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Bloopers©, Goofs, Mistakes


by Whatsits Galore

What is a glitch? Glitches are mistakes in movies and TV shows. They can be technical goofs, continuity errors, or anything that makes you scratch your head and say, "Huh?" This site is dedicated to glitches in the classic Hanna-Barbera animated series Jonny Quest. The later travesty, er, series is not included.


The end credits contain an interesting glitch: the scene of the hovercraft entering the plane isn't even from Jonny Quest! That footage was created for a series that never made it to television, Jack Armstrong.

Mystery of the Lizard Men

Race wears an ordinary polo shirt instead of his signature garment for this episode.

It is unnecessary to board the fishing boat and attack the crew personally when you plan to blow up the whole boat with a laser.

The first time the Lizard Man reaches for the rope ladder, he grips empty air.

The man in the hospital looks nothing like either of the men on the boat.

Roberts learns from Corbin that Race has been assigned to guard Jonny, but then is surprised when Corbin says the arrangement is for security reasons. That's what 'guard' means.

Although Race casts a shadow at the end of the judo lesson, Bandit doesn't.

Bandit loses one of his pads for a second.

On the fifth day of searching, Jonny calls his father's attention to an old wreck and asks permission to go exploring. The Sargasso sea is loaded with old wrecks, and Jonny just now sees one he likes? Or has he been pestering Dr. Quest every day since they got there?

Once again, on the fifth day of searching, Jonny finally gets around to asking his dad about the mirror on board. And why is Dr. Quest so secretive about its function?

Dr. Quest's coat changes color.

Out of all the wrecks in the Sargasso Sea, Jonny picks the one that houses the villain's lair. What are the odds?

Maybe it would've been smarter to leave the intruders alone. They might've left the ship without finding any clue that there was a gang of villains on board.

The boss orders his men to take our heroes prisoner, but the lizard men toss a knife at Jonny and pull a gun on Race.

The footprints are too small to come from the Lizard Man's flippers.

The divers cut the hydrofoil's mooring lines to trap Race and Jonny. Too bad this is the Sargasso Sea; the boat doesn't drift very far in all that seaweed.

The underwater elevator is in a clear tube which for some reason turns blue below the moving platform. When Race and Jonny use it to ascend, the tube is no longer clear at all.

Why do the crooks need an elevator to get to their sub? They all have scuba gear.

The guard Jonny knocks unconscious doesn't appear to be guarding anything. Although he has a key to Race's cell on him, he is pretty far away from that door.

The good guys often call out their plans just before carrying them out, but the villains never seem to notice.

The anchor on Race's boat isn't attached to a rope.

Perhaps the guy manning the laser should have skipped the escaping prisoners and aimed for the rocket; he might've been able to complete the villainous mission after all.

Dr. Quest commands his men to fire at the tanker, although the ship in question is not a tanker.

The lizard suits are a device to frighten away the curious. Actually, they look more like green wet suits than lizard costumes.

UNIS isn't much of a computer brain. First it concludes that a thin, red light beam is a, wait for it...laser! No duh. Then it sums up the adventure in the most vague terms possible, giving no new information at all.

Arctic Splashdown

The missile reappears under the fighter jet's wing after it's already been fired.

Twice the sub shows a jet on it's viewscreen, a jet that does not appear in this episode. Is the crew watching TV?

How does the Snow Skimmer get to the missile site? Neither Snow Goose is carrying or towing it.

Why can't the Snow Goose go around the walrus? Can't it turn?

The latch on the back door of the Snow Goose is unfastened. It also looks different in the close-ups.

While the ship is anchored at night seems like a good time to try attacking with one of those torpedoes.

The assassin leaves his rubber raft right next to the ship, but when he leaves, the raft is suddenly off behind an iceberg.

Tha water must be pretty cold on the frogman's face.

The shovel hanging behind Dr. Quest's head changes shape.

