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Bloopers©, Goofs, Mistakes


by Whatsits Galore
Just Sit Right Back

What is a glitch? Glitches are mistakes in movies and TV shows. They can be technical goofs, continuity errors, or anything that makes you scratch your head and say, "Huh?" This site is devoted to glitches from the seven stranded castaways on the Gilligan's Island television series. Later TV movies are not included.


NOTE: There are two types of glitches you won't find here: those dealing with order of episodes, and those dealing with flotsam and jetsam. It's obvious from watching the series that the original broadcast order is not the order the episodes were intended to be seen. For example, the community hut problem is solved in the second episode, but crops up again in St. Gilligan and the Dragon. There are other glitches of the same type that disappear when the episodes are viewed in what can only be the proper order.

As for flotsam and jetsam, we will assume that any time a new object appears on the island that is not castaway-made, it was found floating in the lagoon. Hence, the sudden appearance of phonographs, tablewear, and Ginger's dresses will not be listed as glitches.

During the theme song, the Minnow is sometimes shown with a flying bridge, the area above the cabin, and sometimes without.

There are numerous episodes in which the wrong hut is shown in the establishing shot.


Two on a Raft

Look very closely at the sleeping passengers in the very first scene. They are actors from the original pilot, not Russell Johnson and Tina Louise (this same footage is seen in Birds Gotta Fly, Fish Gotta Talk.

While the castaways are listening to the radio, the Professor is sitting in the far shots, but standing in the close-ups.

Wonder what ever happened to those dark pants the Professor is wearing. We never see them again.

Does it seem strange that the announcer, when naming a group of persons lost at sea, would bother to describe Mary Ann as "an attractive brunette"?

Why does the Skipper throw the sail overboard? If he's trying to hit the sharks, he does a terrible job of it.

I suppose there might be some benefit from hiding inside a cave which has a trap set at the mouth; it should drop rocks on anyone who tries to enter. But it also injures the castaways as they dig their way out.

Home Sweet Hut

The shadow of an overhead microphone can be seen for a moment in the Professor's hut.

When the girls build their own hut, they accomplish something none of the other castaways ever manages with any hut they build: an indoor kitchen.

Why do the castaways have a bamboo-and-rock anchor?

Voodoo Something to Me

Professor states that only a man would steal a flashlight and a flare gun. Yet the perp turns out to be a chimpanzee.

Gilligan finds the chimp's stash, a box labelled "flares." Yet, the flares weren't stolen, the flare gun was, along with some food. In fact, Gilligan later demonstrates that the flares are safely stowed in the supply hut. We can only assume that the castaways were keeping other supplies in the empty flare boxes.

The Professor, that famous scoutmaster, is lost for an hour on that little island.

Mr. Howell addresses the Skipper about some bamboo, but he looks straight at the chimp the whole time.

If you look closely, you can see the chimpanzee is either wearing a collar, or there's a strap holding the Skipper's hat in place.

Good Night Sweet Skipper

According to the Skipper's calculations, lady flier Alice McNeil will pass directly over the island. Since when does the Skipper handle the calculations instead of the Professor?

Because of the heavy cloud cover, the castaways decide not to build a signal fire. Seems like it would be a good idea to build one anyway; at least there's a chance the lady pilot will see it.

Mary Ann says Gilligan went "looking for you," meaning the Professor. Actually, what Gilligan said was that he was going to get the Skipper.

There is no reason for the castaways to conceal the tranquilizers, since the Skipper wanted to get to sleep. If they'd only given him the bottle in the first place, they could've avoided a potentially lethal overdose.

Listen carefully. Gilligan says, "He's going right back to the galoon."

Of the three women, only Mrs. Howell's voice is questioned by the Skipper during his sleepwalking, and she's the only one who tries to sound like a man.

The Skipper's dream was supposed to recall how to turn a radio into a transmitter. However, the castaways use the information to try to repair their existing transmitter.

If you look closely, the shot of Skipper sleeping during the tag still shows Ginger sitting nearby.

Wrongway Feldman

In all the years that Wrongway was on the island, did he ever meet the jungle boy? Did he ever meet Duboff?

The prop has a sort of cap on the end of it in some scenes.

President Gilligan

Howell wears pince-nez for the first and only time this episode, even when he's not reading. He must think they make him look more presidential.

Gilligan says he's never been president before; he's forgetting the Eighth Grade Camera Club, as mentioned in The Little Dictator.

Mr. Howell asks for the guava sauce, then drinks it right from the gourd. That doesn't sound like sauce.

The lookout tower is a good idea, yet even after the whole president thing is long forgotten, the castaways never build one.

The Sound of Quacking

Although a blight might ruin watermelon, bananas, and most of the rest of the castaways' food supply, blight is a plant disease; it can't harm mackerel.

The storefront for Carr Bros. Land Office appears repeatedly all over the street in Gilligan's dream, though, admittedly, anything is possible in dreams.

The dream Howell cries, "All right, boys, let him have it," even though he only has one "boy" in his lynch mob.

Gilligan wakes to see the Skipper peering at his duck through the window. What's Skipper doing outside? Doesn't he live there?

When the duck flies away for the last time, we see a giant shadow of something offstage cross the bottom of the screen.

Good-Bye Island

Why is the coming tide their last chance to escape the island? Won't it be back next month?

Gilligan tells his reflection he discovered the glue the day before, but he later says the glue lasts no more than three days, which he would have no way of knowing.

The Big Gold Strike

This is the only episode in which Mr. Howell suffers from his supposed allergy to gold.

While working under the life raft, Professor doesn't react to either Howell's voice, or the tap on the leg to get his attention.

The Professor wears jeans for the only time in the series while working under the life raft. Which is a good thing, as it helps Howell to mistake his legs for Gilligan's.

The Skipper agrees to rent his tools to Mr. Howell; he and Gilligan even name their business Gilligan's Rent-A-Pick. When it comes time to actually close the deal, however, Skipper asks the millionaire if he'll buy the tools.

Waiting for Watubi

Hiding behind a bush is not very effective when one's parasol is sticking up like Mrs. Howell's.

Do the Howells ever wonder how the statue they stole ended up at the Skipper's birthday party?

Angel on the Island

Although Mary Ann is shown in a toga, we never learn what part she plays.

Birds Gotta Fly, Fish Gotta Talk

Gilligan admits he lost the anchor during the shipwreck. Yet in Court Martial, he needs Skipper to explain it to him.

There seems to be something on the horizon when we look out to sea. A ship? Another island?

Professor wears black or dark blue pants on this episode only.

The tree Gilligan climbs is only a few feet away from a similar tree when we see the top, but there is no tree near when we see the bottom.

The Minnow is shown surrounded by jungle growth, although we usually see it standing alone on the beach.

That fish's mouth looks too small to have swallowed the radio.

You can hear Howell's voice talking into the fish before the Howells arrive.

The pile of fish is suddenly moved nearer to the jungle.

The fish with the radio inside looks different when Gilligan shows it to the Skipper and the Professor.

The Professor wants to check out the transmitter to see if it works. Isn't that how he finds it in the fish? Because it works?

During the Santa scene, Mary Ann changes position every time we see her.

Skipper asks what everybody is looking at. Trouble is, no two castaways are looking in the same place.

Three Million Dollars, More or Less

Although the Skipper mentions that it's the third month, March, Mrs. Howell later says that there is no "r" in the month.

Mr. Howell comments on his oyster shell putter, but that's clearly a cowrie.

When Gilligan makes his first putt, he's not standing near where we saw the ball was lying.

Gilligan first notices Ginger's new dress when she comes to his hut, even though she was wearing it earlier in the episode at breakfast.

Skipper says the only game he ever gambles on is pool, yet in Plant You Now, Dig You Later he agrees to bet the treasure chest on a game of poker.

We hear the sound effect before Howell strikes the cue ball.

Mr. Howell must've put a lot of work into building that pool table, yet we never see it again.

The Professor looks as though he's trying very hard not to laugh through the entire final scene.

Water, Water, Everywhere

We can see that Ginger's shower pretty much empties the barrel, but somehow Gilligan still finds enough water there to wash the mud off.

Even after he's caught hoarding water, Mr. Howell is still put in charge of passing out the rations. Maybe because they know he won't help dig a well.

