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Bloopers©, Goofs, Mistakes


by Whatsits Galore

What is a glitch? Glitches are mistakes in movies and TV shows. They can be technical goofs, continuity errors, or anything that makes you scratch your head and say, "Huh?" This site takes all the mistakes from Whatsits Galore's Disney Glitches site and organizes them for easy access.




Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The patch on Snow White's dress changes color.

Snow White casts a very distinct shadow on the large rock, but the baby bird flying off her finger has none.

The long shadows cast by Snow White picking flowers indicate the day closing. Then, the shadows are shorter during "With a Smile and a Song," and then long again as she arrives at the cottage.

Note the raccoons, chipmunks, hummingbirds, and opossums among Snow White's forest friends. Just what are these North American animals doing in an obviously European story?

The dwarfs' broom has fewer cobwebs on it the second time we see it.

Flecks of dirt that fly out of the mouse hole in the Dwarfs' cottage actually float above the rug and don't move when it moves.

The flowers in the vase in the dwarfs' cottage appear and disappear as the birds are arranging them.

At first, Sleepy's bed looks like it's not lined up with the other beds, but then it straightens itself.

The ring in the end of Dopey's key changes shape from a vertical oval to a horizontal one.

When the dwarfs arrive home from work, Dopey is carrying a lantern which he didn't have when they started out.

The lanterns Dopey and Doc are carrying vanish when the dwarfs crash into each other.

Keep track of the doors in the dwarfs' cottage. They are constantly seen shut when they were left open and open when they were shut.

Not only that, but the steps in the cottage are not always the same number.

The Dwarfs have a tug of war that yanks the handle off their front door, but it is soon back again.

All six dwarfs leap on Grumpy, but when they stand up, Dopey is missing.

The Dwarfs are certainly gentlemen. When they offer Snow White their bedroom to sleep in, they could've at least procured a few pillows and blankets for themselves. How many does one princess need?

Dopey's hands are seen playing the drums and clapping while he's simultaneously dancing with Snow White.

Where does Dopey get that 6-foot-tall coat? Do the dwarfs use it to sneak into theaters without paying?

The Evil Queen gains a hairy wart on her hand that quickly disappears.

Shouldn't Doc bring a lantern with him to work in the morning? He knows it'll be dark by the time they march home.

When Dopey pushes Sleepy into the mine car, the background is exactly the same as the one we see behind the other dwarfs in the next shot, who should actually be several feet beyond that old abandoned mine car.

Snow White sometimes appears to be looking up at the hag, who is shorter than she is.

The queen's "perfect disguise" doesn't fool the dwarfs for a second.

When the lightning bolt strikes the hag, the raindrops on the boulder are actually the drops falling on the mountain behind it; somehow they end up on top of the rock cel instead of under it.

When the Prince lifts Snow White from her beir, her head is toward his left side. In another moment, we see her carried with her head toward his right side.


Jiminy stops all the clocks at 9:20, but when he later jumps onto a clock, it reads 11:20. Why didn't that one stop, too? Then, when Geppetto fires his pistol, all the clocks say 10:30.

Jiminy kicks off his shoes, but they are later seen neatly placed beside his bed.

Geppetto manages to lose his nightcap and find it again several times.

In one scene, the coatless Jiminy wears a long-sleeved undershirt, but he later is seen in a short-sleeved shirt with no undershirt sleeves showing.

Geppetto loses the straps in the back that attach his leiderhosen to his pants.

Pinocchio sets his left hand on fire, but Geppetto dunks the right hand in the fishbowl.

Jiminy puts his hand through his coat sleeve while holding an umbrella.

Jiminy has a patch on the seat of his trousers that wasn't there earlier. So does Lampwick later on.

Pinocchio loses the strap on his book somewhere on the way to school.

The holes in Honest John's gloves are not always on the same fingers.

Jiminy's hat and coat disappear from the padlock.

Why does the Coachman have only four fingers? He is human...isn't he?

It must cost a fortune for the Coachman to run Pleasure Island, providing all that free entertainment, only to see the whole place demolished by wayward boys. The donkey business must be booming!

The carousel horses at Pleasure Island change color.

The 8 ball at Pleasure Island sometimes has an "8" on only one side. And when there are two, they're not precisely opposite each other.

Jiminy falls into the pool table hole between the 1-ball and the 8, but when he emerges, he's between the 3 and the 8.

Pinocchio's donkey ears and tail are organic, not wooden at all. Would he have turned into a real live donkey?

Pinocchio appears to be missing for only a day or two, yet there are cobwebs all over Geppetto's workshop.

Why does Geppetto think going to sea will help him find Pinocchio? Is he trying to get to Pleasure Island?

Pinocchio ties a rock to his donkey tail to prevent his wooden body from floating, which makes sense. Only for much of the time, the rock isn't holding him down at all; he just walks along the sea bottom.

Whatever happens to the rock in Jiminy's pants?

Pinocchio's nose is awfully long while he's trying to escape from Monstro. Did he lie about something?

When swallowed by Monstro, shouldn't Geppetto end up in the whale's stomache? Why can we see his giant spine?

Geppetto commments that he's caught the last tuna, then changes it to "a few left," though we can see there are at least a dozen more.

Geppetto frets that Pinocchio is soaking wet, but the woodcarver must be just as wet, having been covered in water while fishing.

It's a miracle Cleo survives to the end of the movie, because a full glass bowl would sink, and salt water is fatal to a goldfish.

Geppetto takes off Pinocchio's vest sometime after finding the body.

Although dead, Pinocchio manages to change position on the bed.

If Pinocchio hadn't turned into a real boy, would he ever have grown up to be a wooden man?


Why is Mickey so interested in Yensid's hat? It clearly is not the source of the wizard's power.

As the centaurs and centaurettes stroll along, believe it or not, one of the bushes in the background detaches from the ground and moves along with the couple that passes by. Maybe it got snagged on their tails.

Why does Bacchus get so excited about drinking grape juice that was squeezed so recently? It can't possibly be fermented yet.


Highway 61, which features so prominently on the map in Dumbo, runs nowhere near Florida.

None of the other storks wear clothes, deliver their babies personally with musical accompaniment, or make the mom sign for her child; only the one who brings Dumbo.

The clowns are seen as silhouettes on the tent wall, which is correct when viewing them from outside. However, when they pass by the tent opening, they should appear as people, not shadows.

When Timothy watches the silhouette of the Ringmaster getting into bed, the steamer trunk he uses for a nightstand is not visible.

When the Ringmaster dons his nightshirt, the silhouette of that garment is clearly visible in the first scene, then invisible, then visible again.

The second hand on the Ringmaster's watch moves much too fast.

Didn't Dumbo practice that routine for the climax to the elephant pyramid at all? Then the ringmaster no doubt would've realized that his ears would get in the way.

The number of elephants in the pachyderm pyramid in is constantly changing. Not only do some elephants fall off, but some actually jump back on again.

When Dumbo visits his mother in jail, Mrs. Jumbo lifts him with her trunk to rock him, but never high enough to see him through the window.

Dumbo loses his collar while blowing bubbles.

Dumbo's trunk is extraordinarily long when Timothy runs up it after waking in the tree.

Timothy is right between Dumbo's eyes when the elephant wakes in the tree, but as soon as Dumbo starts to look down, his mouse friend is nowhere to be seen.

The crows are apparently either impressionists or ventriloquists, since they repeatedly sing with the wrong voices.

The Preacher Crow and Hat Crow are dancing side by side for Dumbo, and instantly exchange places.

The Glasses Crow has not only pink lenses, but pink eyes in one scene.

Dandy Crow is right with the other crows lying on the ground laughing. Then he's suddenly standing, telling them to quiet down.

Dumbo wears a hat, not a baby bonnet for his last dive from the burning house. Was it changed so Timothy would have a place to sit?

The clowns holding the net for Dumbo have either red hair or black hair, depending on the camera angle.

The newspaper photo of Dumbo's ears shows a backwards dollar sign.


What does Friend Owl eat? He passes up the chipmunks, squirrels, and baby bunnies all around him in the forest.

The opossum family that Bambi meets is shown as a reverse image when he looks at them with his head turned upside-down.

Thumper's "I'm Thumper" and thumping foot sound don't echo in the log, though his next line of dialogue does: "That's why they call me Thumper."

What hunting season is it? The off-screen hunters appear to shoot at anything that moves. Somebody call the game warden!

Believe it or not, one of the baby raccoons actually disappears and instantly reappears on the opposite side of the screen.

Saludos Amigos

Donald Duck's camera vanishes before our eyes when he jumps into the boat in the Lake Titicaca segment.

The Three Caballeros

Pablo the Cold-Blooded Penguin's hot water bottle changes color for a few frames.

In The Three Caballeros, there is no water behind Pablo's igloo when we first see it.

José Carioca's reflections in Donald's eyes should each be identical, not a mirror image of each other.

José forgets to move his beak when he says, "Baia," then again when he calls Donald's name. Donald has the same problem later on.

That one square wheel on the caboose switches sides, then vanishes altogether.

The train does gain more cars from somewhere when the Aracuan Bird breaks it up.

While walking around in Rio, José stops but the background doesn't, causing him to slide down the street.

The flamingoes are a bright pink, although in the wild these birds are much paler than in zoos.

Gauchito's cup changes color.

Panchito's pistoles and holster continually appear and disappear, as do his spurs.

The word "Atlantico" keeps moving on Jose's map.

Make Mine Music

Ivan the cat keeps changing size, sometimes growing as big as Peter.

In the imagination of Peter and his animal friends, Sonja the duck goes to Heaven with angel wings on her shoulders. This is in addition to the wings she already has.

Sonja's feather is seen sticking into the snow at the heels of her footprints, but in a later picture, it is moved near the toes.

Where does Peter get that rope to tie the wolf to the tree?

In All the Cats Join In, the teens grab a boy from the sidewalk right out of his shoes, which he has a moment later. Besides which, his hair is a different color.

In the Casey at the Bat segment, the fielder's glove vanishes when he catches the cover.

In Casey at the Bat, Blake has his mustache temporarily growing out of the bridge of his nose instead of his upper lip.

The gloves on Johnnie Fedora's owner turn blue.

Johnnie Fedora's eyes rotate around to the other side of his head/body when the bum dusts him off.

In The Whale Who Wanted to Sing at the Met segment, in Willie's dream, some of the patrons of the Met have four fingers while some have five.

One sailor also temporarily gains a finger.

Fun and Fancy Free

Jiminy's reflection doesn't match his face.

Bongo falls from a tree and lands on the ground with daisies to one side. Suddenly, he's surrounded by flowers.

The bears standing in a circle around Bongo cast their shadows toward the circus bear, as if there is a separate light source behind each bear.

Because bears "say it with a slap," Lumpjaw thinks Lulubelle loves him when she slaps his face by accident. Yet, all through the rest of the film, although Lumpjaw is in love, he never slaps his new girlfriend.

Jiminy sees a party invitation marked "tonight" and heads right over, though it could be yesterday's invitation.

Goofy is wearing socks in bed as the beanstalk grows, but is later shown sleeping in his shoes.

When Willie the Giant locks Donald and Goofy in a box, we get a good close-up view of the keyhole. There is no mechanism, no tumbler, no opening for the key to enter when it's turned, nothing but a plain hole.

The thread is tied to the giant needle before Mickey is shown tying it.

Willie the Giant climbs with his back to the beanstalk. No wonder he falls.

Melody Time

In the Blame It On the Samba segment, the organ explodes and magically reassembles itself. No problem with that, only after the rebuilding is complete, some organ debris is still falling with Donald and José.

The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad

Mr. Toad tosses his riding whip away, but it's soon back.

Toad forgets to move his lips for part of his song.

Mr. Toad loses the trapdoor in his underdrawers.

The deed to Toad Hall is different in different scenes. In fact, at the end of the movie, it is shown with an official-looking seal, which is strange, considering Toad drew it up by hand on the spur of the moment.

Why don't the police believe that Toad traded his home for a motorcar, when Winkie and the Weasels are living it up there during Toad's incarceration?

Toad could easily slip his foot out of that chain around his ankle.

Toad's leg actually disappears when he says, "Grandma."

The police dogs that run past Mr. Toad are so small they must be Chihuahuas.

When Ratty and Moley prepare to eat their Christmas dinner, they appear to have a roast goose or turkey on the table. However, notice Rat's size compared to the mailman; their dinner is closer in size to a hummingbird.

The top is sheared off Moley's hat, but later it is repaired.

The weasels have several rifles handy, but they never use them to stop Toad and friends from taking back the deed.

Both Brom Bones and his horse cast a shadow, but no one else does.

A cork suddenly appears in Brom's keg.

Ichabod puts a flower in his lapel to court Katrina, but it's not there when he arrives. And another one for the party, but that's soon gone, too.

And when he is wearing his flower, it spontaneously switches from his left side to his right.

Ichabod eats his salad with a spoon.

At Katrina's party, Brom changes out of his good clothes before telling his ghost story.


That smaller mouse grabs one corn kernel, then suddenly has two.

In Lady Tremaine's bedroom, Cinderella's shadow falls both behind her, and in front at different times.

The Grand Duke loses that fob for his monacle. Plus, the monacle switches to the other eye. If he needs one for each eye, why not just get glasses?

One of Cinderella's female mice tells Jaq to "leave the sewing to the women." But Jaq is later seen sewing away.

If Jaq had only yelled a warning to Gus while trying to hold Lucifer back, the stout mouse might've had time to run away.

Lucifer's plucked whisker grows back immediately.

The Fairy Godmother appears on the bench, cradling Cinderella's head in her lap, yet Cindy's head doesn't move an inch.

Cinderella's coach drives down short flight of steps on the way to the ball. Is this part of the road? Or is it just that Bruno can't drive?

Cinderella casts no shadow on the stairs, but the Grand Duke does.

Cinderella's fairy godmother turns four mice into horses. When they change back, they aren't quite the same four mice.

Cinderella's stepmother is wearing her ring when she pours the tea, but the stone simply floats on her hand without the band attached.

Bruno has a shadow, but Cinderella's bird friends don't.

Alice in Wonderland

Alice never passes the curtain rod before her feet get hooked on it.

Alice opens multiple doors to follow the White Rabbit. When she finally gets through, the door behind her is a sliding panel, not the ordinary door we saw her open.

Alice's "Drink me" label has a string attached to the end closest to the letter "E"; later it is attached to the "D" side.

The Walrus's fingertip turns white to match his glove.

That little shack the Carpenter builds on the beach is much bigger inside than outside.

In the song "Golden Afternoon", the lyric refers to "a copper cent-ipede", a pun on the word "cent", as in one one-hundredth of a dollar. However, in Victorian England, a penny was one 240th of a pound, and so would not be called a "cent."

The Mad Hatter takes the March Hare's teacup in the close-up, but has his own cup in the far shot.

The Mad Hatter, referring to the White Rabbit's demolished watch, says, "It was?", to which the White Rabbit replies, "It was an unbirthday present, too." Wouldn't these two lines fo dialogue make more sense in reverse order? I guess everything's mixed up in Wonderland.

When Alice exits the Tulgey Wood, we can see that the path leads straight to the castle. Yet, seconds later, Alice is somehow lost in a hedge maze. Where did that come from?

Peter Pan

When Michael grabs Tinkerbell to sprinkle pixie dust on Nana, he is suddenly shown holding her the opposite way.

How long does it take the population of London to notice that Peter Pan has turned the hands of their most famous clock ahead ten minutes?

In the close-up of the sleeping Lost Boys, you can't see Foxy using Cubby for a pillow.

What was Capt. Hook's name before he lost his hand?

In Captian Hook's crew uses a crude caricature of "the Cap'n" for target practice. Surprisingly, the drawing sports two hands.

When Capt. Hook shoots his own crewman, the pirate falls from the mast and should land on the deck, not fall overboard. Similarly, the pirates who fall from the crow's nest shouldn't land in the lifeboat, unless the ship is listing badly.

Smee only has a whistle when he has to pipe the crew on deck; it's not there the rest of the time.

The pirate shot by Capt. Hook has two differently colored feet.

When Peter Pan notices the clouds suddenly blocking the sun, he hushes Wendy because Capt. Hook is near. Is his arrival always heralded by a cloudy sky?

It's really only a dot, but Tiger Lily loses one nostril for a frame or two.

When Capt. Hook kicks the rowboat away, Smee's oars go flying, but he has them again immediately after.

When Smee puts Tiger Lilly back in the water, as per Capt. Hook's instructions, the anchor she was tied to is nowhere to be seen; but it's there when Pan rescues her.

Capt. Hook drops his sword when he sees the crocodile below him, but it's in his scabbard a moment later.

There are no barefoot Indians, yet John finds naked footprints. Obviously, they were made as a ruse to trap the Lost Boys.

Why does Tinker Bell trace the route to Peter Pan's hideout on the map? Why not just point to Hangman's Tree? Hook knows how to get there.

The tattoo on Smee's chest wasn't there when Capt. Hook grabbed him by the shirt earlier.

The crocodile snaps his jaws shut and shoots Capt. Hook's body across the water, passing the pirates in the dinghy like they were standing still. Then we see Hook still skipping out to sea, with the croc right on his heels. If it could swim that fast, the crocodile would've caught Hook a long time ago.

There are only four pirates in the rowboat with Smee at the end of the film, but at least eight fell in a few minutes earlier. What happened to the others?

Lady and the Tramp

It looks as if the light in the hall suddenly goes out while Lady is in the kitchen and Jim Dear is upstairs.

Jim Dear moves the chair from between a table and the door, but a moment later the table is in a different spot.

The light is left on in the entryway until Jim Dear yells, when it's suddenly turned off.

Lady's dog dish disappears.

The area around Lady's eyes is the wrong color when Jim Dear calls her "that dog."

The dog catcher's torn pant leg mends itself.

Lady, Jock, and Trusty interrupt their important discussion when Darling comes to the window, so she won't overhear them. As if she could understand their barking.

The names Lady has for her humans, Jim Dear and Darling, are cute, but one of Darling's friends uses that name for her in the third person, as in "Darling has never looked so radiant." Does everybody call her "Darling?" Do they all say "Jim Dear," too?

The fish bowl in the parlor is near the center of the table when seen from above, but much nearer the edge when seen from below.

Does Aunt Sarah have to pay for the parrot that escaped from the pet shop?

There are no people anywhere in the zoo in Lady and the Tramp; neither workers nor visitors.

The bites made by the beaver who helps Lady vanish from the log.

When Lady and Tramp walk away from the beaver, they move away from the spot where the fallen tree wrecked the fence, which is their exit from the enclosure.

The poster for Uncle Tom's Cabin in the back alley behind Tony's restaurant shows a slight change in the close-up; eight months later, a new poster shows that the same theater is still presenting the same play; it must be pretty popular.

Several of the dogs in the pound, namely Toughie, Pedro, and Dachsie, can easily fit through the bars and escape.

Do Si and Am run roughshod over the house when Lady's gone all night? Do they eat the fish and the canary? They sure don't keep rats out of the house.

Jock and Trusty both propose marriage to Lady in order to give her a good home. Did they think that Jim Dear and Darling would just let their dog move in next door?

Tramp's bone is gone, but reappears at the same time as Lady's dish that wasn't there.

While barking at the rat, Lady stands as far as her chain will reach, on the brick walkway. A moment later, her chain doesn't reach quite as far.

It looks like the doggie door is gone when Lady breaks her chain and runs through.

What do Jim Dear and Darling name Tramp?

Sleeping Beauty

King Hubert should be "Your Majesty," like fellow-king Stefan, not "Your Highness," like lowly Prince Phillip.

Merryweather steps forward before she is called.

Maleficent travels across the kingdom magically, by appearing and disappearing. Yet she seems to leave her pet raven to fly from place to place the hard way.

Aurora's lips may shame the red, red rose, but Maleficent's are redder. Did she use a spell to enhance them, too?

Merryweather wants to turn Maleficent into a fat old hop-toad, but can't because her magic "doesn't work that way", but can only be used for good. Yet, she turns the raven Diablo to stone.

Is that a chipmunk in Briar Rose's lap? Because there are none native to Europe.

After sixteen years, Flora and Fauna still can't cook or sew. Maybe Merryweather did all the housework?

The bucket, mop, and broom just appear on the landing of the Three Good Fairies' cottage.

Maleficent's curse can't be very effective if she has to track down Aurora herself and then mesmerize the princess into touching the spindle.

Flora's sleeve changes color when she closes the curtains on Princess Aurora's sleeping form.

Flora calls it "The Forbidden Mountain," though the narrator makes it plural.

When Maleficent rises from her throne, she casts a shadow, but Diablo doesn't.

Maleficent shows Prince Phillip a magic vision of himself as an old man, complete with the shield that Flora hasn't created yet.

How does Maleficent know about love's first kiss? She left the castle before Merryweather altered the curse. Maybe she does know everything.

Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather are probably the worst guardians that Aurora could have. After sixteen years of carefully concealing themselves, they allow their silly feud about colors to reveal their hiding place. Then, a few minutes before the sunset deadline, when they'd be home free, they inexplicably leave poor Aurora alone and vulnerable. Because of these blunders, the princess falls victiom to the dreaded sleep spell. So, what do the fairies do? They waste precious time putting the entire castle to sleep when they should be racing back to the cottage to find Aurora's sweetheart so he can wake her. True, they think he's just a peasant, but so what? Love's first kiss is all that's needed to break the spell, be he peasant or prince. By the time the three fairies go to look for the boy in question, Maleficent has already captured Prince Phillip. See, she was thinking.

The Three Good Fairies might consider approaching Maleficent's castle shrunk to their tiny selves. Easier to hide. For that matter, why don't they transform themselves into mice or bugs when they think one of the goons might spot them? If they can turn a girl into a flower, they should be able to manage that.

Flora says Prince Philip must face the coming dangers alone, but the fairies help him, of course.

Flora creates a shield for Philip; when the prince loses it in his battle with the dragon, can't she make him a new one?

One Hundred and One Dalmatians

In the first shot of Roger Radcliff's flat, the cars and buildings cast shadows, but the trees and lampposts do not.

Pongo starts barking before he closes the little glass door on the clock, running the risk that Roger will see his dog turned the clock ahead.

While in the park, Pongo places Roger's hat on a bench. Even though he drags Roger far from the bench, Roger manages to get his hat for the next scene.

Perdy's leash vanishes as soon as Anita drops it and Pongo's disappears when he falls into the pond.

Anita fishes a purse out of the pond, even though she wasn't carrying one when she fell in.

Why doesn't Cruella DeVil sue Roger Radcliff for libel when he publishes that song calling her, among other things, an "inhuman beast" and a "spider waiting for the kill"?

Jasper's foot doesn't move when he steps on the brake while in silhouette, probably because he's just a still drawing and not animated at all.

The words "Elect^ic Co." disappear from Horace's satchel.

Jasper says "truck" when he ought to use the British term, "lorry."

Cruella may sleep in curlers, but her hair comes out just as straight the next day.

After the puppies are kidnapped, Cruella looks at a newspaper photo of Roger standing with his grieving wife, a lovely woman, but not our Anita.

Why does the Colonel translate the Twilight Bark for Tibs and the Captain? They both speak dog.

One of the generic dalmatian pups describes the fifteen stolen dogs as "those little ones." Yet, the 99 puppies appear to be all the same size.

Jasper has four darts in hand, but he only throws two at Tibbs before losing the rest somewhere and grabbing a bottle to hurl.

Jasper carries that honkin'-big flashlight in his pocket.

Pongo rips Jasper's shoe to shreds, but it fixes itself.

The Captain lifts his left hind leg to kick the Baduns, but uses his right leg instead.

On the way to Dinsford, Perdy leaves tracks in the snow, but 99 puppies don't.

Those tracks that Pongo tries so hard to brush away just suddenly appear in the road.

The first time we see the truck carrying the dalmatians, the cliff is on the right side, but it's on the left side when Cruella crashes into the truck.

When we see the Baduns's truck and the furniture van approaching the crossroads, they are both only a few seconds away, yet it takes an inordinate amount of time for the vehicles to actually get there.

Lucky loses his collar during the ride home in the moving van.

In that single long pan of all the puppies inside the Radcliff flat, there are a lot more than 99; freeze-frame and count 'em yourself.

Cruella legally owns 84 dalmatian puppies. Wonder if she'll ever come back to claim them.

The Sword in the Stone

The narrator describes the time as one where the strong prey upon the weak, illustrating that claim with views of a wolf and a hawk chasing a squirrel. Don't predators chase prey in every age? Will the reign of King Arthur bring so much law and order to England that squirrels will no longer be prey?

Wart's belt pouch comes and goes at will.

Kay temporarily loses his quiver and bowstring.

There's no way Wart could ever find Kay's arrow in that forest; it must've been Merlin's magic helping him.

Merlin must get his tobacco when he travels through time, since it was unknown in England before the discovery of the new world.

Merlin's glasses are sometimes pince-nez and sometimes ordinary glasses. In fact, as a squirrel, they change before your eyes whenever he removes them from his face.

When Merlin's sugar bowl gets its lid and spoon knocked off, they fall onto the table behind it. The bowl then somehow flies between the lid and the table on which it is resting.

Some holes in the swiss-cheese roof of Merlin's tower aren't leaking at all.

The shadows underwater appear and disappear as needed. In fact, the pike casts a shadow at one point while swimming past Merlin, who has no shadow at all.

Kay loses his sword in the battle with the mops, but finds it again somehow.

When Kay helps Sir Ector out of the washtub, he suddenly gains a scabbard.

Merlin's pipe loses its lid in one scene.

Some of Wart's letters are missing from the chalkboard in one shot.

We see the bottom of Mim's deck of cards several times, though the last time, the bottom card is suddenly and inexplicably face up.

Madam Mim magically withers the beautiful flower on her windowsil. Only, why did she have a flower as decor in the first place? It seems out of character, unless she grows them only to kill them. Which is entirely possible.

Madam Mim's hair grows longer whenever she yanks on it. Is it enchanted?

When Madam Mim changes from a hen to an elephant, the feathers she scattered all over the ground are still there, though they do disappear eventually.

Pellinore enters the castle, removing his left glove. As he walks past the table, his right glove is off instead. Then he's back to normal and removes the right one.

When Wart enters the churchyard to pull the sword from the stone, he vaults the low fence; when he leaves, he runs out through a gap. Now, it's possible the gap was there all along, only not visible to us in the first shot, but when we do see it, it appears to be in a direct line between the anvil and the inn door. Surely Wart would've run in the straightest line possible to get the sword, considering the big hurry he was in.