What happens to the to men standing guard outside the Snow Goose? We see one henchman in the missile; is the other hiding in there somewhere?

The Curse of Anubis

This is the only episode to have a supernatural solution.

The doors to the temple open by themselves.

The boys hide behind a dune a few feet from where Race is lying on the sand, but it's not visible from the window.

On the plane, there is someone in the seat in front of Hadji who looks an awful lot like Jonny from the back.

The leash vanishes from the luggage handle, and from Bandit's collar.

Bandit's mask turns white for a moment.

How do the venetian blinds open so the mummy can peek in?

The mummy is right outside of Kareem's window but never goes in after him.

Jonny's collar is temporarily peach-colored.

This is the only time we see Hadji without his turban. The rest of the time, he sleeps and even swims in it.

The bad guy's vest changes color.

The two henchmen swap voices.

When Hadji drapes a blanket over the driver's face, neither he nor his friend even try to remove it.

How do the boys find the ruins where Race and Dr. Quest are imprisoned? Ahmed Kareem certainly didn't tell them the location.

There seem to be no tracks in the tunnel when the kids ride the motor scooter through.

The mummy has a loose bandage on his foot, but not always on the same foot.

Kareem's men flee from the statue of Anubis, and the mummy enters a moment later. Did they meet it on the way out? Did they survive the encounter?

Kareem calls the mummy "the spirit of Anubis." I don't know much about Egyptian mythology, but isn't a mummy some dead human? How can it be Anubis?

Pursuit of the Po-Ho

The monkey's hands and feet change color.

There are several ventriloquists in this episode: Bandit barks and growls without moving his mouth; Race asks about "Ronio," but Dr. Quest moves his lips.

Emil translates for Dr. Quest multiple times, although Quest already proved he speaks the Po-Ho language.

Dreena returns to her camp, promising to watch the boys, but they are already gone, sneaking off to help Race. Although we never see what happens, you can imagine how frantic she must be.

Bandit slides right through the seat of the speedboat.

The Po-Ho begin to yell "Aquezio" when all they see is a reed moving through the water.

Race's splash makes no sound.

If the Po-Ho are planning to kill their prisoners that night, why do they bother going to sleep?

The chief's shadow doesn't move with him.

What is Hadji doing with that rope? He lets it out for Race, but when we see Race later, the rope he's carrying is not connected to the boat.

The natives don't react one bit to their canoe filing with water and sinking.

Hadji's jacket briefly becomes tan, to match his pants.

Riddle of the Gold

Only one man, Prof. Gunderson, could tell the gold is not real, yet Dr. Quest easily devises a test for the phony mineral.

Hadji's hands turn white.

Is it normal for black smoke to pour out of jet engines like that?

The second truck is tailgating so closely that it's amazing they didn't have a collision.

Those elephants look like the African variety to me.

The tiger attack was a pretty stupid plan. It was only a matter of chance whom the tiger would attack, or if it would attack at all.

Why doesn't Race even try to shoot the tiger when it attacks Ali? Maybe because, for some strange reason, he doesn't even have his gun any more.

Interestingly, Dr. Zin doesn't have a mustache in this episode.

Even bound hand and foot, it doesn't look like it would be too difficult for our heroes to stomp out the fuse before it reaches the powder.

The ropes are gone from Race's arms while he is freeing his hands.

The scattering of gunpowder near the door turns into a neat line, and there's suddenly a lot more gunpowder near the keg.

A smart guy like Dr. Quest should know that "prematureness" is not a word.

Treasure of the Temple

Toucans can't learn to talk.

Dr. Quest comments that, once they are joined by the toucan, they become a party of five. Why does the bird count, but not Bandit?

Look at the background behind the man who falls into the pit, and you'll see a set of stone steps. Apparently Quest will get to the lost city sooner instead of later.

Montoya is left behind in the jungle, but somehow manages to beat the Quest team to the lost city on foot.

