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Bloopers©, Goofs, Mistakes


by Whatsits Galore

What is a glitch? Glitches are mistakes in movies and TV shows. They can be technical goofs, continuity errors, or anything that makes you scratch your head and say, "Huh?" This site is dedicated to glitches from the classic Hanna-Barbera animated series Josie and the Pussycats. When you spent every Saturday morning thrilling to the groovy adventures of Josie, Valerie, Melody, and the gang, did you ever notice any of these glitches?


The Nemo's a No-No Affair

The kids have to work for their passage because Alex didn't have enough money for the fares. Now, we know that the Cabots are rich (hence they can charge hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise to their father's account at a department store in All Wong in Hong Kong). Alexander II must keep a pretty tight reign on his kids' allowance, with no handouts to budding musical groups.

Nemo's jacket buttons sometimes on the right, sometimes on the left.

Nemo has keys on his organ to activate a viewscreen, summon the guards, open a trapdoor, and give the attack signal. Does he ever strike them accidentally when he's playing a tune?

The girls are washed out the porthole in a torrent of water. They land in the boat, but the water somehow misses.

Alan puts his head right through Josie's guitar. Later, however, the guitar is in perfect shape.

"Take them to the diving hatch," cries Nemo. You would think that's where he would launch the kids into the depths. But, no, he takes them back to the salon for that. So I guess they only went to the diving hatch to be fitted for their glass tubes.

One of the levers is missing from the control panel.

Let's hope the Pussycats don't get the bends when they swim up from the bottom of the sea.

Valerie temporarily gets purple sleeves.

Melody's neck turns green.

"I wonder what's at the top of that volcano," asks Alex. Why should there be anything up there besides a smoking crater filled with lava? Yet the others seem to think it's worth a climb to find out.

Josie's mouth vanishes.

While the teens are hiding on the catwalk in the villain's lair, Alex begins to yell for help at the top of his lungs. Luckily, nobody hears.

Alex's leg is suddenly in front of Melody instead of behind her.

We see the Pussycats sneaking the instruments out of the storeroom, but they neglect to take the drums. They do, however carry a pair of amps, whih we never see the group use during this or any episode. Maybe Alan is stealing them.

When the laser sentry is out of commission, Nemo loses the picture from his remote camera. But the camera wasn't mounted on the robot, it was following along with it, watching its every move.

What's a tank of helium doing in a hospital?

The sub engine is missing in one shot.

Sebastian often tries to saboutage Josie with various schemes, at Alexandra's request. In this episode, he fills Josie's dress with helium. For once, the plan actually works.

When the kids push the laser sentry at Nemo and his goons, the bandages no longer have a hole in them.

Alex has no tie, and the underside of his collar turns green. In a different scene, his entire shirt is blue.

At one point, Valerie is so scared, she turns white as a sheet.

Some of Nemo's small boats appear to be sailing through the air.

Right before the Pussycats crash into the submarine, Melody stands up to take a picture, and a hand reaches up to pull her down. Now, whose hand is it? The blue sleeve looks like Josie's, but the beefy arm looks like Alan's.

A Greenthumb Is Not a Goldfinger

Creature Plants attack by reaching out with their branches. Since they will always be in pots, or at least rooted to the ground, how exactly are they supposed to destroy all the world's plant life?

It looks like Alex's mouth doesn't move when he's in the cargo plane.

Alexandra is told to pull the shroud lines of the parachute, which would be tough to do while whe's holding Sebastian with one hand and hanging on for dear life with the other.

The Pussycats never think that someone will be along to pick up those supplies.

Sebastian's nose turns white.

Valerie's skin looks Caucasian for a moment.

Melody's and Valerie's sleeves change color while they are in the cell.

The guitar strings pull the hinge pins from the door, and the pins are seen hanging down in the middle of the room. But somehow, there are still wires leading to the door hinges.

Those are mighty long guitar strings!

There is a folk guitar among the instruments even though none of the Pussycats is ever seen to play one.

When the kids sneak back into the plantation house, the door between the greenhouse and the lab is open. Did Greenthumb look in? Did he see the broken glass? Did he see that the kids were gone? Did he see that some of his Creature Plants were gone, too?

Alexandra has stripes on the back of her skirt.

When Alan rows the boat, it travels in the wrong direction. He should be moving backwards.

The camera that watches the kids escape in the boat moves right along with them. It must be a robot camera or something.

Alexandra's collar turns white temporarily.

Could you really shrink a coconut?