When Gilligan bursts the water bag, the other castaways just watch the contents spill out, even though Mrs. Howell and Mary Ann are holding make-shift water containers.

The wire on Gilligan's hat is visible for a second.

So Sorry, My Island Now

The submarine is small, but not small enough to hide in water that is only chest-high to Gilligan.

Gilligan has seaweed on his hat before he submerges. In fact, you can see that the sub is full of water. Would you try to sail it anywhere?

Watch closely, and you'll notice the shoes of a prop man emerge from the water directly in front of the sub.

Although the hand grenades prevent the castaways from escaping through the bars of their cages, there are no grenades on the cage doors.

Or, a more dangerous but still viable plan would be to pull the bars apart and toss the greandes away before they explode, perhaps even at the sleeping sailor.

The castaways acquire a lot of valuable weapons from the Japanese sailor. We see them again in Forget Me Not.

For some reason, Gilligan wears his shirt buttoned all the way to the top for the entire episode. Normally, he only buttons the top button when he wants to dress more formally.

Plant You Now, Dig You Later

Skipper lifts the treasure chest full of cannonballs with one arm. He's got to be strong enough to break the chain with his bare hands.

If the castaways had simply hoisted the chest up and dropped it immediately without tying it off and waiting, they would've seen the contents were worthless and the whole question of ownership would've been avoided.

Why would pirates padlock and bury a chest of cannonballs in the first place?

When Howell suggests that they get a new gavel, the Professor asks why. He can plainly see the millionaire's face covered with cocomut milk.

Little Island, Big Gun

In one scene, the Professor calls Jackson Farrell "Mr. Jackson."

Mr. Howell does not offer Farrell any cash to rescue him, probably fearing the robber will take all his money and still leave the castaways stranded.

X Marks the Spot

When Mrs. Howell corrects her husband's grammar, she's actually the wrong one. "Whom" is correct.

Those pilots really fall down on the job. If they can't spot seven people who are trying to signal them, how can they expect to spot a hunter or a tribe of natives who aren't?

Gilligan Meets Jungle Boy

The kid has a nice haircut for a jungle boy.

Where'd the boy get a leopard-skin loincloth? Was there ever a leopard on the island?

The professor states that there can be no jungle boy on the island, as the castaways have searched the whole thing. And yet, they are always turning up some previously-unseen object or person, such as Duboff, the totem pole with Gilligan's likeness, lemon and grapefruit trees, etc. See Wrongway Feldman.

You can see the wires on the coconut, Gilligan's hat, and Gilligan himself.

Gilligan has a hard time lifting the rock that caps the hydrogen well. But when he shows the gas to Skipper and Professor, he tosses the rock aside like it was nothing. The Professor, a few scenes later, also struggles with it.

The castaways sure waste a lot of that gas by leaving the well running.

The Professor pronounces the gas a mixture of helium and hydrogen. It must not have all that much helium in it, since Gilligan's voice doesn't change after he breathes it.

St. Gilligan and the Dragon

Big Man on Little Stick

The Howells should know that a duke is nobility, not royalty, and is not adressed as "Your Highness."

When Duke lies on the ground to show Gilligan how to bench press, the surfer hits his head on the barbell.

For the first time ever, Mr. Howell does not offer the visitor a bribe to get them rescued.

All the shots of Duke surfing as seen through Gilligan's binoculars show the surfer moving toward the viewer; he's supposed to be surfing away.

In the far shots, Duke doesn't have the provisions around his neck.

The radio announcer states that Duke had been missing for two weeks, but the search for him lasted only a week. They only started looking for him after he was gone for a whole week?

Diamonds Are an Ape's Best Friend

The Skipper refuses to believe that Gilligan has seen a gorilla, until the latter describes what he saw without naming it; then Skipper seems to believe it for some reason.

That window between the Howells's beds is never there in any other episode.

Before his wife is captured by the gorilla, Mr. Howell is wearing a dinner jacket with a pith helmet, an odd combination for a man who is always so careful to wear just the right clothes. Did he have a premonition he'd be trekking through the jungle all night?

The men discuss their plans while standing awfully close to that gorilla. What's more, they turn their backs to him.

How to Be a Hero

When we first see the castaways tied to stakes, they are, from left to right, Ginger, Mary Ann, and the Professor. In a later shot, the Professor is on the far left of the trio, while Ginger is on the right.

Return of Wrongway

Wrongway's note says he's headed for the mainland. That would be the continental U.S., not Hawaii, which is where he went.

The Matchmaker

At the Howell's dinner party, Gilligan states that he broke Mr. Howell's camera that very morning. Therefore, it was also that same morning when Gilligan delivered the flowers to Mary Ann. Yet, Skipper and the professor tease Gilligan about Mary Ann passing him various foods at breakfast the day before. Which means that these suggestive little attentions she paid Gilligan have nothing to do with the flowers.

Music Hath Charms

Mr. Howell misses his finger with that hammer. And even if he does manage to scrape his finger slightly, he yells before the hammer connects.

The film of the natives storming the island is the same on the west end of the island and the south.

Gilligan drops the radio with the antenna pointing toward him, but in the next shot, it's pointing in the opposite direction.

It sure sounds like someone is playing the drums during the natives' dance session, but we can clearly see that no one touches them until Gilligan arrives.

We see scores of angry natives headed for the island on all sides, but only about a dozen in their camp and dancing to the castaways' music. Where did the rest of them go?

New Neighbor Sam

In this episode, Gilligan's breath whistles when he's nervous, but that phenomenon is never heard of again.

The castaways sit inside the hut awaiting an attack from the gangsters. They consider trying to get to the thugs' boat, but the Professor warns that, if the gangsters find their camp empty, they will simply track them to the boat and kill them there. Really? Waiting around to be murdered is a better plan than at least trying to get away?

Mrs.Howell tries to tell her husband that Sam flew under the bed before Mr. Howell has turned his back on the bird.

There's no need for Howell to conceal the fact that Sam ate the diamond while in the Howell hut.

Skipper says he's never seen that cave before. Actually, he was there at the entrance at the beginning of the episode.

Gilligan eats crackers from 1906.

Gilligan bites a cracker in half, then hands the rest to Sam. In the close-up, however, Sam is holding a whole cracker.

Gilligan and skipper sing that they will let Sam go when he tells them what they want to know. Then why, at episode's end, do they still have Sam in a cage? He's been living loose on the island for decades. So just turn him loose and let him get his own drink of water.

For some reason, Gilligan wears his watch on his left hand this episode; every other episode, it's on his right wrist.

They're Off and Running

Professor advises Gilligan to try tempting his turtle with moss, seaweed, grass, and plants. Plants? Last time I checked, those were all plants.

Mary Ann sells her vegetables to Mr. Howell? That seems out of character. You'd expect her to treat them as community property and refuse any offers from the millionaire. At least she'll have a nice little nest egg when they are rescued: $12,000.

Three To Get Ready

There is no reason for Gilligan to save the rescue for his third wish. If he'd made it his second wish, he would've had one wish in reserve in case anything went wrong.

Gilligan sends the others to "the cave" and "the tree" without specifying which cave and which tree; somehow the castaways find the right spots anyway.

Gilligan claims that no bird would build a nest on that weak branch. So how did that nest get there?

Halfway through the episode, Ginger finds the Eye of the Idol at the cave. Then, Skipper finds it in Gilligan's shoe. Do they each get three wishes?

The Skipper finds the stone in Gilligan's right sneaker, but it fell through the hole in his left pocket.

Instead of forcing Professor to go along with the wishing business, Gilligan could wish him off the island with the rest, whether he wants to go, or not.

Forget Me Not

Gilligan says that the Skipper can't sleep in the top hammock because he's afraid of heights. In no other episode do we see Skipper with such a phobia; in fact, he lies in the upper hammock on several occasions.

While he thinks he's back in the war, Skipper identifies himself as the CO of an infantry unit. Wasn't he in the Navy during the war? Navies don't have infantry units.

Diogenes, Won't You Please Go Home?

Ginger offers Gilligan some coconut juice. She probably means coconut milk.

Physical Fatness

It's Magic

The castaways all act like they don't know how they do their own tricks. You can't do a magic trick without knowing how it's done.