A bit of the background behind the Jeep suddenly vanishes.

When Perkins says not to kill the Quest party, Montoya decides to set their tent on fire while they are sleeping. Which could certainly be fatal.

Bandit changes size several times during this episode.

The two tents are suddenly much farther apart.

Perkins has the native staked to the ground very close to where Dr. Quest and crew are exploring, which is a good way to ensure that they find and rescue him.

Jonny casts no shadow when he leans on the secret door.

The window in the cell door changes shape.

While walking to the secret exit, Dr. Quest crosses to the wrong side of the cell.

There must be at least three paddles in the canoe, as they still have two after Race breaks one. Yet the boys never paddle, no matter how much of a hurry they are in.

Race hears shots, but never thinks that the friendly native might be the victim.

There are a lot of items in the bottom of the canoe: a rope, an extra paddle, a rifle, that our heroes have trouble spotting.

When Perkins's canoe is dumped by Race, the thug climbs aboard Montoya's boat. But he loses his two native henchmen along the way. Did they drown? Were they eaten by crocs?

Everybody paddles pretty much on the same side of the canoe, which is not the most efficient way to get where you want to go.

Montoya suddenly has two earrings.

Race aims for the stalactites because he's low on ammunition. Yet, it takes him plenty of wasted shots before he can hit the cave formations correctly to damage the enemy canoe.

And besides, why shoot the stalactites at all? Although it may be tough to hit a moving target, such as a canoe, it must be easier than timing the stalactites to hit the boat.

"Looks like we're out of it," states Captain Obvious, I mean, Race.

Race starts the Jeep without using his hands, both of which are on the steering wheel.

Calcutta Adventure

Jonny and Race say they'd better hurry or they'll miss the demonstration. If they mean the destruction of the model city, they've already missed it.

Dr. Quest is wearing a tie which vanishes and reappears.

Everyone is sitting together in the restaurant when suddenly, Jonny and Hadji leave to pursue the would-be assassain. Didn't Dr. Quest and Race see the boys leave? Were they off paying the check?

Hadji loses his shoes.

Quest's hair turns temporarily white.

Race switches from mittens to gloves and back again.

Dr. Quest loses his goggles in the avalanche, which is understandable. But he regains them at the bottom of the mountain.

The bottom of the office chair changes color.

The chief villain uses ski poles in the far shot but has none in the close-up.

If they ski downhill from the helicopter to the lab, how do they then ski downhill from the lab back to the helicopter?

Race and Dr. Quest can't hit the men shooting at them, but they can hit those skinny cables holding the overhead vats.

Race tells Quest twice to go on ahead. Apparently he never goes, because Race is always in the lead whenever we see them running.

The waistband on Race's coat is colored incorrectly.

The Robot Spy

The base tracks the UFO on radar and sends planes out to intercept it. When the planes arrive, the UFO hides underwater, resurfacing once the planes have passed. As it continues on its way, why doesn't it reappear on the base's radar?

Dr. Quest's communicator looks exactly like UNIS, the computer from Mystery of the Lizard Men.

A sentry sees a red glow which alerts him to the location of the downed ship, but the craft is never glowing when we see it.

It seems strange they would leave the ship itself in the desert; it ought to have scientific significance, too.

Even with the need to test the parapower ray in the morning, you'd think Quest would do more than just dump a potentially-dangerous object on the floor of a warehouse with one guard stationed outside.

The robot clearly sees with its "eye." So why does it walk sideways? How does it look where it's going?

For a military base, there aren't many soldiers in sight, leaving the robot perfect freedom to walk around all night.

Race talks in Dr. Quest's voice.

Dr. Zin tells the robot spy to press the top button on its left. Actually, the button it chooses is nearly in the middle of the panel.

"Where is it now?" asks Quest, after they find the second guard attacked by the robot. Maybe in the lab you were on your way to investigate? Why else attack the guard outside the door. And, oh, yeah, the light is on in there for some reason.