Val loses the straps on her shoes.

In a close-up, Alex has a collar, but no shoulders are visible.

The natives chase the Pussycats with spears held high over their heads; when they run through the hut door, the spear tips which would be snapped off simply disappear.

Greenthumb has only two henchmen, and they are certainly burly fellows, but these two chase the Pussycats all over the plantation, getting whacked again and again, and still always manage to be right behind the kids.

By the way, six healthy teens could probably take out those two henchmen; they appear to have no weapons during the chase at the end of the episode.

The two henchmen chase the kids through a doorway, but when Sebastian pulls the rug to trip them, only one steps into the cat's trap; the other may've seen it coming and stopped short.

Two flowerpots suddenly appear on the bannister.

Are there water buffalo in South America?

Alexandra loses her collar.

The Secret Six Secret

Sebastian's ear temporarily turns black, and the black on his face turns white.

In one view of the plane's interior, Alexandra and Sebastian are missing from the seat next to Alex.

Josie's collar is blue.

There are lots of good impressions in this episode. Valerie gives her impersonation of Josie, Melody reciprocates by imitating Val, while Josie does Melody, and Alex does a great Alan voice. Plus, when Melody and Valerie scream, it sounds a lot like Josie.

Josie gets a sleeveless dress, and Melody's sleeves change color at one point.

Josie's eyes actually disappear for a couple of frames.

Alan suddenly has a watch which he never had before.

How do the Secret Six find the Pussycats at the hotel? They must have spotted them by accident when they went there to capture Demetrius Caribor.

The girls awake to find a tiger loose in their room. Before running from it, they each put on their slippers and make their beds.

While running to Alan's arms in the hotel room, Alexandra actually runs past five beds. This is not counting the bed next to Alan and the Murphy bed, which is then folded up into the wall.

The special mask that molds the villain's face into a likeness of Caribor's even adds a mustache.

Alex pulls the girls up to the balcony on a rope tied to the car bumper. When the car slips, the gals climb up the rope themselves. Which they should've done in the first place.

Alex is suddenly very strong; he's able to lower a car safely to the ground with a rope.

Alan holds Alexandra on his shoulders so she can chip away at the ceiling of their prison. When she pulls out the ceiling block, she is suddenly seated on the floor drenched with water. It looks as though Alan dropped her to avoid getting wet, which was not very chivalrous of him.

While Alexandra masquerades as the multi-armed goddess, Alan's leg is suddenly seen floating in front of her instead of behind her where it belongs.

The gang stumbles into the car and seemingly are knocked unconscious by the trauma, forcing Sebastian to drive. Then they all wake up, but allow the cat to continue driving anyway.

There are five generic members of the Secret Six standing on a carpet who are pulled along by the Pussycats' car. When they collide with the pigs, however, Kassim is suddenly one of them.

Where are Valerie and Sebastian during the pig stampede?

Val drops a tambourine during her act, then picks it up again.

Alan's neck turns blue.

Swap Plot Flop

When the plane is flying upside-down, Alex should be in the other seat.

How does the water stay in the fishbowl when the plane flips over?

The Pussycats stand up while the plane is landing, which is not only tough to do without holding on to anything, but dangerous as well.

A strange spot mysteriously appears on Alex's collar.

Alex's shirt turns blue in one scene, and his collar turns green in another, while Val's purple dress turns gray.

If the girls were forced to choose bunkmates, would Josie and Alexandra really share a bed?

Valerie sleeps in her princess clothes and elaborate headdress.

Alexandra is forever refusing to go along with the other kids' ideas, insisting that her methods are better. But in this episode, she even nixes Alan's plan instead of toadying to him as usual.

Alan sounds just like Alex for a moment.

It takes an awfully long time for the kidnappers to drive away with Valerie.

The giant urn actually lands outside the truck bed in the first shot.

A lot of talking goes on in the back of that truck, but the hypnotized agents of the Evil Eye don't even notice. If this is a side-affect of the mind control, it doesn't make them very effective henchmen.

The tire tracks at the oasis vanish.

How does Sebastian get on the elevator? He was last seen riding in the truck with Melody.

If all it takes to break the Evil Eye's control is a snap of the fingers, then there's nothing to worry about. Let the villain hypnotize the Princess; her friends can free her at any time. In fact, the Pussycats should try it on the guards; maybe they'll turn against the Evil Eye.