Instead of sitting around waiting for lunch, why doesn't somebody fix another breakfast? Even plain fruit would be better than nothing.

The castaways talk like they can't see Gilligan, who is standing only a few feet away. Sure, he's behind Skipper's back, but the others should see him plainly.

When Gilligan crawls out of the cave, he puts his foot in his plate of food.

Is it possible to bake a flash powder cake without blowing it up in the oven?

The wires are visible when Gilligan levitates the table.

Goodbye Old Paint

Duboff has been on the island for ten years. See Wrongway Feldman.

Ginger is outraged at the thought of posing as a belly dancer, a stripper to her mind. Yet in Voodoo, she performs what looks very much like a belly dance, and in Gilligan's Slave Girl, she does a belly dance, complete with removable veils.

Observe Mrs. Howell in the background. She looks rather comical as she tries to open a parasol that just won't stay up.

When the Professor sees that the transmitter is a piece of junk, he complains that Duboff must've had it for years. No duh! We already know the artist's had it for at least the ten years he's been on the island.

My Fair Gilligan

The Skipper warns that pineapple gives Gilligan a rash. In Physical Fatness, Gilligan eats a whole bowl without complaining.

Gilligan has a smear on his pants which looks suspiciously like tar before he arrives at the hut with the tar.

Mr. Howell's glasses appear and disappear while he's playing Solitaire.

A Nose By Any Other Name

Gilligan's reflection in the water is reversed.


Gilligan's Mother-In-Law

That may be a peaceful native family, but the chief is wearing human skulls around his waist.

When Gilligan falls under the weight of his future bride, the shadows of the onlookers stretch across the sand almost to his head. In the close-up, those shadows are gone

Watch Gilligan closely when he asks Haruki to guess how many fingers he has behind his back. The sailor says "One," then quickly has to change his hand so that one is correct.

The trial by spear is set for first thing in the morning, and Gilligan is told he has one night to practice. Yet when we see him practicing, it is broad daylight.

Beauty Is as Beauty Does

When the castaways clink their coconut shells together, theere is a distinct ceramic sound.

When Gilligan falls on his face, we see a cigarette butt in the sand near his hand. And since none of the castaways smokes...

It's lucky for Mr. Howell that the Skipper didn't step in the puddle of glue, since it's poured right at the top of the stairs.

Mary Ann dances to the accompaniment of the phonograph, but the music stops immediately when she steps in the glue.

Ginger finishes her "wonderful" speech without moving her lips.

The Little Dictator

When Rodriguez tries to convince Gilligan to become president of the island, the latter fails to inform him that he was already elected in President Gilligan.

In the dream sequence, Ginger appears before el Presidente Gilligan in a black mesh bikini only moments after rising from the table fully dressed. Gilligan even dreams in glitches!

Smile, You're on Mars Camera

In this episode only, there is a hut near the beach which Gilligan calls the supply hut. The normal supply hut is in camp.

Gilligan says the camera has four legs, though it has only three.

Does Mr. Howell always carry a whisk broom in his pocket?

Wny can't the Howells and the girls hear each other while playing tug-o-war with the diamond ring?

Howell claims that his wife's engagement ring has never been off her finger since the day they were "merged." This is simply not true, as she rarely wears it on the island.

The radio announcer says, and I quote, "There is no doubt in the minds of our top scientists that life may exist on Mars." And a more vague statement you will never hear.

Skipper questions whether Gilligan knows anything about making glue from tree sap. Has he forgotten Good-Bye, Island?

For some unknown reason, one of the camera's legs has been replaced by a bamboo pole.

Even though the camera lens was broken and glued back together, it presents a flawless picture with no distortion caused by cracks or glue.

Does NASA ever learn that there's not really life on Mars?

The Sweepstakes

Mr. Howell says he learned the money pledge at Super Millionaires' University, but everyone knows he attended Harvard. Maybe he went to grad school.

That's not how you play Three-Card Monty.

The assay man, portrayed by the Professor in Howell's dream, knows the prospector is rich. At least, he has the bag of gold in his office. Maybe he should've accepted payment from that bag instead of an I.O.U.

Although the prospector never says his name, if you listen carefully, you can hear the Marshall call him "Howell" at the very end of the dream.

The Howells have a long, not always whispered, conversation with Gilligan in his hammock in the middle of the night, yet they never wake up the Skipper. In fact, when they tell Gilligan to inform his friends they're back in the club, the sailor runs out without even thinking of the Skipper.

Gilligan putts leftie for some reason. FYI, Bob Denver is not left-handed.

Quick Before It Sinks

Gilligan takes the lobsters to the girls. So, why does the Skipper still have one?

An unconscious Gilligan flinches before the water hits him.

The close-up of the stilts shows them casting two shadows from two different light sources, the sun and...what?

The highest ground on the island must be the mountain climbed by Lord Beasley, which is probably not the volcano from Operation Steamheat, since the castaways couldn't see it spewing steam for a long while.

If Mr. Howell was in the middle of trimming the grass, why are the clippers, scissors and buffer inside his wife's bag?

Professor says that the water is twice as high as the day before. Maybe he means that it rose twice as high, because if the actualy depth was double that of the day before, that means Gilligan put the stick completely underwater.

Once Gilligan fails to tell Ginger the truth, the men chicken out completely, constructing an elaborate hoax to keep the women in the dark. So, when were they going to tell them? When the water reached their lower lips? According to the Professor's calculations, they only had a few more days before the sinking.

The girls' plan is to build a boat. The men couldn't come up with that?

Skipper's plate stops sliding when they begin the drinking test.

Gilligan's shirt is noticeably dirty toward the end of the episode. Did it get that way from the life jacket?

Castaways Pictures Presents

One of the items Gilligan hopes is in the sunken ship is a radio. They already have a radio.

Professor says he has a task for each of the women. So, what's Mrs. Howell's job? She doesn't appear to be doing anything.

Whatever sort of wrapping is on those sunken trunks, it's 100% waterproof, because the contents are completely dry after all those years.

Ginger comments that, if Lana Turner was discovered at a soda fountain, she can be discovered on the island. As Ginger has already starred in multiple movies, she has already been "discovered".

The film of Ginger staring at the Professor's extended hand is different from the actual incident as we saw it. Which means he tried to shake Ginger's hand in not one, but two separate takes.

If the Professor used to be a scuba diver, why doesn't he do any of the diving in this episode?

Surprisingly, nobody at the Cannes Film Festival recognizes either Ginger or the Howells.

If the castaways had only put a note on the raft instead of their film, they would've been rescued.

Agonized Labor

Mary Ann enters the Howell a through a second room that isn't there in every episode; normally, you just walk right in and you're standing in the bedroom.

Skipper is standing behind the girls in the far shots, but between them in the closer shot.

Mr. Howell says, "Ze whole egg go in ze soup" while making a salad.

Nyet, Nyet-Not Yet

Where are the parachutes from the capsule?

Howell makes a grammatical slip when he asks, "Who do we know in Moscow?" instead of "whom." A common enough mistake, but his wife usually catches these things.

If they just closed the capsule door, there would be no need to worry that the interior would get wet if it tipped.

Good thing the Russians talk in English when they make their plan to leave the castaways behind, otherwise Gilligan would never've understood them.

Even though Gilligan hears the cosmonauts admit they have no gun, the Skipper later worries that the pair might have a weapon to blow their enemies' heads off. Wouldn't they use such a weapon to subdue the castaways if they had one?

Mr. Howell's plan hinges on the fact that the Russians have more than one bottle of vodka, a fact the castaways have no way of knowing. Likewise, if the bottles happened to be sealed, the cosmonauts would've seen the broken seal, gotten suspicious, and ruined Howell's scheme.

Do the cosmonauts notice the puddle on the capsule floor made by Gilligan?

Since the castaways don't speak Russian, why do Igor and Ivan believe they can read Cyrillic numerals on the vodka bottle label?

The Professor claims to be allergic to alcohol, but he drinks it in Man with a Net. Also, Mr. Howell says he only drinks wine, though he drinks brandy in Splashdown.

On the morning of their rescue, Gilligan is the only one of the castaways who checks the time, and everyone else simply abides by what he says. Even though there's no way they could miss a three-hour difference.