Too bad Zin didn't have the data gathered by the robot spy transmitted to his lair over the airways, the same way his voice is transmitted to taunt Dr. Quest.

Race and Dr. Quest chase the robot out of the lab but somehow end up ahead of it, waiting with the tanks.

Jones yells to hit it again with the flame-thrower. He must be talking to himself, because he's the guy using it.

Double Danger

The beach umbrella casts a shadow, but not Race or the boys.

"The use of this pill could be abused," says Dr. Quest. A brilliant scientist should have a better command of the English language.

Zin stands in front of the movie screen, the film projecting onto his face, yet he doesn't throw a shadow on the screen.

A cart of food is wheeled in for Korchek to practice with, but the food vanishes and is replaced with pen and paper.

Is Suthep simply a terrible driver, or was he trying to kill Race and the boys? Did he put the king cobra in the clearing, since we're told it would never have come on its own? Is Korchek responsible, since he wasn't surprised to see it? Why? Is this all part of the plan somehow?

Race doesn't have his camera when he climbs down the rope.

Nobody notices that Korchek is wearing a shirt different from Race's, and that he doesn't have a watch.

Although the boys are shown closing their shutters as per Dr. Quest's instructions, the shutters in the background in the boys' hut remain open.

Jonny and Hadji develop the photo Race took of Korchek, but somehow Tabak is in the photo, too, although he was standing behind Race at the time.

Our heroes exit the Buddha, but couldn't hope to escape the explosion without the fortuitous arrival of Jade's pilot. Which means that Tabak could never have escaped in time. Dr. Zin must've intended the poor dupe to die all along.

Race loses his watch for a moment.

Hadji is supposed to drop onto the lead elephant, but there are at least two elephants slightly ahead of his mount.

Shadow of the Condor

A petty glitch, but the line of Jonny's jaw strays into his ear.

The Baron's mouth vanishes during dinner.

The boys' bedroom door is open in the morning, though it was closed when they went to bed. Perhaps Dr. Quest opened it, in case Bandit wanted to go out.

Although praised for his accuracy, the Baron must completely miss one shot at the fake condor, since there are only two bullet holes in the target. Holes that change the next time we see it.

The condor casts a shadow, but the fleeing dogs don't.

For the first and only time in the series, Race calls his boss "Benton."

When the Baron's plane crashes, the tail is intact, although Race earlier cut the end off.

When we see the condor outside the plane at the very end of the episode, a white thing appears on the mountainside. What is it?

Skull and Double Crossbones

The cardiograph on Race's machine doesn't move at all in the far shots.

Even after Quest learns there's a giant shark nearby, the boys are still allowed to swim in the ocean. In fact, Jonny is left to swim back to the ship alone, which is dangerous anywhere.

Jonny wonders if he and Hadji can stand on "those" turtles, which is a strange comment when he's hanging onto the turtle's back.

Bandit swims pretty close to a Portuguese Man O' War, a very dangerous creature. Good thing he leaves it alone.

If you freeze-frame, you will see the squid disappear for a second.

Jonny's coin grows bigger.

José's walkie-talkie is too big to fit into the drawer with its antenna extended.

Race shouts for José to get the gun; even if the cook wasn't a traitor, that would still be a risky move with the criminals' guns pointed straight at Race.

Superintendant Ownes makes no comment about the boat tied up to Quest's.

Race questions whether the Chief will be able to spend his gold without the police becoming interested. Why? The treasure should be legal salvage. And anyway, he can always melt it down.

There's no way Hadji can see the sailor from his position on the deck below.

The Chief asks José if a five-to-one split is fair, but he asks it after he's already divided part of the treasure.

Are the other guys, Manuel and Fracisco, getting any of the gold? There are no piles counted out for them. Maybe José's share is for them to share.