Sir Ector looks at the blade instead of the hilt when he supposedly reads the inscription on the famous sword Excalibur.

The Jungle Book

How does Mowgli learn to walk upright? Tarzan doesn't catch on until he meets humans.

Mowgli pulls a stick out of nowhere when throwing rocks at the waterfall, but it soon vanishes.

It really sounds like Kaa calls Mowgli a "helpless little lass."

A different elephant is next to Sonny when the herd halts for Col. Hathi's inspection.

After Col. Hathi breaks his riding crop, it is shown repaired, then broken again.

Baloo grows a thumb whenever he needs one.

Baloo tells Mowgli to scratch his left shoulder; when the man-cub scratches the right shoulder, Baloo says that's the spot.

Only monkeys in the western hemisphere can swing by their tails, but nobody bothered to tell these monkeys.

Orangutans, like King Louie, are found only on the islands of Sumatra and Borneo, and not in India at all.

Baloo and Bagheera's reflections with black eyes are reversed.

Why does Baloo make reference to a basket of fruit? It's a little strange for animals who have little or no contact with men to refer toa man-made object.

When Baloo grabs Mowgli's hands, his paws are different: one rightside up and one upside-down. In the close-up, both paws are facing the same way.

Two of the vultures pick up Mowgli to fly him out of reach of Shere Khan's claws, but they suddenly change into two different vultures the next time we see them.

Baloo falls in a barren wasteland, but after the rain stops, it's lush and green. That's some really fast-growing foliage.

The Aristocats

The Aristocats continually alternate between three and four whiskers.

The pictures in Madame Bonfamille's home show Duchess and a cat who looks strangely like O'Malley. Duchess's first husband, perhaps?

The "Kitty Door" sign in Madame Bonfamille's home vanishes.

When Edgar dreams of his inheritance, dollars signs float before his eyes. Surely Madame Bonfamille's money will be in francs.

Toulouse begins his painting with a couple of purple paw prints, but they are not in the finished work, unless they're covered up with other paint.

I'm told that Berlioz hits the wrong keys while playing the piano. Being unmusical, I can't say, but he definitely stops playing while we still hear the piano.

Toulouse comes to the piano with green and orange paint on his paws, but leaves spots of those colors plus blue, red, and purple on the keys.

During his first scene, Roquefort's ears are incorrectly colored.

Edgar's plan is possibly the worst in villain history. Instead of waiting around until the Aristocats die, he tries to get rid of them so he can inherit their fortune. If he'd succeeded, what would the lonely, cat-loving Madame Bonfamille have done? Purchased more cats, of course. Now, if Edgar was smart, he would've allowed the cats to inherit and remained as their caretaker. He could then, with control of their money, purchase the finest caviar, redecorate the mansion, or take a trip around the world, all for the good of the cats, naturally.

The Arictocats fall asleep in the parlor, but Madame later looks for them in her bedroom. With the door closed, how did she expect them to get in?

Edgar leaves the back door wide open when he goes on his little catnapping jaunt.

We should see the kitty basket sitting on the bank while Edgar is driving around the underside of the bridge.

While Edgar stands on the handlebars of his motorcycle, they spin completely around several times. As they are the means to steering the vehicle, it shouldn't continue to move in a straight line.

Edgar must carry his umbrella in his pocket; it disappears as soon as he lands on his motorcycle and reappears when he reaches the top of the windmill.

Edgar's pants and coattails repair themselves.

Edgar appears to have his hat when he escapes over the bridge.

Sometimes Duchess's collar has stones in it and sometimes it doesn't.

Duchess's collar turns white during O'Malley's song.

Duchess loses her whiskers when O'Malley looks down from the bridge.

O'Malley sings that his name is Abraham Delacy Guiseppe Casey. So what does the "J" in J. Thomas O'Malley stand for?

O'Malley picks up Marie and runs from the truck driver, but in the next instant, the alley cat is running to catch up to Marie. How'd she get ahead of him?

Thomas's paws are orange instead of white when he grabs the floating log.

O'Malley's white tummy turns orange just for a second.

Scat Cat can play the trumpet and sing simultaneously. Amazing!

The Eiffel Tower is suddenly a lot farther away from O'Malley's pad.

Edgar opens the barn door twice. Who shut it?

When the dogs Napoleon and Lafayette sleep in Edgar's sidecar, it grows a bulb horn that wasn't there earlier.

Lafayette says, "It's them squeaky shoes again." Didn't he claim the sound was just a cricket?

In one scene, Edgar's sidecar suddenly appears on the wrong side of the motorcycle.

Lafayette gains a collar, just in time for it to be caught on the windmill blade.

The dogs walk over Edgar's shoes without seeing or scenting them.

Edgar's stirrup pants become standard-cut trousers in one scene.

The latch on the inside of the kitty door was apparently added after the Aristocats disappeared, because it wasn't visible in the beginning of the film.

Madame Bonfamille's carriage house window is only broken in the close-up.

When Edgar locks the padlock, the open section is on the left; when Roquefort opens it, the opening is on the right.

If you look closely, Edgar's hands don't move correctly to tie a knot in the sack.

Madame Bonfamille's carriage house window is not broken in the far shot, only in the close-up.

The Aristocats get part way out of the sack before Edgar slams the trunk lid shut. When the lid is opened later, they're still in the sack for some reason.

As Frou-Frou kicks the trunk through the stable door, there is no padlock on the latch, but as it slides out into the yard, the lock is on it.

In the very last scene, there are three cats who look like Scat Cat.

Robin Hood

There's no arrow in Robin Hood's hat or Little John's shirt as they hide in the tree.

The arrow holes in Robin's and Little John's clothes soon disappear.

Robin Hood loses his quiver.

The only animals who have hair-dos beyond the fur, feathers, or scales normal for their species are Robin and Little John while in disguise. Which should be a dead giveaway, right?

Little John removes the stones from the rings on Prince John's left hand while Robin removes the ring from the right hand. Through the rest of the film, the Prince's rings switch from one hand to the other, sometimes with stones, and sometimes without.

The stand for the crystal ball comes and goes.

Whenever Prince John loses his robe, he's suddenly wearing long underwear that covers his formerly-bare legs.

How do the rhino guards miss spotting Little John robbing the treasure chest right under their noses? And how do they not notice that the chest is so much lighter?

The "gypsies" escape without anyone realizing they are Robin and Little John in disguise. Yet somehow later the villains figure it out, since Hiss refers to Robin robbing Prince John.

The door to Maid Marian's castle courtyard is wooden in the far shot but made of iron bars in the close-up.

Skippy Bunny pulls a toy sword out of nowhere.

The feather is on the wrong side of Robin Hood's hat, but only when Skippy wears it.

Robin once carved his and Marian's initials on a tree: "R.H." and "M.M." Are these really their initials? Most versions list Hood as an alias based on the word "hoodlum", although it could possibly be his true name. But surely Marian's first name is not "Maid".

Otto's cast is sometimes on his right leg, sometimes on his left.

So many characters switch from four to five fingers: Maid Marian, Prince John, Skippy, and the Sheriff each try it at least once.

The pots hanging from the tree in Robin Hood's camp are constantly changing.

Little John praises Robin's acting as though he is surprised. Wasn't he watching the gypsy performance?

Toby buys a balloon at the archery contest, but he must let it go at some point, because it's gone later.

The daisy Robin gives to Marian simply appears, while the one in his hat disappears.

One moment Robin Hood is tied with his hands at his sides, the next, with his hands behind his back.

Robin Hood smashes Prince John's throne by heaving it at the Sheriff's posse. We soon see, however, that it is standing upright and repaired.

Robin swings by to grab Maid Marian, then pulls out a sword he didn't have before.

Sir Hiss has no cape when Prince John grabs him to tie him in a knot.

When Prince John ties Sir Hiss into a knot, his arms actually pass through the tent pole.

Eyeglasses and balloons didn't exist during King Richard's time; nor were there umbrellas in Europe.

Prince John loses the tuft on the end of his tail.

I can't find any King John in any country who predates Prince John; therefore, he would be John I.

Who's pumping the organ while the sexton mouse is playing it?

Prince John refers to his plan to capture Robin Hood as a coup d'etat. Perhaps he means coup de maitre, a master stroke. A coup d'etat is a government overthrow.

Prince John says the gallows is in the village square. Looks to be in the middle of the castle courtyard to me.

The Sheriff assures Trigger there will be no attempted jailbreak. But wasn't that the plan? Wasn't Prince John counting on Robin coming to rescue Friar Tuck so the outlaw could be captured? Or doesn't Prince John trust the Sheriff enough to take him into his confidence?

The trap door gets even smaller after Sheriff gets stuck in it.

Little John steals the Sheriff's clothes, but when the villain reappears, he's somehow gotten his hat back.

Why does Little John take the time to change out of the Sheriff's clothes during the jail break?

Little John and Friar Tuck bring the entire village to Robin Hood's secret camp. Let's hope they can all be trusted.

What are raccoons doing in Nottingham, England long before the discovery of America? Presumeably, the history of this world closely parallels our own.

We hear a chiming clock about 200 years before they were invented.

The gallows is missing from one scene.

Robin Hood swings to a handhold only a couple of inches below the top of the castle wall. A second later, he's hanging three or four feet from the top.

The Sheriff's hat loses its plume during the climax.

How does the Sheriff of Nottingham escape from the burning tower?

"Look what you've done to your mother's castle," exclaims Sir Hiss to Prince John, when it was actually the Sheriff who set the place on fire.

The Rescuers

Penny's note-in-a-bottle makes it to New York, the exact city she intended, which is an amazing coincidence.

In the Rescue Aid Society, Austria and Vienna each get separate delegates, while the entire continent of Africa only gets one. Arabia also has a delegate; is it supposed to be Saudi Arabia?

Penny's note has different spellings of "New York" and other words, depending on which scene you watch.

Both Bernard and the R.A.S. chairman have five fingers in some scenes.

When Bernard climbs into the bottle, his rope hangs down inside, then it's gone, then it's back again.

The Chairmouse can't make out Penny's note, probably because he's holding his monacle over his good eye.

Bernard "can't believe Penny would run away." Why? He's never even met the girl and knows nothing about her.

During the airport scene, Bianca's coat is on again, off again. Maybe she was having hot flashes.

Both Orville and Wilbur in The Rescuers Down Under communicate while in flight with critters on the ground via radio. Where do they carry these radios and how do they manipulate them while flying?

Although Bernard and Bianca fasten their seatbelts before their first flight on board Orville, the belts vanish almost instantly.

When Orville comes in for his first landing, he has no sardine can-passenger seat strapped to his back. Why? Isn't this a passenger flight? The answer may be found later on in the film, when, in the Devil's Bayou, Orville loses his sardine can in an altercation with the swamp mobile. Maybe he just loses it every trip.

Bianca's purse appears only when it is needed.

Bernard and Bianca's umbrella is much bigger when it's lying ruined in the puddle.

Medusa leads her pet gators onto the deck of the boat with leashes, but what are the leashes tied to? No collars are visible around Nero's and Brutus's necks.

Penny's teddy loses his nightcap for an instant.

One slat in Medusa's door changes color.

Bianca appears shocked that Medusa tried to kill her. Isn't that what humans usually do to mice?

Bernard and Bianca hire Evinrude to follow the gators in order to find where they're taking Penny, and nearly drown in the process. They should've just asked the swamp critters.

Snoops can just let Medusa escape with the Devil's Eye and then make off with the gems she earlier scattered all over the floor.

Penny's reflection doesn't show her chin resting on her arms.

Medusa's cape is colored wrong for just a second.

The plan is for Penny to slam the door of the elevator on Nero and Brutus. Although she's not there to fulfill her part, the door somehow closes on them anyway.

Bianca suddenly has an umbrella during the climax.

The Fox and the Hound

When Dinky, Boomer and Big Mama take Widow Tweed's bloomers, they're hanging just to the left of a blue towel. When the widow comes back past the clothesline, there are stockings in that spot.

Widow Tweed's pump moves to the other side of her front door.

Chief's barrel is seen in its normal place in the middle of the scene in which the dog is dragging it all around the farm chasing Tod.

Widow Tweed's legs change color while she's cooking.

The dish of bones suddenly appears in front of Chief's barrel.

The shotgun Widow Tweed tosses to Amos Slade is reversed when he catches it.

What does Amos Slade do with his chickens while he's away for the whole winter? Does he dare to ask his neighbor, Widow Tweed, to feed them?

Amos Slade replaces his car's radiator while spending the winter in his remote cabin. He must've brought a spare with him to while away the evenings.

Why does Big Mama, an owl, sleep at night?

While hiding under under the woodpile, Tod briefly loses his collar.

The badger calls the porcupine a walking pincushion. How does he know what a pincushion is?

We don't see Big Mama follow Widow Tweed, but the owl knows right where Tod has been dropped off.

The squirrel jumping from the branch is an exact copy of Wart until he lands, when he looks quite different.

Exactly how does Amos Slade know that the fox he's chasing all over the game preserve is Tod?

Amos's gun gets stuck much higher up on the hill than it lies when he reaches for it; maybe it rolled down closer to the hunter.

Copper's footprint appears at the end of the film before the dog puts his paw down.

The Black Cauldron

Dallben's scroll is all rolled up on the left side in one shot, and then instantly re-rolled on the right side.

Dallben takes a loaf of bread and a cloth from a shelf, but they are there again in the next shot.

Taran only speaks half the incantation, but Hen Wen performs her magic anyway.

If Hen Wen was thinking more clearly, she might have escaped the gwythaint by dodging into the trees on her right.

Eilonwy's bauble mysteriously vanishes after only a brief appearance, although it returns just as mysteriously at the end of the movie.

The Horned King appears in a cloud of smoke accompanied by a bright flash. Does he have magic powers? If so, he never manifests any during the rest of the movie. Or is that first appearance merely a parlor trick to frighten his lackeys?

The scratches Creeper makes on the Horned King's throne vanish.

Fflewddur Fflam's harp has a different number of strings in different shots, not counting the ones that snap.

Taran drops his scabbard inside the Horned King's castle and flees without it, but he has it again later on.

Taran cuts through a single chain which somehow drops both the drawbridge and the porticullis.

Fflewddur's harp is missing when he falls down the hill.

"See, Master? Piggy's footsteps," says Gurgi, even though we've been seeing those prints for five minutes already.

Some of the Fair Folk swap voices.

King Eidilleg says he'll see that Hen Wen is brought home again. But how does he know where she lives?

Doli sits on Fllewddur's hat in close-ups but is not visible in far shots.

Is Eilonwy really a princess, or just a scullery maid as the Horned King says? Is he simply taunting her with a cruel remark?

Gurgi climbs a staircase and runs right into the Cauldron Born. How did these get separated from the main army already marching across the drawbridge? Are they taking a short cut?

Fflewddur loses his harp when he's recaptured, though he has it again at the very end of the movie.

Although Taran unlocks the grate on the underground river, the padlock is back a moment later.

How does Creeper get those horns out of the Black Cauldron? Could they be his old master's spare set?

The Fair Folk return Hen Wen to Dallben, even though he sent her away on purpose for safety.

The Great Mouse Detective

Olivia's cupboard has a knob on the inside, but it soon disappears.

Flaversham hides Olivia in the cupboard and tells her to stay there. Presumably, that's to keep her hidden from the intruder. But as he is spirited away by Fidget, he reveals her presence by calling her name.

Lavender paint drips onto the floor of Flaversham's toy shop without leaving a stain.

Ratigan is the only rodent in the entire movie to have five fingers. He must suffer from polydactylism. The only time he has the normal four is in the climax when he "hulks out." From that point on, Ratigan's fingers continually change in number, and at least once he has a different number of fingers on each hand in the same shot.

We actually see the feathers fly in Basil's sitting room before we hear the gunshot.

Shouldn't Basil compare those bullets side by side instead of end to end? No wonder they don't match.

Basil's front door is quite plain on the outside, but has wooden cross-pieces on the inside, except in one scene where it suddenly has them on both sides.

When Basil calls Ratigan "the Napoleon of crime", is he comparing the villain to the human Napoleon, or a rodent counterpart?

The footprints outside Basil's flat aren't there at first.

As we close in on the storm drain, a stick magically appears on it.

Ratigan's collar turns black for a moment.

What were Ratigan's henchmen going to sing before Bartholomew interrupted with the line, "the world's greatest rat?"

Ratigan's jewel-headed stick changes to a plain stick instantaneously.

How does Fidget know he'll find Olivia at Basil's home? Or is he just checking up on Basil and gets lucky?

Olivia's bow switches to the wrong ear.

Basil puts on his Inverness which is hanging on the suit of armor, although it wasn't there a moment before.

The inside of Dr. Dawson's ear changes color temporarily.

The price of a bubble-blowing elephant toy is marked "45 p," presumeably forty-five pence, or pennies. But pence is abbreviated with a "d," not a "p." Furthermore, the price would normally be written in shillings and pennies in the 19th century. After all, no American store would list a price as "150 cents." "3 shillings and 9 pence" would be the correct price, abbreviated to "3 and 9" and written as "3/9".

How does Fidget get all those mechanical toys wound up and running at the same time without anyone seeing him, considering how far apart they are?

The topmost block on the stack Fidget climbs changes to different letters.

The stagehands in the Rat Trap certainly clean up the stage fast; there's no sign of the debris and rotten vegetables in the two seconds it takes for the dancing girl act to start.

Watch this one in slow motion: when Dr. Dawson dances on stage with the girl mice, the lead singer grabs him by his right arm and swings him around. Suddenly, she's holding his left arm and his head has turned completely around. Looks painful.

The piano in the Rat Trap is suddenly several feet from the wall, probably so that tough mouse can knock it back.

When Olivia steps on Fidget's foot, his peg leg is the wrong leg.

When Fidget disguises himself as Olivia, he has a fake tail in only the first shot.

Fidget wears Olivia's hat when he impersonates her inside the bottle. He apparently returns it to her, as she is seen wearing it in her bottle prison. She loses it soon enough, has it again inside Buckingham palace, and then loses it once more.

Basil is certainly a quick-change artist: he exchanges his sailor disguise for his ordinalry clothes in a few seconds, except for his trousers; those he somehow changes in the instant the camera's flash goes off, and all while holding Olivia in one arm and supporting Dawson with the other.

Basil tells Dawson and Flaversham to "gather up those balloons." I'd like to see how they manage it without floating away.

Ratigan rides the bicycle device on his blimp with his hands on the handlebars, thumbs pointing inward, as is normal. When we see him about to crash into the clock tower, however, his hands are clearly positioned with the thumbs pointing up, as though he's still at the ship's wheel.

How does Ratigan steer the blimp while he's pedalling? No wonder he crashes.

The bell disappears from Basil's mantle.

Oliver and Company

In the For Sale sign above Oliver and his littermates, the word "Kitties" is spelled differently in different shots.

The "Free Kitties" sign on the box disappears.

Louie the hot dog vendor has only four fingers.

Dodger's bandanna should be partially visible under the string of hot dogs he wraps around his neck.

Dodger doesn't move his mouth for part of his song.

Oliver's paws are clean when he climbs onto the sawhorse, but they are covered with wet cement when he jumps down.

Dodger loses his sunglasses when he scares the driver of the Volkswagon. Actually, they should fall off then, but he gets them back immediately anyway.

The dogs who break free of their walker have their leashes in tow. Yet in the aeriel shot we see no dragging leashes.

Sykes's side mirror changes when Fagin grabs it.

Nobody sees Francis deliberately lie down and play dead in front of the stopped limo on the very busy streets of New York.

Although Tito has pulled out all kinds of wires and caused a shot circuit, the limo still drives just fine.

Where does Fagin get electricity living on a condemned pier?

Why does Tito think a little cat claw is an alien?

The scratches vanish from DeSoto's nose.

Francis pulls off Fagin's sneaker, so how does it get back on in the dogpile?

The lamp on Fagin's boat that Francis grabs with his tail has no cord.

Curlers simply appear in Georgette's unruly mop of hair. And when she shakes them out, a bow appears just as magically.

Georgette temporarily loses her beauty mark.

Did Georgette's admirer Rex sign his own photo? Or did his human do it for him?

When Georgette peeks out from behind her dressing screen she is missing her ruff of blue fur. It's not a wig, is it?

The number over Jenny's door is 140 in one picture, then gone altogether in another before returning to the correct address: 1125, according to Oliver's tag.

The dirty dog footprints soon vanish from the foyer of Jenny Foxworth's house.

Oliver is dumped out of a sack onto the floor of Fagin's barge, but when he stands up, the sack is gone.

Georgette knows Oliver wasn't really kidnapped; does she wonder where the ransom note came from? Not that she could tell Jenny about it...

Would Sykes really leave the office door open while he's got a kidnapped girl inside to go look for an intruding pizza delivery guy?

Jenny is tied to a chair which is hoisted in the air on a hook. When said chair comes crashing to the floor, it instantly vanishes, as do the ropes.

The door to Sykes's warehouse disappears--did Fagin break that off, too?

After that near miss by the train, Georgette's hair is fine in the far shot, but suddenly looks a fright in the close-up.

At one point, the notch in Tito's ear is on the wrong side.

Tito's bath is awfully quick considering he also gets a change of clothes.

The Little Mermaid

That looks like paper Sebastian is using for sheet music. It sure holds up well under water.

Why does Ariel think that sunken ship is so fantastic? There are others just like it all around.

Ariel loses her bag for a second, that is, before the scene where she drops it.

When Ariel finds a pipe in the sunken ship, she acts like she's never seen one before, yet she already has one in her collection.

Scuttle should see the rock immediately in front of Ariel when he spies her through the telescope.

Some of the members of Sebastian's hot crustacean band are freshwater fish.

How do you play a wind instrument under water, as the hot crustacean band does?

King Triton's main objection to humans appears to be the fact that they are "fish-eaters". While merpeople may not eat fish, most other sea creatures do, including crabs like Sebastian.

Triton is shocked to hear Ariel confess that she loves a human. Didn't Sebastion just fink on her a few minutes before?

Sebastian has a thimble on his foot that vanishes and reappears.

Sebastian tries to soothe Ariel by offering her something hot to drink. How exactly do mermaids drink?

Ariel leaves the rock so it covers the door of her grotto. But when she swims to the exit, the rock is already moved out of the way.

There is a sailor whose shirt spontaneously changes color.

Max licks Ariel's right cheek, so she rubs the spit off her left cheek.

Ariel identifies Eric's flute as a snarfblatt. Why doesn't she connect it instead to the flute that the newt plays?

Flotsam and Jetsam suddenly have their opposite eyes glowing while saying, "together, forever."

Flounder and Sebastian are parked in front of the entrance to Ariel's grotto when they see her pass overhead with Flotsam and Jetsam. How did those three get out of the grotto? Did they swim through the opening in the ceiling? If so, they swam away to one side and then made an about face before passing over Sebastian.

At first, the grommet on the sail Ariel wears as a dress is big enough for her to put her fist through. After she takes it off, however, the grommet shrinks to the size of Sebastian's eye.

Ariel could simply write Eric a note explaining that she's the girl who rescued him.

Why does Carlotta even bother to throw that tattered sail into the laundry instead of the trash?

Chef Louie's reflection in the pots is reversed.

Keep a close eye on Ariel's fork. It sometimes has three prongs, sometimes four.

The napkins vanish from Prince Eric's dining table in the middle of the meal.

Grimsby has two forks, while Eric and Ariel each have only one; also two knives.

Not only does the crab wander off of Grimsby's plate, but his broccoli and lemon wedge follow.

How does Ariel avoid having to eat Sebastian when he hides on her plate?

After Ariel sits through a dinner with Eric and Grimsby, she still thinks a fork is for combing your hair. Wasn't she paying attention?

Ariel's bed is much closer to the wall in the first shot than at the end of the bedroom scene.

A hypnotized Eric announces that the wedding will take place "this afternoon." But the wedding barge departs at sunset.

The reflection of Vanessa shows her true form, that of Ursula. But if it's a true reflection, it should show the sea witch with her birthmark on the other side.

On the wedding barge, Ariel is wearing shoes, which she must've picked up during her swim, because she was barefoot when she dove into the water.

Where does Ursula hide the scroll she produces for Triton?

If Triton can change the name on the contract, can he change other words? Like "for eternity" to "for thirty seconds"?

The oars, and sometimes the oarlocks tend to disappear when Eric isn't using them.

Eric doesn't move his lips when he says to Ariel, "No, I won't leave you."

When Triton is turned into a polyp, his crown and trident remain unchanged. Ursula takes both, and they grow to giant proportions with her. When she is killed, the suddenly-small trident sinks to the ocean floor, Triton turns back, and he is already wearing his crown.

Red should be at the top of a rainbow, not the bottom. Of course, the one in The Little Mermaid is made by Triton, so maybe he can do as he pleases.

The Rescuers Down Under

Faloo says that Cody is the only one who can reach Marahute on the clifftop. Actually, he may be the only one who can reach her and help her, but those Kukaburra birds can certainly fly up there.

How did those ropes on the cliff spring onto Marahute to trap her?

After Cody cuts the ropes on the eagle trap, more appear.

Marahute casts a shadow over Cody, who has none.

The pit trap is much too deep for McLeach to pull Cody out using his rifle.

McLeach has a feather in his hat a few seconds before he is shown placing it there.

McLeach boasts that he'll be rich when he bags the golden eagle Marahute. But he already killed her mate, and that obviously didn't make him rich.

McLeach's feather is temporarily on the wrong side of his hat.

Several of the Australian mice are utterly naked; is that how it's done down under?

Bianca and Bernard each have five fingers in the restaurant.

It seems like Francois the cockroach not only delivers the telegram to Miss Bianca, but reads it first.

Bianca never does get the khaki shorts and hiking boots for the mission to Australia.

McLeach drives along following tire tracks through the desert to his lair, but the Bushwhacker's wheel base is narrower than these ruts. Whose tracks are they?

Wilbur's chest turns blue for a seond while in the hospital truck.

Jake's radio dials turn themselves to different settings when nobody's looking.

Bernard and Bianca's luggage keeps changing, sometimes losing the hatbox, sometimes gaining what look like a couple of match sticks.

Jake knows about McLeach and his hideout, but he never does anything to rescue all those animals.

If Cody can stick his arms through the cage mesh almost to the shoulder, then Frank can surely fit through. In fact, Frank puts his body out to the hips.

The lock on Cody and Frank's cage is different in several shots.

Frank uses a box to climb up high enough to reach the keys, yet he shows he can adhere directly to the wall to climb down.