Gilligan says he set his watch with the radio that very morning at 10:30. Yet, it's only 8:00 by his reckoning.

Hi-Fi Gilligan

There are plenty of caves in other episodes that are big enough for all seven castaways.

The Professor says the radio is hopeless and can't be fixed. Do the castaways really lose the use of the radio forever or does he eventually fix it?

It's a very bad idea to take shelter under a tree in a lightning storm, but Skipper tells Gilligan to do so.

The only way an electrical storm could've fixed Gilligan's tooth would be if the storm knocked a coconut out of a tree to hit him on the head.

The Chain of Command

If this whole thing was just a test for Gilligan, then why does the Skipper spend so much time talking with the Professor about his ideas for a fort?

To show he can look like a skipper, Gilligan pulls his hat brim down in an unnatural way. When he leaves the hut, the hat suddenly fixes itself.

Take a close look at Skipper and the slingshot. When he takes it from Gilligan, he breaks the elastic. A moment later, it's repaired.

Howell takes the wrong weapon when the Skipper gives the command. But if you listen carefully, it sounds like Alan Hale makes a mistake in his dialogue.

Gilligan messes up the commands to the castaways, it's true, but they don't even pick up the weapons he tells them to.

When Professor reads the note, it's slightly different than when Gilligan read it earlier.

Mr. Howell claims that he faints when he sees someone else faint, thoug that's not always the case. He's caught his wife plenty of times.

How does Mary Ann know where to find a safety pin in Skipper's sea chest?

The Professor takes the rope off the sack before Gilligan gives the command. At least, it's suddenly gone.

It's pretty amazing that Professor could make such a huge blunder about the hat.

Gilligan falls off the cliff wearing Skipper's hat, but grabs onto a tree branch wearing his own.

Why are the castaways so enjoying seeing Gilligan punished at the end of the episode? He actually did a very good job as the Skipper's replacement, only growing overly bossy for a few minutes.

Don't Bug the Mosquitoes

Irving doesn't speak, but he sings.

Mrs. Howell calls those nail scissors? They're more like shears.

When she later tries to cut Gilligan's hair, Mrs. Howell holds the scissors wrong, with her thumb in the larger, oval-shaped hole.

The curtain gets stuck on the stage while it's opening.

By the way, who's opening that curtain?

Gilligan bends the Mosquitoes' album almost in half, and there's definitely no record inside.

Gilligan Gets Bugged

What's that on the Skipper's hat brim for the entire episode? A stain?

Skipper seems awfully panicky before he knows what kind of bug bit Gilligan. Why should he assume it's a dangerous insect?

Ginger pushes a palm leaf aside just in time for it to hit Mary Ann in the face.

The Professor comes out of the Howell hut with news of the antidote. Was he reading his book in there? Or perhaps sharing the good news with Mrs. Howell?

Professor fears they may not have all the substitute ingredients for the antidote on the island. Doesn't he know whether they have clams, papaya, and mustard plants?

Gilligan asks, "What kind of experiment?" Did he forget already?

Although Gilligan knows the powdered clamshell is needed to save the life of one of the castaways, he gets tired of sifting and leaves it for the Professor to do himself.

When Gilligan and Skipper burst into the Professor's lab, they knock his door out of kilter, then the Howells collide with it and finish the job.

Mine Hero

At the very beginning of the episode, the Skipper's hat brim looks as if the shine is nearly all rubbed off. Later on, it looks spiffy again.

The mine weighs 600 pounds, yet Gilligan manages to pull it several feet onto the beach, then drag it back into the lagoon in time for the episode's climax.

Why does the raft need a metal anchor? Wouldn't a big rock do?

Why does the raft need a metal rudder? Wouldn't a wooden one do? Besides which, a rudder would only be useful if there was someone on board to turn it.

Mary Ann tells Gilligan she's going to fetch her slave bracelet for the Professor; yet when she finds it, she talks as though she'd forgotten she had it.

It's not a glitch, but it is interesting: Mary Ann is using the cracker box from Good Neighbor Sam as a jewelry box.

Gilligan has no idea why the girls are collecting metal, yet the next time we see him, he's collecting his own metal.

Professor says there are no iron mines on the island. But there was a deposit of ferrous oxide in Good-Bye Island

When the men hear that the mine is ticking, they run for their lives: Gilligan through the girls' hut wall, and presumably, Mr. Howell to his wife. Moments later, the Howells appear, and Thurston has executed a complete wardrobe change. As usual, the Howells's first thought is the proper dress for every occasion.

After the men de-magnetize themselves, Gilligan is still wearing his watch, and Mr. Howell is wearing a belt.

The Professor says he's expendable, but that's not what he thinks in Seer Gilligan. Maybe it's a case of false modesty.

It's hard to see clearly, but that card of Skipper's looks like a club or a spade.

Once the episode is over, why don't the castaways begin their raft plan again? It wouldn't hurt to try a floating SOS.

Erika Tiffany Smith to the Rescue

Is the Professor really dumb enough to think those numbers are Erika's IQ? Or is she just making a joke?

The Professor is shown in Skipper's hut, packing clothes. Is he just helping out? Or has he been storing his things there? See Ship Ahoax

Three days after we see Gilligan packing to leave, the Skipper is still packing his seachest. Besides which, he's packing it full of clothes we've never seen him wear.

Although Erika can't find the island again, Johnny the sailor should have some idea of its location. Note: When series creator Sherwood Schwartz had this glitch pointed out to him, he replied that Johnny, sadly, suffered a fatal heart attack while returning to civilization.

Not Guilty

The newspapers in the submerged wooden crate are bone dry. That's a pretty well-sealed crate.

The newspaper looks a lot different later on in the episode.

For this episode, the Howells are sleeping in the wrong beds.

Wouldn't it be easier to search the Howell hut by day? There must be plenty of times when the place is empty.

Is that a real gun that Skipper finds in the Howell hut? If so, the castaways could've used it many times. Surely Mr. Howell would've brought it out to use against Rodriguez or Jackson Farrell. Even if it's a phony, it might be used to bluff a foe into dropping his weapon.

Mr. Howell fumes that his swagger stick is not tilted towards Oxford. Why? Everybody knows he's a Harvard man.

Randolph Blake managed a store owned by the Howell Corp. Was he also an out-of-work scientist when he applied for that job? He must've been, if he hoped to pass off a paper on marine biology written by the Professor as his own.

Is that merely a palm leaf next to the spear gun? Or is it a lever used by the set crew to push the weapon over?

You've Been Disconnected

Professor says the incident with the flare on Skipper's birthday cake was in April, yet we learn in They're Off and Running that his birthday is May 5th.

When Skipper says, "No luck so far," what is he talking about? He was only told to monitor the phone lines, listening for a language he could understand, which he did when he heard the Hawaiian call.

If only they'd used the Skipper's idea to break the cable, the castaways would've been rescued in a few months.

Was the film about Ginger's life story ever made?

The Postman Cometh

Gilligan says Mary Ann writes a letter to her phony boyfriend every week, but later he says it's each day.

Mary Ann deosn't know that some mushrooms are poisonous? I thought everybody knew that.

Mrs. Howell teaches Gilligan to woo Mary Ann by calling her eyes limpid pools of indigo blue. Her eyes are brown.

Seer Gilligan

The Professor appears convinced that Gilligan can indeed read minds, but later he once again denies even the possibility, even though he appears to believe his book that says the mind-reading seeds did exist at one time.

For some reason, Gilligan and Skipper switch hammocks for one night.

When Ginger and Mr. Howell run into each other in the middle of the night, they each pretend they are sleepwalking. If Howell buys that, he must believe that Ginger went to bed in an evening gown and heels.

According to Mrs. Howell, Gilligan promised to show the castaways the bush, but in the morning, he sneaks away and brings them the seeds. Maybe all those night visits made him decide to keep the location a secret.

The Professor claims that the arguments caused from reading minds are the first real fights the castaways have had. This must be a very early incident in the history of the island, because there are plenty of other fights in other episodes.

Howell cries that he burned his pinky, but he kisses his first two fingers.

The castaways eat the seeds so fast, they would've been all used up anyway, even if Gilligan hadn't burned the bush.