Knowing Hadji can fit through the porthole, why don't the villains watch to make sure he doesn't try it again? Then they'd see Jonny tossing the scuba gear to Bandit and sending him for help. For that matter, why doesn't Hadji give it another go, this time not stopping to watch the bad guys count their money.

When Bandit swims into his scuba gear, the straps magically appear on his body. Besides which, he must somehow blow the air out of his mask on his own.

How does Bandit know where to find the police boat? How does the dolphin know where Bandit wants to go?

I can't spot the Chief and his gang in the far shots of the fleeing boat, even though they are standing out in the open shooting.

"Make this one count," says Owens, and the gunner scores a direct hit. Wasn't he trying before?

The Dreadful Doll

Dr. Quest says a bottlenose dolphin is the same as a porpoise. It's not.

First Quest's headphones change color, then they disappear and reappear.

Jonny is wearing a watch in some shots.

Jonny's eyes disappear from his head, but only for an instant.

Quest comments that no one knows where he is, yet somehow Phillipe Lor knows and sends for him.

How does Korbay leave the Suga doll on Quest's pillow? The doctor was still in bed when Korbay ran from the room and dived overboard.

When Dr. Quest asks, "Can you hear me?" Denise answers, "Oui, Papa." Obviously, she doesn't hear him all that well if she can't distinguish his voice from her father's.

Not only does Hardin sometimes forget to flip the intercom switch to receive, no matter how many times he pushes the switch, it's always in the "up" position.

The secret sub base is crawling with workers when Race arrives, but when the boys show up, it's deserted. Coffee break time?

Why is there a bar on the outside of the door? Does Hardin usually lock prisoners inside his office?

Besides which, the bar on the outside can't keep the door from opening in.

The nose of the sub is sharply pointed below a dome-like curve. In one scene, the pointed part is above the surface of the water, then out of sight a moment later.

Race presses button "1" each time he fires a torpedo.

Can't Race see where he's driving the sub? He keeps asking Hadji for directions.

The shot of Race and Hadji through the porthole is a reverse image.

When Race destroys the underwater tunnel, does he trap all those men inside?

Why is Jonny fully dressed by episode's end, while Hadji is still in his bathing suit?

Somehow, Denise's foot is on top of the railing while she stands on the ship's deck.

A Small Matter of Pygmies

Hadji is not sure he can perform his levitation trick, as it's been a long time since he tried it. Come on, he does that trick in plenty of episodes.

In one scene, Race's three-quarter-length sleeves are much too short.

Dragons of Ashida

In one rear shot, Dr. Quest's collar is sticking untidily out of his jacket.

Quest talks in Race's voice.

Ashida's coat turns momentarily white.

Sumi's eyepatch switches to the wrong eye a few times.

One of Sumi's dragons prematurely loses its collar.

Turu the Terrible

The native loses his armband when Turu grabs him.

Although Hadji yells, "Get him in the net," neither of the boys makes a move to net the fish.

In this episode, we learn that Dr. Quest is an M.D., and that he smokes a pipe.

Hadji's neck turns white.

Dr. Quest brings along rocket belts and a bazooka to look for a mineral deposit. What did he expect to find?

Where do they carry the bazooka shells?

Race and Dr. Quest fly behind some boulders for protection. But when they emerge, they are actually in front of those same boulders.

That shell exploded awfully close to Quest's hand, but it didn't hurt him at all.

Race is told to aim for Turu's head because the body shots aren't hurting him. The next shot hits the monster in the chest, and, in spite of Quest's warning, actually does hurt Turu.

The straps for the rocket packs change several times.

The Fraudulent Volcano

The old man who escapes at the beginning of the episode survives his fall from the cliff, yet we never hear of him again. Who was he, anyway? A prisoner?

There is a small rock where the old man falls into the water that soon disappears.

Simon 1 calls Zin on a simple audio speaker, but Zin somehow gets a visual of his henchman.

It looks like the opening bedroom window should hit Quest's elbow.