Josie puts on the dancing girl costume for nothing, since her part in the plan is to make a distracting noise and stay out of sight. However, if she had played the part of a dancing girl instead of Alex in drag, the kids may not have blown their cover so soon.

If the balloons are filled with helium, which they must be to carry Alex up to the ceiling, then they would've floated away if the Pussycats had managed to switch them for the princess and Valerie.

The Princess gets blonde hair in one of the far shots.

Alan loses his tie for a second.

There is suddenly a convenient beam on the ceiling above Alex's head.

Where is Princess Mewilla while the Pussycats are driving around the desert in a land rover?

Josie's white collar turns blue. Valerie's also changes color, while Alexandra loses hers completely.

Valerie changes back to her normal outfit after escaping from the Evil Eye's hideout, but after the chase, she is suddenly in her princess garb again.

Why is Alan doing the rewiring of the Evil Eye robot? Val is the expert.

The Midas Mix-Up

Alex says, "Welcome to the Snowbunny Lodge", but the sign says the Hotel Hans.

Alexandra gets a white collar temporarily.

When the Pussycats arrive at the hotel, they stand in the snow without even wearing jackets.

Midas performs a very expensive test of his microbe mist--he uses it to destroy a huge bar of gold. Wouldn't a little gold cufflink have done the trick?

Alexandra wants to sit on the ski lift next to Alan. She fails, of course, but, surprise! It's Valerie, not Josie sitting with Alan! And with Alex and Melody sharing a seat, it looks like Josie and Alexandra will be forced to ride together!

When Midas learns that there are intruders on his tram car, he declares that "they must not discover our plans!" Of course, his next move is to capture the kids and reveal his entire plan to them. Wouldn't sending them away have been a better idea?

Once again, Alexandra refuses to go along with Alan's escape plan. That's no way to attract a man.

A guard zaps Alex with a sleep gun, then flies away in his hovercraft, leaving Alexandra and Melody to drag the sleeping Alex to safety. Wasn't this guy supposed to capture them?

Another indicator that it isn't very cold for such a snowy day: Alex goes skiing in a sweater with nothing underneath--no shirt or undershirt.

Josie makes a comment about a sliding door, but it's just a doorway with no door visible.

Alexandra's ponytail vanishes for an instant.

During the skiing scene, Alex develops a prominent bald spot. He also loses his gloves for a second.

That sneaky desk clerk overhears the Pussycats' entire plan, but when he calls to warn Midas, he fails to mention the details. Thus, Sebastian's little decoy trick works like a charm.

We see Sebastian pulling a log with snowmen on it, but the log has a bell attached to it in the very next scene that wasn't there a moment ago.

While controlling the vacuum, Alex transfers the wires leading to it from one hand to the other and back again.

Shouldn't Val be the one controlling the vacuum instead of directing Alex to do it? She built it and must know how to operate it.

While in the vent, Valerie loses her gloves and her pants turn pink.

X Marks the Spot

The background behind Melody and Valerie moves in the wrong direction, indicating that the bus is suddenly travelling backwards.

At one point, Melody's eyelids disappear; she later loses her nose.

Professor Balfour jumps on the back of the bus and hides inside. So, why does he crawl all the way up to the seat behind Melody?

Why does the professor call Mr. X by that name? He hired him as his lab assistant; he must know the man's real name.

Interestingly, drinking the formula also makes one's clothing invisible.

Mr. X dons a coat and gloves and covers his face with bandages to enter the club, only to remove them once inside. He might've saved himself the trouble and just gone in invisibly. And saved himself the cover charge.

Mr. X certainly is strong. He lifts Melody with one hand and her base drum with the other.

He's only a scientist's assistant, but Mr. X manages to build a working truth machine.

Alan and Valerie are able to push that huge double-decker bus.

No wonder Alexandra can't read the formula written on the bottom of Alex's foot--she's looking at the wrong foot!

When the kids fall through the trap door in the castle, they find themselves one floor below the bad guys, yet they don't even try to run away before Mr. X can get down to them.

Watch closely and you can see Valerie with white skin.

In the far shot, a strap holds Alan's feet to the rack; in the close-up, it's a pair of ropes tying his legs. In the same far shot, Alex is tied down while still wearing his shoes.

Luckily, the henchmen don't see the formula written on Alex's foot when they remove his shoes.

The hole in the drawbridge vanishes.

Maybe Mr. X could catch the Pussycats if he would take off his coat and make use of his invisibility.