Love Me, Love My Skipper

The Howells once held their annual cotillion inside the Taj Mahal? It's a tomb, not a hotel.

Mr. Howell puts one invitation under the girls' door, then walks off. It would've been less work to deliver both at the same time.

Why doesn't Howell notice he missed an invitation? He only has five to deliver.

If Ginger had told her plan from the start, it would've saved Mary Ann the trouble of taking a hem up only to let it back down again.

Mr. Howell claims he can only dance with his wife, although he's danced with the other girls on occasion.

Gilligan's Living Doll

The robot only repeats some of the things said in his vicinity, and repeats the Skipper's phrase about losing his marbles incorrectly.

Although the Skipper calls a rabbit's foot a silly superstition, he is shown to be very superstitious himself in Voodoo Something to Me and Waiting for Watubi.

Sweeping a floor made of sand? What's the point?

Why does the barrel used to make the washing machine have a porthole in the side? It originally held marine lubricant.

It takes the robot 17 hours to build his model boat. Didn't any of the castaways check on his progress during all that time?

A thousand-pound robot doesn't break the table or the bamboo bicycle.

Forward March

Skipper longs for carrots, which were in Mary Ann's garden in They're Off and Running,

Gilligan has his sleeves uncharacteristically rolled up, probably to allow Howell to stick him in the arm with his tie pin.

Ginger makes a fashion faux pas while singing her song: her strap is showing, but only in the far shots.

How does the gorilla get behind Gilligan in that narrow tunnel?

Ship Ahoax

Gilligan exits his hut through the door, which means he crossed the line down the middle.

Gilligan doesn't believe in ghosts or goblins? He seems to in Ghost a Go-Go.

Watch as Ginger writes down the information she hears on the radio to use for her predictions; she must use some kind of crazy shorthand to get all that info in a few tiny pencil strokes.

The brainy Professor attributes the quote, "Oh, what a tangled web we weave..." to SHakespeare. It was actually written by Sir Walter Scott.

Although Gilligan breaks the crystal ball, there's another one on the seance table.

"Can you do a seance?" asks the Professor, even though Ginger already told him she could.

Mary Ann and Ginger make up when the imminent rescue is announced, but Gilligan and Skipper are still fighting.

Professor tells the castaways that Ginger will predict the exact time of their rescue; he tells Gilligan that Ginger can perform a seance; but when the time comes, he absents himself because the whole thing is "silly."

Why does the Professor wear his good sport coat just to hide under the table?

Feed the Kitty

That spear the men are carrying can't be very sharp since Mr. Howell grabs the spearhead with no sign of pain.

The reflection of the lion in Mrs. Howell's mirror is reversed.

The lion is seen wearing a leash before Gilligan befriends it.

We get too good a look at the stuntwoman in the Howell hut, showing clearly that it is not Mrs. Howell.

When the castaways think they've caught the lion, the first thing they do is let the snare down. Good thing it was only Gilligan.

So, how did they miss seeing Gilligan step into the snare? They were all looking right at it.

Leo sees Mrs. Howell as a llama. There must've been one at the Paris Exposition, because they are found only in South America.

Mr. Howell mistakenly says "Thurston Howell's Howell of Shows" instead of "Howell's Show of Shows."

Watch the line "Maybe he's mad 'cause we left him out" in slow motion; there are a few frames missing before the fade-out.

Leo somehow roars with his mouth closed.

After all the stunts performed with a real lion on this episode, why did they use a fake in the final scene?

If Leo can ride a raft safely to the shipping lanes, why can't the castaways?

Operation: Steam Heat

Mr. Howell's hat suddenly changes.

When the earth shakes, Gilligan remarks that it's never happened before, yet Ginger says they have tremors all the time in Ship Ahoax.

Professor mentions that there is copper in the caves--does Mr. Howell know about this valuable resource on the island?

Will the Real Mr. Howell Please Stand Up?

In this episode, we learn that the castaways have been on the island for two years, so far.

The interviewer forgets to speak into the microphone.

Why doesn't Mr. Howell change out of those wet clothes? Probably so they can re-use the same film of him trying to swim to Hawaii.

Mr. Howell keeps saying he needs to get to the mainland, which is true, as that's where the imposter is. But surely he's trying to get to Hawaii, the closest point to the island, and not all the way to California.

Build a boat? That's the Professor's brilliant plan to be rescued? Why didn't the castaways try that the day they were shipwrecked? Oh, yeah, because it doesn't work.

It wouldn't hurt to try all the castaways' rescue ideas. They've got plenty of time to paint messages on fish or build hot air balloons. But Ginger should note that there are many episodes in which she wears a skimpy costume, and no pilot has spotted her yet.

It is interesting that, while the Professor has a masters degree in psychology, both Ginger and Mrs. Howell try to psychoanalyze various patients in How To Be a Hero, Seer Gilligan, and The Kidnapper.

A simple way to identify the imposter would be to quiz him on the names of the other castaways or events that have happened on the island.

Professor tosses the radio onto the chaise, but it bounces off and falls to the ground. Hope it's not broken.

The imposter does not appear to have the empty champagne bottle in his hand when he swims away, although the radio reports that he has it when he's rescued. In fact, he tossed it aside earlier; why would he take the time to go after it while running for his life?

Ghost a Go-Go

The Skipper claims he doesn't believe in ghosts, although he's normally pretty superstitious, as seen in Voodoo Something to Me and Waiting for Watubi.

Gilligan runs for a bucket of water to revive the fainting Skipper, passing by two separate water containers. Maybe he knows they are empty.

The ghost suddenly has a hole in the sheet for his head to go through, which wasn't there before.

Allergy Time

Do the castaways ever finish the ping-pong table? We never see them play.

A ping-pong table shouldn't have raised edges like that.

Professor gives Skipper a physical examination outside the hut in broad daylight.

The Skipper remarks that "everybody's here and nobody's sneezing." In fact, only he and Mr. Howell are there.

The cave Gilligan moves to appears to be the same one he used in It's Magic.

Skipper and Professor whisper about the gag they'll play on Gilligan. Then Professor calls to Gilligan, twice, but the first time, he's still whispering.

The Friendly Physician

Extraordinarily bright blue eyes look at Gilligan from the portrait. Who is spying on them? Not Dr. Balinkoff or Igor.

Those eyes don't look particularly bloodshot, no matter what Gilligan says.

Technically, a parrot could be taught to imitate a lion's roar without switching its brain.

"Will you stop answering for me?" complains Howell in Gilligan's body. But his counterpart has been answering for Gilligan, not Mr. Howell.

When Gilligan and Mr. Howell get their brains switched, they don't realize the change until they look in the mirror. Can't they figure it out from seeing each other?

How does Ginger get her brain switched? Igor can't turn on the machine from inside the booth, and Balinkoff knows nothing about it.

How do Balinkoff, Igor, the dog, and the cat escape from the booths?

"V" for Vitamins

If Gilligan is correct about the castaways having only three weeks to live, then planting the orange seeds will be a complete waste of their few remaining days, as the trees can't possibly grow in that short time.

Mr. and Mrs.???

Although every country has its own laws, ship captains can't perform weddings under American law.

Mrs. Howell complains when the Skipper leaves out parts of the wedding ceremony; although he gives her a submissive "yes, ma'am," he never goes back and replaces them.

Skipper asks Mr. Howell if he will love, honor, and obey his wife. True, the word "obey" has been removed from many marriage ceremonies, but it was never part of the vows recited by the groom.

Meet the Meteor

Although not a glitch, it is interesting to note that the picture of the beached Minnow on the theme song is different in this episode.

A meteor is a body that burns up in the Earth's atmosphere; if it hits the Earth, it's a meteorite. Even the Professor makes that mistake, except for a brief section in the middle of the episode.

That stuff that looks like spouting lava when the meteorite hits the island--it's footage of lava spouting up from the episode Operation: Steam Heat.

Didn't the girls and the Howells hear the meteorite hit the island?

Whose hut is the Professor reclining in? It looks like Gilligan's, but where is the other hammock?

The Skipper suggests copper for the construction of the lightning rod, but the Professor says all they have to work with is lead. In Operation: Steam Heat, we learn that there is copper in the caves. They must discover it later.

