somehow turned himself around in mid-air.

Speedy's trunk looks a bit different every time we see it.

Debbie's undershirt disappears when she is painted gold.

None of Gold Fever's guards appear to be armed. If Speedy wasn't such a chicken, he could just run them over.

The gold spray paint doesn't last long; before you know it, Mark and Debbie's jumpsuits have lost every trace of it.

Tinker doesn't move his mouth to speak.

Some of the gold satellites don't have the door in the bottom to take in the gold.

Island of the Giant Plants

Once again, Tinker feels the need to pull out the remote control to talk to Speedy when the car is only a few feet away.

Speed Buggy has no antenna.

Speedy's eyes have no pupils, and they're not connected to his hood.

The knobs on Meangreen's machine are a differet color in the close-up.

Dr. Meangreen steals the remote to control plants. His plants already obey his commands to attack the kids and steal the remote, so why does he need it? All he does is give the kids a way to control the plants themselves and use them against him.

One of the plants loses its eyes.

The dials on Meangreen's machine are actually floating above the console.

Speedy throws a tire at Krelb, but the little car still has four. Maybe he put on his spare.


When Kranku takes the Supercell, there's a second one sitting right behind it.

Tinker loses his eyebrows, but that's nothing compared to when he loses an arm!

The fake Speed Buggy's eyes look different in the hangar.

Mark suggests that they hide the phony Speed Buggy so the real one can take its place. But the car that he and Tinker push has eyes like the real deal, albeit the mouth is missing.

The intercom button gets thinner when Debbie presses it.

What happened to the eye-holes the kids make in the tarp?

The Supercell plug kind of misses the socket.

That's a hairpin, not a bobby pin. There's a difference.

The tire tracks vanish.

Speedy has no antenna.

If the kids intend to use the Supercell to summon the police faster, why do they bother to detach it from Speedy?

The Ringmaster

Speedy loses his mouth.

While inside the cage, Speed Buggy's pupils disappear when he blinks.

The shot of Speedy and the gang screeching to a halt in front of the elephant is a reverse-image: all stripes and pockets are on the wrong side, and even Tinker and Debbie's seats are reversed.

When his control calliope is bent, the Ringmaster can't play a decent note with it. Yet Deb is somehow able to make good enough music, even to controlling the animal troops, without having the slightest idea what she's doing.

The giraffe loses his camera.

Speedy's not towing any cages when he crosses the finish line.

The Incredible Changing Man

There is no way Tinker and Debbie could miss the guy putting a cassette in their car.

The Professor puts his cassette in Speedy's tape player. But later, the cassette is on the dash and nothing is in the player. Somebody must've taken it out for some reason.

The race, according to Jerrick, is supposed to pass through the ruins of Tiochitla. Mark later calls them the ruiins of Montezuma, though, since Montezuma was a king of Mexico, they might be the same place.

When confronted by the giant Jerrick, Mark shouts to back up. When the henchman drives up, they're trapped! Except that the henchman pulls his car in front of them; Speed Buggy could still back up.

Mark loses his helmet in the close-ups.

The kids could easily climb out of those windows.

Tinker blasts himself with the ray, which shrinks him. Trouble is, it shrinks the gadget, too, somehow.

Speedy loses his antenna when he grows.

Jerrick loses his glove.

We can buy Speedy's hiccups causing him to grow. But there's no way he should be able to make the kids grow as well.

Secret Safari

Speed Buggy loses his antenna yet again.

Take a good look at Varsak when he tells Speedy to stay put; he has three arms!

Speedy is a small car, but he's very tiny while peeking into Varsak's bedroom.

Oil's Well that Ends Well

Speedy's eyelids turn white, but Tinker has him beat when he loses his eyebrows.

Speedy has no antenna.

Speedy's tongue changes color.

Speed Buggy acts like he can't go another mile without ome oil, but he makes it through the rest of the episode just fine. Maybe he laps up some of those oil puddles while we aren't looking.

Vesuvius gives us his Trilby imitation.

The gang marvels to see an underground city. Then, after crossing the lake, they act like they've never seen it before.

There are puddles of oil all around the tanks, but they weren't there earlier.

Why does Vesuvio crash his mole machine? Is it supposed to be the one Tinker drew the "x" on? They left that one back in the city, on the other side of the lake. Maybe the big bad super-villain is just a lousy driver.

The Hidden Valley of Amazonia

Great Sheba is missing the bouffant part of her hair-do. Or maybe she just didn't have time to put it up.

Unless the Amazonians actually have a female talking dune buggy, the idea of dressing Speedy up as a girl is an absurd waste of time.

Okay, so Sheba is fooled by Mark and Tinker in drag. But why doesn't she recognize Debbie?

The gang forgets that they have the portable Mind-Ruler in hand; it should be a simple task to enslave the Amazonians instead of running from them.

Equatia sudenly has a long sleeve, but only one.

The door of the Giant Mind-Ruler silo instantly changes to an elevator door.

Although the kids destroy the Mind-Ruler, there's nothing to stop Equatia from building another one.

Captain Schemo and the Underwater City

Capt. Schemo owns a fleet of submarines. Was it really necessary to build a giant elevator to get them to his underwater base? They're subs, for cryin' out loud!

The stripe on Debbie's jacket doesn't go all the way to the bottom.

Speed Buggy might find it easier to submerge if he would deflate his tires first.

How can Speedy burn a hole in the steel wall of a submarine without melting his own tail pipe?

Tinker's arm is colored brown for a few frames, instead of yellow like the rest of his wetsuit.

Speedy loses his antenna.




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