These villains seem to have no weapons most of the time and there are only three of them. The Pussycats could probably overpower them, especially if they tackle them one at a time. They have the perfect opportunity when three of the kids flee from one measley henchman.

Chili Today and Hot Tamale

Val's sleeve loses the cuff.

Alex's collar changes color several times, as well as Melody's sleeves, but that's nothing compared to the Scorpion. His pants and boots flash back and forth from one color to the other while he's pushing the bull to the back of the copter.

Melody's drum changes size all throughout the episode.

At one point in the story, Alexandra falls into the drum and breaks it. So, why didn't the kids find the Scorpion's pellets inside?

There are five plates of food at the taco stand, even though only four of the kids are eating. Maybe Alex is extra hungry.

When the bull charges the Scorpion's henchmen, they're so scared, they lose their weapons.

Josie sounds just like Alexandra for a second.

In the close-up shot of the dune buggy, Alex is missing from the rear seat. Was he hiding?

The black patches around Sebastian's eyes are white.

No matter how many cactus spines Sebastian pulls out of Alexandra's posterior, there are always the same amount left.

We can't see Alex, Valerie, and Melody in the freeze canisters, even though we can see the background through the glass. Maybe that's why the Scorpion never notices that the freeze chambers are empty.

Val loses the pink skirt that usually shows beneath her jumper.

Apparently, Alexandra knows how to pilot a helicopter.

Although she disappears at the beginning of the chase and is not seen in the helicopter or in the tornado that downs it, Valerie is shown sitting with the other kids among the debris.

Never Mind a Mastermind

Lots of color mistakes in this episode: Alexandra loses the black stripe on her dress, Alan's phony beard turns white, as does Sebastian's face, Alex has brown shoes, Val's sleeves are purple in three separate scenes, and her sleeves are green, or else Alex's hands turn brown, depending on who's driving the pie carrier.

Alan suddenly wears a watch.

Josie stands up in the tour car to call to the others. She then either disappears, or sits down faster than the human eye can follow.

The clandestine photographer is an agent of Mastermind, not Mastermind himself? Why does the henchman dress just like his boss? Do all his agents dress that way?

To illustrate his plan, Alan gives a slide show. So, where'd he get slides of the girls in costume? Alexandra certainly didn't pose for hers since she was furious when she saw it. Not like they had time anyway to dress up like scientists, take pictures of themselves, have them developed, rent a projector, and then put on a slide presentation to show the others what they were going to do.

If the gray hair is only a wig, why does it have a stripe down the middle only when Alexandra wears it?

The heckler scientist suddenly loses his tie.

Alan is told that everyone is waiting for his demonstration. They must end up waiting a lot longer, because the Pussycats have to build their phony invention.

The contraption begins to spin counter-clockwise, but is soon shown turning clockwise.

To protect the anti-gravity device from the Mastermind, the Pussycats decide to steal it from the Scientific Foundation. Did they ever stop to think what would happen to them if they'd been caught?

How do the kids know the device in question will be small enough to hide inside a pie? None of them have ever seen it when they come up with the plan.

Alan loses his false beard and moustache.

The many masks Alan goes through during the pie fight were purchased earlier at the costume shop, as we saw. The question is, why did Alan buy them? He admits that the pie-tossing was not in the plan. So, what was his original plan for the silly masks?

When Alan, Josie, and Valerie ride the motorcycle, they all three squeeze onto the bike proper; not one of them sits in the sidecar.

We see the kids sitting on the giant gears with their arms tied, then suddenly, in the next shot, their legs are also tied.

From top view, it looks like Melody is only a few seconds away from being crushed, though it takes several minutes for Sebastian to effect a rescue.

Seems like they could've just jumped off the gears before they meshed.

Alan's clothes are colored like Alex's for a second. Later on, he completes the impersonation by talking in Alex's voice.

When Alan cups his hands to his mouth, his elbow passes right through Josie's neck!

Alexandra suddenly has stripes on the back of her dress.

Where are Alex, Melody, and Alexandra while Mastermind is a captive in the telephone truck?

The hole in the roof of the telephone truck disappears.

Mastermind and his henchman Max are lifted into the air via the anti-gravity gun and dropped into the police station. While in the air, they manage to untie themselves.

Plateau of the Apes Plot

The Tyrannosaurus flips Alex off his foot, sending the teen flying through the air. However, Alex manages to stop short in mid-air before Alan reaches up to catch him.

Is that...Melody hugging Alan?!?

Val has purple sleeves instead of pink, while Melody's sleeves change color, not once, but twice.