McLeach's idea to let Joanna eat Marahute's eggs so that the eagle "stays rare" is pretty dumb. Those eggs must've been worth a lot of money. Maybe he couldn't figure out a way to get them out of the cliffside nest.

Joanna shaves her nails off on the fake eagle egg, but they instantly grow back.

Cody never hears McLeach pursuing him in the Bushwhacker even though that contraption must be audible for miles around.

The sack holding Marahute is lowered into the cage through a trapdoor in the roof, but somehow the rope from which it is suspended doesn't go through the door.

Jake loses the coil of rope from his belt.

The hook holding Cody over the river keeps pointing in different directions, sometimes with the point towards his head, sometimes towards his feet.

The rope holding Cody is wrapped around a tree root by Bernard, then it's somehow tied around a branch.

Bianca's arm actually moves through the bars of the Bushwacker's cage.

Bernard is too big the last time he is seen in Cody's hand.

The final shot of Jake is a reverse image.

Cody ends the film with a rope tied around his waist. Is that the same rope that had his arms pinned earlier? How did he slip his arms free?

Cody's final words in the film are, "C'mon, Marahute, let's go home!" Hopefully, they rescue the animals from McLeach's hideout at some point.

Beauty and the Beast

It's a wonder that Belle is allowed to borrow books from that shop. She is continually getting them dirty, and even allows a sheep to tear one page, though that appears to fix itself.

Gaston brings a quiver of arrows on his hunting trip, but there is no bow to be seen.

Lefou holds the deer carcass with the antlers toward his left, then instantly switches them to his right side.

When Gaston climbs over the roof and through the window to get to Belle, he leaves his gun somewhere inside the house.

Gaston ridicules Belle for reading a book with no pictures; but we saw pictures in the book in an earlier scene.

Belle's front door opens out instead of in...well, sometimes.

When Gaston tumbles out of Belle's front door he lands remarkably far from the house.

How does Lumiere get up the stairs to the tower ahead of Belle?

Beast frees Maurice from the cell, then re-padlocks it, all in half a second.

Mrs. Potts summons Chip to give Belle a refreshing cup of tea, but calls her son away while he's still half full.

If Cogsworth and Lumiere had simply told Belle that the Beast's lair was in the West Wing, she probably would've avoided the place.

Belle removes her cloak to cover the wounded Beast, but she must get cold, because we soon see her wearing it again as she leads Phillippe along.

Fifi the feather duster is constantly changing in size.

Beast breaks a lot of furniture and china in his castle. Let's hope none of them were enchanted people.

When Chip goes to sleep, his cupboard contains nothing but cups, although we later see dishes inside.

When Lumiere kisses Belle's hand, his flame is on, then off, then on again.

The cupboard in the Beast's dining room is visible when the dishes come out to dance, but not in any other shots.

When Belle asks about the West Wing, Cogsworth and Lumiere refuse to tell her the truth, thus arousing her curiosity. There was absolutely nothing to hide. At this point in the film, Belle is avoiding the Beast. If they had told her the West Wing was his lair, she probably would've stayed far away.

When Belle first visits the Beast's lair, it's a wreck. Later, he invites her in and everything is tidy. However, we see it one last time, and it's back in it's old, decrepit state. Beast must've trashed it in another rage.

We know that the Beast has been enchanted for ten years, and that the rose will bloom until his twenty-first year. This would make the prince eleven years old when he was transformed. His portrait certainly doesn't look like that of a pre-adolescent.

We'd love to see how Belle got the unconscious Beast on her horse.

Gaston rapid-fires a blunderbuss, a weapon that must be painstakingly loaded by hand after every shot.

Gaston's bearskin rug moves from before the hearth to under his throne.

At the end of the Gaston song, the Bimbettes suddenly have identical hair styles.

When the Wardrobe jumps into the fountain during the "Human Again" sequence, does she get the clothes stored in her drawers all wet?

Belle obviously doesn't use the viewer to screen her visitor; notice the look on her face when she sees Monsieur D'Arque on her doorstep.

When two toughs drag Maurice off to the asylum, he's facing forward, but a moment later they are holding his arms so that he's facing backward. Did he make a break for it and have to be nabbed again?

Lumiere has a shadow until he reaches the windowsil.

Can't Belle and Maurice use the latter's tools to break out of the cellar? Through the window, maybe? Most houses have a door leading from the cellar to the upstairs.

Chip's entire life, or very close to it, is spent as a teacup surrounded by living, talking objects. Wonder how long it took him to realize that Maurice's wood-chopper isn't alive.

If Lefou's torch can melt Lumiere, does that mean his head and hands burn down whenever he lights them? If so, he'll have to replace them a few times during the ten years he spends as a candlestick.

Too bad the suits of armor in Beast's castle don't help to battle the villagers.

The rolling pin, plus multiple enchanted objects during the "Human Again" sequence, are somehow able to fly.

While the footstool carries off one of LeFou's shoes, LeFou is briefly seen wearing two shoes.

The decorative spout Gaston uses as a club changes shape.

Belle, riding Phillipe, arrives at the castle at the same time as Maurice on foot, which means that the horse must've gone pretty slowly to let that old man keep up. And what happens to Maurice, anyway? We never see him again until the movie is pretty much over.

Belle rides to the Beast's castle with her hood down, though it's up in the close-up.

Chip doesn't look like a ten-year-old. Was he born after the transformation, as a teacup? Is that possible?


The peddler has only four fingers, unlike the rest of the humans in the picture.

Aladdin loses his loaf of bread when he enters the harem, but soon finds it again.

Abu stops to hold off the guards with a sword so Aladding can escape. When he gives that up, he instantly catches up with Aladdin, who should be far away by now.

Jasmine hides a sword behind her back. Where does it disappear to?

How exactly does Jafar find the diamond in the rough? The magic hourglass showed him only a boy on a rooftop.

Only one may enter the Cave of Wonders, but animals must not count, becuse Abu can go in with no problem.

If Aladdin hadn't told Abu to stay behind while he went for the lamp, the monkey never would've had the opportunity to touch the forbidden treasure.

Aladdin could just use Carpet to fly over the lava and get the lamp.

There are more stepping stones in the Cave of Wonders when Abu is standing on them than there were when Aladdin crossed them.

Jafar loses Iago from his hunchback disguise.

Aladdin says there's writing on the lamp, but we never find out what it says.

If Carpet knows Genie, you'd think the rug would've given Aladdin a hint about the rubbing-of-the-lamp thing.

Elephant Abu is much bigger during the parade.

Aladdin fears that Jasmine will learn that he's not a prince. But wasn't his wish for Genie to make him a prince? Seems that Genie only made him look like a prince.

Raja bites a hole in Prince Achmed's pants so that his underwear is visible, but we see a scrap of underwear, not pants, in the tiger's mouth.

Observe Jasmine's reflection as she flies over the water on Carpet. According to the flower in her hair, the reflection is reversed.

When Aladdin and Jasmine fly around the world on the magic carpet, they see both a full moon and a crescent moon. Just how long was this date?

Jasmine seems more surprised to learn that Prince Ali is really the boy from the market place than to learn that he survived his execution.

Genie's earring turns black for a moment.

The tower that whisks Aladdin to the ends of the earth appears to be completely empty. So, what's it for?

Jafar's beard changes color, but only for the barest instant.

Jafar is quite a good contortionist; he bends his body in half when he plants his foot in Genie's face.

When Jasmine sneaks past Jafar to get the lamp, she drops to her knees for some reason. No wonder she doesn't get there in time.

Why does everything go back to normal after Jafar is imprisoned in the lamp? Why should Jafar's spells be undone just because he's now a genie?

A big fuss is made over Aladdin's final wish: will he use it to free the Genie? Why not allow the Sultan and Jasmine a few wishes of their own? That would allow them to free Genie and still wish for anything else they or Al might want.

The Lion King

There are no anteaters in Africa, except in the "I Just Can't Wait to be King" sequence.

In the song "Be Prepared", Scar sings that, for the hyenas, "the lights are not all on upstairs." How does he know what stairs are? Or lights?

Scar laments the "decades of denial" he's endured, yet lions only live around 14 years in the wild.

The scratches instantly vanish from Shenzi's muzzle, just like the scratches Simba makes on the tree.

After Scar knocks Zazu unconscious during the wildebeest stampede, the bird never remembers that somebody hit him.

Zazu's bone cage is bigger in the close-ups.

Other characters call Pumbaa a pig, but for some reason he goes berserk only when the hyenas do it.

You can blame the hyenas, and by extension, Scar, for littering the Pride Lands with bones and possibly chasing the herds away, but you can't blame them for the drought, which just happens to end the moment Simba becomes king.


John Smith ties a rope around his waist when he dives overboard in the storm, but it must come undone, because he's hanging on to the loose rope when he's pulled back on board.

Pocahontas's reflection is reversed.

Governor Radcliffe's clock actually goes backward five minutes.

Percy drags a bell cover into the middle of the floor, but when he lifts it, the platter that was underneath is missing.

Meeko's neck isn't visible beneath the giant bubble.

The big bear Pocahontas shows to John Smith leaves tracks in the snow, but the baby doesn't.

After Pocahontas shows John Smith the corn, her satchel vanishes.

John Smith acts like Nakoma isn't even there when he runs into her with Pocahontas.

Ratcliffe claps his right hand over Wiggins's mouth, but in the next shot it's his left hand.

Kocoum pulls out a tomahawk and knife seemingly by magic when he attacks John Smith.

When the angry settlers surround Ratcliffe, their shadows close in on him from all directions. This would only be possible if there were numerous light sources, one behind each settler.

The sails on the Susan Constant are monstrously tall when Pocahontas is seen running past on her way for one last view of the departing John Smith.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

It doesn't appear to be very cold, although the story takes place in January. Most of the characters go without coats or cloaks throughout.

Why does the Archdeacon never tell Quasimodo the true story of his mother?

Phoebus cuts off half of a guard's mustache, but it grows back later that same day.

Frollo lifts that heavy stone to show Phoebus the ants, but when he slams it down it's suddenly upside down in his hands.

Quasimodo slides down a rope to a post, which suddenly gains an additional rope tied to it.

For a moment at the festival, Frollo's rings are on the wrong hands.

After Esmeralda cuts Quasimodo loose, he's still tied to the pillory in one shot.

When Esmeralda walks between the candles, each row is a different height. They were the same height in the far shot.

Phoebus asks for Esmeralda's name, but if he'd been paying attention, he would've heard Clopin introduce her before her dance number.

Why does the miller have those brackets on the outside of his door? You don't bar a door on the outside unless you want to keep people in.

Although Phoebus is shot in the back, his wound is in the front.

The chalice is seen on the table while Frollo is drinking from it.

The rip in Phoebus's shirt miraculously heals itself.

Esmeralda gives Quasimodo a pendant to lead him to the Gypsies's secret lair in case he ever needs her help. Quasi eventually deciphers the puzzle that leads to the Court of Miracles, but suppose he couldn't figure it out? The pendant's secret code should be used to baffle enemies, not friends.

Quasimodo swings down to the stake on a rope that is tied to the cathedral. He releases the rope to grab the unconscious Esmeralda, and somehow the rope that should have fallen back toward the building is still there waiting for him.

When Quasimodo rescues Esmerelda, he places her on a bed, presumeably his. Then whose was that pallet where he earlier laid the unconscious Phoebus? Was it the guest room?

When Frollo breaks into the cathedral, he has to borrow a sword from one of his soldiers. Once inside, he makes the motion of sheathing the sword on his left side, though he has no sheath. He later draws the same sword on Quasimodo, this time from a sheath on his right side.

Quasimodo swings from drainspout to drainspout trying to outdistance Frollo's sword. If he only climbed down a foot or two, he would've been completely out of reach.


Muse Melpomene sings with Thalia's voice.

Although Narcissus is not a god, or even a demi-god, he is seen living in Olympus.

Hades is the only one of the gods who doesn't glow.

Pain and Panic carry baby Herc by his arms, but they switch arms in mid-flight.

Phil's front door opens either in or out, depending on the scene.

Herc and Phil are standing on bare dirt on Phil's island, which suddenly changes to to grass.

How old is Meg? She seems too cynical and world-weary to be a teen-ager, which might make her the first Disney heroine who is older than her sweetheart.

Where does Herc get that shield in the "One Last Hope" finale?

Nessus is left face-down in the water. Is Herc leaving him to drown?

Hades thinks Hercules is dead for eighteen years, even though Zeus and Hera know their son is alive. Don't they ever talk to each other?

One of the citizens of Thebes, that big guy who makes Phil so angry, has only four fingers.

That boulder completely covers the hydra's cave and the creature is released only when Hercules moves the boulder. If he had put it back in the same spot, the fight would never have occurred.

When Hercules is mauled by his groupies, he loses one of his wristbands, which he has again a moment later.

In the far shot we can see that the tree from which Herc plucks the flower is too high for him to reach, besides being too far to the side.

There are several major glitches dealing with the conjunction of planets. When the Fates tell Hades that the planets will align, of course they mean the six planets beyond Earth. This is clearly seen when the planets are shown in relative close-up. However, they are not only far too close together, but also totally out of proportion. Saturn and Jupiter should be gigantic compared to all the other worlds in our solar system. Besides that, there should be three planets beyond Saturn, not two. And not one of the dozens of moons around these worlds is visible.

A magic bolt shoots along the various planets and strikes the Earth to free the Titans. Notice that the earth is off to the side; the bolt should miss our planet completely.

Once Hercules loses his strength, a well-placed fireball would have killed him easily. Too bad Hades didn't think of that.

Why do the Titans flee from Zeus as soon as he is freed by Hercules? They defeated him only moments before and might be able to do so again. At least, you'd think it would be worth a try.

Herc kneels down and puts his hands into the River of Death, but when he dives in a few moments later, he has at least a hundred foot drop.

Hercules risks his life to free Meg from the Underworld. Too bad that, according to Greek mythology, she'll eventually end up there anyway, along with everybody else.

Hercules finally wins the right to return to Mount Olympus when he risks his life to save Meg from the Underworld, because, as Zeus says, a hero is measured by the strength of his heart. Didn't fighting the hundred-foot cyclops without his godlike strength, a move that looked like certain death, count for anything?


Mulan bobbles the teapot so it flips upside down, but not a drop spills out.

Does the Fa family ever wonder who destroyed their Great Stone Dragon?

Mulan does a great job of disguising herself as a man. Of course, the fact that her eyelashes, lips, skin tone, and jawline change whenever she pulls her hair back certainly helps.

How does Mulan fit into her father's armor so well?

Mushu has the power to endow his shadow with eye holes.

Ling loses a lot of teeth during the course of the film, but he always grows them right back.

Mushu says that Ping was the name of his best friend growing up. So, what is a guardian spirit exactly? We didn't think a spirit would have a childhood. Are they the spirits of dead dragons or other animals? Is Mushu dead?

Can't any of the troops see Mushu sticking out of Mulan's collar during her dressing down by Shang?

Shang trains a lot more troop than actually make it to the Tung Shao Pass. Maybe a lot of them did pack up and go home, like the song says.

When Mulan turns away from Shang, the shadow of the pole she failed to climb falls across her path, but in a different direction from Shang's shadow a moment before.

When Chien Po lifts five of his comrades in full armor, plus a horse carrying two people, it is believable because of his characterization as a gentle giant. However, Yao is actually supporting the weight of Mulan, Kahn, and Shang by holding the arrow with the rope attached.

And if Chien Po is so strong, why can't he climb the pole with the weights attached to his wrists? He must be just a lousy climber.

Mulan holds Mushu in her arms, but in the next shot, he's facing the opposite direction.

Mulan wants to know why Shang can no longer trust her when he learns she's really a girl. Maybe because Shang just found out Mulan was lying to him all along.

Whare does Shang get Shan-Yu's sword? Does he somehow dig it out of the snow of the avalanche? Even if he did, how would he know whose weapon it was?

And later, Mulan leaves Shan-Yu's sword on the roof; how does the Emperor get it?

Maybe Yao, Ling, and Chien Po would climb better if they put on the dresses after they get inside the palace.

In the Emperpor's palace, the column on Shang's left suddenly vanishes.

Mulan and her three friends, along with Shang, defeat the Huns in the palace, but they just run from Shan-Yu. Don't you think they could take him?


What keeps the boat up in the treehouse? It's only attached to a loose coil of rope, not tied to anything.

The elephants in the pool are wading up to their knees; baby Tantor standing with them is also up to his knees. But when seen from underwater, the elephants are swimming in much deeper water.

The scratches on Tarzan's chest must be superficial, because the vanish instantly.

After the baboon chase, the sketch magically appears in Jane's waistband.

Tarzan is surprised to learn there are other creatures like him. Does this mean that Kala told him he was her natural offspring? If so, all the other apes must be keeping the secret with her, since they all know she found him as a baby. On the other hand, if Tarzan knows he's a foundling, he must realize he came from parents like himself, and that similar creatures exist somewhere.

We know Professor Porter is eccentric, which is why he brings armchairs on his African expedition. But a grandfather clock? What could possibly be more useless?

The Porters leave lemon wedges out on their tea table while they go exploring in the jungle. Are they really going to eat them when they get back after who-knows-what has been crawling around on them?

On the trip back to camp, Jane has Tarzan stop swinging somewhere along the line so she can put her hair up.

Professor Porter's typewriter has a lot of problems: it rings twice in one row, rings after too few keystrokes, and the carriage moves backward. Terk and the gorillas must've broken it.

The British Porters teach Tarzan to speak English with an American accent.

Terk mentions both minutes and weeks; do apes really use these units to measure time?

Tarzan defends the humans, citing the fact that he's spent time with them when in fact it's been less than a day.

Clayton fires at least four shots in very rapid succession, no mean feat for a man using a double-barrelled shotgun.

In all his years in the jungle, Tarzan never finds his parents' treehouse until Kala takes him there.

Tantor sees through his trunk like a periscope, which is not only impossible, but kind of gross.


When Rachel's ball bounces off the office windows, it sure looks like her parents are on opposite sides of the street, even though we see them go to work in the morning in the same building.

Jobless Joe is trying to bring a bucket of rivets up to the construction site when he accidentally hooks John's overbearing wife. He never realizes what he's done, even though he should be missing those rivets.

The Noah's Ark segment hinges on the plot device that Donald and Daisy keep missing each other and each thinks the other is dead. In all the time they spent onboard the ark, didn't they ever meet at mealtimes? Didn't they ever wonder who else was feeding the animals? Didn't they ever talk to Noah?

If the sprite tried flying instead of just climbing rocks and trees, she might escape the lava.

The Emperor's New Groove

Throughout the film, Yzma's eyelashes continually change in number.

Yzma says that only three people know she was fired. Actually, it's four, counting the servant who gave her the pink slip.

The llama potion is the only one of Yzma's concoctions that knocks its victim out, albeit only momentarily. It's also the only one to change its victim into an animal in increments.

Kronk's excuse for accidentally feeding Kuzco elixir of llama: all Yzma's potions look alike. Except that Yzma actually handed him the poison she wanted him to use in a flask that looked nothing like all the other bottles. If he'd just used what she gave him, there would've been no problem.

It should be easier to get rid of the body once Kuzco turns into a llama; no one would suspect it's really the emperor. Yet when her potion turns Kuzco into a llama instead of killing him, Yzma changes her plan, ordering Kronk to take the live llama away and kill him elsewhere.

Tipo tells his father Pacha that he swallowed a bug. This is funny because it shows the silly things kids do. It might work better, however, if we didn't see Pacha enjoying a giant bug in the diner.

Pacha puts his ear to the half-drowned llama's neck; is he hoping to hear a heartbeat there?

Pacha's shirt is brown under his poncho, until he takes the poncho off, when it turns white.

Kronk's evil "shoulder guy" tries to prove he's right by pointing out that the good shoulder guy wears a dress. Although this is true, every man in the entire movie, including Kronk, also wears what technically amounts to a dress.

One of Kuzco's servants paints over his thumb, but the digit shows no paint on it.

Kuzco's servants use extremely quick-drying paint, painting the Yzma profile over the background with no wait time at all.

Kuzco dumps Pacha's poncho and hat on a road in the middle of nowhere, yet Pacha has them again the next time we see him. Maybe all his clothes look alike.

Kronk suddenly remembers that the man in the diner is the same peasant who unknowingly carted Kuzco away. He correctly surmises that if they find Pacha, they'll find Kuzco, and that he probably took the emperor to his village. Now, even though they'd already searched several villages with no luck, the villains are able to find Pacha's house, presumeably by giving the locals a description of Pacha. Trouble is, if only Kronk had thought about it, he could've done that long before spotting Pacha in the diner.

The blue triangle path made by Kronk doesn't appear in the first scene where he notices the red dashes.

Where does Pacha get that bow, arrow, and rope?

Kuzco's on the rope sling before him, but Pacha somehow gets across first.

Kuzco turns into a parrot which is far too small to carry Pacha. However, instead of the hefty peasant dragging the bird down, the tiny bird drags Pacha to earth.

Pacha must lose some of Yzma's vials since he only feeds Kuzco a handful of the dozens he collected earlier.

Sick of Pacha's choices, Kuzco states that he is picking the next vial. Then he says, "Give me that one," indicating the potion Pacha has already chosen.

Atlantis: The Lost Empire

The very first line of dialogue is one unknown Atlantean saying to another, "You fool! You've destroyed us all!" What'd this guy do, cause the tidal wave all on his own?

The chalk on one side of the blackboard rubs off on Milo's shirt, but the other side stays put, even though Milo lies across it.

When Milo accidentally rubs his chalk map off the blackboard and onto his sweater, it should be a reverse image. Instead, it matches his drawing perfectly.

Milo discovers that the Shepherd's Journal is hidden, according to the runes he translates, on the coast of Iceland, yet the map he draws shows its location about as far inland as you can get.

As far as we can see, Milo yells into and listens from the same end of the phone receiver.

Thatch leaves Milo a package inscribed, "For Milo, With Love, Thaddeus Thatch." Why not sign it, "Grandpa?"

The Shepherd's Journal has a disappearing clasp.

Audrey gives her tray of slop to Mole, who tosses his own onto the ground. But Audrey has a full tray a moment later. Did Cookie come along to give her seconds?

Although the zipper was invented before 1914, it was not called "zipper" or commonly used for years. Yet, Milo has one on his pants and Cookie tells Milo he looks like a zipper.

Kida tosses Thaddeus Thatch's helmet aside while exploring the camp; it's apparently lost and never seen again.

What makes the firfly "cage" fall onto the bridge? It doesn't look like any explosions come near it.

Somebody must grab some baggage as the Atlantis expedition flees from the firefly attack, because Milo leaves the picture of his grampa and the Shepherd's Journal behind, yet they both reappear later in the film.

That bridge to Atlantis looks amazingly flimsy, yet it can hold two of Rourke's trucks.

Not to get too picky, but there is a comma missing from the subtitles.

Milo utterly mangles the name "Kidagakash", which is a little strange, since he does speak Atlantean.

What makes night and day in Atlantis? There's certainly no sun.

How does blind King Kashekim know that Rourke and his party have weapons? Would an Atlantean even recognize a modern handgun as a weapon?

Where does Kida get the knife she pulls on the soldier--from that little bikini she wears?

All you have to do to get to the secret hiding place of the Heart of Atlantis is step on that spot in the ornamental pool? Didn't Kida or anyone else ever step there by accident?

The stone heads of seven kings fall around the crystalized Kida, but there are clearly ten kings floating a few minutes before.

Audrey is in her truck, ready to drive away from Atlantis when Milo tries to convince her not to follow Rourke. We then see a shot of her climbing into the truck. Did she forget something?

When Audrey and the others side with Milo, Rourke takes off and leaves them, but nobody ever asks Dr. Sweet if he wants to go or stay.

Where do the Atlanteans get the crystals for their new babies? They live for 8000+ years, so there can't be many crystals handed down from dead relations.

When Kida is taken away from Atlantis, all the crystals go dark, but the are soon lit up again somehow.

Rourke's plan to blast the top off the cone of the volcano is pretty risky, since he has no way of knowing whether or not the whole mountain is underwater.

Milo is shown carving the stone head of the late King Kashekim Nedakh. Cartographer, linguist, plumber...and stonemason?

Lilo and Stitch

While Lilo runs to her dance lesson, she puts on her grass skirt over her swimsuit. But when she arrives at the class, she's wearing a red tube top and the bathing suit is gone.

Lilo should tell Pudge that many fish eat other fish.

Lilo opens door wrong way; you can tell by the crashbar, which is supposed to be pushed, not pulled.

Why doesn't Pleakley use a monocular viewmaster? Jumba has four-lensed binoculars for his four eyes.

Hopefully, whoever finds the four blasters Stitch drops when he's run over by the truck will put them to good use.

Did the workers in the animal shelter really think the six-limbed Stitch was a dog? Furthermore...

If they thought he was a dead dog, as the clerk said, they wouldn't have put the body in a pen with a bunch of live dogs.

Some of Lilo's books have titles on the back covers.

Why does the vendor Lilo visits sell postcards of other cities thousands of miles away from Hawaii?

Lilo plugs in her amplifier at the beach using an extention cord, but there is no cord from the amp to Stitch's guitar. Is she using canned music and he's just faking it?

Nani has no reason to leave her sister alone when she follows David to the job interview. It was Stitch who ruined all her previous interviews, not Lilo, and he's gone at that point in the story.

Lilo's sandals fall off...and on when Pleakley rescues her from the house.

Jumba has no qualms about ramming Gantu's ship during the resuce effort, even though he might kill Lilo in the process.

The scratches on Lilo's prison canister vanish.

Jumba uses a key to unlock Stitch's restraints, but the Grand Councilwoman later just touches the mechanism and they pop open.

Treasure Planet

Considering the number and variety of alien species found in Treasure Planet, the characters certainly react badly to a lot of them. You'd think they'd be used to seeing odd-looking aliens.

Jim Hawkins rises as dawn breaks aboard the ship, a ship flying through space. Maybe they were passing near a star.

Jim is missing his right boot, then it's his left, then the right.

Why does Jim have to save John Silver from falling off the spar during the storm? Didn't the pirate make sure his lifeline was secure?

With all the things his cyborg eye can do, what does John Silver want a spyglass for?

John Silver threatens to use the ship's cannon to blast Capt. Amelia's party to atoms. When Jim sneaks aboard the Legacy, why doesn't he use said cannon to blast the pirates?

Brother Bear

The rope on Kenai's leg does multiple tricks: it switches from one foot to the other, it grows longer, and once disappears entirely.

Koda says his bedtime is an hour past sundown. How do bears mark time in hours?

