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Bloopers©, Goofs, Mistakes


by Whatsits Galore

What is a glitch? Glitches are mistakes in movies and TV shows. They can be technical goofs, continuity errors, or anything that makes you scratch your head and say, "Huh?" In this case, the glitches are from the television series The Invisible Man starring David McCallum.


The Invisible Man

Although the special effects were cutting edge for their time, you still see the occasional shoe, syringe, or other object partially disappear.

The bandage roll vanishes when it goes behind Dan's invisible arm.

The contact lenses on the tray sure look brown.

Dan's eyes are visible because he wears special contact lenses, while his teeth are caps. No mention is made, however about the inside of his mouth, which can sometimes be seen. And how do all these parts remain attached to the mask when he removes it?

Dan won't shake Walter's hand for fear he will feel the gloves. Later in the series, he stops worrying about it.

The Klae Resource

Kate looks at Dan's face while talking to him, or where his face would be if he was visible. Now, even though she knows he's there, would she really stare into empty air like that when talking to her husband? Wouldn't her eyes naturally be directed to the book he's holding?

Dan leaves his clothes, mask, and gloves down in the secret room. Even if he plans to return for them later, they could compromise his secret, if found.

The Fine Art of Diplomacy

The portraits of the presidents in the Capitol Gallery aren't hung in chronological order. In fact they don't appear to be in any order at all.

Tandi does a lousy job hanging the phony portrait; it's not even with all the other paintings in the gallery. Yet the guard, who looks right at it, even making a comment about it, never notices.

The photo of Gregorio which is shown to Dan and Kate by Walter at the beginning of the episode shows the art dealer in front of the John Adams portrait in Devega's secret vault. That's because it's actually taken from a scene later in the episode.

Man of Influence

When Dan's clothes are stashed in the drawer and then seen floating out the window, it doesn't look like there are any shoes in the bundle.

Kate mispronounces Gide's name, but only once.

It's pretty clear that that's a different car that explodes in the ravine.

You can see the wire that makes the candle rise off the table.

Eyes Only

Dan rushes to dress so he can warn Paula Simon that she's in danger, but finds that his shirt has been ripped to shreds by the guard dog, forcing him to undress again. He could've just taken another shirt from the cabinet; we see several hanging there.

Jack Pierson recognizes the two men "following" Paula Simon as Maynard's personal bodyguards, which tips him off that she has confessed to her boss. True, nobody knows this, but it's very foolish of Maynard, as a well-known public figure, to stand on the sidewalk ten feet away from a secret drop.

If you watch the pedestrians carefully during the climax, you just might see the same people passing and repassing.

Barnard Wants Out

This scientific conference is supposed to be a big deal, yet neither Dan nor Kate has heard about it until a week before the event. And they are both invited, yet.

The special effect of Kate holding Dan's "mask" really doesn't work very well, unlike the later effect of Barnard putting on the mask, which is excellently done.

Go Directly to Jail

You can see that the ink pad has been altered to make it look like an invisible thumb presses down on it.

The wires lifting Dan's folded clothes are clearly visible.

"I saw the warden; luckily he didn't see me," says Kate. Why is she worried? Warden Stone has never seen her before and can't possibly connect her to Dan. What she means is, "Luckily because I'll have to bluff my way into his hotel room in the near future."

Dan only weighs 154 lbs., yet he's able to knock out that burly guard Conor with one punch. The guy must have a glass jaw.

If you look very closely, you can see that the sheriff doesn't actually put the handcuffs on Leland's wrist.

Warden Stone's scheme is to send the prison bus to Mexico to deliver illegal aliens, pick up heroin, and bring it back across the border to sell. When the deal goes down, the buyer turns out to be Señor Robles, who, according to his license plate, is from Chihuahua. Question: why would a Mexican drive across the border to buy illegal drugs that came from Mexico in the first place?

How can Robles and Stone try so hard to open their suitcases without feeling Dan's body holding them shut?

The bags of heroin are leaking before Dan has a chance to rip them, in fact, before they even hit the floor. Those really are cheap bags!

Sight Unseen

Dan casts no shadow while he's walking around...half-dressed.

The wires on the bolt cutters are pretty obvious.

If Dan had just taken Laurie to the same air duct through which he'd entered, that one didn't need a screwdriver to open, not even from the inside.

Stop When Red Lights Flash

Dan slams the sheriff up against the bars of the cell, pinning the man's arm behind his back, so he has time to slip under the blanket and into his clothes. But while Dan is dressing, the sheriff remains standing with his hand held high behind his back, apparently afraid to move even when the invisible force has released him.

Why does Walter allow Kate, his hastily-appointed assistant, to do all the legal work during the trial? Surely he is the qualified one.

Some more visible wires, this time on the record books.

Dan has to run through a minefield of broken glass barefoot to chase after the judge.

Pin Money

After the Westins eavesdrop on Maggie, Kate asks, "Who was she talking to?" Dan must have better hearing, because he knows she's caling a taxi.

Apparently Dan has sworn never to use his invisibility to cheat at games of chance, though he does just that in The Klae Resource. Maybe he makes this vow after the events of that episode.

Fortunately, nobody notices that the pregnant hostage is no longer expecting.

The plan is to smuggle Dan's clothes out of the bank in Kate's "pregnant" belly. Although Dan puts his clothes on Arnold, that still doesn't explain what he does with Arnold's clothes.

This has got to be the toughest task Dan's ever pulled off: dressing the unconscious John Arnold in his burglar get-up while surrounded by real bank robbers.

The Klae Dynasty

Power Play

The episode is careful to only show video footage of cases in which Walter was present, but it's still difficult to believe that he was available to film every move Dan made. Especially considering how hard it would be to know where the invisible scientist was on that ledge every moment.

We are told that there were cameras in the lab during the pilot episode, explaining how the Westins got film of that adventure. But the Dermaplex mask was created in Dr. Maggio's home. He must've been filming the event for posterity.

When Kate is told to turn off the computer to answer the phone, the screen is already blank before she hits the switch.

An Attempt to Save Face

Dan stuffs his pants under the door to keep out the gas, but he does a pretty poor job of it, leaving a gap of several inches unprotected.

The wires on Dan's mask and the white clothes are easy to see.

That gas must dissipate very quickly, or else Petro and Vasil manage to hold their breath for a very long time while they break down the door.

"Four AM in the morning," says Dr. Maggio, rather redundantly.




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