The apemen's ears are sometimes colored wrong.

When Alex is transformed into an apeman, he retains his clothes, yet the pilot is changed into a naked ape.

When Melody takes Dr. Madro's emerald, she removes it from its setting. Then, in the close-up, she's holding it and the setting. Sebastian soon swallows the gem, setting and all. But when he coughs it up again, the setting is not there.

Sebastian's nose turns white.

While squeezed into the tire, Alexandra and Melody are positioned so that their heads are next to each other. Then suddenly, they are in the opposite position, then back again. Turning completely around inside that rolling tire must've been difficult!

The mirror on Alexandra's compact is only transparent glass. Plus, the bacground is wrong, showing the door behind Valerie's contraption instead of in front.

Apparently, the T-Rex is left loose in Madro's lab. Is he a trained pet?

Since Melody brings a mirror into the cage in the animal shelter, wouldn't it've been easier, and safer, for Alex to shave himself?

Madro manages to regain his emerald half way through the climactic chase. So, how does his molecular transformer ray work without the jewel?

The bottom portion of Josie's skirt is the wrong shade of blue.

Madro's pendant is round in the last scene of the episode, but square in every other scene.

Alexandra's elbow is in front of Alex's wig when it should be behind.

With one lipstick, Melody manages to draw a face on the back of Alex's bald head in red, black, and green.

Strangemoon Over Miami

The entire adventure starts when Alexandra trips on Alex, who is bent over apparently tying his shoe. In every close-up of Alex's shoes we've ever seen, they've never had laces.

Josie's pussycat costume has no tail when she's lying on the ground.

The villain's helmet suddenly sports a chin strap.

The lever to reverse the escalator wasn't there a second ago.

The girls are exceptionally strong in this episode. First they pull up Alan, Alex, and Alexandra, who cumulatively outweigh them, on a rope. Then they lift and dump the laundry baskets containing the other kids with ease.

Somehow the washing machine in the Laundry of the Future connects directly with the Car Wash of the Future. Maybe that's why the exhibit was closed to the public.

Besides which, no car would fit on that car wash conveyor belt.

Where are Alex's sunglasses when he's in the laundry chute?

Valerie's hand is Caucasion for a moment.

It's pretty dumb of Strangemoon to lock his enemies in the space capsule. Did he think they wouldn't at least try the controls?

So, why are there controls inside a capsule that was supposed to be unmanned?

The remarkable capsule launches without incinerating everybody in the room and lands on Earth without even a parachute to slow re-entry, damaged, but intact.

Alan and Josie have the perfect chance to capture Strangemoon when they tangle him in the alien costume. Too bad they don't take the time to tie him up securely.

There is a weapon hanging on the wall labelled "Strangemoon's Ray-Gun"; he must want to make sure none of his thugs touch his toys.

The space capsule is constantly changing, ranging from the size of a sofa to that of a small cabin.

We see Melody man the controls of a telescoping whatsits so Alan can capture a thug. Who was controlling it a few moments before when the thug was chasing Melody?

Val has one tambourine in the far shot and two in the close-up.

All Wong in Hong Kong

Both Valerie and Melody are missing the contrasting hems of their skirts.

Melody puts the Serpent's coin in one pocket, but later finds it in another pocket.

If the Serpent had simply offered Melody fifty dollars for the coin at the phonebooth, he probably would've gotten the coin back without any trouble.

Melody goes to answer the phone and, after a funny scene of interaction with the Serpent over the phone and in person simultaneously, returns with written directions of where to meet him. She then shows these directions to Alan. Does she tell him they were handed to her by the man on the other end of the line? Does he think she wrote them herself?

Where does Melody carry her camera? It's much too big to fit into her pocket.

Luckily, the Pussycats leap away from the lethal toy archers in time to escape their deadly arrows; of course, the Serpent only brought three archers, so they couldn't have killed all six of the kids anyway.

Valerie's skin turns white for a moment. How politically incorrect!

While escaping from the department store towed by Alex's motorcycle, Sebastian is seen riding on Alexandra's head, except in the close-up, when he has disappeared.

Is Alex sleeping behind those sunglasses? He fails to react to the boat moving away from the dock, or to Alan and Alexandra's conversation taking place practically in his ears. Maybe he's just really into the music.

In the far shots, Alex's sunglasses are reversed, green lenses on a black frame.

When the rickshaw changes direction, the kids inside change sides.