Koda sure makes it sound like the Salmon Run is an annual event, and that he's been there before. But there's no way that cub is more than a year old.

Those bighorn sheep lived all their lives on mountains and never heard echoes before?

The totem disappears from Denahi's spear in one scene.

Home on the Range

The corners of old wanted posters appear on the wall of the sheriff's office, and Alameda Slim's poster obligingly moves over to make room for them.

In the song "Yodel-Adle-Eedle-Idle-Oo," three separate references are made to Alameda Slim being fat, which he is. Only the lyrics always refer to his fat posterior; he's actually only fat above the belt.

Buck leaves the cows far behind, then, late, comes upon them again. He'll never catch Slim by going in circles like that.

Why does Lucky Jack pause to put his ear to the ground? He's not tracking anything, he's just leading the cows to his old home. Did he hear a noise he wanted to check out?

When Maggie shouts, "Cows rule!" she doesn't move her lips.

The padlock on the cattle car opens on both the right and the left in different shots.

The sign announcing the sale of Patch o' Heaven lists September as the date, but the deed Alameda Slim tries to sign says it's May 4th (Star Wars Day!)

After Yancy O'Dell buys Patch o' Heaven with all its livestock, Sheriff Brown proceeds to auction off the baby chicks. Why aren't they included with the livestock?

Why would Sheriff Brown bother to gag Alameda Slim once he's captured? Hypnotizing a few cows into doing the happy dance wouldn't help the rustler escape.

The Princess and the Frog

Tiana says she won't kiss a frog and eat a bug on the same day. Actually, that happens on the next day.

When Tiana turns into a frog, she loses her clothes. Does that mean, if Lottie's kiss had worked on the street, Tiana would turn back as a naked human?

Ray's favorite tooth repairs itself.

When Mama Odie asks who messed with the Shadow Man, everyone points to Naveen. She's blind, guys, she can't see you pointing. Just like she can't see the images in the gumbo.

Louis is grossed out by the sight of Mama Odie kissing a snake. But he's a reptile. Maybe it's the thought of locking lips with the old lady that makes him gag.

"Let in the light!" cries Mama Odie, a stange thing for a blind woman to say.

The clothes Lawrence wears to impersonate Prince Naveen fit him perfectly, even when his body morphs back to his stout self.

When the fake Naveen is revealed to be Lawrence, Naveen is shocked. He could've figured it out for himself. He's seen the other Naveen who speaks with Lawrence's voice in the guest house where the two of them are staying. Plus, Lawrence was there when Naveen was turned into a frog in the first place. Moreover, Tiana should remember that her earlier conversation with Naveen revealed that he has a double walking around; she might wonder if that's the other Naveeen on the wedding float.

When Charlotte kisses the frog Naveen, she's not a princess anymore. Why doesn't she turn into a frog?

The lipstick prints vanish from Naveen's face.

Because they miss the midnight deadline, Naveen and Tiana are resigned to spending the rest of their lives as frogs. But there are other princesses in the world who might be persuaded to kiss a frog. At the very least, they can try again with Charlotte next year.


Toy Story

How does the green plastic medic repair the wounded army man? He seemed permanently broken.

Andy gets a Battleship game for his birthday, but the box is the wrong size.

Bo Peep is fond of leaving lip prints on Woody's face. Does she borrow Andy's mom's lipstick, or just use red crayon?

Bo Peep's on the night stand; she should be able to see Buzz on the bed when he first arrives, though she's just as surprised as the rest of the toys to see him.

Woody's been Andy's favorite toy "since kindergarten." That makes it sound like Andy's been out of kindergarten for some time. Yet he still writes the word "bank" on a box with a backwards "n". Or does he keep his cardboard boxes to play with for years?

Buzz thinks Andy's bed is a spongy planetary surface, but moments later reveals that he can fly around "this room."

The debris from Combat Carl seems to fly awfully far, considering the size of the explosion.

The smear is immediately gone from Buzz's helmet.

That slime drink dispenser at Pizza Planet must make an awful mess on the floor every day.

That Whack-An-Alien mallet at Pizza Planet isn't attached to the game. Did some kid break it? Like Sid, maybe?

Although Buzz doesn't know he's a toy, he knows enough to freeze when a human being is present.

Sid slams the bedroom door, and somehow all the hasps swing onto the staples, locking Woody in.

Sid goes to bed at 8 PM. Buzz and Woody sit around all night, and then, at five minutes to 7, Woody calls for Buzz to move the toolbox.

Buzz and Woody should just jump out of Sid's window; Buzz already knows he can survive such a fall, and Woody's soft body won't be harmed.

Sid's mutant toys can repair Buzz, but they never fix themselves.

It's impossible for the mutant toys to take the porch light through the hole in roof and then put it back and make it fit.

Rex and Mr. Potato Head are in a box filled with packing peanuts, but when Woody later opens the box, there are no packing material inside.

When a Slinky stretches out as far as Slinky Dog does, it never goes back to its original shape.

The moving van driver never notices his ramp is dragging along the road, shooting sparks. Sparks which aren't there, by the way, when Buzz and Woody fly over.

Molly gets Mrs. Potato Head for Christmas, an age-inappropriate toy made for children 3 and up.

A Bug's Life

The Queen is called both Your Highness and Your Majesty.

Some of the bugs have six limbs, some have only four.

When the two little boy ants taunt Flik upon his departure, the wrong one says, "Your dad's right; he's gonna die." It was his dad who said it, not his friend's dad.

Manny the praying mantis should be more interested in eating Gypsy than in marrying her.

The circus bugs could easily stop the Flaming Death trick and save P.T. by removing a match from the "fuse."

The ants actually remove leaves from the tree to make the bird, hastening the day when the last leaf falls. And how does Hopper know just when that will be, anyway?

Dot flies a long way before she chooses a rock to show to Flik, passing up a bunch of other rocks in the process.

Hopper and his gang love the circus bugs; so how come their act bombs when they work for P.T. Flea?

When Atta sees the phony bird catch fire, she yells Dot's name out of fear for her sister's life; yet she has no way of knowing just who is inside that bird. Yes, she saw the ants climb up to the bird, but can she really recognize her sister from that distance?

Toy Story 2

Wheezy can't yell, but he could just tell Woody he's hiding behind a book.

Wheezy the squeak toy seems awfully helpless: he can't jump off the shelf, he can't walk back to the house, and he can't hold on to Buster's collar.

Al's so honest, he doesn't even take the money from the cash box at the yard sale. Heck, he could steal the whole box to get Woody if he watnted to, instead of prying it open.

Why doesn't Woody know his own backstory? Buzz knows his from A to Zurg, yet Woody doesn't recognize Jessie or Bullseye when he meets them.

Woody has also forgotten his own personal history. He's an old family toy from the 50's, but he apparently remembers nothing about a previous owner growing up and losing interest in him.

We know from his first movie that Woody has no control over his pullstring voicebox; when the string is pulled, he talks, even when he wishes he wouldn't. Yet in this film, Jessie playfully pulls Woody's string and he doesn't say a word. Well, except maybe "Yaagh!" Nor does he talk when he pulls the string at the climax.

Shouldn't a Pete the Prospector doll talk more like the TV version of the character?

Woody could sneak around the spilled Cheetos and arrive at the same spot where he climbs the couch.

Al has six boxes to ship to Japan. Five of them we see, but the sixth must be huge to hold all of that Woody's Round-up memorabilia. Especially the standee.

Woody is very moved to see that part of the Woody's Round-Up theme song where the boy hugs the Woody puppet. Hey, he's just watched the entire series on video; hasn't he seen that bit a dozen times or more?

Even after the commercial for Al's Toy Barn comes on the TV screen, you can still hear a few clicks of the remote.

Jessie knows she didn't turn on the TV remote; doesn't she wonder who did? Better yet, doesn't she see who did, considering the remote is directly in front of her?

All the toys in boxes appear to be unconscious of their surroundings. So, how does Zurg awaken to break free from his package? And how could the Old Prospector watch other toys being sold while he languished on a store shelf?

Where does New Buzz get the empty box to lock Andy's Buzz in?

Al carries a nearly empty valise when he faxes the photos of Woody to Japan. When the rescue toy team hides inside the bag, Al doesn't notice the sudden added weight of four toys and a piggy bank.

Can't "new Buzz" tell he's not flying, only standing on top of the elevator?

How many of those little balls does the Zurg action figure have stored in that little toy gun?

Al should make his valuable toys his carry-on for safe-keeping and check his overnight bag into the baggage compartment.

Monsters, Inc.

The simulation kid makes a lot of subtle facial movements, but once we see it's a fake, it looks a lot less sophisticated.

If a kid put a hanger on the back of his closet door, that would be an automatic 23-19!

What do monsters do when a child moves? When a new one is born? When they re-paint their closet door? Do they have ways of knowing these things?

Why do parents never hear all these terrifying roars of the scarers in their children's bedrooms?

There are other power plants in the monster world besides Monsters, Inc. Do they have their own doors, leading to other kids' closets? Or do they compete for the same kids? How do they regulate this?

Mike says Sulley's been jealous of his good looks since the fourth grade. Yet according to Monsters University, the two don't meet until college.

All the scarers are listed on the scare floor tally board last name first, except Randall Boggs.

George Sanderson has a bandage placed on his back by the C.I.D., after which he is shaved. Then the bandage is removed. The question is: how'd they get it on the skin under his hair?

Does time pass the same in the monster universe as in our own? If so, Boo's parents must be frantic when she disappears for two days.

Boo does a lot of giggling, but it has no effect on the power.

Where did Mike and Sulley get the crayons that Boo colors with? Did they go shopping for her? Or do they keep crayons in the apartment?

Boo is so young that she can only say a few words, yet she sleeps in a big-girl bed. Not only that, but she is completely potty trained.

The Abominable Snowman talks like he knows Bigfoot, which makes sense if every banished monster is sent through that same Himalayan door. But, if that's the case, then how does Bigfoot get to North America?

The Abominable Snowman tells Mike and Sulley never to go out in a blizzard, then goes out himself to get more snowcones.

When Sulley needs to escape the human world and return to Monstropolis, he simply heads for the nearest child's bedroom door, in this case at the foot of the Himalayas, and, voila, he's home. We know that a closet door only opens onto the monster world when the door is activated on the Scare Floor. Do the monsters hit every single door every night? If not, then Sulley might've waited around for ages before hitting upon the right door at the right time.

The millions of closet doors seen in are all strikingly similar. Not one is a sliding door, a louvred door, or anything other than a standard, one-panel wooden door.

When Mike and Sulley ride the doors into the warehouse, they see hundreds of rows of hanging doors, but only one row has an overhead rail leading to it.

Luckily for Mike and Sulley, none of the doors hanging in the storage area that they try to exit are sandwiched in the middle of a row, or they'd never get through them.

Waternoose used the factory's conveyor belt to bring Boo's door, along with Mike and Sulley, to the scare floor. How does the boss know that our heroes are at that moment hanging on to that particular door?

If you're about to shred a door, there's no reason to put caution tape on it thirty seconds before.

Mike Wazowski's hands are suddenly bandaged for the close-up.

The process of destroying a door is not nearly as complex in the movie as it is on the Monsters at Work series. Maybe they increased security after Mike put Boo's door back together.

Mike's New Car

Mike uses a cell phone from under the hood of his car. Where'd he get it? From his pocket?

Finding Nemo

Mr. Ray, the manta teacher, tells Marlin not to worry while his son is in school; he'll be safe while with the teacher. This is after Mr. Ray failed to notice four of his pupils sneaking away from the class to the open sea.

Why does Gurgle agree to escape to the ocean if he's deathly afraid of germs? Surely the aquarium water is more sanitary.

Dolphins can't talk underwater but every other sea creature can.

The Incredibles

According to the virtual map inside the Incredicar, Mr. Incredible is approaching the intersection with Adeline St., and then approaching it again several blocks later.

The Incredibles's home town is called Metroville on a train, the stadium, and one newspaper. But it's referred to as Municiberg on the radio, the bank, and another newspaper. Are they twin cities, perhaps?

Frozone reminds Mr. Incredible to get ready for his wedding, although Frozone himself is in the wedding party, too, and needs to change.

Bob and Helen get married in their secret identities, yet most of their guests are in costume.

What happens to all the world's super-villains when Mr. Incredible and the rest of the heroes go underground? Do they obey the law and cease using their super powers? Highly unlikely. Do they continue to loot and pillage unhindered? Were they stopped by the ordinary police force?

The policeman frozen by Frozone is only inches to the side of the doorway, yet it takes the other cops a long time to spot him.

Dash's teacher Mr. Knapp calls his own chair a stool.

Helen is surprised to see Dash in the principal's office. Didn't she suspect that was the reason she was called to the school?

If Dash can move fast enough to be invisible to a video camera, it's hard to believe any Syndrome-created vehicle could keep up with him for any length of time, or that the reaction times of the troopers would be fast enough to control such a vehicle.

Bob Parr's original super suit is among his scorched possessions, yet he wears it to his interview with Mirage.

Mr. Incredible and Mirage are shown at opposite ends of a very long dining table, yet the over-the-shoulder shots make them appear much, much closer together.

When Bob Parr comes home with a brand new sports car, he turns around and there is suddenly a new car for Helen parked where you couldn't see anything before.

Does Mr. Incredible kill those guards he throws into the sea? If not, he should figure they might manage to get back and blow the whistle on him too soon.

Walking on the bridge in Syndrome's lair puts one awfully close to the falling lava. How can you do that without getting burned? And why doesn't any lava cool on the bridge to form more rock?

It's a good thing Helen chooses to change into her Mrs. Incredible costume in the jet's restroom even though she doesn't know her kids are there watching.

Why does Helen bring the kids' masks with her? She doesn't even suspect the kids are stowing away. In fact, she leaves the costumes home.

Flaming debris from their doomed jet hits the water several minutes after the Parr kids, even though their descent was slowed considerably by an Elastigirl parachute.

Why does Violet bring a hairband on the plane, seeing she never wears one?

Elatigirl comes within inches of being flattened by a transport, yet the henchmen inside never see her. Maybe they're texting.

The doors in Syndrome's lair open with security cards, then close automatically; yet the one that catches Helen's midsection is found just standing open as the guard walks through.

Bob Parr uses Helen's name right in front of Mirage.

When the guards find Violet and Dash, one of them asks, "Are they supers?" Duh, they're wearing red tights with black masks, whaddaya think they are, door-to-door salesmen?

Violet disappears in front of the squadron of armed guards, but they don't react at all until Dash tries to run.

We, and the guard, should be able to see an outline of the invisible Violet Parr when she's in the water.

Elastigirl is strong enough to hold up an RV. Move over, Mr. Incredible!

Frozone picks up Dash and saves him from the Omnidroid. But carrying the kid around doesn't make sense, as Dash is much faster on his own.

Helen presses the button on Syndrome's remote but has no idea what it does to the Omnidroid's claw. Yet, when Bob tells her to press it again, she says that her husband will only get one shot, instantly deducing that it will shoot the claw at the robot.

When Dash reminisces about the cool battle his family has fought, he mentions the part where "Dad threw that car." Too bad that hasn't happened yet.

Bob Parr takes his car when he's off to catch the plane to Nomanisan Island. But when he finally gets home at the end of the film, his car is there.

Doesn't Dash know he's supposed to come in second in the track meet? Wasn't that a condition of his being allowed to join the track team? Why does the family have to shout it to him?


Lightning McQueen doesn't know what rearview mirrors are, yet Mack has them.

Mater can drive backwards because he has side mirrors. Lightning does it later on without them.

Meet the Robinsons

Although Lewis's machine does fly apart and cause the volcano to erupt, it would've erupted earlier if Stanley had done a better job with the wiring. In which case, the volcano would've set off the sprinklers which caused the rest of the chaos, and Stanley would be in trouble instead of Lewis.

Does the real Mary Johnson ever show up at Inventco for her 2:00 meeting after Bowler Hat Guy steals her appointment?

Doris talks to Bowler Hat Guy right in front of the receptionist and nobody cares. Why not do the same thing in the meeting with the Inventco bigwigs?

Doris tells Bowler Hat Guy to push the red button without mentioning turning the knob, so it's her fault that the plan doesn't work.

Doris's plan to lure Lewis out of the Robinson home apparently has to do with dropping a chandelier on Wilbur. One fails to see how this would have the desired effect.

Grandpa Bud & Grandma Lucille should recognize Lewis even before they see his hair--after all, he's their son.

How does Bowler Hat Guy bring that T-Rex back from the past? It won't fit in his time machine.

Young Michael Yagoobian is encouraged to become a villain by the time-travelling Bowler Hat Guy, who wouldn't exist if Goob had not become a villain, which he wouldn't have become if he hadn't been encouraged by his future self, who...

During Bowler Hat Guy's demonstration, Lewis's Memory Scanner falls off the table three feet to the floor, yet it yanks the CEO thirty feet across the room.

If Lewis whould fly the time machine up instead of horizontally he could escape from the giant Doris.

Instead of using the time machine for revenge, Bowler Hat Guy could have gone back to wake himself up and thereby repair his ruined life.

Why does the Robinson family allow Wilbur to take Lewis back to his own time? Wilbur's track record with the time machine isn't exactly stellar.

Wilbur creates that skywritten message to Lewis in about two seconds. We can see that he's not flying nearly fast enough for that.


The beam is suddenly passing through the tree branches, which it didn't do earlier.


Remy laments stealing food, but he steals the cookbook without remorse.

There's really no reason for Linguini to practice blindfolded. He's allowed to keep his eyes open while at work.

Remy yanks a tuft of hair on the left side of Luigi's head, but the right arm moves.

Linguini is surprised when Skinner has him clean up the kitchen at the end of the night. So who's been doing it all week?

Skinner picks up the phone and shouts, "Get me my lawyer!" Yet he never dials a number. Does he have a receptionist? We never see one anywhere in the restaurant.

Colette isn't surprised the door to Gusteau's is unlocked, but seems surprised to see Linguini inside. Was somebody else supposed to open?

Although it's the funniest scene in the movie, Remy doesn't need to animate the sleeping Linguini to fool Colette; so what if she sees him sleeping on the floor after working all night?

Remy stops Linguini from telling Collette the secret, but he gets mad when Linguini doesn't tell the room full of reporters.

Linguini's press conference stretches past opening time, and we see a line of customers waiting outside Gusteau's. But when Ego enters the room, the queue appears to have vanished.

A colony of rats living in luxury above La Ratatouille cafe with plenty of food and no predators will soon multiply far beyond their living space.


This film begins with a scene of the title character purchased from a pet shop by Penny. Is this how she actually acquired her dog? If it's a scene from her real life, that would mean that Penny got the acting job and brought her now-grown dog along to star with her. But then Bolt would've had at least a couple of months living the life of a normal dog and would have a much better understanding of such things. If, on the other hand, the pet shop is merely a scene in the TV series, then we're not looking at the real Bolt. Unless the studio wanted to wait around for the puppy to grow up, they'd use a stand-in pup for that scene.

When we see an upside-down view of Penny through Bolt's eyes, her mother is standing at her right side. When the view changes to normal, Mom's nowhere to be seen.

Penny's reflection shows her hands in a different pose.

There's no way Bolt could've been fooled episode after episode. How do they apply the lightning bolt make-up? How do they know he'll jump across the overpass? It'd be easier and cheaper just to teach a dog to act, like the cats do.

Most of Bolt's so-called powers can be explained with special effects. But there are a does he jump across the overpass? How does he hold a car with a man inside over the edge of the bridge without seeing the crane holding it up?


The top hat is on the right side and the magic hat on the left of the magician's secret drawer. Yet when he removes them, the top hat is in his left hand, the magic hat in his right.


Barbara Streisand is carefully photoshopped out of Wall*E's copy of Hello, Dolly.

Where does all the garbage on the Axiom come from? The inhabitants don't appear to use much, except for those ubiquitous plastic cups.

Wouldn't airless space kill Wall*E's precious plant?

Partly Cloudy

The baby ram shouldn't have horns until he grows up.


Russell may have his zoology badge, but he's still fooled by the old 'snipe hunt' gag.

Carl and Ellie must've distributed their furniture pretty carefully throughout the house to get it to float on the level.

Even after seeing the huge bird tracks, Russell still calls the bird a "little snipe."

We don't hear a single female voice among Muntz's dogs. Either the collars are all programmed with male voices, or this will be the last generation of his guard dogs.

How does Gamma the dog know what a mailman is? Is one of those heads on Muntz' wall from some poor postman who tried to deliver his copy of National Geographic?

Of course Dug and Kevin find Carl again. They probably just followed the floating house with a million balloons over it. Duh!

Although the fire bursts enough balloons to make Carl's house drop with a thud, it immediately springs back into the air.

Muntz orders his dogs to shoot down the house. So why are they wasting time targeting Russell? If the house goes down, he goes with it. And the house is an easier target.

When Dug becomes the new alpha dog, does the old Alpha have to change his name?

The Cone of Shame is left on poor Alpha even when he visits the Seniors' home.

Toy Story 3

What happened to Woody's overstuffed arm?

Even though they know that children will be rushing in, the Toy Story toys don't play dead when the door opens in the daycare center.

Woody's plan to escape from Sunnyside Daycare depends on several details he would be unlikely to know about, like Mr. Potato Head finding a hole in the sandbox and a child leaving a tortilla in his forgotten lunchbox.

The keys to Sunnyside Daycare are right where Woody was told: on the bulletin board. So how do the evil toys get outside?

Mr. Potato Head's parts can talk and move even when they are detatched from his body, but his wife's can't.

How do Woody, Bullseye, and the aliens get under the pail without being seen by Big Baby?

How can Lotso grab Woody's foot when the stuffed bear is way down at the bottom of the nearly-empty dumpster?

The golf club doesn't pull Buzz up to the magnet until after he frees Lotso.

How does Slinky Dog get off the magnetic ceiling at the town dump?


It seems that only Rapunzel's voice can activate her healing powers; otherwise, how could she threaten not to allow Mother Gothel to use those powers? In that case, Gothel would've had to wait, at the very least, two years after stealing baby Rapunzel before being able to youthen herself. Why did she not age into dust in those two years?

Mother Gothel must've used that hidden staircase for years until Rapunzel's hair grew long enough to climb.

What does Mother Gothel do all day? Does she have a job somewhere? Does she spend most days locked in the tower, too? Or is she independently wealthy, leaving Rapunzel alone to go whoop it up somewhere?

The hook-handed thug knocks a bunch of keys off the piano, but they must grow back so he can keep playing.

Maximus doesn't hear Flynn shouting Rapunzel's name the first time. Is he daydreaming?

How does Maximus explain to the pub thugs what he wants them to do?

Mother Gothel's plan hinges on her ability to knock out the burly Stabbington Brothers with nothing but a stick. She must be a pretty confident woman.

Mother Gothel takes the dagger from a drawer in which she keeps her sunglasses. Sunglasses? They weren't invented until 1929.

How does Flynn get out of those manacles?

Flynn's sacrifice, though noble, is unnecessary. He could certainly have waited until Rapunzel healed his mortal wound before cutting off her hair. And he might've cut it a little longer, giving the girl a less choppy look while keeping that shard of glass a safer distance from her jugular vein.

When Mother Gothel turns to dust at the base of the tower, her cloak remains, but we see nothing of her clothes.

Toy Story Hawaiian Vacation

Poatato Head can't possibly leave his hand and eye behind to play cards without the Mrs. noticing. And if he does, how can his parts say, "Gin" without a mouth?


Nobody seems to notice that Merida and Elinor are gone all night.

The men are horrified to be mooned by Dingwall, but later don't bat an eyelash when they are all kilt-less.

Wouldn't the men be more likely to use their shirts for a makeshift rope than their kilts?


The invisible fish in Frankenweenie should displace the water in the jar and be visible at least as an outline, and not be revealed by a flashlight.

Victor puts a lever into the chain to hold it in place, but when he lowers the platform, that lever is gone. Nor does he use the lever the second time he raises the platform.

Wreck-It Ralph

During the opening narration, when Ralph gives his name to the support group, we don't hear any of the other bad guys answer with, "Hi, Ralph."

Markowski never tells Ralph the name of his game where you can win a medal.

We see that game characters can resist the control of their gamers. This has serious ramifications. How do you know that high score is really yours? Do characters ever make a player lose on purpose?

Ralph jumps to Hero's Duty as the arcade opens. He goes through one game, and then it's already closing time.

How does Vanellope get her tooth fixed? It's not like she has a magic hammer.

Sour Bill claims that if the Sugar Rush game resets, then Vanellope won't be a glitch any more. Not true; she retains her glitching ability.

When a game has the plug pulled, its citizens retreat to Game Central Station. Except for Turbo, who disguised himself as King Candy and took over Sugar Rush. But no one else knows that. Do they suppose Turbo failed to escape in time? He had to pass through Game Central Station at some point to get from one game to the other; did no one notice him?

When Felix hits the cell bars with his hammer, they not only fix, they actually grow stouter than before. Yet when he fixes Vanellope's kart, it's still the same messed up design as ever. Shouldn't it become a nicer-looking vehicle?

"Let's watch her die," says the mutated King Candy of Vanellope. But if she dies in her own game, she'll just regenerate (unless, of course, glitches don't regenerat, but we're never told so). Ditto for Taffeyta and company if Vanellope should really decide to have them executed.

We see the Sugar Rush game in Litwak's arcade with only one player seat instead of two.

Q-Bert and friends join the cast of Fix-It Felix Jr. for a new bonus level. They better hope they never get killed there, because they won't regenerate, being in a different game.

Monsters University

With an even twenty kids on the field trip, how does Mikey end up having his teacher as a buddy?

The final event in the Scare Games is judged on quantity of scream, yet all the contestants race as though they are scored on time.

How do the monsters get such detailed information on the kids they scare?

How does Sulley change the setting on the scream machine? It's located under the bed, in plain view of the camera. Even when the camera is off, the simulator is filled with clean-up crew.

Mike's scream fills the team indicator to the top, and Worthington's sends his indicator close to the fill line. Yet both teams previously had scores far below the max on their personal indicator lights. Which means, if the early contestants had scored higher, there wouldn't be room on the team indicator for the final monsters' scores.


I guess the cold doesn't bother Anna either, at least when she's a little girl. She positively rolls in the snow wearing nothing but a short-sleeved nightdress.

Didn't any of the servants know about Elsa's powers before the accident? Who cleaned up all that snow in the ballroom?

There's no reason to keep Elsa's power a secret from Anna all those years. When Anna finally learns the truth, she's not at all traumatized.

