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Bloopers©, Goofs, Mistakes


by Whatsits Galore

What is a glitch? Glitches are mistakes in movies and TV shows. They can be technical goofs, continuity errors, or anything that makes you scratch your head and say, "Huh?" In this case, the glitches are from the television series Logan's Run, not the film of the same name.


Logan's Run

The opening narration tells us that computers took over and ruled the City of Domes, yet we know it is governed by the Council of Elders.

The wires are visible during Carousel.

Logan could use his weapon's stun setting to simply freeze his fellow Sandman, rather than kill him.

When Logan and Jessica exit the City, they see a barren wilderness on every side and choose a random direction. Do they really expect to reach Sanctuary this way? Is this what all the other Runners do? If so, it's no wonder our heroes never find what they're looking for.

One wonders how Runners even know of Sanctuary, since no one ever returns to the City of Domes to tell them about it.

Does Francis tell all his Sandman allies about the Council ruling the City of Domes? Does he promise them a seat on the council? Episode after episode, he brings more of his comrades to see that Outside is habitable. We know Sandmen don't question the order of things, but this is taking it pretty far.

Rem accepts being called a cyborg, even though he is no such thing. A cyborg is a living being with mechanical parts added, certainly not an android.

Does Rem have any clothes in that tool case? Because he wears his green-on-green outfit in every other episode.

The Collectors

Why does Rem see the illusions of Logan and Jessica, yet not the illusion of the waterfall?

Too bad John and Joanna don't monitor our heroes at all times. Because when Logan and Jessica figure out their minds are being manipulated, they discuss it openly.

Martin enters and exits through the door the first time he meets Jessica. Later, to test the illusions, Jessica concentrates on Martin, and he simply appears, then vanishes when she says good-bye. That's not a very good way for the collectors to run their show; it quickly spoils the illusion for the victim.

Why do John and Joanna bring Rem to their control room to question him? With their other specimins, they are not so open.

The guards use weapons exactly like Logan's Sandman gun. Are they products of the imagination? Copies of his weapon? Taken from other Sandmen?


Francis orders Logan and Jessica into the ground car for some blankets. This would be an excellent time for escape. If they shut the door from the inside, they might be able to drive away; if Francis managed to disable the car, it would at least slow down the runners' return to the City of Domes.

Logan suggest Jessica sleep in the ground car for protection from wild animals. And then they leave the door open.

Borden has three dogs when he meets the Sandmen. Then he heads for his house, coming upon two more dogs. Are these the same dogs who ran on ahead and then sat down to wait? Because Borden, when he appears, only has one dog with him now.

It should be a snap for Logan and Francis to beat James Borden at his own game. He gives them a head start; just lie in wait behind a rock instead of running blindly through the woods. Or, better yet, sneak up on him while he's waiting for the hunt to begin.

When Jessica screams out a warning to Logan, she's told that her room is soundproof. If only she'd yell again five seconds later when Irene has the door open.

Jessica reaches for a vase, presumably to use as a weapon against Irene, only to have the huntress blast it out of the girl's hand. In the next few minutes, when Irene turns her back to leave, Jessica could try again with some other suitably heavy object.

Does Jessica realize there's a knife mounted on the wall of her room? Maybe it can't be removed, like all those rifles.

The Innocent

Although his call sign is "Ground Car 1," Francis is riding in ground car #7.

The energy barrier is not visible when Jessica first spots the complex.

Once the runners get inside the complex, the Sandmen outside don't seem to need to worry about the mines any more.

Lisa says that Nanny can't see Jessica because her left eye is cracked. But Jessica is standing on her right when the robot can't see her.

It's very humane of Logan to insist the captive Sandmen be released by Lisa. But after only one day? Why not give yourself a month's head start?

Francis is continually reinforced with more Sandmen coming all the way from the City of Domes. If only Logan would drive in a straight line, he'd be so far away, they'd never catch up to the fugitives.

Man Out of Time

David verbalizes the choice the time lab has: "Save our lives, or destroy theirs." He means "and"; if their project succeeds, it will accomplish both.

Rem doesn't suggest they cover their eyes for the second appearance of the time machine. Maybe he's realized by now that it's harmless.

The stun setting on Logan's gun doesn't surround the Sandmen with that familiar blue aura.

When first asked, Lab Tech 1 says the whole valley is Sanctuary. When David asks again, the group is taken to the village.

Half Life

Logan makes a snide remark about the force field, as if it was something evil. Plenty of people he meets have force field fences, but Logan never reacts that way to them.

Why doesn't Positive 14 have a real name? Rama does.

Logan talks about leaving with two guards standing right there.

Rem generates a neutralizing field from his body to take out the force field. On previous episodes, he has to use a tool to accomplish that.


Logan wonders if there could be people alive in the city as if it was the most unlikely of possibilities. They've already met plenty of people living Outside; why couldn't some of them be living here?

Did that woman in the video die of the plague? If so, she was the most selfless person who ever lived, dying of a disease when the serum to cure her was right in front of her.

Dexter uses his mental powers to see the past, namely, the tremor that caused the destruction of half the serum. He should use that power to see where Logan and Rem hid the vial.

That weapon from the past must be absolutely silent when fired, since nobody heardsit standing six feet away.

No one thinks to check for fingerprints on the murder weaon.

David is accused of killing Lyman because he is strong enough to have moved the computer console. Is Sylvia, the real murderer, strong enough? She doesn't look it.