If they work together, the teens should be able to overpower the Serpent's henchman when they are trapped with him in the taxi.

Sebastian loses the black patches around his eyes.

Alex's cuckoo watch has no hands, and it emits only one "cuckoo" to signal the arrival of midnight.

The stripes vanish from Alex's bell-bottoms, as well as Melody's belt and the buttons on Alexandra's.

Josie, Alan, and Melody disguise themselves in the costumes from the Serpent's life-size toy soldiers in order to lure the villains into the toy factory. Only a blind man would mistake these teens for the bald, blank-faced toys, especially when the kids talk to the Serpent, something they don't know if the real toy soldiers can do.

Not a glitch, but a nifty detail you might not have noticed: some of the crates show the Serpent's toy company's slogan, "If It's Wong, It's Right."

A mechanical toy rat crashes into the wall, causing the chassis to fall out. Suddenly, the feet on the chassis are reversed.

At the end of the climactic chase scene, the Serpent is suddenly holding the ancient scroll, just in time to have it snatched out of his hand.

When the moving panel slides closed, it should bump the toy rocket lying there. A moment later, the rocket is gone.

The Serpent's collar keeps turning red.

When the secret hideaway closes, the Serpent laments that his precious scroll is lost for another three hundred years. Wouldn't it be possible to retrieve the scroll with a jackhammer?

The Serpent's henchman certainly is a tough customer; he is locked in a giant jack-in-the-box, wedged into a brick wall, and has his head stuck in a toy elephant, yet he's always instantly free and after the Pussycats again.

Melody Memory Mix-Up

The fish flies at Professor Layton from the right side of the screen, but the Pussycats are on his left.

The v-neck is gone from Merlody's dress.

The hatches on the top of the Hawk's blimp are pretty far apart the first time we see them, but much closer together in the next shot.

Good thing Melody got the formula transferred to her memory, because the hair bow/receiver would've clashed with Valerie's dress. And what if Layton found a boy to accept the information into his brain? Can the hair bow double as a bow tie?

If the directional receiver is in Prof. Layton's pocket, then the pocket must be on the back of his jacket, because that's whrere the Hawk reaches for it.

The stripe on Alexandra's skirt turns red, but only for a second. Elsewhere, she gains stripes on the back of her skirt.

To hide Melody, the Pussycats put her on stage in front of a television camera. Disguise or no disguise, it would make more sense to stash her backstage.

The sign is missing from Islander Bill's podium.

Melody's hair is a lot shorter when she's wearing pigtails.

The truck in which the kids are trapped has swinging doors first, then sliding doors.

During the chase scene, Valerie loses her pink skirt, and hers and Alexandra's collars each turn white.

Mr. Blor's foot actually disappears when he trips over the rug.

When we first see the grass skirt, there's no crab in sight. And it's an awfully big crab for Alexandra not to notice.

The Great Pussycat Chase

For a moment, Valerie's legs are white instead of black.

Josie's eyes vanish.

While hiding under the tables in the restaurant, the kids pull on twine to move the tables across the room. So, how do the tables change direction?

Where are the real chefs in the Eiffel Tower restaurant?

Josie suddenly gets a v-neck on her dress.

While bouncing around in the elevator, the Pussycats' hair naturally moves up and down due to the effects of gravity. Only, the movement of their hair doesn't always match the movement of the elevator. Nor does their hair move when Alexandra sends them crashing down the shaft.

Valerie takes over the elevator controls from Melody, but when Alexandra horns in, Melody is somehow back at the controls.

When the kids exit the elevator, Alex is so scared, his feet don't touch the ground.

Josie's lips move for only part of one line.

Whoever removes the cars from the car carrier would've seen the Pussycats stowing away on the plane.

The plane takes off without anyone coming to secure the car in the cargo hold.

This same plane, for some reason, also has a window in the cargo hold.

The black box changes shape all during the episode.

Valerie loses her belt in one scene, and her cuffs in another.

While in the rickshaw, the Pussycats suddenly have their instruments. Where did they come from? They sure didn't have them in the Eiffel Tower, and they never went back to their hotel to pick them up. Eventually, they end up leaving them on the freighter.

A double swinging door on the ship has a hinge in the middle, between the two door sections.

When the kids run through the door on the ship, we see it from the other side, only now there is no door.

The girls don't seem to mind sitting on the iceberg in miniskirts.

The polar bear is nowhere to be seen when the dogsled exits the cave.

Where's the black box when Alan boards the sightseeing bus?