From our vantage point high atop the North Mountain, it looks like the entire country of Arendelle consists of the castle and a tiny village. Not exactly the kind of place a duke would risk so much to keep up trade with.

Elsa creates her dress using her ice powers. Does that mean it's made of ice? Can it melt? And where does her old dress go?

Olaf says he's "always" loved the idea of summer. Always? He's only been in existence for one day.

According to Olaf, Kristoff taking the woman he loves to another man is an act of true love. Why doesn't that melt Anna's frozen heart? For that matter, Kristoff knows he's in love with Anna during the race back to the castle; he could just kiss here on the spot, even if she doesn't love him.

When Hans reports Anna's death, the logical thing would be to move the body to a bedroom. Fortunately for Hans, nobody thinks to do this, or they would see that Anna is still alive.

Why does the crowd cheer when Anna knocks Hans into the fjord? Can they really tell he's been revealed as a villain from way back there?

Elsa can make all the ice she wants without buying any from Kristoff. I guess the Royal Ice Master really isn't a thing.

Anna can't skate. But she thinks she can; at least, Grand Pabbie put a vision of ice skating into her head when she was a child.

How does Marshmallow repair his leg?

Big Hero 6

Where does Baymax keep his lollipops?

How does Baymax climb up to the window? He's not exactly built for climbing.

Baymax shows film of Tadashi, created when Hiro's brother recorded tests of his robot design. For some reason, Baymax has edited the footage into an entertaining montage instead of showing every single test.

How does Baymax stash Tadashi's data card in his rocket fist without reverting to evil Baymax?

Inside Out

Riley is the only character whose emotion characters have real variety. Everybody else's are much more alike: either all male or all female, all with the same hairstyle or accessories, etc.

In the house of cards in Imaginationland in Riley's head, one of the face cards shows a jack of diamonds but it has an R instead of a J in the corner.

Joy spots a row of blue memory spheres and follows it to find Sadness. How does she know to follow it to the right and not to the left?

If Forgetter Bob can send Riley's old memories back to HQ, why can't he send the core memories back for Joy?

Bing Bong tells Joy and Sadness that they can get to the Train of Thought using a shortcut "through there", and he points to Imaginationland. Then Joy watches as he actually heads for the gate, under the humongous Imaginationland sign. A moment later she finally sees the sign and gets all excited about Imaginationland.

Bing Bong can't read the sign that says "Danger," but what is Joy's and Sadness's excuse?

The workers inside Riley's head shut the door on the Abstract Thought room so they can "burn out the debris". But the door on the opposite side is left open.

Joy sets the Imaginary Boyfriend device to create an infinite number of boys. Then she grabs exactly the correct number to perfectly reach the trampoline.

In the final scene, all five emotions go to the window to look at Riley's personality islands. Earlier in the movie it was kind of a big thing whenever an island was created, and everybody watched with excitement. But now Disgust acts like she's never seen Fashion Island before, and likewise Fear acts like he's never seen Boy Band Island before. Weren't they watching the screen when Riley experienced boy bands or fashion trends and created the memories that caused these islands to come into being?

The Good Dinosaur

Was building that granary silo the only thing Arlo's family ever accomplished? They make it sound like it's the only chance to place your mark.

Arlo promises to help with the harvest; if he doesn't, we are led to believe the family will starve. But when Arlo returns home, the harvest is done, without his help. He breaks his promise and lets his family down. And they survive.


If Nick has been making $200 per day for twenty years, that's $73,000 per year, tax-free. Why is he living under a bridge?

Judy Hopps doesn't even ask anyone at police headquarters to run those plates. Even though she's not in the system yet, the other cops should help her while she's officially on a case.

The limo where Judy and Nick find Mr. Big's CDs and monogrammed glassware is at a rental company. Does Mr. Big store his personal limo there? Or does he stock all the cars at the rental car agency with his personal belongings?

Nick once sold Mr. Big a rug he claimed was made from wool, but was actually skunk fur. Either way, that's the equivalent for us of making a rug from human hair. Doesn't anybody find this the least bit disturbing?

Otterton is a florist, so maybe he knows how dangerous Night Howler bulbs can be. But why does take his tale of the stolen bulbs to Mr. Big? Why not to the police? And how does Doug learn that Otterton needs to be silenced with a shot of Night Howler juice?

When Manchas goes savage, his injured eye is miraculously healed, at least partially.

Chief Bogo tells the press there are 14 animals who have gone savage, though by then there are 15.

Judy's uncle was once affected by Night Howlers, and he had no serum or antidote. Did it just wear off eventually? Or is he still savage?

Some sheep in Zootopia have horizontal pupils, but not Assistant Mayor Bellwether. Her eyes look like everyone else's.

Why does Bellwether give her henchmen such specific targets? Wouldn't any predators do for her plan?

Yax appears at the Gazelle concert. Hope he's wearing pants...


The blight that keeps the fish away from the island doesn't affect the mantas.

Chief Tui should've told Moana the sad story of his past years a long time earlier; it might possibly keep his daughter from trying to sail away.

That statue Moana pushes over looks like it weighs a couple of tons. This is one strong teen!


The Rivera family only remembers 4 generations. Poor great-great-great-great-great grandma!

Miguel can't be seen by anyone in the cemetary, but they can sure see Dante licking an invisible boy.

Why stop Héctor from heading for the bridge when it's impossible for him to cross anyway?

There are a lot of chubby skeletons in the Land of the Dead, which is really something, considering they have no fat on them. I guess they really do just have big bones.

Héctor's photo is on the ofrenda, at least a photo of his body. I guess it needs to include your face to count.

Miguel doesn't start to glow until he realizes he's invisible and intangible.

Skeletons can't drown, so diving into the pool to save Miguel would only be necessary if Ernesto knew the kid was a living boy.

Miguel must escape from the land of the dead before sunrise, yet the sky above that sinkhole seems awfully sunny, as if he'd already missed the deadline. Once Miguel exits the hole, it's night again.

Hector doesn't paint Miguel's hands like a skeleton, yet no one notices. They soon turn to bones on there own anyway.

Except for Imelda, none of the family calls on their alebrijes to help look for Miguel. Is Pepita the only competent one?

Miguel and Héctor sound just as loud when they move away from their microphone; much later, Imelda does the same thing.

Ernesto heroically dives into the pool to save what he thinks is a skeleton kid. Is he afraid Miguel will drown?

Does Ernesto have time to visit all his fans each year on Dia de los Muertos? How else could he get all those offerings? And yet he somehow manages to put on a gigantic performance the same day.

Ernesto doesn't even recognize Héctor. Does this mean that, in the eighty or so years since his death, Hector has never confronted his former friend about stealing his songs? What was he waiting for?

How does incriminating dialogue get into a De La Cruz movie made long after Héctor's murder? Did Ernesto write the screenplay himself and slyly add his own words?

Imelda could have cut Hector out of that photo completely instead of folding it over. Maybe she didn't really want to forget him.

Imelda could escape Ernesto's grip if she would only detatch her arm bone, like all the other skeletons do when needed.

Elena puts Coco's photo on the ofrenda even though it's already there in that old picture of Imelda.

Héctor's name can't be Rivera. Miguel is a Rivera, therefore his father and grandfather Franco are Riveras. But Mama Coco would not be a Rivera, nor would her parents be. Unless all the Rivera women marry Riveras, which is possible, though somewhat absurd.

Ralph Breaks the Internet

Ralph's game has been around for 36 years, yet he says he's been a bad guy for only 27. Even assuming he's been a good guy for the six years between the first and second films, that still leaves three years unaccounted for.

At the end of Wreck-It Ralph, Vanellope is still a glitch; in fact, her glitching is incorporated into her game. So why is she able to suddenly leave Sugar Rush?

How can Ralph and Vanellope bid on eBay without opening an account first? For which you need a credit card, by the way.

There are only 10 racers on Felix and Calhoun's couch. Where are the other 15?

We don't see many players inside Slaughter Race. Maybe it's not such a popular game.

That gamer mentions that it took him 30 hours of play time to find Shank's car. Yet Ralph and Vanellope find it right off the bat, and they don't even know what they're doing.

Ralph and Vanellope defeat all the virus-created Ralphs, but they never tackle the virus itself. Is it still at large?

Vanellope's code is added to Slaughter Race so she will always reboot with the game. But that's before she gets the broken cookie medal from Ralph. So when she reboots, it will be without the medal.

Game Central Station sure is empty at the end of the movie.

The Incredibles 2

The Incredibles 2 uses the word "super-hero," a term never heard in the first movie.

Winston Deavor asks the supers to call him "Win." No one ever does.

Several supers call each other by their secret identity names in front of civilians. Maybe this is how Winston Deavor knows Violet's name.

When the runaway train separates, the brakes automatically engage. Then the engine somehow falls way behind. Shouldn't it be slowing down at the same speed as the rest of the train?

Violet sees Jack-Jack vanish, but then is surprised later by the same demonstration.

Violet and Dash knock out several of the enemy supers on the Deavers's yacht. If they'd think to take off their slaver goggles, the final battle would go a lot easier.

Why does Violet bring her mom's red costume along? Did she know the silver one would become damaged? And does Helen really take the time to change costumes in the middle of a crisis?

Tony is surprised to see Violet's parents in the car. Who did he think was going to drive the kids to the theater?

Frozen II

Can't the water spirits do anything about that tidal wave before it drowns Arendelle?

Toy Story 4

When Woody goes to sleep with Bonnie in the RV, he really sleeps, eyes closed and everything. What if he hadn't woken up in time and was seen that way by Mom or Dad?

Dad announces he's ready to go even though he never took the RV to the garage for repairs.

It takes Dad an awfully long time to change that tire.

Forky's parts came from the trash can, where they ended up due to a kid's carelessness, so he thinks he's trash. His girlfriend "Knifey" also thinks she's trash. Did some other kid drop craft supplies into the garbage yet again where Jessie found them, giving them to Bonnie so she could make another new friend?


If only Ian had thought to cast that spell after dark, he would've gotten extra hours to restore his father.

The door in the ceiling closes awfully fast when Barley steps on the pressure plate, but it stays open a long time when his dad holds the plate down.

Ian's checklist has "take a walk" checked off, though we never see him mark that one.


When Joe falls to earth and pushes the cat's soul out of its body, how does Mr. Mittens get it back in the end? Lsst time we saw it, it was pretty close to the light at the end of the conveyor belt.

Joe Gardner takes a taxi ride while in a hospital gown. Where does he get the money to pay?

Raya and the Last Dragon

It looks like young Raya could crawl under those nets without needing to send baby Tuk-Tuk to trip them.

Raya says there are hundreds of rivers, but there aren't nearly that many on the map.

Although the first dragon statue in the gem chamber is hidden by ivy, the others are not. So how did Raya never see them?

Tong says "slayed;" the correct word is "slew."

Pengu can make rain. Why doesn't that chase the water-hating Druun away?


The scratches on Luca's face heal instantly. Is that a sea monster thing?

Luca doesn't actually swim during the race, he walks. Isn't that cheating?

During the credits, Messimo is shown in a diving suit with his right arm intact.


In the Madrigals's casita, Abuela's door, unlike the rest of the family, shows her title instead of her name, which is Alma.

Mirabel thinks Dolores can't keep a secret. And in fact, Dolores feels compelled to tell about the rediscovered vision. But she keeps the secret of Bruno's hideaway for years.


Alice's Wonderland

The toys vanish from the lid of the toychest.

The spot on the giraffe in the parade flashes white.

Alice, while running from some lions, outpaces two rabbits. Does this mean the rabbits were eaten by the lions?

It's pretty clear that the one lion does indeed catch Alice.

Alice's Wild West Show

The guy standing by the piano has black hair and a black beard until the crowd starts to throw bottles. Then his hair and beard turn white.

Tubby's shirt is ripped open, but then buttoned. Did he fix it while bawling about the beating he took?

Alice's Egg Plant

One of the striking chickens' combs starts flashing.

Julius's saddle disappears into thin air.

Alice's Mysterious Mystery

The trap door suddenly looks different and moves futher from the building.

Steamboat Willie

Why are there pots hung on the wall outside the kitchen?

Many items disappear: the "FOB" label, a pot lid on a hook, even the cow's ear.

The Gallopin' Gaucho

The post Mickey lassos appears just in time for him to rescue Minnie.

The Barn Dance

A 50-lb weight just appears in the carriage.

The balloon changes color for a second.

Pete's tail turns white.

The bull's horns flash a different shade.

That's the biggest parrot you'll ever see!

When the Cat's Away

Why turn the pages when Mickey and Minnie don't look at the sheet music anyway?

The swiss cheese sign is gone when the cheese falls.

A knife conveniently appears sticking out of wall.

Where are Mickey and Minnie's tails in final dance scene?

The Jazz Fool

The legs on Mickey's stool keep changing color.

Hell's Bells

The scenery should "move" to the rear of running characters, not to the front like the stalactites and stalagmites do.

Wild Waves

Minnie playfully dips her toe into the water, which would possibly be more fun if she wasn't wearing shoes.

Mickey's Choo-Choo

Minnie looks at a sign that says "Bulletin" which suddenly changes to "Time Table."

The peg on Minnie's fiddle disappears and reappears.

El Terrible Toreador

The matador's vest flashes black and white.

A spittoon suddenly appears near the table.

The Skeleton Dance

The eye sockets on the skull are suddenly smaller.

When all four skeletons merge into one monstrosity, it hides in a tomb, opening the slab to admit one last pair of feet that beg to come in. Only problem is, the merged skeleton doesn't have four pairs of hands and feet. So what happened to all the other bones that weren't included?

The Merry Dwarfs

One dwarf plucks the other's beard like a harp string, but the beard actually plucks by itself before he touches it.


Four different-sized frogs are tossed into the air; when they come down, they are all the same size.

The Plowboy

The pig's spot flashes white.

The rocks appear and disappear during the runaway plow scene.

The background scrolls the wrong way behind the running cow.

Jungle Rhythm

There always seems to be something on the left just off screen trying to get at Mickey.

Whiskers reappear on the lion after Mickey plucks them out.

Frolicking Fish

Some of the sea creatures vanish for a frame or two.


The skunk's footprints vanish.

It stops snowing in the close-ups of the bears in the den.

Just Mickey

Mickey's nose turns white while he's crying.

The Cactus Kid

Pete dances across the floor, getting his peg leg stuck, of course, in a knot hole. But the second time he dances across the same stretch of floor, the offending hole is gone.

Cannibal Capers

The spoon and the salt and pepper shakers appear and disappear near the cook pot.

One cannibal's head changes color.

The Gorilla Mystery

The newspaper headline is different in the close-up.

You can see an animator's written notes at the bottom of the screen for a frame or two.

Mickey doesn't pull a flashlight out of his pants or from behind his back as is standard cartoonese; it just magically appears in his hand.

Some force lines remain frozen in mid-air after Mickey stamps his foot.

The Chain Gang

The noses on the prisoners and the rocks they pound change color, in time to the music, yet!

The sky goes dark for a second.

There's a guard on the wall far in the background who keeps disappearing as he bashes the escaping prisoners.

How does Mickey get the manacle off his ankle?

The Picnic

Watch this one in slow motion: three ants carrying a pickle run across the screen, followed by a lone ant dragging a pickle and three more ants carrying a similar pickle, all entering the screen at the same time. Suddenly, the lone ant vanishes, pickle and all, only to re-enter the screen following the others.

Pioneer Days

What is Mickey doing outside the circle of wagons and attacking Indians?

The first Indian's tail flashes white.

When the second arrow hits the corset, the first one just vanishes.

A pig instantaneously changes from a white shirt to a gray shirt.

Minnie's panties flash black and white when she cries.

Watch the cat in the background...he disappears without a trace!

The Shindig

Minnie has no tail while she sits and plays the piano.

Barnyard Concert

Mickey's nose, the pig's face, and Clarabelle's ear each turn white at one time or other.

Some of the brass instruments have only two valves.

The cow's spots disappear when her tail is pulled.


The duck's "quack" is out of sync with his beak.

Midnight in a Toy Shop

As the spider walks back and forth across the shop floor, toys appear and disappear as needed.

Arctic Antics

There are no penguins in the arctic. Maybe Antarctic Antics would be a better title. Except that polar bears are not found in antarctic regions.

The penguins lose their bellybuttons.

Watch the dancing penguins in slow motion. The one on the right keeps disappearing.

The beak on the small penguin suddenly shrinks to a fraction of its original length.

The Spider and the Fly

One of the main strands in the spider's web is just floating there in one scene, not attached to anything, but still taut.

The spider's shoes turn into gloves as needed.

One of the spider's arms repeatedly turns white.

Two flies are supporting the bottom of the bottle, but when the cork fires, they just disappear.

Barnyard Broadcast

The close-ups on the musicians show them to be much farther apart than in the far shots.

Near the end of the short, the entire picture slides over to the right, leaving a fuzzy black band of nothing onn the left and the edge of the cel visible on the bottom of the screen!

The Birthday Party

Watch the background magically change behind Mickey and Minnie.

The Delivery Boy

Pluto undergoes a major color change.

Blue Rhythm

Minnie's belly flashes white.

Clarabelle plays the flute in the close-ups and the cello in the far shots.

After Mickey shortens Pluto's trombone, it appears to be as long as ever.

The Castaway

The piano has pedals which it didn't have before.

The rock suddenly acquires spots before it is revealed as a turtle.

The spider's web suddenly appears in the tree.

Fishin' Around

Mickey's boat is suddenly right next to the shore when the cop comes around.

Egyptian Melodies

The spider leads us into the tomb but falls down some stairs. For some reason, he then climbs back up three steps before returning down to the same place he fell to.

The spider has eight legs in one scene only.

Birds of a Feather

Several things change color: the black swan's wing, the lyrebird's short tail feathers, the baby chick...but the best is the tree on a grassy knoll in the cycling background, which changes every time the swan swims past.

The Duck Hunt

The decoy's wing flashes white.

When Mickey appears, the ducks dive, and their tails look like flowers floating on the pond. Until several of those "flowers" disappear.

The China Plate

Many of the details on the characters flash light and dark.

The boy's queue is cut off, but grows right back again.

The Beach Party

Clarabelle's tail vanishes and reappears.

The crab scuttles off the the left side of the screen and disappears. Literally.

Mother Goose Melodies

King Cole's robe changes color when he laughs.

The carpet roll also changes color.

Mickey's Orphans

The blanket is gone from the basket on the stoop.

The kids appear and disappear while riding on the chandelier.

One of the kids swings on Mickey's tail, wrapping it around his shorts. Watch closely to see the tail pass right through his body!

Mickey gives the babies a sack full of Christmas presents, including several small hatchets. Is he nuts?

Mickey Cuts Up

Mickey's shadow appears and vanishes while he's inside the birdhouse.

Minnie loses her hat while running under a clothesline, but regains it immediately after.

Whose long johns are those? They're much too big for either Mickey or Minnie to wear.

Traffic Troubles

Mickey's customer is so fat that he stretches the back of the taxicab to its limits. When viewed from the inside, however, he is sitting comfortably with plenty of room.

Minnie plays the accordian backwards, with the black keys facing her.

The Cat's Out

The rolling bucket crashes into the post and lands a few feet away. Suddenly it is right next to the pole, and then it's gone altogether.

The Moose Hunt

When Mickey needs a moose call, he pulls it not from a pocket or from behind his back, but from thin air.

Mickey Steps Out

The beaver's black hand turns white, but just for a second.

The last beaver over the dam just vanishes into thin air.

The caterpillar's black stripes repeatedly turn white and vice-versa, making him flash like a neon sign.

A tree disappears for a second during the very cool shot of the water rushing through the forest.

The moose's shadow appears and vanishes.

The Fox Hunt

The cap on the guy holding the dogs' leashes keeps changing color.

Trader Mickey

How does the chief get a tiger skin in Africa?

Mickey in Arabia

Where's the camera Minnie drops?

Although the spears don't move while Pete's in the hole and out of our sight, he turns completely around.

The Wayward Canary

Watch Mickey closely. He holds the package in his right hand as he walks to Minnie's house. He makes a ninety-degree turn, and his body rotates, but his arms don't. His right arm has now become his left arm. And you thought it was only his ears that stayed in place.

The Mad Dog

Pete gets a bunch of shots from his shotgun without reloading.

The Musical Farmer

The mounds of dirt dug up by the crows are much closer together than when they were made by Mickey and Pluto.

Just Dogs

The board is gone from across the hole in the fence.

Flowers and Trees

The knothole that serves as the mean tree's navel is gone.

The Klondike Kid

Pierre's wanted posters list a reward of either 1000 or 2000, depending on which one you look at. Could it be an update?

Pierre hangs Minnie from a moose head by her skirt, but later she's hooked on by her panties.


The blizzard stops instantly when we see the bears hibernating.


The girl frog's white belly keeps changing to black.

Bugs In Love

The cuckoo clock house is bigger inside than out and has different furniture the second time we see the interior.

In Bugs in Love, the broken tooth moves around on the comb.

Four insects play the Blue Danube by plucking safety pins of varying sizes. Even a non-musician can see that when the final four notes are played, the largest pin produces the highest note and the tiny pin makes the lowest sound. It should be just the opposite.

Babes in the Woods

The boy loses the patch on his pants.

The trap door opens in the opposite direction.

The Whoopee Party

Dippy Dawg, aka Goofy, does a good imitation of Mickey.

A couple of musicians just appear on the sofa.

Watch Horace's bowtie. It goes through some interesting color changes, even for a black-and-white cartoon.

The goat's muzzle flashes white.

Mickey's Good Deed

When Mickey runs carrying Pluto, his right and left legs switch a few times.

At the end, Pluto's front leg turns white.

The Bird Store

The calendar on the wall behind the walking parrot vanishes into thin air.

The Wayward Canary

Celebrity photos autographed to Mickey are kept in Minnie's house.

Mickey's Revue

The bucket Mickey beats on is gone for a couple of frames.

Mickey's Nightmare

There are some ladies' undergarments in the house that Minnie obviously never wears.

The far left baby jumping on the bed skips a few frames.

Santa's Workshop

Santa sure has a lot of unread letters on Christmas Eve. He'd better get busy!

Monkey Melodies

One monkey's leg changes color, another monkey's leg vanishes before our eyes.

The monkey couple look very different in the scene where they get to the bananas.

King Neptune

The "bonk" sound effect comes noticeably later than the cannonball lands on the pirate's head.

The Three Little Pigs

Fifer Pig builds his house around a center pole, which vanishes when the Wolf blows the house down.

When the three pigs houses are blown away, the furniture which we already saw inside is no longer there.

The Pied Piper

The citizens of Hamelin don't lift a finger to try to stop the children from leaving--they just stare.

Building a Building

Minnie keeps losing her hat.

Mickey's Mechanical Man

Kongo Killer's body is not shaded correctly.

Father Noah's Ark

The patch on Noah's robe flashes when he blows his horn; then in the next scene, it's gone.

Does anybody notice there are more than two of some critters boarding the ark?

The lion has a black mane when he boards, but it is brown later on.

Lullaby Land

The buttons reappear on the baby's PJs.

Ye Olden Days

The patches on the donkey's blanket appear and disappear.


Mickey spends a lot of time moving around on the giant's tongue. So, why didn't the giant taste him? Of course, the whole cartoon is only a story Mickey is telling.

Mickey's Mellerdrammer

Some of the floorboards vanish under Goofy.

Puppy Love

The sheet music is upside down on the back in one shot only.

Shadows appear under some objects when they become airborne, but nowhere else.

Old King Cole

Two identical Queens of Hearts exit the party. Shouldn't there be only one?

Mickey's Pal Pluto

When the end of the rope is up near the pulley wheel, the rope is noticably longer.

The Night Before Christmas

Many animated characters are seen to turn their head around an impossible 360 degrees, like the boy penguin. But the penguin's black-and-white neck remains stationary while his head spins. Not more unbelieveable, but awfully strange-looking.

The China Shop

The boy and girl figurines look fine when they defeat the Pan figurine. Then when the shopkeeper enters, they are somehow broken. What happened?

Mickey Plays Papa

The title is on the back cover of Mickey's book.

Baby Elmer has white legs and feet, unlike Mickey and Minnie.

The Flying Mouse

The shadows around the Flying Mouse come at him from all sides, as if there were light sources all around him in that bat's cave.

Orphan's Benefit

Besides the misplaced apostrophe in the title, we see the same mistake on the truck from the orphanage.

The Haunted House

This short has interesting technical problems: the background variously tilts, shakes and shrinks throughout the cartoon.

Funny Little Bunnies

When the chocolate-makers pick up nails, new ones appear in the same spot.

One row of the basket being woven by the blind bunnies disappears.

The bow on the basket goes from dark green to light green in an instant.

Playful Pluto

Those longjohns on the clothesline are much too big for Mickey to wear. Whose are they?

The Wise Little Hen

The hen casts shadows with her feet, but not her body.


Watch the three guys in the lifeboat vanish along with the sailor peeking around the corner of the bulkhead.

Minnie pulls her arms free but puts them back in the ropes again.

The Big Bad Wolf

Red Riding Hood's cape is extra long so the pigs can hide under it.

Red Riding Hood takes the dangerous short cut to Grandma's, but the wolf takes an even shorter cut and manages to get there first.

Grandma hides in a cupboard, which suddenly acquires a sliding bolt on the door.

The sound effect is out of sync when the wolf pulls the nightcap down over his hat.

Gulliver Mickey

Mickey falls asleep on the beach, but wakes up in the town. Did the Lilliputians carry him there? How?

Mickey's belongings are seen on the ground before the Lilliputians drag them from his pockets.

Goddess of Spring

Pluto carries Persephone with her head at his right hand, but then is suddenly holding her the opposite way.

Two-Gun Mickey

Pete's peg leg is on whichever side is most convenient for the animator.

The horses hitched up to Minnie's wagon switch sides.

We see Mickey's underwear twice; one of those times, it is striped. When did he change?

A rope simply appears near Mickey's feet.

The Dognapper

You can still see the tire patches on Pete's car while the wheels are turning. Not so Mickey's motorcycle; those patches disappear while the vehicle is in motion.

Mickey and Donald can easily escape the buzzsaw by jummping off the side of the log. Pete later has his chance to leap aside while holding the door shut against the sawblade.

Mickey's Steam Roller

Mickey temporarily loses his tail.

Water Babies

The ripples in the pond somehow pass over the floating leaf.

The Band Concert

Clarabelle turns the page of her music backwards.

When all the musicians are seen hanging from the tree, there's Horace with the rest, right before he is shown falling from the sky for the final crash of cymbals.

Cock o' the Walk

The boxing ring gets bigger when the chickens start dancing in it.