The henchman opens the window directly above Dr. Quest's head and drops a tarantula into the room. Yet we see the spider further down the bed crawling toward the doctor's head.

The entire Quest team is in pajamas when they rush out to douse the hangar fire. Only Race pauses to dress.

Simon 1 pulls down a scope to watch the Quest plane, but it shows the exact same image as the two screens directly behind it. So, why bother?

The sergent says that the parachute must've landed just around the bend in the road. Yet it looked like it landed directly in the volcano's crater.

Our heroes flee from the volcano without even looking for the seargent. Is he dead?

Race tells the boys to keep their heads down in the car, but they don't duck at all.

The bullets go right through the car roof; amazingly, no one is even winged.

Werewolf of the Timberland

The boys wear coats throughout the episode, presumeably because it's cold up north. Not so Race and Dr. Quest, although the former briefly wears a long-sleeved shirt.

When Blackie shoots the strut and breaks the log flume, it should run dry, but it continues to spue water long after it should be drained.

Race gives us his Dr. Quest impersonation.

Pirates from Below

Jonny's communicator appears and disappears throughout the episode.

When Race holds up two fingers to indicate the size of a six-inch seahorse, he's not even close to the right size.

When the villain commands, "Slow ahead," we see the picture moving closer to the underwater prober; but it's not the sub moving, only the camera angle.

Jonny says their direction is south-southeast. Looks closer to north to me.

Jonny comments that the villains' vehicles are the most modern hovercraft he's ever seen, although they look exactly like the Quest flying platforms from Werewolf of the Timberland

There are many pipes in the tunnel, all apparently at the same height. Yet, when Jonny grabs onto one, there are no others in view along the tunnel.

Jonny's hands are behind his back as if they are tied, but we see a moment later that they aren't.

Hadji hopes to learn some new trick from the scientists from Calcutta. Perhaps they teach him hypnosis, since this is the first (and only) episode in which he uses that skill.

One torpedo launches without a sound.

When one mini-sub sees the other crushed by the underwater prober's claws, why doesn't it stay higher, out of reach?

Attack of the Tree People

Race smells smoke, and shortly after, Hadji says he also smells fire. Is there a fire smell apart from the smell of smoke?

When Dr. Quest shouts for the boys, Race warns him to save his energy, right before he suggests that they start swimming, which will certainly use up more energy than shouting.

After building their scarecrow with the coconut head, the boys set out to find something to eat. Like, maybe, a coconut?

Hadji says,"Come on, let me loose," without moving his lips.

Silky immediately assumes the boys are on his island, even though there are multiple islands in the region.

Chopper turns off the radio before the bulletin finishes, taking a chance on missing some useful bit of intel.

Chopper comments that the situation is a horse of a different color, to which Silky answers, "Yeah, green," referring to the money they hope to receive. Yet, they ask Quest for the ransom in pounds sterling, which are not green.

How'd the boys climb onto the log without seeing that ape on the other end?

When Quest and Race hear gunshots, they immediately think they come from the boys. Why? They didn't have guns.

Silky's black tee shirt vanishes a few times.

Bandit disappears for a significant portion of this episode.

The ape's foot changes color when it jumps on Chopper's back. Later, one of the apes gets a color change to its ear.

Invisible Monster

When the invisible monster hits the electric fence, the prints on the other side of the fence appear instantly.

Jonny is suddenly wearing a dogtag.

The first time we see Race in the rocket belt, the straps are not correct. Later, some of his straps are red instead of tan.

From the air, we can't see the tracks in the village.

The monster moves much faster when moving through the trees. Also, whenever it's screened by the forest, there are no sounds made by exploding trees.

Hadji loses his eyebrows and one of the straps to his jet pack.

Dr. Quest tosses his blue paint bomb well before Race's, but Race's hits the monster first.

Once it becomes visible, the monster stops leaving tracks.