When the Shadow has the Pussycats in his power, he's asked about the purpose of the black box. Instead of monologuing like most villains, he amazingly refuses to reveal his plans.

The gear configuration that automatically shoots the bolts on the door is wrong; watch the gears in stop motion and you'll see that they don't really mesh.

The microfilm changes color for a second.

Spy School Spoof

It's a good thing the messenger raises his arm before he is paralyzed by the Laser's goons; that makes it so much easier for them to remove his satchel from his uplifted arm.

One of the henchmen uses the wrong voice.

Melody's drum is in a case, except when the Laser's henchmen check it out through their binoculars.

The kids are in different seats in every different shot of the bus.

Why are there suddenly a pair of legs hanging out the back of the bus?

The luggage and instruments vanish from the bus roof several times.

Alexandra changes into a gown in the dress shop, but when she shows herself to the Laser's henchmen, she's wearing her own dress again.

The Laser's henchmen load the crates containing the Pussycats into a van, which they then hijack via helicopter and take to the villain's hideout. Seems like a roundabout way to kidnap the kids.

"There sure are a lot of tumbleweeds here in New York," observes Melody, to which the entire gang replies, "Tumbleweeds?" Yes, even Melody says it, as if, for once, she realizes the stupidity of her own remark.

Valerie has a white hand.

Because they are trapped by the laser fence, the kids decide to trick the Laser into thinking they're criminals like him. To do that, they catapult over the fence and sneak past the guards disguised as tumbleweeds. It seems like they could use these methods to escape instead.

Alex shows us his imitation of Alan's voice.

There are plenty of clothing errors in this episode: Melody loses her collar, Valerie removes her belt, Alex's collar turns green, his collar turns his neck orange, and the dress Josie wears to disguise herself as a model loses its sleeves.

At one point, Alexandra has no nose!

Alex has his fishing pole and plunger ready long before he actually demonstrates them.

The phony ray is so wacky, it makes one reel on the computer turn the wrong way.

When Melody cups her hands to her mouth to yell, one hand disappears under her chin.

The Jumpin' Jupiter Affair

While out riding their llamas, the Pussycats can't figure out which way is back the way they came. Trouble is, they're on a suspension bridge at the time. "Back" is the way the llamas' tails are pointing.

In two different scenes, Valerie loses the cuff from her sleeve, and once she is missing her belt. There are other fashion mistakes: Alexandra gets pleats on the back of her dress, Alex's collar turns green, and the stripes on Josie's skirt change color.

No one ever comments that the mountain looks remarkably like a face. Why did the artists add this to the episode if it has no significance?

Where are the village women and children while the men are working in the mines?

That's Alexandra's hair bow, not her ponytail, that's colored black.

Zor laughs because the "superstitous villagers" believe they come from another planet. The villagers fall for Zor's charade, but it has nothing to do with superstition, only with a spaceship so convincing it also fools the Pussycats.

The kids sneak past a sitting alien guard who's not sitting on anything but air.

That guard is awfully dumb not to notice the Pussycats have escaped from the mine--there's nobody else in it!

When Alexandra's arms first stick out of the barrel, they are bare.

Right before the spike trap scene, Alexandra's nose disappears for a few frames.

This is my favorite glitch for the entire series: after Melody runs by, we see Josie following, but she actually turns into Melody for a few frames at the beginning of the song scene.

Alex loses his hat a few times, but quickly finds it again.

Josie stands in front of Melody during the rain storm, but Melody's hair is in front of Josie's cheek.

Don't Count on a Countess

We can buy into the automatic yacht that drives itself, but mooring lines that untie all on their own is too much of a stretch.

Check out Josie when she's in the radio room: she's got no legs at all! In the next shot, she seems to have one big leg instead of two.

The stripes vanish from Alex's pants.

Melody's sleeves flash different shades of green.

We hear Josie speak while the Pussycats are singing in the background.

Although we can see through the water in the aquariums, we can't see any more of the shark than his fin.

It's a good thing Valerie carries guitar strings in her pocket. She doesn't even play the guitar.

It's only for a couple of frames, but the beaker of Alexandra's antidote disappears completely.

Maybe Alexandra could mix a reverse-personality potion completely at random. But twice? (Actually, counting X Marks the Spot, it's three times).

Alex's shoe keeps disappearing while he's swinging on the curtain.

The old age mist affects inanimate objects, like the yacht and the lawnmower, turning them into useless junk, but it seems to have no effect on the antidote spray bottle.