Fear Factor

If the keepers in the sanatorium are watching Logan and Rem, don't they see them watching the keepers on the monitor?

You can see the wire on one of the fireballs.

Logan endures quite a few traps before he thinks to try shooting his way out.

It looks like Logan misses the first doctor he shoots.

The Judas Goat

Joseph 8 checks Hal's pulse with his thumb, a serious error, since the thumb contains its own pulse.

There's no need to dress Joseph in an exact duplicate of the clothes Hal was wearing when he died. Unless that's the only outfit he owned.

Logan must be driving in circles if Joseph/Hal can leave the City of Domes and find him so quickly, even with a vehicle.

Logan and Jessica are very hesitant to consider returning to the City of Domes, but once they meet Matthew, they are instantly gung-ho on the idea. They must have enormous confidence in his ability to mobilize the people.

Jessica and Rem part without even saying good-bye. At least Logan gets a clap on the shoulder.

Rem's electronic conscience doesn't bother him for long after he kills a human being.

Sandmen are on a routine patrol Outside. Is going Outside routine now?


You can see the Sandmen moving slightly while they are frozen. Oops.

There are two screens on which Ariana watches Logan's and Jessica's dream patterns. Yet there are three beds in their room. Suppose Rem had been a human and fallen asleep on that bed?

At one point, Logan and Jessica appear to be sharing a dream. How is that possible?

Only one way into or out of the building? That's pretty dangerous in case of fire.

Ariana says that she and Rem, bing androids, can't lie, yet she lies to Francis when she tells him the station is empty.

Considering how close Logan and Jessica come to death in the sleep clinic, owing to their coming from a "death culture," it's a wonder that they don't mind leaving Francis at the mercy of the same sleep machine.


When Francis can't find Jessica, he and his team return to the City of Domes. If they were smart, they'd either stake out that solar vehicle, knowing she'd come back to it if possible, or at least disable it so that Jessica would be forced to travel on foot and they'd eventually be able to capture her.

When Francis orders Logan to drop his weapon, the latter hesitates, lifting the gun in a way guaranteed to cause the other Sandmen to fire.

Jessica freely walks through the City of Domes with her necklace fully in view. Isn't that pendant a Runner symbol?

Logan and Jessica don't need to worry about Francis catching up to them on their flight from the city. After all, they're running at top speed through a place Jessica knows, heading for their vehicle, while Francis is tracking them at a walk through unfamiliar territory, and when he reaches Outside, he'll have to go back for a Sandcar.

Logan explains that Francis's tranceiver acts like a homing device within the city. Why only within? Why not Outside, too?

Logan uses his tracker to lure Francis into a trap. If the device hones in on another of the same device, then how do Sandmen track Runners?

Night Visitors

Logan wonders why the mysterious couple in the road leave no footprints, though he barely has time to check in that downpour.

Where does Jessica get that Red Riding Hood cloak? She never had one before, and they aren't needed in the climate-controlled City of Domes. She must have picked it up on the way somewhere.

When spotting the house for the first time, Jessica exclaims, "I've never seen anything like it." Presumabely, Logan hasn't, either, since all their time outside the City of Domes has been spent together.

Jessica says the people seen on the road looked exactly like Barton and Marianne. I couldn't see their faces, could you?

"You know where I am, if you need me," says Logan to reassure Jessica. Only, she can't know which room is his, since she closes her door before Logan is shown to his quarters.

How does Logan even know what a coffin is? They sure don't use them in the City of Domes.

Rem will never be able to sneak up on the bad guys with his tool beeping incessantly like that.

How do the dead woman's arms seize Jessica from inside the coffin? The ceremony to reanimate her hasn't even started yet. And why? To pull her in? When we next see Jessica, she's not in the coffin at all.

If fire is the ghosts' weakness, then why not grab one of those torches from the wall?

Rem remarks that the ghosts have gone "with their prince of darkness," even though he never hears any of them mention that name.

The mark is gone from Jessica's forehead. Is it magic?


Francis's weapon freezes the guard, but not his rifle strap, which is still swinging back and forth.

Gera's party tracks the fugitives through the desert by following their footprints in the sand. But when Logan and Jessica escape through the cleft in the rocks, Gera never even glances at the ground to pick up their trail.


The episode begins with the fugitives finding a disoriented alien wandering in the wilderness, in danger of freezing to death. He knows the way home; so why is he heading in the opposite direction?

Rem says he's programmed not to resist human beings. If that's the case, how can he hold a Sandman at bay in Capture?

Morah asks what Logan and Jessica are running from. Who told him they were running?

Timon says not to worry, the aliens stay close to their machines and won't be found in the building's basement. But their machine for making duplicates is down there, so they must come to the lower level sometimes.

It sounds like Rem says of the aliens, "And they've came upon ours." Though with so many of his components missing, it's possible he could've made such an unprecedented mistake in grammar.

The plan is to knock the aliens unconcsious with Timon's gun and take their weapons. However, when Logan kayos the guards, the others merely stand around wasting time until Morah arrives to find and re-capture them.

When Rem attacks the door control with one of his tools, smoke pours out and the door is rendered inoperable, presumably by damage to the mechanism. One would expect that the components are burned or fused. Yet the android later repairs whatever damage he caused by simply pointing his tool at it again.

It's surprising that the aliens would even consider settling on earth, seeing as how cold they find it. With their transporter repaired, they could just as easily go back to their home world. Of course, they'd have to start looking again for a new planet to colonize.




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