Although there is no vegetation anywhere near Bandit when he's burying his head in the sand, the nearby monster is surrounded by plant life.

Race uses a video communicator to talk with Quest, while the doctor uses a headset. How can Race see Quest's face? Quest isn't holding a communicator.

After Race turns off the first bulb, the switch is still in the "on" position. Later, the switches vanish altogether.

Dr. Quest says, "For once, I'm really glad to leave." Does Cave Island have a special place in his heart?

Bandit's nose turns white for an instant.

The Devil's Tower

The lever keeps disappearing from the cable reel.

The boys run all out to try to catch the balloon before it escapes, but Quest and Race don't move a muscle to help.

The balloon temporarily loses the trailing cable.

First Hadji's collar turns brown, then his neck is gold.

What happened to Dr. Quest's rifle?

The negative space between Klaus's arm and body turns brown to match his jacket.

For a moment, you can see the edge of the animation cel at the top of the screen.

The Quetong Missile Mystery

The swamp is filled with mines, yet each sentry post appears to have one plunger that detonates one mine only.

The water shimmers, but not the reflection of the missile.

Quest asks if it's okay for the boys to tag along after they are already loaded into the car.

The word "Quetong" is spelled differently on Wah's map.

Why does Race fly the copter so dangerously low through the streets? It would be easier to trail a car if he flew high.

Dr. Quest deliver's Race's line of dialogue.

Quest loses his watch in the helicopter, then finds it in the missile control room.

One of the sentries is shot, but his buddy stands there so long, he doesn't seem overly concerned.

It's a good thing the sentries converse in English, so that Race is able to impersonate the guy at Post 5. Unless, of course, he's fluent in Chinese. Likewise, the controls inside the bunker are labelled in English.

General Fong's collar pops up to cover his chin.

That exploding missile could've killed Race and the boys. All they have for protection is the corner of the building. Besides which, Dr. Quest can't see them from inside the bunker, and doesn't know exactly where they are.

Race knocks the sentry from Post 5 into the swamp, which should have killed him, considering he was unconscious. Yet, the man is later shown waking up on the platform.

On the way into the swamp, the police agents pass the sentry posts in numerical order. But when the Quest party leaves, they pass the same sentries in quite a different order.

The House of Seven Gargoyles

Dr. Quest states that, if the glacier falls, the villages below would be destroyed by a tidal wave. But the glacier does fall at episode's end; it must, we assume, wipe out all those poor people.

Why does the periscope go down, then come up immediately, then go down again?

In a far shot we see all seven gargoyles on the roof, but in the next scene, Dietrich is shown standing on the ground.

Dietrich is very foolish to shoo that bird away when he can plainly hear there are people below.

Erikson talks about "those attacks on me." Have there been more than one?

When the Professor mentions falling ice, Quest reacts as if he didn't know what he was talking about. From the glaciers, Mister Brilliant Scientist.

The sinister shadow of Dietrich extends around the corner, and all the other characters rightly cast shadows as well. But all these shadows vanish once Bandit finds the phony gargoyle. Later, when he takes the key, Bandit's body is the only thing casting a shadow in the scene.

Why did Race leave the key in plain sight on the night table? Was he trying to lure the thief?

Race says the safe hasn't been opened, but all he really knows is that it is locked; it could've been opened and closed again.

The voices of the submarine crew are switched.

Terror Island

Real crabs can't blink.

The firecracker lands next to the curb, but when Bandit gets to it, there is no curb in sight.

Quest suddenly acquires a watch.

The way Race hands the note to Hadji, it looks like he was reading it upside-down.

The lever is missing from the cage door control.

Speaking of that control, it has three settings, but they don't perform the same function each time. And, it changes color when Chu turns the dial.

Why use a timer at all if you plan to be standing there three hours later? Chu could just open the cages manually.

The guards in the jeep sure are losers. They give Race time to dash around the corner while they sit there holding a live grenade.