The Countess' henchman has already been aged when he is sprayed again by the ageing mist. Shouldn't he be dead?

The mist not only ages things, it also lengthens skirts, changes hairstyles and adds eyeglasses to its victims. Similarly, the antidote can reverse these effects, turning a midi skirt into a mini and making glasses disappear.

Alexandra's ponytail vanishes while she's water skiing.

Alexandra goes water skiing to attract a millionaire. Does this mean, in the last moments of the series, that she's finally given up on trying to attract Alan?




alexandra cabot

Alexandra Cabot, Threat or Menace?

For a small group just starting out, the Pussycats already have their own entourage. They always travel with their manager Alex, plus Alan, their roadie, but why do they bring Alexandra along? She doesn't hold any position or perform any function that we can see. And she isn't very good company, either. She is rude and insulting, a braggart and a showoff who constantly tries to take over the act or, failing that, to saboutage each performance. And she gets the others into mountains of trouble with her hot-headed outbursts and dirty tricks. Here are some examples:


In The Nemo's a No-No Affair, her shove starts the outboard motor, getting them all lost at sea. Then she leads the kids right into the brig. And finally, Alexandra plays a mean trick on Josie, having Sebastian fill her dress with helium.

In A Greenthumb Is Not a Goldfinger, she decoys the gang onto the wrong plane, then she pushes Josie onto the button that opens the greenhouse door. Later, her showing off ruins the magic act.

In The Secret Six Secret, she draws a phony map which puts Josie, Valerie, Melody, and Alex in the middle of the villains' lair.

In Swap Plot Flop, she foils Alan's attempt to drop an urn on the Evil Eye's henchmen, then later causes Alex to float up to the ceiling in the middle of the kids' rescue plan.

In Midas Mix-Up, she decoys the Pussycats onto the wrong ski trail and turns the conveyor belt on full blast, causing everyone to crash into a heap. Plus, it's her fault that Alan sneezed, giving away their hiding place.

In X Marks the Spot, it's Alexandra who causes Alex to get stuck in the steering wheel.

In Chili Today and Hot Tamale, she gives the gang phony directions.

In Plateau of the Apes Plot, she dares Dr. Madro to change one of them into an ape, which he does.

In All Wong in Hong Kong, she wires the remote control incorrectly, causing the toys to attack.

In The Jumpin' Jupiter Affair, her shadow pictures frighten the villagers into turning against the kids.

Of course, Alexandra wants to tag along in the constant, if futile hope that she will somehow get to lead the combo, besides desiring to steal Alan away. But these are only her personal pipe dreams. If she were a good friend, she might come along just for the cameraderie. However, she seems to like nobody and nobody likes her much, not even her own brother. Alex might be bullied into accepting his sister's company, but surely this would not work with the rest of the gang.

So what is her secret? What's Alexandra got that entices the Pussycats to consistantly bring her on every gig?

The very qualities that make her so hard to take can actually work in the kids' favor when confronted with a villain. Alexandra is so impulsive and ornery, she often jumps into the fray and attacks the bad guys, sometimes with surprisingly positive results, like these:

In A Greenthumb Is Not a Goldfinger, Alexandra fights the Creature Plants fearlessly.

In X Marks the Spot, she suggests that they attack Mr. X's henchmen, whom they outnumber. It's Alex's chickening out that causes the kids to be captured.

In Chili Today and Hot Tamale, Alexandra stops the Scorpion's henchmen with a pair of sombreros.

In Plateau of the Apes Plot she manages to take down the mad scientist and two of his ape-men with a bunch of bananas. Her plan to free Alex works. While the others stand around debating what to do, she pushes all the buttons on the control panel, dropping some of the teens into a cell, but setting herself and the rest free.

In Strangemoon Over Miami, she manages to stop the capsule from spinning.

In All Wong in Hong Kong, Alexandra uses her compact to blow powder in the villains' eyes, enabling the kids to flee.

In The Great Pussycat Chase, she chases away a polar bear with nothing but a growl, and cooperates with Valerie to cause the villains' crash.

In Spy School Spoof, her dress shop plan actually helps the kids escape.

In Don't Count on a Countess, Alexandra uses the octopus' tentacle to break down the door, and it's her personality potion that enables Alex to find the antidote for the ageing mist.

There is one other possible use for Alexandra: the Pussycats may keep her around just for laughs. Many of her mean tricks backfire, making her an endless source of amusement for the rest of the gang. Check out the pictures below:

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