The Tortoise and the Hare

The racquet and ball simply appear at Max Hare's feet.

The sign for Miss Cottontails Girls' School needs another apostrophe.

Mickey's Service Station

Pete's peg leg is seen on either leg at various times.

Who Killed Cock Robin?

Jenny Wren sings that the killer sneaked up behind Cock Robin, but Rob was clearly shot in the chest.

Pluto's Judgement Day

The chains on Pluto's neck and tail are gone in the far shot.

Mickey's Garden

The spiders have six legs, which is not unusual in a cartoon. But the bug with the large mandibles has eight.

The Golden Touch

Midas doesn't turn his robe or face gold when he touches them, yet the touch works fine on his tooth.

Toby Tortoise Returns

Just how big is Jenny Wren? In Who Killed Cock Robin, all the birds are, well, bird-sized, not the size of the Three Little Pigs and Toby Tortoise, as in this short.

Orphans' Picnic

Donald carries six pies, which fly into the air when he stumbles, and are caught by six orphans. They then through nine empty pie pans back at Donald.

Moving Day

The fish jumps out of the bowl and onto the floor. Is it now dead?

Elmer Elephant

Tillie Tiger's tail and Elmer Elephant's trunk tie themselves into knots that magically come undone without actually being untied.

The Three Blind Mousketeers

Capt. Katt puts out his lantern before sneaking up on the Three Blind Mouseketeers. Is he afraid they'll see the light?

Mickey's Rival

Mick loses those "x"s where his buttons used to be.

Mickey's Elephant

Bobo has pie eyes for part of the cartoon.

Mickey's Polo Team

Even Practical Pig, so brave in other shorts, is scared of the Big Bad Wolf this time out.

Laurel and Hardy are seen playing polo at the same time Stan is helping Ollie to mount his horse.

Donald's mallet simply appears on the ground.

Mother Pluto

Pluto escapes the rooster by running into his doghouse--which is inside the rooster's pen.

That's a lousy pen in this cartoon since it can't keep either the rooster or the hen from escaping.

Three Little Wolves

The Big Bad Wolf locks the door of his cave and swallows the key, but he opens the door easily enough when the phony peddlar knocks.

Mickey's Circus

Although Mickey announces Capt. Donald and his performing sea lions, the sign says "Seal Tank."

The baby sea lion blows his fife from the middle instead of the end.

The drum is smaller while it's under the table.

Lonesome Ghosts

The ghosts neglect to give Mickey their address. He somehow shows up anyway.

When the ghosthunters enter the haunted house Donald loses his scarf.

Goofy adjusts his tie in the mirror, only he's not wearing one.

The hole Goofy makes in the top of the bureau disappears.

The Worm Turns

The title is on back cover of Mickey's potion book.

The Courage-Builder potion not only makes the mouse brave, but also give him the strength to swing a cat by its tail.

Mickey's Amateurs

Only the first three rows duck when Donald sprays the audience with bullets.

Clock Cleaners

The three chimes at 3:00 are much closer together than the 4 chimes at 4:00.

Mickey tries to push a stork out the window, but the bird's foot gets caught in a hole in the floor, a hole that isn't there a moment later.

The label on Goofy's toothpaste tube actually read "paste tooth" when read from top to bottom.

The Old Mill

The spider has only six legs.

While being introduced to the denizens of The Old Mill, we see a bunch of glowing eyes that are soon revealed to be a colony of bats. Only the bats are all hanging upside-down, and their actual eyes are slanting the opposite way of the eyes we saw a second before.

The bats head out at dusk, as they should, but the owl, for some reason, keeps trying to sleep through the night.

The window shutter opens sometimes on the right, sometimes on the left.

There actually is a peg that will crush the bird's nest, but fortunately it vanishes.

The tiles are back on the roof.

Modern Inventions

The barber chair has three shackels to hold the customer's feet.

Moose Hunters

The tree that the canoe is moored to disappears.

When the scene changes from Goofy to the moose, the background shows exactly the same rock, even though the moose should be several paces behind the goof.

The Whalers

Mickey licks his finger to test the wind direction, a good idea, if not for the fact that he's wearing gloves.

Donald's Nephews

The postcard disappears from Donald's hand.

Farmyard Symphony

The piglet is suddenly much farther away from the cow's udder.

Wynken, Blynken and Nod

The net suddenly acquires floats attached to the edges.

Nod's line is a lot shorter when he lands the starfish.

Good Scouts

Old Reliable erupts at noon and is still spouting when night falls.

Donald's Better Self

The strap is gone from Donald's books.

Donald is suddenly wearing underwear.

Mickey's Parrot

What's that thing that pops up on the bed behind Mickey?

Mickey gets at least nine shots from his shotgun without reloading.

Mickey's Trailer

Goofy may be dumb enough to leave the car to drive by itself, but it was Mickey who called him to come inside. What did he expect?

When Goofy realizes he should be driving, his entire plate of popcorn suddenly vanishes.

Boat Builders

Goofy hammers one nail into a board, but suddenly there are two.

Self Control

When Donald lies on his stomach in the hammock, he rolls over and his right foot turns into his left foot.

Officer Duck

The billboard shows a human, not a dog, duck, or other anthropomorphic animal.

Beach Picnic

In this cartoon, you'll see the world's biggest olives!

The ants change size.

The warpaint is gone from the ant's face.

Sea Scouts

No matter how many times they wind that capstan, there's never any more chain on it.

Hockey Champ

Donald gets back the scarf the nephews pulled off earlier.

Donald's Lucky Day

The "Messenger" sign on the duck's cap is there only for one shot.

Donald's Cousin Gus

Gus leaves the mailbox, which was mounted on the side of the pole, upside-down, but it is later shown rightside-up, mounted on the top of the pole.

The hook that holds the bar suddenly appears on the door frame.

The Autograph Hound

The cop's mouth doesn't move when he throws Donald off the lot.

The autograph book disappears from Mickey Rooney's dressing room floor.

Goofy and Wilbur

The large patch on the knee of Goofy's pants is only visible in the close-ups.

Donald's Penguin

How does the box lid fit inside its own box?

Goofy's Glider

The plane changes constantly: the patches switch sides, it suddenly gains tail fins, and once loses the straps.

Goofy loses his suspenders.

Goofy has five fingers in one scene.

Bone Trouble

The reflection in Pluto's dish only appears after that crumb is gone.

The reflection of the bone is gone. Did someone move the bone away from the mirror?

When Pluto turns his head to watch the fleeing bulldog, his multiple reflections don't turn their heads.

Bill Posters

The artists start out very carefully showing the blades of the windmill correctly: they pass in perfect rhythm. But as the cartoon goes on, they become much more erratic.

Mr. Duck Steps Out

Daisy perches on the furthest right cushion of her three-cushion sofa, but when Donald moves next to her, there's suddenly a fourth cushion?

Window Cleaners

Donald breaks a window with a pot of calla lilies on the sill. Then he's seen washing another window with an identical pot of calla lilies on the sill. Does every window have one?

Put-Put Troubles

The background behind Pluto changes suddenly when he gets the spring stuck on his behind.

Tugboat Mickey

Donald has a fight with a large piston and gets his shirt caught. The piston then flips him around into some positions that would be impossible without tearing his shirt.

In Fire Chief

Only one of the nephews is seen riding the fire engine. Since when does Donald take one and leave the rest of this inseparable trio behind?

The fire engine is run by coal power; why does it have a can of gasoline?

Pluto's Dream House

When the brush paints Pluto's backside green, it disappears immediately. But when the dog's entire right side is painted green, that stays until washed off. Of course, the whole thing is just a dream anyway.

The Riveter

The rivet gun suddenly appears behind Donald.

Donald rides the bouncing rivet gun through a pipe; somehow the electric cord comes through the pipe and still manages to stay plugged in.

Rivets never appear when they're pounded into a girder, only when pounded into blueprints or overalls.

Donald's Dog Laundry

Pluto bites the string off a rubber bone, but it soon comes back.

The tip of Pluto's nose turns orange for just a moment.

Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip

Mickey's ticket is punched with an "OK"-shaped hole, complete with a floating bit of paper representing the center of the letter "O."

Pete tosses both suitcases from the train, but Mickey left Pluto's behind at the last station.

The train doesn't stop at Pomona, so why did Mickey even board?

Old MacDonald Duck

The pail has milk inside before Donald starts milking.

Clementine's udder turns white.


Pete's nose disappears for a frame or two.

The Art of Skiing

The bindings vanish from Goofy's skis.

A Good Time For a Dime

Donald throws the broken control stick on the floor a foot or so away, but it soon vanishes completely.

Lend a Paw

Pluto rescues a mewing sack from the river. When he sees a kitten crawl out, he is first surprised, then disgusted. Just what did he think was making that sound?

Why does Bianca blame Pluto for the broken fish bowl? She wasn't looking when he hoisted the kitten onto the table.

Pluto somehow gives a mighty yelp while he's hanging onto a rope with his teeth.

Early to Bed

The clock shows different times all through the cartoon.

Donald tries and tries to fall asleep, but doesn't think of turning off the light until halfway through the cartoon.

Donald lies down without a pillow, turns out the light, turns it back on, and there's his pillow, back on the bed.

Donald tears his blanket, but it repairs itself.

The Art of Self Defense

All the Goofs have five fingers, but the dandy's glove sports only four.

After the shadow comes to life, Goofy still has a shadow under him.

Goofy conveniently gains a belt just when the narrator says not to hit below it.

Baggage Buster

If Goofy looks strange, it's because he has five fingers throughout.

That must really be a magical trunk: the handle tossed on the luggage cart disappears, along with the remains of the handles on the trunk itself, and the sign on the front appears only in one shot.

Chef Donald

Donald loses his chef's hat but finds it when he climbs up on the table.

The Little Whirlwind

Mickey's nose changes color.

Where's the nail in the bottom of the basket? Where's the hole Mickey tore in it?

When the tornado wears Mickey's hat, the bottom is solid, with no hole for the mouse's head.

In Donald Gets Drafted

The ant's hand changes color.

How to Fish

Goofy reaches for a piece of candy, his hand passing in front of a fish bowl, while his finger somehow passes behind the fish.

Pluto Junior

The clothesline keeps changing: a knot appears in the rope, as does a handkerchief on the line, and some socks vanish.

Pluto pulls on the upper rope of the clothesline, but a moment later is seen hanging onto the lower rope.

Donald's Gold Mine

The donkey straps and unstraps itself from the mine car.

The Olympic Champ

Goofy trips over eight hurdles, but he ends the race with a lot more than that stuck to his feet.

You can see pretty clearly that Goofy's legs aren't coming through his shoes until he exits the sawdust.

Mickey's Birthday Party

Goofy reaches right into the oven and grabs a metal pan several times. Of course, he is wearing gloves.

The Village Smithy

Donald's feathers are yellow instead of white like they are in every other cartoon.

The Vanishing Private

The turf must be awfully spongy for Donald's footprints to keep disappearing.

The brush dipped in invisible paint never turns invisible.

The bottoms of the pies are grey, like tins, but Donald eats them, tin and all.

Donald's Snow Fight

The nephews shoot hot embers at Donald's snow fort, but one is colored white like a flaming snowball.

Donald's Garden

The gopher lives three feet from the garden and has never seen it till now?

How to Play Baseball

The pitcher becomes a leftie for one pitch.

The pitcher sometimes throws underhand.

The narrator announces that the runner is rounding first long after he's passed that base.

When the final play is called, the player in red, who slid to the plate on the right side of the screen, suddenly stands up on the left side.

How to Swim

Goofy hits the diving board with one arm still out of his sleeve, but then the sleeve is miraculously on the arm.

Sky Trooper

Donald re-enters the room without the pin for Pin the Tail on the Plane; he gets it back in time to stab Sgt. Pete.

Donald's parachute is there, and gone, and there, and gone...

Donald removes Pete's right shoe and sock, but then his left foot is bare instead.

Flying Jalopy

If Ben Buzzard, an anthropomorphic character, can fly like a bird, Donald should be able to do the same.

Donald's hat is burned to cinders, but he gets it again for a moment.

Der Feuhrer's Face

Donald throws a shoe at a cuckoo clock, which is strange considering he never wears shoes.

Donald faithfully screws down all the nose cones on the shells, even those that are already down.

Home Defense

The nephews' chevrons switch arms.

In the middle of drumming his nephews out of the service, Donald mysteriously regains his hat; when he reinstates them, they somehow get back the wooden swords he broke.

Although Donald tears the nephews' sleeves, the sleeves repair themselves.

Fall Out--Fall In

The soldier in front of Donald conveniently loses the canteen off his knapsack whenever Donald wants to mark off the miles travelled on the unsuspecting soldier's backpack.

Donald loses his knapsack in the middle of the hike, then gets it back.

When the bugler's snoring disturbs Donald's sleep, the duck heaves a rock at him--a rock that inexplicably appears at his feet.

How to Play Golf

Goofy can't get the club out of his knotted fingers, but he manages to turn it completely around in his hands, pointing the club head down instead of up.

Contrary Condor

The cracked egg is put back together before Donald actually does it.

The baby condor has three tail feathers, which merge into one when he lands.

Donald's Off Day

The title disappears from Donald's book.

The nephew brings a toy rabbit with a pump attached. When he demonstrates it to his siblings, the pump becomes a squeeze bulb; when he uses it to fool Unca Donald, it's a pump again.

Donald Duck and the Gorilla

The hairy gloves just appear on the table.

A news report tells the nephews to subdue Ajax the gorilla with tear gas, which they fortunately have in the closet.

The Plastics Inventor

The helmet Donald makes looks different when he's in the plane.

Trombone Trouble

Pete uses his trombone to blow Donald across the street, into his bead, and through the wall. And, once, even into his street clothes.

Commando Duck

Grey bands simply appear on Donald's raft as he inflates it and vanish later.

The rubber raft is caught in a tree, and a helmeted Donald falls inside as it fills with water and expands. Somehow his helmet ends up outside the raft-balloon.

Tiger Trouble

We see the elephant from the back tucking a napkin under his chin. Never mind that he has no shirt to tuck it into, the napkin is gone when we see him from the front.

The tiger rips the sole from Goofy's boot, but it's soon back again.

Old Sequoia

How can Donald's boss hear him on the phone? The duck's beak is nowhere near the mouthpiece.

Donald puts the shell of Old Sequoia on the stump to cover up the beaver damage, but he puts it on with the sign upside-down; when he flips it the correct way, the sign should be around the back of the tree, not in the same spot.

Cured Duck

Daisy's bracelet changes wrists.

The room behind Donald changes while he's talking to the machine.

The paper wrapping disappears from around the bottom of the insult machine.

The broken window gains a lot more glass.

Californy 'er Bust

The door loses its knob along with all detailing when it flattens Donald.

Donald's Crime

The "help wanted" sign is different in Donald's lap than when he holds it up.

No Sail

Goof's nose changes color.

There is suddenly an arrow and a "tilt" sign near the coin slot.

Hockey Homicide

The noses on several of the "goofs" turn from black to pink.

One player on the green team shoots at his own goal.

Pluto's Kid Brother

The Kid Brother's doghouse keeps disappearing, unless Pluto keeps moving into it instead of his own.

The sausages are not seen through the hole in the fence.

Dumb Bell of the Yukon

Donald leaves his hood in the cave, but has it again, albeit briefly, when he enters the cabin.

Frank Duck Brings 'em Back Alive

The padlock's gone from the cage.

Wet paint

The bird suddenly triples in size so Donald can do a slow pan from her feet to her head.

That rip in the car's upholstery wasn't there before.

Donald paints the chrome bumper with the same paint as the red fenders.

The bird gets paint remover all over the car, making it a black-and-red-mottled mess before it is covered with stuffing from the seat. When Donald shaves off the stuffing, the car is suddenly plain red again.

After Donald gets an electric shock, we see him sitting on the ground. His left foot is facing away from the camera so that we see the sole. Watch closely--it spontaneously changes to the top of Donald's foot instead of the bottom.

Lighthouse Keeping

Donald tries to read by the constantly moving light from the lighthouse lamp, a very funny gag, except that he is later shown with a lantern he could've used.

Donald talks without moving his mouth, er--beak.

Donald's Double Trouble

Daisy loses her bracelet.

Donald loses the stripe from his sleeve at the Tunnel of Love.

A Knight for a Day

Cedric's shield is suddenly upside-down on his arm.

Mickey's Delayed Date

Mickey puts the tickets in his inside jacket pocket without realizing he only has the envelope. But when he later reaches for the tickets, he can't find the empty envelope. So even if he hadn't dropped the tickets out of the envelope, he would have lost them.

Crazy with the Heat

The characters' shadows come and go; maybe the sun keeps dropping behind a cloud.

Goofy's mirage is a human being, not an anthropomorphic animal.

Goofy reads "Shanghai" on a map that only shows the Western hemisphere.

Double Dribble

At the start of the second half, the scores are lower than they were at halftime.

Sibley has the ball stolen by his own teammate!

Rescue Dog

That keg changes in almost every scene. The strap hooks onto the ends or the middle, changes size, or sometimes disappears altogether, and a spigot appears near the end of the cartoon.

Sleepy Time Donald

That ugly round brooch on Daisy's blouse is drawn as a flower in one shot only.

How does Daisy fail to see Donald in the elevator? She must've backed in with her eyes closed.

While sleepwalking, Donald walks along the upper rope of a clothesline, thus moving the rope and yanking the laundry on the lower rope toward the wheel. Once Donald disappears, however, the laundry immediately moves back to its original polisiton far away from the wheel.

Donald gives Daisy a diamond ring in this short--are they now engaged?

Chip an' Dale

The chipmunks drop nuts onto the floor, but they're not there in the far shot.

Donald shakes the tree and the chipmunks fall out, but not through the hole we see in the trunk. Does this mean they have a back door?

At one point, the cabin door opens the wrong way, even though the hinges are clearly visible on the left side.

Straight Shooters

The nephews take all the candy; so who put a new stack of boxes on the counter?

Donald grabs at least five boxes of candy from the counter, yet when he meets the fortune teller, he only has three.

Bootle Beetle

The elderly Bootle Beetle recalls his first trip across the river. One of the "new" sights he encounters is a dandelion puff, although there are several seen on his side of the river.

The shadows come and go at will.

Wide Open Spaces

How does Donald's pump get straightened out?

The rock isn't there when Donald puts the mattress on the ground.

Donald's blanket suddenly appears, as does the forked stick later on.

The valve on the mattress is temporarily the wrong color.

The branch above Donald's head vanishes.

The knot in the air mattress valve just ties itself.

Donald's Dilemma

Panchito sometimes has spurs, sometimes not.

Except for Donald and Daisy, this world is populated entirely with humans.

Daisy says that Donald will appear in person at Radio City, but the marquee says "Music City Radio Hall."

Daisy says, "...on the 99th floor of a very tall building..." Stating the obvious, Daisy?

Tea for Two Hundred

Where does that pie come from that the ant lands on?

Pluto's Purchase

The coin purse disappears.

Soup's On

After the nephews wash up, they are seen with their faces dirty wearing their Indian headresses again.

While Huey, Dewey and Louie stage their uncle's phony demise, they suddenly have stocking caps, which keep disappearing. One of the boys even wears mittens for a few seconds.

The turkey the nephews steal has two drumsticks, even though Donald already ate one.

Donald's Dream Voice

This is another cartoon in which humans live in the same world with ducks.

Three for Breakfast

Dale eats a nut without removing the shell.

The fork in the bowl is suddenly on the counter next to Donald's head.

Dale's nose is black for a second.

How did a butter dish get on Donald's roof?

Daddy Duck

The premise of this short is so bizarre, Donald going to an agency to adopt a baby and getting a kangaroo, that it seems anti-climactic to point out that the adoption agency lady has five fingers.

The shadows appear and disappear at will.

Drip Dippy Donald

The reflection of the 'Eat At Joe's' sign should be a mirror image.

Inferior Decorator

There's suddenly a shelf near the ceiling where Donald is hanging.

The Big Wash

Goofy's nose turns pink, but just for one frame.

The inside of Dolores's peanut should be two small nuts, not one long one.

Goofy loses the feather from his hat.

Mickey and the Seal

Sometimes the basket has a lid, sometimes it doesn't.

The seals leave the zoo after Mickey and still beat him to his house. Apparently he and Pluto stopped somewhere along the way, which is probably where they leave the picnic basket.

Pluto's Sweater

No wonder it's so hard for Minnie to get the sweater on Pluto: she has to pass his whole body through the tiny neck hole.

Bubble Bee

One of the blue gumballs flashes yellow for a second.

Sea Salts

Donald's fishing line needs to grow much longer to get Boodle Beetle down to the water.

Pluto's Surprise Package

The turtle is a lot smaller when he's out of the box.

The turtle may be slow, but he sure is far from the shore mere seconds after he crawls out of the water.

Near the end, watch Pluto slide across the background.

Winter Storage

Donald forgets to cover some of the acorns.

When the angle changes, we can see a lot more dirt mounds behind Chip and Dale than should be there.

When the chipmunks begin to argue, a new hole appears near Dale. But when Donald lifts the crate, there are no holes anywhere.

Honey Harvester

The blue string tied to the tiny bucket appears and disappears as needed.

The Greener Yard

There's a needle and thread just sitting in the chicken yard.

Donald's Happy Birthday

The names of the nephews written on their bank are in alphabetical order, the only time they are EVER listed in anything other than the standard "Huey, Dewey, and Louie."

"Luey," however, is spelled wrong.

Donald is sneaking around two feet in front of one of the nephews, who still doesn't see.

Goofy Gymnastics

The whites of Goofy's eyes aren't always white.

All In a Nutshell

Chip and Dale lose some of their jars of nut butter along the way.

Chip and Dale don walnut-shell helmets, but then they miraculously find tiny wooden swords on the ground, and Dale somehow gets a grassy belt.

Toy Tinkers

All the toys are humans instead of ducks, dogs, etc.

Slide, Donald, Slide

The "click" sound effect is continually off-sync.

For some reason, Donald has a lock on the outside of his shower stall.

A potted plant simply appears in the perfect spot for Donald to hide behind.

How to Ride a Horse

The stepladder's rungs are toward Goofy, but the second time he opens it, the rungs are on the opposite side.

Goofy is suddenly wearing spurs.

Morris the Midget Moose

The shadows change from directly overhead to long evening instantly.

Wonder Dog

There are eight barrels on the high wire before Butch sends up another. But a moment later, there are still eight. One must've fallen off.

Crazy Over Daisy

There are humans in this world of anthropomorphic ducks.

It's hard to see, but Donald gains a cuff on his sleeve while he's laughing.

How does Donald get back the box of candy he lost way back in the park?

Hook, Lion and Sinker

Where did the lion get that fishing pole? Earlier, he had to use his tail.

While removing that pesky buckshot, Junior's paw somehow goes behind one piece.

This may be the only short in which Donald bests his adversary!

Out on a Limb

Somehow the acorns hang on the tree without caps. And furthermore, when they're cracked open, the inside looks like a walnut.

That rock is much bigger when it connects with Donald's head.

Trailer Horn

Chip's tail turns brown for a second.

The bulb on the horn is twice as big when both chipmunks are on it. Similarly, the pine cones double in size when they hit Donald on the head.

Donald pushes the diving board as far as it will go, but somehow Chip and Dale manage to push it farther.

The Brave Engineer

Casey breaks off one of his engine's levers and tosses it away, but it's soon back.

Casey Jones's conductor leaps from the train in terror. A few seconds later, we see him standing on the train's roof.

When the station master erases Casey's name from the blackboard, we see other names that weren't there before.

Bee at the Beach

What's Donald doing walking around the forest with a pie? It's been quite a while since he caught the boys stealing it.

That's a great costume the nephews have; it's even got a moveable tongue.

Food for Feudin'

Pluto's doghouse loses the scratches around the outside and the name over the door, but gains a clip and leash.

Bee on Guard

Bees should have a have queen, not a king.

The bees lose their buckets when they dive for cover.

Out of Scale

How does it take Donald that long to spot that giant tree in the middle of his train layout?

The chipmunks' tree crashes into the train tracks, planting itself right on the route. It should have taken out the tracks under it; there's no way those tracks could now go through the trunk.

Fathers Are People

Junior doesn't move his lips during the horsey-back ride.

Lion Down

The lion enters Goofy's apartment just so he can sleep in his own tree, then lies down in the wrong tree.

How'd that rope get tied to the lion's tail?

Lucky Number

The door is missing from the phony gas tank.

The picture of the car is missing from the ticket.

Dude Duck

Rover Boy tries twice to toss his right front horseshoe; presumably, he only wears one shoe on each foot.

The #6 on the horse's flank is visible in only one scene.

The gun vanishes from the ground near Donald's feet, and is replaced by a rope.


Mickey takes the muzzle off Pluto, but the leash was already gone.

Hold That Pose

The elevator has no button, though Goofy sure presses it.

Test Pilot Donald

The wire comes off the model plane, then is back on, not once, but twice.

Corn Chips

The chipmunks must've dropped Donald's hat on the ground, because the duck gets it back somehow.

The door is open although Donald clearly didn't leave it that way.

The path in the snow to the tree is gone.

How to Be a Detective

Goofy doesn't move his lips.

Johnny Eyeball jumps into Muldoon's cab during a car chase, but at the end of the chase scene, they're both in the front seat with Eyeball driving.

Father's Lion

Junior puts his sweater on, but it vanishes instantly.

Two Week's Vacation

Goofy forgets to move his mouth to speak.

The "Vacancy" sign is significantly longer the second time we see it.

Pluto's Party

Both the place cards on the table and the canopy disappear.

Everyone knows dogs are greedy eaters, but Pluto horks down a candle.

How does Pluto grab a lighted candle when he already blew them all out?

Teachers Are People

Goofy's nose changes color for a second.

The students are all anthropomorphic dogs, except in one far shot, in which they are humans.

Donald's Applecore

The apples at the end of the cartoon are the size of cherries.

Two-Gun Goofy

Goofy takes off his hat with his left hand, but it's suddenly in his right hand when he whacks Pete with it.

Pete's vest disappears for a moment.

Trick or Treat

The nephew's eyes are suddenly visible inside the ghost costume.

Pluto's Christmas Tree

Dale throws a green ornament, but Pluto catches a red one.

Pluto steps on a green package that changes to red.

Mickey has a bowl of acorns on the table. Do many people eat acorns?

Mickey lights the candles but stops at the one that is really Dale in disguise, never noticing the candle with no beard, hat, or wick. A moment later, the candle after that one is somehow lit.