When the Professor puts the lightning rod down to cool, he says, "we'll finish the work in the hut." What work is there to do in the hut?

In the dream sequence, Professor asks if the girls are dressed while barging right in on them.

Even after the meteorite is shattered, wouldn't each little piece emit the same deadly rays?


Up at Bat

A full moon has nothing to do with the legend of the vampire.

Gilligan never notices that the background in the so-called mirror is actually the wall in front of him.

The Professor stands a good chance of being bitten himself the way he catches that bat.

Professor helps get the unconscious Gilligan into the hut, but doesn't even offer to help Skipper get him into the hammock.

The wires are visible on the bat several times.

Although Gilligan believes he's cured of vampirism, he locks himself away in a cave. Was he lying before?

The Skipper fears that Gilligan wouldn't stand a chance in the jungle all night. Why not? There don't seem to be many really dangerous animals on the island.

Of course, it's only a dream, but the castle has an electric porch light while the housekeeper has to carry a kerosene lamp.

Gilligan dreams the portrait from Boris Balinkoff's home in The Friendly Physician into the vampire's castle.

When the vampire's wife rises from her chair, the shadow of a boom mike is plainly visible on the fireplace.

Bats can't hover.

Gilligan vs. Gilligan

Why does the spy bother to open his transmitter at all if his Commandant can hear everything while it is closed up in his pocket?

The Professor says Gilligan mistook the shadow of a leaf lit by the sun as a shiny gold pocket knife; he probably meant the reflection of a leaf, as a shadow can't be lit by the sun.

When the Professor exits the Skipper's and Gilligan's hut, there is a life preserver on the outside of the door, which wasn't in the exterior shot.

I know Mr. Howell is cheating, but he begins the chess game with one of his pieces off the board.

Even after finding the knife, Professor still doesn't believe Gilligan's story.

Pass the Vegetables, Please

When Gilligan reels in the crate, it is floating. He should've seen it coming a mile away.

Gilligan drops the crate lid face up on the beach, yet no one sees the warning printed there. Later, Gilligan even makes a bench out of it, still without seeing the message.

Gilligan begins to say, "Hey, Skipper," but quickly changes it to, "Hey, Professor."

Everyone misses vegetables terribly, but in They're Off and Running, Mary Ann has carrots (her favorite), lettuce, and turnips in her garden.

Gilligan names spinach as his favorite vegetable, yet in Lovey's Secret Admirer, the lie detector confirms that he doesn't like spinach. Did his adventure with the radioactive vegetable make him sick of spinach forever?

What animal gave the castaways that huge bone they use for a bridle bit when they plow the garden?

Why does Gilligan have a rope tied around his waste? Answer: so he can have his shirt fill up with water.

Mary Ann's hands are positioned differently in the close-up behind the radio and in the far shot.

When Gilligan picks up the stool, it makes a scraping sound that sounds like wood on wood.

They're building that signal fire awfully close to the huts. Wouldn't a spot on the beach be better?

Mrs. Howell is still eating beets, even after she knows they are deadly.

Although the Professor tells the castaways they must continually move around to stay alive, both Skipper and Mr. Howell are seen sitting around leisurely.

The Producer

Could Harold Hecuba's rubber raft make it to the shipping lanes? The castaways should try it instead of putting up with H.H.

Hecuba whistles for service, but Ginger does a complete costume change before waiting on him. No wonder he's such a grouch.

The Skipper ridicules Gilligan's suggestion of a musical made from Carpenter's Handbook. It's at least as good as his own suggestion of Integrated Calculus.

Gilligan suggests practicing their play in the clearing where Hecuba can't hear them. How wrong he was! The producer is instantly awakened by the first strains of music.

Hecuba sure learns the lyrics to those songs in a hurry.

Who opens the curtain while Hecuba is visible onstage, the Professor is working the phonograph, and the rest of the castaways are in the audience?

The music on the record is different when heard the second time, not simply sped up.

Hecuba knocks the stage door off its hinge, but it's okay a moment later.

When Gilligan is pulled out of his hammock and onto the ground, you can clearly see a mattress buried under the sand.


The Professor proclaims the native artifacts an example of early Mayan workmanship. How did the Mayans of Central America get to a Pacific island?

The voodoo spell worked on the girls before the witch doctor steals their personal possessions.

When the Howells enter the cave with money to propitiate the witch doctor, there is a burning torch stuck in the wall. It's not Gilligan's, for he took his out of the cave with him. Who put it there? The witch doctor? Then shouldn't it be obvious to the castaways that there's somebody in that cave?

Why were the dolls in the cave in plain sight, where anyone could find them? They weren't there earlier. Sloppy work on the part of the witch doctor.

When the Professor is cured, Mary Ann is wearing the same outfit she wore the night before, when they all got caught in the rain.

When the Professor snaps out of his trance, he doesn't notice that the other castaways are not standing in the same places. To him, it would look like they moved instantaneously.

What personal possession of the witch doctor's did Gilligan obtain to make the voodoo doll? Do the other dolls count?

Where There's a Will

There must not be a watch with a second hand on the island, since Ginger must use an hourglass to take Howell's pulse.

Of course Mrs. Howell feels the need to change clothes for every occasion, but Ginger also takes the time to change into a nurse's uniform before helping to treat Mr. Howell's illness.

During the will-writing scene, a shadow flies across the screen, which looks rather like a moth in front of a spotlight.

That wild boar they catch must be the last one, because in The Hunter, the castaways tell Jonathan Kincaid there is no game on the island.

Howell leaves for the other side of the island without packing his teddy bear, which is a good thing, considering his luggage sinks in the quicksand.

Man With a Net

Lord Beasley is so intent on chasing his butterfly, he collides with the table.

The designation "swallowtail" is given to butterflies possesing a forked hindwing, which the Pussycat swallowtail doesn't have.

The Pussycat Swallowtail is neither the rarest butterfly in the world, nor the only one to escape Lord Beasley, since we learn there is a rarer butterfly in the antarctic he hasn't captured.

As soon as the Skipper is through telling the Professor about Lord Beasley, Professor reveals he's been reading a book about butterfly collectors. Some coincidence!

The Meadow Brown looks an awful lot like the Pussycat Swallowtail.

The usually immaculately-dressed Mr. Howell has a stain on his jacket before the castaways begin their enforced march.

"Long may his butterflies fly," proposes the Professor in a toast to Lord Beasley. If he's like other butterfly collectors, Beasley kills his specimens as soon as he catches them, so they won't fly for very long.

Lord Beasley could simply tell the crew of the ship about the sleeping castaways, thus rescuing them even if they are unconscious.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Gilligan must've shrunk that one starched sock he gives to Skipper; it looks child-sized.

Mary Ann takes a cue from Ginger when she tries to manipulate Gilligan by vamping him.

Mary Ann doesn't seem surprised or pleased to see Gilligan doing laundry when the day before he was convinced he was a dying old man.

Add to the bizarre things the Howells brought on a three-hour tour two custom-made colonial-era wigs.

Ginger's signature gown is burned off by the bleach. Is this dress gone forever?

Ring Around Gilligan

When Balinkoff drops the ring for Gilligan to find, a frond suddenly whacks him in the face.

We see two close-ups of the ring lying in the sand. These shots are identical, even though the ring has been moved.

Is Igor the monkey somehow the same Igor from the castaways' earlier encounter with Balinkoff? Did the doctor transform him for some reason?

When Howell tries to bribe him in The Friendly Physician, Balinkoff says, "Bah on money." Now, he wants to rob Fort Knox.

It looks like the sleeping Skipper obligingly raises his arm to make it easier for Gilligan to slip the ring on his finger.

If only one of the castaways had taken the ring off his finger when it was first discovered, instead of standing around admiring it...

Although Skipper is first in line in the march for the door, Gilligan somehow exits the hut before him.

Balinkoff leaves his machinery on the island. If the Professor finds it, maybe he can use the parts to build a transmitter.

The castaways don't recognize Balinkoff as he sails away from the lagoon, or they wouldn't be so keen on calling him back.


Sometimes Gilligan's upside-down view is reversed horizontally.

"I saw all eight of 'em ago about an hour," says Gilligan, proving that his grammar is as mixed up as his eyesight.