The Quest team takes Chu's speedboat to escape. So, what's Chu driving?

Monster in the Monastery

Hadji says he went to school in India...wasn't he a beggar boy, informally educated by Pasha Pedlar and an American Marine? He went to school, too?

"Only a yeti could bring on such terror," says the Raj Guru when he hears a blood-curdling scream. Really? How about a tiger? Or an avalanche?

Interestingly, nobody goes to investigate the above-mentioned scream.

Raj Guru says that the natives are afraid to use the ropeway...a strange choice of words. He's a "native", himself, isn't he?

Boulders bigger than a man's head are fired from a catapult, but fail to damage the wall of the cottage or dent the Quests' Jeep.

The Chinese dragon looks exactly like the one in Terror Island.

When Jonny is grabbed by the yeti, he suddenly loses his coat.

Jonny's coat also loses the ribbing at the bottom.

We get a good look at the staircase in the ruin. There's no way it would take that guy that long to fall to the bottom.

A yeti with a mask chases Jonny down the stairs with his pistol drawn. Then the bald guy with no yeti mask says, "I have trapped one of them." Did he put his mask back on and remove it again? Or is he taking credit for another guy's work?

Of course Jonny's not the murderous sort, but considering he's trapped by a thug who plans to gun him down, he might put those arrows to better use than just spreading oil on the stairs.

While he watches his foe roll down the stairs, Jonny's lips move continually, like he's talking to himself, though we hear no sound.

One of the fake yetis fires a dozen rounds at Bandit before Hadji decides to push a crate onto the villain's head.

Jonny and Hadji hide behind a gong with two vases nearby. They then toss two vases at the yeti, but there is still one left.

If you have to drive through a fire, especially one burning an ancient wood-and-rope bridge, you probably should drive faster than Race does.

Dr. Quest and Race make it clear they don't believe in the yeti. But when they drive past an unconscious beast, for all they know a genuine yeti, they fail to show the least bit of incredulity or even scientific curiosity. When they later see the real thing, they are amazed.

Dr. Quest's shirt turns green to match his parka.

When Race hears that there are approximately nine thugs to battle, he says the odds are just about right. That's a bit egotistical, don't you think?

The Sea Haunt

The monster casts a shadow, but the captain doesn't.

The radio report tells the whole world about the ship's "secret" cargo.

The footprints are nearly round, but the monster's feet are long and narrow.

Dr. Quest asks Race if he has his gun, even though it's plainly visible strapped to his hip.

Should one use a hose to put out a fire caused by a smashed lantern? Won't water just spread a kerosene fire?

The plane is shown facing the wrong way on the ship's deck. And no longer smashed to pieces.

They could just look through the windows to see what's in the icebox.

The handles on the icebox doors vanish.

The door behind Charlie suddenly becomes a doorway.

Race walks right past an axe hanging on the wall, passing up a potential weapon.

It takes a while for Race to holler, "The monster!" Maybe he's too stunned to move.

Race tells Charlie to keep splashing, a very good way to attract sharks.

How'd Bandit get inside a coffin with the lid closed?

Hadji says the coffin on the end is moving. Actually, it's the coffin off to the side, which is not the same thing.




quest quest

Benton Quest, Renaissance Man

Dr. Quest is an amazing guy. He seems to be an expert in almost every branch of science known to man. Here is a partial list:

Arctic Splashdown astrophysics
Riddle of the Gold chemistry, metallurgy
Treasure of the Temple archeology
Calcutta Adventure acoustics, toxicology
Double Danger halucinogenics
Skull and Double Crossbones icthyology
The Dreadful Doll pharmacology
Turu the Terrible geology, medicine
The Fraudulent Volcano thermodynamics
Werewolf of the Timberland paleantology
Pirates from Below engineering
The Invisible Monster quantum physics
The Devil's Tower meteorology
Terror Island pathology

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