It's a good thing Pluto doesn't start a fire when he knocks those lighted candles off the mantle.

Uncle Donald's Ants

The tape is gone frome the keyhole.

Two Chips and a Miss

Chip's reflection reversed.

The chipmunks' boutonniers change from one lapel to the other.

Susie, the Little Blue Coupe

Susie's antenna is seen sometimes on her left and sometimes on her right side.

The license plate of Susie says 711, but the police radio gives out a different number for her.

Father's Lion

Although the lion is perched directly above the campfire, he falls over to the side in the bushes.

The Simple Things

Mickey shows Pluto an empty lunchbox, but a second ago it was full, with a Thermos and everything.

The clam manages to turn around without turning Pluto, who is standing on its shell. Either that, or it's hinged at both sides.

Toot, Whistle, Plunk, and Boom

The students can't guess the subject for today's class, even though Prof. Owl has layed out musical instruments on his desk.

When Prof. Owl turns the crank at the bottom of his visual aid, the whole thing scrolls down to show the next picture. He also turns it back and it scrolls up, which wouldn't actually work.

Prof. Owl's buttons vanish for a second.

Ben and Me

When Amos gets a letter printed on his shirt, it's a much larger font than that of the newspaper they're printing.

Canvasback Duck

The rope is gone from Pee Wee Pete's arm for a few frames.

For Whom the Bulls Toil

Goofy actually turns transparent for a second as he tries to push the bull off the road.

Goofy is the only anthropomorphic animal in the whole cartoon; all the other characters are humans.

How to Sleep

There are many human beings in this world of anthropomorphic animals, including Mr. Geef's baby.

Casey Bats Again

Casey's triplets should be older than the twins, but when we see the girls all lined up on the sidewalk, it's the other way around.

According to the narrator, Flynn gives Casey the news about his girls' baseball team. In reality, it's Cooney who does the job.

The Caseyettes have their picture taken in typical Victorian/Edwardian active wear, but they play the actual game wearing gym shorts and tees that haven't been invented yet.

Donald's Diary

When Donald wakes, Daisy's dress changes for one brief shot.

Pigs Is Pigs

Flannery says he's got nine guinea pigs, but it's more like thirty at that point.

Grin and Bear It

Ranger Woodlore tells the tourists there is no fishing in the park but doesn't react at all to the guy with the fishing pole over his shoulder.

Humphrey puts what looks like the last piece of cheese on the sandwich. Then there's suddenly more on the table.

Dragon Around

Dale gets a belt from somewhere, probably the same place the chipmunks get those wooden swords.

The Flying Squirrel

An open flame appears on the peanut cart and there is suddenly a box of popcorn on the ground.

Up a Tree

Donald repeatedly loses the spikes on his ankles.

When Donald fastens his belt, it hooks on one end; when Chip unhooks it, the buckle is somewhere in the middle.

Donald's saw has a wooden handle at both ends, that is, until the scene where the chipmunks bunch it up inside the tree.

A feather suddenly appears in Chip and Dale's hollow tree home.

The Robber Kitten,

Ambrose's sword keeps disappearing.

When Dirty Bill slaps Ambrose on the back, the kitten's pop guns pop their corks. He then puts them back into his sash, which action somehow inserts the corks back into the gun barrels.

The Goofy Success Story

Goofy's shadow takes on a life of its own at the very end.

Chips Ahoy

The shelf with the ship in a bottle is sticking out the window the first timewe see it, but later is about six feet further away.

The lid vanishes from the tin can.

Can't Donald swim from the island to the shore? It's not all that far.

Hooked Bear

Why are the fisherman so afraid of what they think is a shark? It can't get you on the shore.

Humphrey dumps the fish into the tank to hide them, then hides the creels; he could've left the fish in the creels just as easily, especially since Ranger Woodlore walks right over the creels without seeing them.

Paul Bunyan

Paul's shirt turns red, first at the sleeve and then at the neck.

Goliath II

Where's Goliath II? Not on dad's head when we see elephants marching.

The little elephant's black eye moves from one side of his head to the other.


After Goofy runs ahead of the boat, the rope is trailing behind him as it should. In the next shot, the rope is somehow ahead of him, as if he was being towed again.

Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree

Piglet doesn't appear in the first Pooh cartoon, although he is featured on the theme. What a dirty trick to play on viewers!

Where does Christopher Robin get that umbrella? He doesn't have it when he leaves the house.

Rabbit sure has lots of clothes on the line for an animal who doesn't wear any.

There are no gophers in England, except for the one in the Hundred Acre Wood.

There is a yellow...something on the floor of Rabbit's house, but it quickly vanishes.

Who puts Eeyore's tail back on after Roo pulls it off?

Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day

Pooh's door is different every time we see it.

After Tigger leaves Pooh, the bear takes his pop-gun out from under the bed, though he had it in his hands a few minutes ago.

In Owl's house, a full teacup slides across the table, but when it tips onto Piglet, it's empty.

The lyric to "The Rain, Rain, Rain Came Down, Down, Down" states that Pooh rescued ten honey pots, but in one shot he clearly has eleven.

Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, Too

Rabbit gets multiple carrots with each plant he pulls up.

Piglet's scarf turns momentarily pink.

Rabbit's skating pond reaches almost to his back door, which is right where his garden belongs. Does he flood it in the winter for skating?

We see a caterpillar bite a leaf in the far shot, but in the close-up, the leaf is whole again.

Watch Kanga very carefully when she unties her scarf; her hand motions are all wrong.

Kanga's scarf shrinks when it's placed on Roo.

When Pooh rounds the corner, there is only one set of his own footprints instead of two.

When the narator tips the book so Tigger can slide to the ground, do Pooh and friends all fall over?

Small One

Small One's nose and hooves are the wrong color at various times.

There's no need for the Boy and Small One to run from the Tanner. All they have to do is say "No, thank you" and walk out, but they panic as if he was going to attack them.

Winnie the Pooh and a Day For Eeyore

Owl's home is destroyed in Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day, and Piglet gives up his house, but by A Day for Eeyore, they're both back in their original dwellings.

The honey on Pooh's and Owl's faces vanishes.

Mickey's Christmas Carol

The clock in Scrooge's counting house is off, and by more than two minutes.

Rat and Mole are much too large. Watch their original film and you'll see they are much closer to the size of a real mouse than to Mickey.

Scrooge pulls one tie-back cord, and the bed curtains close on all sides of his bed at the same time.

The chandelier in Ebeneezer Scrooge's bedroom moves around on the ceiling from directly before the fireplace to the center of the room.

Scrooge loses his slippers, but has them again later.

It's in the very corner of the scene and hard to see, but when Mickey as Bob Cratchit picks up his fork, it sort of teleports into his hand.

The pea vanishes from Cratchitt's (Mickey's) plate.

Ebeneezer Scrooge stands alone amidst Willie's footprints in the snow, but the giant's other prints have vanished.

Scrooge pulls down the bedcurtains and the wall behind his bed is visible. A second later, there are still curtains behind the bed.

Scrooge's slippers magically appear beside the bed.

When Scrooge's encounter with the ghosts is ended, his door is suddenly unlocked, although he earlier secured every bolt.

Ratty instantly counts twenty gold sovereigns while they're in a heap on top of Mole's head. So it's understandable that he's so far off; there are more than thirty coins.

The Prince and the Pauper

The Captain of the guard is struck by the rolling chandelier feet first, but he comes up the other side head first.

According to the narrator, the Prince ruled with justice and compassion, as he had promised. If he's referring to the promise made at the King's deathbed, it was Mickey, not the Prince, who made it.

Dug's Special Mission

Alpha is heard by the other dogs to talk in his sped-up voice; yet Beta, Gamma, and Dug all comment later, in Up that his voice sounds funny.

Prep & Landing

One stocking is missing in the close-up of the hearth.

Santa has to bypass Timmy's house because of a severe storm. Aren't there any other kids on his list who live near Timmy? 'Cause they'll be skipped, too.

Lanny's pile of Christmas lights are multicolored, but when they're hooked up to Wayne's beacon, they are all white lights.

Magee is certainly an alarmist. She cancels Santa's visit to Timmy's house because the team is not yet on the roof, even though, once on the roof, it only takes a few seconds to set up the landing lights and prep the roof, according to earlier footage.

The Elves start their party at 9:00 hours, according to the caption; that should read "0900 hours" or "9:00", not both.

Here's a glitch for all you grammarians: "He's been expecting you," says Santa's receptionist, Miss Holly, to which Wayne replies, "He is?" He should've said, "He has?"

Why does Magee give Lanny that fruitcake? She didn't draw his name in the Secret Santa exchange.

Day & Night

We can't hear the sheep just because Day temporarily steps in front of Night.

Prep & Landing: Naughty vs. Nice

The Coal Elves find plenty of naughty evidence: crayon on the wall, candy in the furniture, etc., which they attribute to Grace instead of her baby brother Gabe. Can't they tell the muddy boots of a toddler from those of a little girl? Grace blames all the naughtiness on the baby. But that definitely isn't his report card. And consider: she states that Gabe was born twelve months and two days ago. That would make him a whopping two days old last Christmas, when all the naughtiness took place. The only possible conclusion is that Grace, the little liar, really does belong on the naughty list.


The stack of papers on George's desk, not the blank forms, but the ones his boss just gave him to work on, is missing. Did he make paper airplanes out of them, too? No wonder he walks out: he's about to be fired.

Riley's First Date

Riley's dad should see that there's no adult outside the door through that little window. But the animators have him stand to the side to open the door, something no normal person would do.

Fluffy Stuff with Ducky & Bunny: Love

Ducky says he can't blink, but he does.

Dory Finding

How are those bottles connected so that blowing in one moves the fish hiding in another?


The Reluctant Dragon

That bust of Robert Benchley sure looks like its made of rubber at one point.

The horse steps on Goofy's right foot and pulls off the boot. So why is his left foot bare?

Goofy's saddle loses its stirrups in the slo-mo section.

The reigns actually go right through the horse's neck.

The boy has four fingers but Sir Giles has five.

Sir Giles's monacle changes eyes constantly.

Sir Giless's neck is the wrong color.

Song of the South

Brer Bear has his buttons torn off, but the holes in his jacket mend themselves later on.

So Dear to my Heart

Where does Jeremiah get that apple? His hands are empty when he runs to the train.

Robin Hood and His Merrie Men

That branch Marian uses to shake the willow wand disappears for a moment.

Prince John tells Hubert to say he saw Marian leave the castle, but the Archbishop later says it was John himself who told him.

The Living Desert

When the bobcat climbs the second cactus, it's the same footage as when he climbed the first cactus.

The Vanishing Prairie

There's a large rock near the stalking coyote in the close up, but it's missing in the far shots.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

The ocean is very shallow where the Nautilus is parked for the funeral, only a few feet above the divers' heads.

The diver who exits the Nautilus right before Ned Land and Conseil wears a helmet that lacks the distinctive hoses. Until the next scene, when his helmet matches theirs.

The Nautilus rams a warship from its larboard (port) side through to its starboard. But when Ned Land watches the sinking through the porthole, he is clearly facing the port side of the ship. Which would mean that the Nautilus circled back around the sinking ship for some reason.

While watching the warship sunk by the Nautilus, look at the extreme top-right side of the screen. An object comes into view; what is that strange object?

It seems as if the giant squid can't harm the Nautilus. So why not wait until it goes away? Even though Capt. Nemo calls it the most tenacious of sea beasts, how long will it continue to hang on to an inanimate object? It must get hungry sometime.

Ned pulls a knife from his belt, dives into the sea, swims to Capt. Nemo, pulls a knife from his belt, and cuts the captain free.

When Ned Land is thrown into the store room, he lands in a fishnet and takes a while to untangle himself. When he finally stands up, the sailors still haven't closed the door for some reason.

The water level is "five feet and rising" in the power compartment of the Nautilus, but it's only waist high to the man inside.

Water pours onto Ned's head through a breach in the Nautilus' hull, yet it seems to stop on it's own when he opens the door.

Old Yeller

When the Coates family finds a stray dog, they name it 'Yeller', which, by a strange coincidence, is exactly what the real owner Mr. Sanderson calls the dog.

The Coates's don't burn Old Yeller's body like they do the rabid cow carcass.

Elizabeth Sercey walks right past Mr. Coates, who has just returned unexpectedly after three months, without acknowledging him at all. Is she too grief-stricken about the death of Old Yeller to notice him?

The Shaggy Dog

One of the cops repeatedly calls his fellow officer by his last name: Hanson, even though it is later revealed that they are in-laws.

Prof. Andressi scolds Therm, "I told you never to come here at night!" Therm then informs the professor that he'll be over at eight the next night.

Darby O'Gill and the Little People

King Brian can't work magic in the daytime. So how does he make himself look like a rabbit?

You can see the wires on a couple of the Little People who jump on Darby.


You'd think Mr. Prendergast and Mrs. Snow would've seen their prisms painting rainbows on the wall at some point in their lives. Predergast even knows the science behind it, yet he looks all around the room before he finds what Pollyanna sees on the wall.

Pollyanna swears never to come bothering Mr. Prendergast again. Then, the next day, she cheerfully walks in and breaks her promise.

Pollyanna is biting her pinky nail in the far shot, but her thumbnail in the close-up.

The drummer continues to strike those gourds, even after the soundtrack has stopped.

Pollyanna lands awfully far from the house when she falls from that windowsill.

The Swiss Family Robinson

Rocky the baby elephant puts his right foot into the snare. In one shot, we see his left foot tied instead.

Fritz begins by putting a pad on the pig's back, in preparation for attaching the barrels. When Father comes to help him, they lose the pad and just slap on the pontoons. Later, we see the pig swimming with the pad under the pontoons.

The Swiss Family Robinsons make a list of every animal they encounter, including the notation "lizard." This isn't very accurate, as there are numerous kinds of lizards on the island.

During the swimmin' hole scene Ernst suggests they play Follow the Leader, after which, he promptly shouts that he'll race Francis down the slide. Since when is Follow the Leader a race?

Ernst Robinson gazes through his spyglass and says, "There's something moving there on the beach...pirates!" Um, Ernst, you can see the pirate ships without a telescope long before you can spot the people on the beach.

Ernst boasts that Roberta's grandfather couldn't get a ship past their place unseen. Whether that means the ship would see the treehouse or the Robinsons would see the ship, either way, it's false. The castaways never see the pirates coming, and the pirates never see the treehouse.

Bertie is above Ernst on the hill and shoots at a slightly elevated angle when Fritz jumps "him;" the bullet should've passed well over Ernst's head instead of striking the ground at his feet.

The lizard next to Roberta's hand crawls away to the right. Then Fritz rushes over, looks in a completely different direction, and states, "It's gone."

Fritz throws a rock at a hyena and impales his hand on a tree branch.

It must be months between Roberta's rescue and the end of the film, yet her hair doesn't grow an inch.

If you look closely, you can see the big pirate, the one from whom Ernst takes the pistol, off to the side, safe from the falling logs. The same pirate is seen in the next shot buried under a pile of logs.

At the end of the film, Mother hugs Father's wounded arm. Ouch!

Babes in Toyland

The fairy-tale-character leads are Mary Quite Contrary and Tom the Piper's Son. However, sweet Mary is not at all contrary, and straight-arrow Tom Piper is pretty hard to imagine stealing a pig.

A man and a woman grab Tom and Mary by the shoulders, but when the camera angle widens out, it's two men lifting them to their shoulders and the woman is nowhere in sight.

Barnaby's spyglass comes equipped with a zoom lens feature.

When she sits on the bench, Mary clearly has her hanky in her left hand, but when the angle changes, it's in her right.

Those two shipwrecked sailors, Gonzorgo and Rodrigo, are still hanging around Mother Goose Village after delivering their message, and no one gets suspicious.

When the denizens of Mother Goose Village are roused from sleep, we see a man living in the shoe house. Shouldn't it be an old woman living in the shoe?

Gonzorgo and Rodrigo have plenty of time to escape Barnaby once they realize those are the same gypsies they sold Tom to, but they still stick around to watch the show.

Not all the lights on Grumio's machine turn on when he presses them. Also, he hits some twice for different toy ingredients.

Tom and Mary hear the kids shouting for help, but not the trees singing, who are just as loud, if not louder.

When the trees in the Forest of No Return wake Tom, Mary, and the kids, the little group runs right into the middle of the circle of trees. If they had run in the opposite direction, they would've escaped.

Little Boy Blue takes some toys out of a box, puts them on the conveyor belt, and sends them to Tom and Mary to be put into a box.

When we first see them, the toy Indians are joined together; later they are independent toys. Are there more than one set?

Tom Piper calls for the infantry to attack Barnaby, but it's the cavalry that answers the call.

In the climactic battle, one toy Indian loses an arrow as they run for cover.

How does Barnaby push the choir boy over? There appears to be a stained glass window between him and the toy.

Barnaby's birdcage is bigger in the far shots.

Does Bo Peep ever get her sheep back? We never see hide nor wool of them after they enter the Forest of No Return.

The Absent-Minded Professor

Poor Mrs. Chatsworth isn't even invited to Prof. Brainard's wedding. Maybe he forgot.

Mrs. Chatsworth doesn't even notice Prof. Brainard's car parked next to the garage when he's supposed to be on his honeymoon.

The Fluuber-ized sneakers don't bounce higher and higher when Prof. Brainard tosses them into the corner of his garage.

Fortunately, every player on the team has spare sneakers in his locker, and everyone takes his shoes off during half-time, making it possible for Prof. Brainard to switch them for the Flubberized shoes.

How does the Medfield team walk onto the court without realizing they're wearing flubberized shoes?

Isn't it cheating to use Flubber on the soles of the basketball team's sneakers? Why doesn't Prof. Brainard care?

The referee is so amazed at the flubber-induced bouncing during the basketball game that he fails to call a foul on a double dribble.

The wheels on Prof. Brainard's flying Model T almost always turn while the car is in flight, just as if it was rolling along the ground.

The chiefs of staff hop into a taxi and give the address as "Prof. Brainard's house." Wouldn't it be smarter to give the name of the street?

The policeman tells Prof. Brainard that Washington is due east of Medfield. Yet in The Strongest Man in the World, we learn that Medfield is in Connecticut.

Greyfriars Bobby: The True Story of a Dog

Mr. Brown is shown peeking around one side of the column in the close-ups and the other side in the far shots.

The Parent Trap

Susan insults Sharon by comparing her face to Frankenstein's. Of course, Susan has the very same face.

Immediately after a severe rain storm, Susan exits her cabin to sit on a perfectly dry stoop. The girls go back into the cabin, and when they come out again, the stoop and exterior walls are now wet.

Susan has a popsicle which vanishes when she turns away from the camera.

When Mitch asks, "What'd you do to yourself," Maggie is highly insulted. Yet when her daughter poses the same question almost word for word, she isn't offended at all.

There is one segment soon after the camping scene in which one of Hayley Mills's twins moves too close to the edge of the split screen, causing part of her arm to vanish.

In Search of the Castaways

Monsieur Paganalle says that Capt. Grant must be in Australia because the Mako shark that swallowed the bottle is only found there. But the shark could've swallowed the bottle anywhere in the sea; the proof lies in the fact that the Frenchman caught one, presumably without going all the way to Australia to find it.

It looks like Paganelle passes the same section of mountain more than once during his song.

The members of the expedition are all lying face down on the cliff when it begins to break off. In the next shot, they are instantly on their feet looking around as if they didn't know what was happening.

Robert falls off the cliff and the condor swoops down to catch him by the shoulders. Now, either he flips over just before she catches him, or the bird makes a sudden u-turn, because she is clutching his shoulders the wrong way.

Lord Glenarven's party sets out to find Capt. Grant and any of his crew who may happen to be alive. In the Andes mountains, they learn of three sailors held prisoner. Although these three are not the men they are seeking, from that moment on, the search team believes they are looking for a party of three. Amazingly, when they do find Capt. Grant, they learn that there were originally three men in his group of castaways.

Actually, that cat is a leopard, not a jaguar, although there are no leopards in South America.

Would it have been easier for Robert to climb onto the roof of the hut and, from there, to reach the door? For that matter, couldn't Bill Gay and Captain Grant have made a hole in the thatched roof of their prison and climbed out that way?

Ayerton might've kept the Grant children as hostages to force their father to be more accommodating.

When the Mauris climb the rope, the wires on the actors are visible.

The prisoners wove gunpowder into the rope they made. If they could manage to get gunpowder while held captive, couldn't they think of a better use for it?

"Did you ever see so many stars?" asks Mary Grant at journey's end, though we see in the far shot that the sky is partly cloudy.

The Incredible Journey

The narrator states that the animals "learned to travel by night," though we see them travelling by day lots of times after this.

Son of Flubber

Where do they get that footage of Ned putting Flubber on the basketball sneakers? It wasn't exactly televised.

Shelby's car windows are open when he drops Betsy off, but closed when Ned attacks. And this is before automatic car windows.

Humphrey is called by his first name by the announcer throughout the football game, instead of his last name like the other players.

The football doesn't have an "M" on it until it's in orbit, when the letter mysteriously appears.

The police cars summoned by Alonzo Hawk are completely black, not black-and-white like the one that drives into the river.

Just because Ned grows giant crops doesn't mean he's not responsible for all that broken glass.

Summer Magic

Osh Popham hides a painting in the Dutch oven to make the Careys think it's been there for years. But Osh has no way of knowing if the family had ever looked in the oven.

Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins is sometimes cross, contrary to the requirements of the children's advertisement, though she never stays cross for very long.

Mr. Banks tears the children's advertisment into eight or ten pieces, but many more than that fly up the chimney.

Mary Poppins wears white gloves to her interview in Cherry Tree Lane, but they look much darker in the close-up.

The robin in Mary Poppins is the American type, not the European.

Bert reaches down to draw on his chalk pavement picture, but unless his arms are a lot longer than they look, there's no way he's reaching all the way to the ground.

Bert and the Banks children catch the laughing sickness from Uncle Albert, but how does Mr. Dawes catch it?

Mary Poppins applies a very generous quantity of soot to her nose, which is greatly lessened in every later shot.

Jane and Michael stop crying instantly, before they have any idea why Mr. Banks is calling them.

Follow Me, Boys

Mr. Hughes sees a photo of Whitey and Nora and comments about "...the way she's looking at him..." Both are looking at the camera.

The Ugly Dachshund

Take a close look at the dachshunds in this movie: one is clearly a boy.

Mark Garrison parks in the same no parking zone the second time we see him at Doc Pruitt's. Guess he'll never learn.

Lt. Robin Crusoe, USN

Lt. Robin Crusoe spends his first night on the island under what looks like a furry pelt. Where'd he get that?

Robin Crusoe fixes the generator on the submarine to use in the fight with Tanamashu. Too bad he didn't think of that a long time ago; he could've had electric power on the island, maybe even powered up the sub's radio.

The Happiest Millionaire

Cordy hears her father sing that he's been bitten, yet she still thinks he cut his finger shaving.

Cordy refuses a cigarette because "athletes never smoke", yet her father, who prides himself on his athletic prowess and taught her to box, smokes cigars.

When Cordy is missing from boarding school, Mr. Biddle insists the school notify the police; when Cordy turns up safe at home, however, he never calls the school back to have them call off the search.

Monkeys Go Home

The entire plot is based on the premise that a man's hands are too rough to pick olives. Yet, when Hank's chimpanzee pickers go AWOL, his neighbors agree to help him pick his olives, including the men.

Hank is told that olives must be picked using only the thumb and forefinger. He trains chimps to do his picking, but they don't pick the olives correctly.

The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin

Judge Higgins's flower is in the wrong lapel. That's because it's a reverse image.

Judge Higgins locks himself in a jail cell to escape an angry mob. The mob runs off into the night and the viewer is satisfied to see the villain at last behind bars. But wait, Higgins still has the keys in his hand, and can escape at any time. Thus the movie ends without really bringing the bad guy to justice.

Blackbeard's Ghost

Steve Walker learns, to his regret, that the spells in Aldetha's book actually work. Why not use them to turn mercury into gold? Or Silky Seymour into a spotted toad?

All three spells read by Coach Walker are on the same page. But we see a close-up of that page--there's no way all three can fit.

Blackbeard's ghost knows nothing of what has transpired on earth in his absence, yet he somehow recognizes Miss Stowecroft.

Miss Stowecroft doesn't see the floating bottle when the invisible pirate talks to her.

It's surprising that Blackbeard's ghost can feel pain, as when the candle burns his hand, and when he gets his finger caught in the purse.

Does the restaurant make Steve Walker pay for the spilled ice cream? The waiter doesn't take it off the check.

The feet of the spectators behind Coach Walker keep changing; are they leaving their seats?

Blackbeard sees that Silky's safe is filled with money, then behaves as if he thinks there is some person inside.

One shot of the roulette table is a reverse image, with all the numbers backwards.

The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band

Grandpa Bower continues to conduct even though no one is singing, playing, or even looking at him.

The Love Bug

No amount of sudden stops and reversals by Herbie should propel Jim Douglas from sitting in the driver's seat to hanging feet-first out the window.

When Carol sees Jim in action, she comments with amazement, "He really does drive!" A strange statement, considering she's already well-versed in the details of his professional racing career.

When Herbie sprays Thorndyke with a stream of oil, you'd think the villain would immediately remove his foot from the line of fire. But, no, Thorndyke just stands there watching. Twice.

Herbie does nothing to discourage Thorndyke from putting Irish Coffee in his gas tank. Doesn't he notice? Isn't he paying any attention to the presence of his mortal enemy in the house?

It's hard to believe the Golden Gate Bridge is ever that deserted, even in the middle of the night.

When Herbie stops on the edge of the cliff, his trunk flies open, but it is closed in the close-up.

When Tennessee hangs outside the Volkswagon to keep it balanced on three wheels, Herbie's door is missing the number decal.

The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes

Arno's stooge is listed in the credits as Cookie Walsh, but Dexter calls him Mr. Walski.

Dean Higgins proposes putting students with low grades on probation. In high school, certainly, but in college? And considering how hard up the school is for funds, shouldn't they welcome any student who pays his tuition?

A. J. Arno's henchman Cookie is called "Chillie" in this movie only.

The race horses have both black numbers on white backgrounds and white numbers on black backgrounds hanging from their saddles, depending on which shot you look at.

Dexter is pushing Dean Higgins's car to its limit when the police issue him a warning about holding up traffic. Haven't they ever observed this same car driven by the dean going just as slowly? They should be used to it by now.

Dexter Riley may be a genius, but he mispronounces "Mt. Aconcagua." Didn't he ever see Saludos Amigos?