The water bottle on the table keeps moving.

The castaways have plenty of time to escape from the cage while the natives' attention is focused on Gilligan.

Gilligan, seeing five images, can't touch the correct pie, but he has no trouble touching the whipped cream on Skipper's face.

The Invasion

Gilligan reads "Genuine Cow Hide" on the top of the briefcase, but we see it on the bottom.

The Skipper's head is higher up on his hammock in the close-ups.

The bird is there to chirp if anyone lifts the cage. But it doesn't.

If they can't break off the handcuff to free Gilligan, maybe the castaways should try to break the handle off the briefcase.

Gilligan starts to grab hold of the tree before Skipper tells him to.

The table top is suddenly smooth instead of covered with matting, just in time for Gilligan to slide across it.

The barley in the ladel simply vanishes. Of course, it is only a dream.

Before Evil Agent 5 delivers the kiss of death, she very clearly licks her lips, which should poison her on the spot.

Although the poison lipstick is specially formulated for 014's body chemistry, it works quite nicely on Evil Agent 5.

The Kidnapper

There is a non-US bill mixed in with Mr. Howell's stack of currency.

Howell says he doesn't carry tens and twentys, but he does in other episodes.

The Professor gets mad at Gilligan for pulling on the drawstring bag before the former removes his hand from the loop, yet he told Gilligan to take the bag. Their mishap is totally the Professor's fault.

For some reason, Wiley doesn't tie Mrs. Howell's feet.

Wiley told Ginger she was dead if she moved. Yet by her own admission, she struggled and struggled.

And Then There Were None

Gilligan may've been alone with Mrs. Howell when she picked out the dress, but Mr. Howell saw her after that alive and well in the tree camouflage.

The wires are visible on Mary Poppins.

Although Dr. Gilligan has a defense attorney, he does his own cross-examination of the Lady in Red.

The Professor's mouth doesn't move when he says, "It's holding the trap door open."

All About Eva

Ginger sees the boat, then runs back with Gilligan to tell the others, then seems amazed when the Skipper tells her they have a boat.

If Eva can see the huts from the path as the Skipper says, why doesn't she immediately leave the inhabited island?

Mrs. Howell doesn't speak French? She says she does in You've Been Disconnected.

Although Eva can't see well enough to tell the women apart, she can see herself in the mirror all right.

That box in which Eva carries the spark plugs is the same one Professor uses to store his shiny ball-on-a-chain in The Second Ginger Grant.

Eva seems to run a long way through the jungle to get to the girls' hut. Isn't it in the same clearing as the other huts?

If Eva's plan worked, and she convinced the others to leave without "Eva," they would still send a boat back eventually, as was the original plan; a search party would find Ginger, dead or alive, and the career Eva hoped for would be ruined.

The note keeps moving from Skipper's right to his left hand.

Does Eva ever succeed in taking Ginger's place? Apparently not, because the return of Ginger Grant to Hollywood would certainly be worthy of a radio broadcast.

Gilligan Goes Gung-Ho

The Howells ask why Gilligan wants a policeman, but he never said "police," only "murder."

How do the castaways manage to make a working lock and key from bamboo and coconuts?

Watch Gilligan's book when he puts it on a rock and rushes away; you can just see the book falling to the ground as the camera pans away.

The rocks contain the phosphoescent mineral shelite, which was invented by the scriptwriters. Now, creating a mineral for an episode is not a glitch, but why not load the rocks with phosphorus, a real glow-in-the-dark mineral instead?

We get an excellent plane's-eye view of the island, but neither the mountain from Man With a Net nor the volcano from Operation: Steam Heat, which might be one and the same, are visible.

Even though the plane has passed, can't the castaways still use the phosphorescent rocks? Some other plane is bound to fly over sometime.

Gilligan's hat falls off when he breaks through the cell door, but he has it on when he runs through the jungle.


It looks like Barklay takes a part from the outside of the short-wave, not inside as Professor indicates.

Mrs. Howell is uncharacteristically agreeable to inviting a stranger into their hut even though the beds aren't made.

Skipper has the transmitter in his hands; if he'd only hung onto it instead of giving it back to Barklay, he would've realized the mike was unplugged and could have sent another message.

For that matter, if the castaways thought to imprison Barklay while he was hanging around the huts, the rescue crew would have to scour the island for him.

Court Martial

When Skipper tosses the vine over the tree limb, he hits Gilligan in the face with it.

Why do Gilligan and the Skipper tie their belongings in bundles when they move to the other side of the island? Why not use their duffel bag and sea chest?

Lord Admiral Gilligan has his telescope attached to his belt until he reaches for it; then it's somewhere off to the side.

Lord Gilligan's hat is stuck a lot higher in the bars the second time we see it.

Even after they see that it is not the pirates but Lord Admiral Gilligan who has broken down their door, the Queen's daughters are still looking pretty scared.

The Hunter

Gilligan appears to lose his way while running to the helicopter, even though it wasn't very far off and he can still hear it.

Jonathan Kincaid asks if there are other people on the island, to which Gilligan answers, "Yeah, there's six of us." Somehow Kincaid correctly interprets this as meaning there are seven castaways, six plus Gilligan.

Gilligan could easily grab the rifle while Kincaid and Ginger are kissing.

When Kincaid fires just over Gilligan's head, he starts running to the spot instead of taking another shot, missing a valuable opportunity to kill his prey.

Gilligan falls headlong into the fresh water supply, but is facing the opposite direction when he climbs out.

Kincaid comes out of the water wtih his rifle so waterlogged it's useless. Too bad the Skipper and the Professor, who are standing right behind him, don't take down the unarmed hunter while they have the chance.

Kincaid should know the time is almost up, instead of wasting time with target practice.

The hunter allows Gilligan to go free after twenty-four hours because, "Jonathan Kincaid keeps his word." Moments later, he breaks his promise to rescue the castaways.

Lovey's Secret Admirer

Mr. Howell reads one of the love notes perfecly well without his glasses.

It sure looks like Skipper can see the girls' faces through the window as they stage their fake argument, which would spoil the trick, since they are both smirking.

The Professor explains how he made the lie detector while wearing the helmet, but the lights fail to flash at his true statements.

For some reason, Howell walks into his own hut in the middle of the night to deliver a note. Did he stash the pink paper outside somewhere?

Take a close look at Cinderella's home in Mrs. Howell's dream. It's just Boris Balinkoff's dungeon with a new decorater.

Before the knight blows his top, you can clearly see his legs are much longer than when he is revealed to be a little person.

Our Vines Have Tender Apes

How did Tonga find an island with people on it for his little experiment?

Tongo's haircut should make the castaways suspicious.

It's not surprising that Tongo would wear crude sandals, but they come and go from scene to scene.

Mrs. Howell refers to her husband's custom made golf club. It's only a bamboo pole on which someone tied a seashell. Technically, everything on the island is "custom made" in that it is hand-made by the castways for a specific purpose.

"Let him stand on somebody else's chest," says Gilligan, though Tongo actually stood on the sailor's back.

Ginger could try using that torch to defend herself from Tongo.

The castaways are pretty trusting to release an ape-man who threatened them with a knife, kidnapped Ginger, and pummeled them with coconuts.

That "gorilla" is an orangutan.

"What is it?" asks the Skipper when Tongo drops his tape recorder. Duh! Any fool could see what it is.

For some reason, Ginger changes clothes to start sewing Gilligan's ape suit.

The girls are so eager to get to the safety of the men that they actually run toward the ape.

Not really a glitch, but Tongo's helicopter looks a lot like Jonathan Kincaid's. Maybe he bought it cheap when the hunter was sent to the nuthouse.

Gilligan's Personal Magnetism

After Gilligan is struck by lightning, the storm that just began ends immediately. This happens twice in this episode.

The girls touch Gilligan before they kiss him, but with no electric shock.

The hut door crashes onto the Skipper's head with the life preserver facing away from him, but in the next shot we suddenly see it facing toward him. It must've spun around in mid-air.

Why is the experiment to remove the rock performed under a lean-to? We never see this structure for more than five minutes or in any other episode. It must exist solely to cover Gilligan with palm fronds when it collapses.

Both the wires on the pear and the tube that sucks the milk from the glass are visible.

When Gilligan is unwrapped, the strips shouldn't come off all in one piece; Professor finished wrapping his upper body and must have used a separate piece of cloth for the lower half.


Skipper is excited to learn that the space capsule will pass directly over the island, then puzzled to hear it will pass over on three separate orbits, then excited again when the Professor tells him how high it will be flying. It seems like Skipper just doesn't understand a thing the Professor is saying.

It sounds like the radio gets louder before Gilligan turns up the volume.

In the close-up, the radio has rope tied to the handle.

The island appears long and skinny from orbit, unlike the drawing the Professor makes in Our Vines Have Tender Apes.

The wires on the capsule are visible when it lands.

When Gilligan and Skipper emerge from the jungle, the latter is gaping at the capsule, but Gilligan is looking at the Skipper. Only when Skipper fails to turn to meet his eyes does Gilligan look at the capsule. Then they react by looking at each other. Apparently, somebody missed his cue.

"This must be the unmanned Scorpio E-X-1 capsule," says the Professor. Well, duh, it says E-X-1 on the side in six-inch characters.

Skipper's bamboo cup shatters like glass when he drops it.

Look carefully and you'll see that Mr. Howell is holding Teddy before his wife opens the suitcase.

Mrs. Howell never uses any perfume but Gold Dust #5? Not in Good-Bye Island.

When Skipper throws equipment out of the capsule, you can see very clearly that the ship is not actually in water.

Although they couldn't recover Mr. Howell's money from the lagoon, let's hope the castaways picked up the items they threw out of the space capsule. Those electronic parts could prove valuable. After all, the government blew up the capsule to keep its equipment from falling into the wrong hands.

High Man on the Totem Pole

Skipper says if they keep heading east, he thinks they'll eventually hit the beach. Hello? It's an island! Every direction will bring you to the beach.

They have quite a time clearing the brush away from the totem pole, but later on in the episode, it seems to be standing in a wide clearing.

When the Kupaki first see the downed head, it appears to be falling. Yet none of the castaways has put it back yet. Skipper and Professor are on the way to do just that when they first see the headhunters, and Gilligan looks for it on the ground. Perhaps the natives accidentally kicked it.

The natives are about to kill the Howells when Skipper intervenes. This action, for some reason, changes their minds, and they spend the next hour or so sharpening their knives.

The Second Ginger Grant

Why isn't Mrs. Howell helping to outfit Ginger? Surely she'd do a better job than the men.

Ginger can't cook? Maybe she's not in Mary Ann's league, but she does at least some cooking in many episodes, for example Pass the Vegetables Please. Maybe Mary Ann gave her lessons.

Mary Ann can't perform? Maybe she's not in Ginger's league, but she does at least a decent job in many episodes, for example, Don't Bug the Mosquitoes. Maybe Ginger gave her lessons.

The water in the tub is deeper from certain camera angles.

Although Gilligan dunks his head completely in the bath water, his hair is bone dry a moment later, then wet again when he leaves the hut.

Ginger can fool Mary Ann with her disguise, but not Gilligan. Apparently there's some difference between being hypnotized and suffering from delusions.

The record is not turning at all when Mr. Howell starts it over.

Apparently Mary Ann never cuts the sleeves on Ginger's red dress, although we've already seen that they are far too long on her.

The Secret of Gilligan's Island

Gilligan trips over a rock at the cave entrance that wasn't there when they went inside the cave.

The wires on the bat are visible, and, later, on Chief Howell when his wife drags him away.

The recipe says to cook the acid in a stone pot, but the girls use a cast iron one.

How can the Professor possibly say with that kind of certainty what prehistoric chiefs said to their tribes?

The cracks on Caveman Gilligan's tablet are visible before Chief Howell breaks it; the same can be said for the spoons that Gilligan dips in the acid.

The cave people wear some pretty modern-looking jewelry, including a wedding ring and a gold chain.

Caveman Gilligan sure is strong; he carries that stone tablet with one hand.

Although Chief Howell goes to great lengths to prevent anyone leaving for Other Side of Hill, he and his wife eventually accompany the cavemen on their trek.

Slave Girl

There must be a long time elapsed between Gilligan saving Kalani and her first meeting with the other castaways, because she and Gilligan are now bone dry.

Mr. Howell says he was captain of the boxing team at Vassar. Besides the fact that we all know he went to Harvard, Vassar didn't go co-ed until 1969. There's not much to brag about in being captain of the womans' boxing team, Mr. Howell.

How long did the castaways think they could keep Kalani from seeing that Gilligan had survived the duel with Mr. Howell?

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Gilligan

The military film of the jet pack is shot from a variety of angles, including some from a camera evidently mounted on the pilot's helmet, although we can clearly see there is no camera there.

For a second, you can see wires on the jet pack during the training film.

The jet pack sometimes has metal bands that fit over the pilot's shoulders, but not all the time.

Watch Mr. Howell's drink when he starts counting Gilligan's swings; he tips the glass so much that something spills out.

There is no latch on the door of the Professor's hut at the beginning of the episode. Maybe he added it to keep the castaways from barging in on his experiments.

The Pigeon

Three weeks after the pigeon feeding frenzy, Mrs. Howell, Mary Ann and Ginger are all wearing the exact same outfits again on the same day. What are the odds?

Burtie begins his note with "Dear Shipwrecked." It must've been only the first draft, however, because when Gilligan reads it, it says, "Dear Mrs. Hawkins."

The Professor says that the castaways should take a picture of themselves with the Minnow. He then sends Gilligan to get the pigeon. By the time Gilligan sees the spider and runs back to the hut, Professor has already taken the picture and developed it, without waiting for Gilligan. He must've used a camera with an automatic timer, because the photo, we learn later, shows six people.

The photo looks like any ordinary photo, but later, when Gilligan unrolls it from Walter's leg, the paper seems to be much thinner.

And how did they make that hut light-proof enough to serve as a darkroom?

The Skipper says spiders love turtle eggs. They do? Have you ever heard this scientific tidbit?

To get the spider to drink the cider, the castaways pour it into a turtle egg. Later, they simply pour it on the ground, and the spider goes for it.

If only Gilligan had thought to carry Walter out of the cave when he runs into the snares.

The mirror is much bigger when the girls take it to the cave than when it hung inside the hut. Must be a different mirror.

I sure hope Walter kills that giant spider as it runs off into the jungle. I sure hope there aren't any more of them on the island.

When the castaways release Walter, they don't all look in the same direction to watch him go.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The scientists at the beginning of the episode are awfully careless in the way they handle that exploding ashtray, considering one false move will kill them all.

The glass is the only transparent object made from the plastic explosives; maybe there's some process used besides simple air-drying.

Shouldn't Gilligan's crate have a different batch number than 002, the same as the one used in the demonstration at the beginning of the episode?

Gilligan is often classed as a weakling, yet he carries 25 pounds of putty, plus the crate, and makes it look easy.

The Howells must continue their golf lessons, because in Quick, Before It Sinks, they are soon to have a play-off.

Mr. Howell's divot disappears.

Would it be possible to melt down those two silver fillings and put them back into Gilligan's teeth?

Is Mrs. Howell wearing a sombrero?

Professor says that if he pulls Gilligan's explosive teeth, they'll detonate. Later, he decides to do it anyway.

If you had an armload of explosive jewelry and crockery, would you leave it in your house? The best way to get rid of explosives is to detonate them, like Gilligan does in Forward March.

The girls don't seem to wonder what happened to all their dynamite jewelry and dishes.

Just because the anasthesia puts the Professor and Ginger to sleep, they abandon the plan of pulling Gilligan's teeth.

Somewhere between the time that the castaways hide behind the tree and the monkey blows its leaves off, the Professor takes the time to tuck in his shirt.

Running away from the hut and the monkey might be a better idea than hiding behind something.

Although Mary Ann is thrilled that the castaways won't have to eat off wooden dishes any more, they do have at least one china plate. Or, they did.

Gilligan the Goddess

Are there many blue-eyed Polynesian natives in the world?

And, from the unused first pilot episode, which is not part of the Gilligan's Island canon:

Even with the letter "P" reversed, the "Help" message should work.

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