My Dog the Thief

Barabbas wouldn't get into half the trouble he manages if Jack would just make sure all the doors are securely closed.

Jack knocks out Foley with one punch. Why, oh, why, doesn't he take the crook's gun?

The Boatniks

That's not a Fudgicle Charlie has, it's vanilla ice cream with a chocolate shell. It could be an Eskimo Pie or a Good Humor Bar, but it's no Fudgicle.

Turning the periscope around is a long and difficult process, yet, although Harry has it facing the rear, it is facing forward in all the long shots of the sub.

As soon as Chiyoko pulls up the sunken basket, it somehow suddenly can float.

That pickle Chiyoko bites into has been submerged in the bay for days.

If Harry would quit raising the periscope, the crooks could probably escape.

The Barefoot Executive

Lots of the so-called TV shows are actually footage of famous movies, including The Shaggy Dog and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, to name a few.

Steve buys the phony chimp his own pajamas so he'll look like Raffles. Undressing the real Raffles would've been easier.

A flight from New York to Africa takes over ten hours one way. Do those TV bigwigs in The Barefoot Executive really intend to spend that much time in the back of a cargo plane with no amenities?

Whatever happens to the substitute chimp?

Million Dollar Duck

Katie gives her husband the world's worst applesauce. We know she's an air-head, but she should still be able to taste. Did she make a whole batch of applesauce without ever tasting it?

It's no surprise that Dooley throws his wife's applesauce in the trash, but he also tosses out her Tupperware.

Katie tells her husband the applesauce in his lunch bag is on top. When we see the bag ripped open, the applesauce is the only item inside.

The radio attached to Charlie turns off when the lightbulb turns off; it should stay on.

Bedknobs and Broomsticks

If you look closely, you can see the wires on Eglantine's broom in her workshop.

Why does Miss Price ask Paul to return the bedknob? He travels to London with her; he needs to use the knob, not give it back.

Miss Price's magic bed lands relatively gently every time, except when it plunges into Naboomboo lagoon.

Who controls the movements of the bed? Once it gets to Naboombu lagoon, it sails around underwater, seemingly of its own accord.

One can suspend disbelief enough to see fish talking and dancing underwater, but smoking a cigar? How?

The kids could jump off the bed when it gets hooked.

The first time King Leonidas's roar is heard outside his tent, the breeze it makes nearly blows off the bear's hat, but it doesn't even ruffle the humans' clothing.

Prof. Browne tries to take the king's star twice during the soccer match. Even if he succeeds, the entire stadium will see it.

It's no wonder the Dirty Yellows win the soccer match; counting King Leonidas, they have an extra player on their team.

When Prof. Browne does finally get King Leonidas's star, he hides it behind his back, but then turns toward the lion, who, if he had been a little more observant, would've seen he was being robbed.

Although one can't bring anything from Naboomboo to our world, there seems to be no problem bringing things from our world to Naboomboo. At least the bed doesn't vanish in a swirl of magic sparkles.

Good thing the Substitutiary Locomotion spell doesn't work without help, because Miss Price recites it several times before the official test run.

Mr. Browne claims that Miss Price said the rabbit spell is the simplest, but we never hear her say it.

Emilius Browne, while a rabbit, says, "More Jerries!" Actually, these are only the same two he already saw when he entered the museum.

Prof. Browne turns himself into a rabbit to escape the Nazis. Once free, he promptly traps himself by hopping into the museum window through the bars before changing back to a man. It would've been smarter to speak to Miss Price through the open window, thus remaining free in case something went wrong.

The German soldier on guard takes a long time to hear the ruckuss inside the museum. Was he sleeping on duty?

Now You See Him, Now You Don't

Dexter proves to himself that his invisible eyeglasses are really there by looking through them. Would invisible lenses really correct your vision?

Schuyler's not wearing a seatbelt during the plane's take-off.

Arno suspects something's wrong when he enters his office, but from his expression, it looks like he didn't get suspicious when he saw the keys and torn pants hanging in the keyhole.

Cookie walks half way around the car before spraying it. No wonder Arno yells at him to hurry.

The getaway car's tires should be visible after driving through that puddle.

The police Sergeant orders the patrol cars to drive three abreast and thus block the invisible car, but the police actually drive four abreast.

Snowball Express

Jessie McCord is startled when Johnny comes up behind him; he didn't expect to see people living in the hotel. Didn't he hear the kids screaming upstairs while he was prowling below in the kitchen?

When Johnny falls at the halfway point of Nightmare Alley, his head is plainly lying on the snow. But in the close-up, his head is completely buried.

Johnny Baxter falls into a pile of snow and emerges covered in white. A moment later, he's clean as a whistle.

Johnny lands head first in a snow bank, then pulls his head out. When help arrives, we see his head still buried in the snow.

Johnny jokes that the Montesque family would find fault with the Taj Mahal. So would most people who tried to sleep there; it's not a hotel, it's a mausoleum.

During most of the snowmobile race in Snowball Express, there is a clear path visible in the snow for the racers to follow. Except for one stretch in the middle, which is pristine as the driven snow. Which it is.

The World's Greatest Athlete

Archer leaves his hat in the tree, then later says he left it in his tent.

Archer complains that Milo ruined his plan by stepping into the quicksand. But, since Nanu never saw them, they could always try it again later.

Is aspirin free in Mombasa? Or does Nanu carry a wallet in his loincloth?

Tigers actually do like water, yet Harry refuses to follow Nanu and Jane into the lake, in spite of the fact that he clearly wants to.

Nanu and Jane dry off really, really fast after swimming to shore.

The zoo patrons don't bat an eyelash at Nanu; do they think he's part of the exhibit?

Coach Archer laments that, once Nanu leaves, there's nothing for him at Merrivale. True, but he did get those offers to coach at other schools. There's no need for him to escape to China.

Archer and Milo fly to China on the spur of the moment, leaving Milo's car parked at the airport curb, where it's sure to be impounded eventually.

Castaway Cowboy

You'd think Mrs. Macavoy in would at least try putting a fence around her vegetable garden to keep the cattle out.

One captured steer has a brand. Aren't these cattle that have roamed wild for generations?

Malakoma reaches for a spear, then changes to a less-lethal club, thus cutting Costain a break. Similarly, he starts to swing at Costain, then hesitates, giving the Texan a chance to tackle him.

Island at the Top of the World

There is a strange purple blotch on the mountainside near Freya's house. Actually, it looks like a problem with the matte painting more than anything else.

The oars of the Viking longboat look like they are barely touching the water, let alone propelling the craft.

The Goda's eyes show the reflection of the fire when it is directly behind him.

Escape To Witch Mountain

Tony uses his powers to draw on the mirror, starting with a vertical line that is gone in the next shot. Then, when he resumes drawing, he draws that same line again.

Tony protects himself from the bully Truck by levitating a baseball bat between them. Truck hits the bat so hard that it strikes Tony on the cheek. If you look closely throughout the film, you can see the bruise under Tony's make-up.

If you look very carefully, you can see the wire on the floating harmonica.

Mr. Bolt looks out of the helicopter window and sees the flying camper. After passing through a cloud, he looks out the same window and sees the camper apparently upside-down. Actually, it's the helicopter that is upside-down, still flying alongside the camper, in which case, the camper should be visible through the pilot's window, not Bolt's.

The Apple Dumpling Gang

Theodore shouts, "Get him with the rope. Rope 'im. Throw it!" on a deserted street at night, but Donovan never even turns around to see who's trying to waylay him.

Clovis never kicks Bobby for touching him.

Theodore and Amos have no lead and no powder to throw it with. Does that mean the rifles they aim at the "posse" aren't loaded either? That will make it tough for the Hash Knife Gang to go out in a blaze of glory.

The Strongest Man in the World

Dexter Reilly achieves two scientific breakthroughs abetted by accidental lightning strikes? What are the odds?

Dexter hands his books to Debbie so he can remove a stone from his shoe. When he accidentally bends a lamppost performing this operation, Dexter so forgets himself that he takes back the books with the sneaker still in his hand, which will make it pretty tough to put the shoe back on.

The chandelier starts moving before Dean Higgins swings on it.

Regent Appleby complains he's been dragged to contests by Dean Higgins for years, yet the school never wins. What about the College Knowledge program Schuyler won last semester in The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes?

Dexter tosses the bad guys around like rag dolls, doing a lot of damage to the lab in the already financially-strapped college.

Watch Slither fall down the stairs as the Medfield team heads for the competition.

When Schuyler first tastes Dexter's formula, he comments on its unpleasant acid taste. Yet, weeks later, when Dexter complains that the cereal doesn't have the usual acid taste, Schuyler replies that his formula couldn't possibly have an acid taste. Why did it take them so long to realize that?

When all Dexter's friends rush to congratulate the weight-lifting team, one girl falls off the stage.

You can see that Krinkle turns his hand to merely slap the table during his final karate chop.


The marching band suddenly sounds tinny, like a recording. Which it is. But it sounded fine moments before.

Debbie Kovac is also called Kovacs, and even Kovatch.

There must be only one drive-in in town, because when Rob Cargil hears Debbie's gone to the drive-in, he heads to the right place.

Johnny Unitas says there are only a handful of fans in the stands. True, the bottom rows have some empty seats, but the top rows look packed.

When Crankcase thinks Andy's fallen out the hospital window, he runs into the room; though we can't see Andy, his hiding place should be easily visible to Crankcase.

The x-ray machine shows Spinner's glasses, but not the stethoscope he's wearing.

How does a cat get inside the hospital?

The Atoms somehow manage to score twelve points without Gus in one game with the Rams. They must be improving.

Drysdale refuses to allow Gus to pull the bus out of the mud, which is good for the bad guys, because it would've ruined their plan to switch mules.

How does Gus get down the motel elevator by himself? Even taking the stairs would be tough for a mule, assuming he could open the doors.

The grocery store manager is bustling around the place, stacking and dusting, yet he fails to notice all the havoc created by Gus and his pursuers.

Most grocery stores group similar items together; this one displays diapers next to flour, and napkins in the cereal aisle.

When Crankcase's head impacts with the supermarket floor, it's pretty clear the floor is made of rubber.

If you read the sports announcer Pepper's lips, it looks like he's saying "nine consecutive field goals" when it sounds like "five."

No Deposit, No Return

Jay climbs a flagpole and then looks up for Duster. Does he think the skunk can fly?

It's clear that Tracy goes to the corner mailbox to send her ransom note. Yet it comes to Grandfather Osborne via special delivery. Can you do that without making a trip to the Post Office?

The police captain makes a mistake: he calls the kidnapped Tracey and Jay Mr. Osborne's children instead of his grandchildren.

Pete's Dragon

Somehow, Pete can see Elliott when the dragon is invisible.

Elliott could fly away with Pete at the very beginning of the film; the Gogans couldn't follow them then.

The patrons of the Passamaquoddy tavern roll multiple kegs of beer until they burst their corks. Every single one bursts when the cork is in the exact same position: pointing at a 45-degree angle in front of the dancer.

According to Pete, Elliott is both a fish and a mammal, though you'd think a dragon would be more of a reptile or amphibian.

Elliott has the neck of a crocodile? I'd say a much, much longer neck.

You can see the wires when Doc Terminus, Hoagy, and Bones land in the fishing net. And the wire Terminus rides on when the harpoon carries him away.

During the song "Passamaquoddy," Doc Terminus punctuates the word "mumps" by pointing to his wrist. As if it was possible to get mumps in your arm...

The Passamaquoddy school sports a picture festooned with a draped flag, but when Elliott crashes through the school, the flag is gone.

Miss Turner says there's no one out by the school bell. How could she know that?

When the students of Passamaquoddy school run away screaming from Elliott, one child is smiling.

During the song "Every Little Piece," it looks like Hoagy starts to sing "Can't you hear that jingle jangle sound" one time too many, then thinks better of it.

Nora and Pete keep whitewashing the same section of the lighthouse, then leave the whole job barely started and set off for town.

Does Nora wonder what made the Gogans's boat explode? Assuming, of course, she doesn't believe in Pete's dragon.

Pay close attention to the musical number "Bill of Sale." The very end of the song has each of the Gogans singing one line as they are individually flung through the air by Elliott. When Pa Gogan soars across the screen, we hear son Willie's voice, and when Willie flies by, we hear Pa.

Doc Terminus tells the fishermen to be at the boat house at sunset. But, according to the sign, Ira's Boat House is just two doors down from the Pionneer Boat Co., where the doc sets his trap. I wonder how many men showed up at the wrong place.

A line of Passamoquoddians marches to the boathouse, carrying a rolled-up tarp on their collective shoulders. Trouble is, when they're outside, the tarp looks as rigid as a telephone pole. It's only when they get inside that it becomes flexible as canvas should be.

That sure looks like Willie and Grover Gogan on Elliott's back while they are simultaneously carrying Pete away.

Doc Terminus' body seems to instantly lose its momentum when the harpoon hits the pole.

Elliott can fly in a storm carrying Pete on his back, yet he can't fly away to escape the Gogans in the film's opening scene.

The masts of Paul's ship seem to disappear when the ship turns.

Those three fisherman are tossing baskets of fish around the dock at the same time they're greeting a returning Paul.

You can see the glass right before the Mayor walks into the invisible Elliott.

While waving good-bye to Elliott, Nora and Pete are standing on a grassy spot in some shots, and on a bare dirt road in others.


Casey is meticulously coached in a particular tune which she must be able to identify later. It might've been easier to teach her if someone had simply pointed out that the tune is "Greensleeves", also popularly known as "What Child Is This?"

Why is Priory so dead-set against Lady St. Edmund coming into the kitchen? Doesn't she know the kids bake for the market? She sure seems to know that's where everyone is when she's dressing for dinner.

Although Anna knows karate, she never tries it on the intruders.

The Cat from Outer Space

You can just barely see the wire holding up the "artichoke" in the close-ups. Unlike Frank flying around inside the warehouse--you can easily see the wires on him.

When the General commands the Colonel to give up his clothes in The Cat from Outer Space, it's surprising the Colonel doesn't turn around and take the clothes from the Captain, who could then take them from the Sergeant.

When the General and his entourage finally leave Frank's apartment, their Jeep is gone, but they still manage to find a carload of soldiers to accompany them. Where were these guys earlier? We don't see them when Frank steals the Jeep.

Return from Witch Mountain

That floating guard is armed, yet he never even tries to stop either the criminals or the kids who get past him.

It's surprising that Sickle doesn't grab even one bar of gold while running from the smashed station wagon.

Hot Lead and Cold Feet

The kids take the pistols from Rattlesnake and the Denver Kid, but where do they get the shotgun?

The Sneads cover Eli's mouth to prevent him from alerting Billy to the trap, but they don't bother to muffle the feisty Jenny or the kids, who don't even try to shout a warning.

To confuse Mayor Ragsdale, Wild Billy forces Eli to change clothes with him. A short time after Billy rides into town dressed as Eli, Eli himself comes along in his underwear. Why didn't he simply put on Billy's clothes? There is no reason for him to appear undressed except that underwear is funny.

The North Avenue Irregulars

Carmel and Dean are told to find Mrs. Simms and have her "long-distance Rookie." They deliver the message with a little addition of their own: that this could bust the criminals' bank, which is true, but was not told them by their father.

In preparation for the climactic car chase, Mrs. Simms gets all the kids and pets out of her car, but she misses Bruno the St. Bernard, a dog as big as a sofa.

Everybody seems to know Mr. Roca by sight, even though they've never met him.

The Black Hole

When the Palomino rolls, V.I.N.C.E.N.T. uses his anti-gravity abilities to stay out of rotation with it. Why? There is no up or down in space, except for the relative directions inside the craft. So the crew is all wondering why their robot is doing a cartwheel.

The console behind Dan looks like it's about to shake apart. Is the Palomino really that badly constructed?

The Palomino fits exactly on the landing platform on the Nostromo. Guess they were both designed to the same specs.

Kate McCrae claims that their mission is to discover "habitable life." "Habitable" means "capable of sustaining life." Does she mean "habitable planets"?

"Maybe there are survivors still alive..." Now there's a bit of redundant dialogue.

When the crew of the Palomino is greeted with laser fire, they neither duck nor run for cover. They just stand there.

Harry comments that the American taxpayers funded the Cygnus, the most expensive failure ever. No wonder it was so expensive--the interior is cavernous, with acres of wasted space.

Reinhardt can understand Maximillian's electronic hum. Does he have an ESP link to the robot, like Kate with V.I.N.C.E.N.T.?

V.I.N.C.E.N.T. calls Old B.O.B. by name, having read it on the robot's hull, but B.O.B. later introduces himself anyway.

V.I.N.C.E.N.T. suddenly has square pupils to give him a different expression. Did his builders really put that in the specs?

The film continually uses the term "humanoid" to refer to the crew of the Cygnus. The crew is composed of humans, not human-like creatures.

The Cygnus is full of catwalks in the Star Wars vein: dangerously high with no railings.

An asteroid crashes into the Cygnus and flies through the ship's corridor in a perfect straight line.

When the first asteroid crashes into the Cygnus, the atmosphere remains, no doubt due to the ship's powerful force field. But later, when the far smaller Palomino crashes into the ship, the force field fails and the atmosphere escapes. When that happens, by the way, the astronauts are able to survive for long minutes with few ill effects.

Night Crossing

The narrator begins the film by telling us this is the story of one attempt to escape from East Germany. Technically, it's the story of two attempts, as the first try fails.

When the Strelzyks find themselves in a minefield, Peter tells Frank, "Don't move," but he himself walks without checking for trip wires.

Peter could easily lead his family around the trip wires instead of over them.

Maj. Koerner gets a phone call that "They've been spotted," and that's all. Without waiting to find out precisely where, he takes off in a helicopter, trusting to luck to spot the balloon.

Something Wicked This Way comes

When Tom Fury sees the Dust Witch in the ice coffin, she is lying the opposite way from when Charlie Holloway saw her, which is certainly possible. Only her ring is now on the other hand, which is less likely.

Mr. Crosetti and Mr. Tetley, while walking side by side in the parade, suddenly switch places.

Return to Oz

There is a small window in the secret room where Dorothy finds Tik-Tok, yet she never thinks of escaping that way.

Ozma is Mombi's slave, yet she's allowed to wear a very nice gown. Guess Mombi's not all bad.

Dorothy doesn't even try leaving Mombi's palace through the front door. Sure the Wheelers are sleeping on the steps, but she doesn't know that.

Seven Wheelers survive the trip to the Deadly Desert and return to Mombi, but she only uses six of them to pull her chariot.

How does Jack Pumpkinhead get back the top of his pumpkin head after the Nome King swallows it?

When Dorothy wishes she could live in both Kansas and Oz, her slippers glow. Are they granting her wish, even though she didn't click the heels together? Is she somehow in Oz while we see her back in Kansas?

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Look closely at the incriminating "patty-cake" pictures of Jessica Rabbit and Marvin Acme. Jessica is an early version of the character which is significantly different from the final version. Well, maybe not different, just drawn that way.

Mr. Toad appears in Toontown two years before his actual movie debut.

The Rocketeer

The statue of Lindbergh has lost the chain when it crash lands.

Cliff turns his head to look at the plane while flying, but his trajectory doesn't change, even though turning his head is the way Peevy told him to steer.

Cliff's legs can be seen behind Peevy while the Rocketeer is supposed to be flying over the truck.

The FBI surrounds Cliff's house to arrest him for the theft of the rocket. Well, they almost surround the house; in the middle of a tremendous gunfight, Cliff, Peevy, and the huge Lothar run unchallenged out the back door.

Cliff somehow acquires a duffel bag when he lands at the South Seas Club.

Neville Sinclair has two chances to get the rocket by simply shooting Cliff, instead of threatening Jenny to get Cliff to cooperate.

Cliff runs up the stairs to the roof of the observatory. From there he flies up to the zeppelin. He might've saved time and energy by flying from the ground up to the blimp.

Honey, I Blew Up the Kid

Sterling says Wayne mentioned that Adam grew while watching TV. How could Wayne say this when he wasn't even home when it happened?

The civilians of Las Vegas are incredibly stupid; they stand very close to those giant baby feet.

The Mighty Ducks

Gordon Bombay asks to see the members of his hockey team, the Mighty Ducks, and is told that all of them are in the detention room. Was that entire science class composed of only Ducks? And by the way, Fulton isn't there.

The Three Musketeers

Aramis reads from Genesis 3, but his Bible is opened almost to the halfway point. That particular printing must have a very long introduction.

D'Artagnon dispatches the queen's bodyguards, making Constance think he has criminal intentions. Upon learning D'Artagnon means no harm, Constance and the queen simply ride away, leaving the men lying on the ground. Let's hope the ladies went for the doctor.

The Three Musketeers push a flaming carriage at the pursuing horsemen, who turn and flee. They could've ridden off the road and into the field instead, let the coach pass by, and still caught the Musketeers.

Ladies in waiting are forbidden to fraternize with Musketeers, yet Constance and D'Artagnon kiss in front of the king and court.

Cool Runnings

Every sponsor Darese Bannock approaches for his bobsled team has the exact same office; only the decor is changed. Do they all work in the same building? Maybe he'd do better if he branched out.

Irv wants to use sprinters on his bobsled team because they can run exceptionally fast during the pushstart; during each pushstart, however, team member Sanka, the only one who is not a sprinter, always runs just as fast as the others.

The Santa Clause

One of the first things we see is an elf looking in a toy store window, whose presence is never explained.

A lot of appearing and disappearing goes on in this film: Bernard appears in the Miller home, Scott is transported back to his bed from the North Pole, the reindeer appear in their wonders why Santa needs a sleigh at all, much less elves with jet packs.

The naughty/nice list presents an unusual style of alphabetical order. It goes neither by first or last name, somehow managing to keep all the people with the initials A.A. together.

Charlie can recognize his street in the middle of the night and so high up that all you can see are pinpoints of light.

Santa's sleigh's not there when the E.L.F.S. land on the roof to rescue Charlie.

Charlie looks like he's flying under his own power when the E.L.F.S. pull him through the air.

The police are positive that Scott Calvin will return to the Miller house. Do most parents who kidnap their children return to their ex's house?

Tall Tale

In Tall Tale, Daniel could survive the buzz saw even with his foot stuck, if he would just use those metal braces to haul himself out of harm's way.

Is Paul Bunyan mad because Daniel left his axe in the tunnel during the cave-in?

A Kid in King Arthur's Court

Arthur says he's no match for Merlin's door. It's Count Belasco's door; what's Merlin got to do with it?

Tom and Huck

Injun Joe testifies that he saw Muff Potter knife Doc Robinson four times. When Tom gives his version of the events, he has trouble convincing anyone he actually saw the murder until he reveals that the doctor was stabbed three times, not four, proving he was indeed an eye-witness. The trouble is, Injun Joe also witnessed the crime; in fact, he stabbed the doctor himself, but he couldn't get the details right.

The Princess Diaries

Mia, the Queen, and the Prime Minister attend the Genovian Independence Day Ball at the San Francisco consulate. Shouldn't somebody attend such an important function in Genovia?

Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

While Jack holds Elizabeth hostage, he asks for and receives his hat and weapons. He should've asked for the keys to those manacles.

Jack Sparrow's plan to steal the Interceptor hinges on the fact that the entire crew abandons the ship for the Dauntless. If only a few had remained behind, the plan would've failed.

Elizabeth Swan says "It's okay," a phrase not coined until 1839, at least fifty years after the film series would've taken place.

Elizabeth hides from the pirates in a closet, bypassing a nearby open ground-floor window as a means of escape.

Elizabeth says she didn't steal the medallion, although she took it from Will Turner without ever telling him, so, technically, she did steal it.

Capt. Barbossa complains that the Pirates of the Caribbean can't physically feel anything; that's part of the curse. However, he comments to the crew that Elizabeth's recently vacated dress is "still warm."

Capt. Jack Sparrow is locked in the Black Pearl's brig, but is freed when a shot blasts through the wall and destroys the lock on the cell door. Later, his entire crew is locked in what appears to be the same cell, only now it is repaired as good as new.

When Capt. Jack Sparrow is freed from the hangman's noose, he cuts his hands free on a sword stuck into the scaffold. He then runs off unarmed without even trying to take the weapon for himself. Perhaps he remembers an earlier incident in which he was unable to pull Will's sword from the door.

Will manages to keep his hat on while turning multiple somersaults during his attempt to save Jack from the hangman.

National Treasure

While trying to convince the authorities that the Declaration is in danger, Ben Gates is very careful not to mention Ian's name to anyone. Is he trying to protect the man who recently tried to kill him?

It's a good thing Abby's password is a real phrase and not random characters as some people use, or the guys would never be able to crack it.

If Ben really wanted to get rid of Abby, which he does in the early part of the film, he should have let her believe that Ian had the Declaration and sent her to call the police. Then he could've gone on to his father's house in peace.

If you don't want anyone to find your treasure, then leaving a series of clues, no matter how difficult, is stupid. In fact, since the Knights Templar decided that the treasure they guarded was too great for anyone to own, they should've destroyed the walkways and stairs that allowed Ben Gates to eventually get his hands on it.

Riley reads some of the anagrams wrong.

It doesn't seem possible for Ben to remove all those screws from the Declaration of Independence during a quick trip in the elevator.

If you look in the background as Ben is being arrested by Sandusky, you'll see Abby and Riley hurrying away a few seconds before they walk into the scene.

It's pretty dangerous for Ben Gates and his friends to look at the back of the Declaration inside Independence Hall, considering they're not supposed to be in that particular room. It would be smarter to take it somewhere more private. And Abby has clearly lost her fear of handling the document carelessly.

Those British thugs sure know their way around Philadelphia. They can rush to any street you name without even stopping to think about the direction.

Ben Gates says that the builders of the treasure vault would've put in a second exit in case of a cave-in, which they did. Only it's about six feet to the right of the first exit, and likely to be included in any cave-in that may occur.

Ben should probably take a look at those troughs of oil in the secret vault before lighting them, just in case two hundred years have created a leak somewhere.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

In the white wilderness that is Narnia, nobody ever thinks to track their quarry via their footprints, except for the fox who brushes away the Pevensie's tracks with his tail.

Edmund holds the Turkish Delight in his right hand when the camera sees him from one angle, and his left hand from another angle.

Somehow Susan gets to her horn, which is in the pavilion, then back to the tree and up into it to safety without getting eaten by the wolves.

The lioness with the mustache and glasses drawn on by Edmund appears at the coronation party at the end of the film. Surely that gathering is not the same day as the battle with the White Witch; how long does the lion wear that mustache before someone says something?

Sky High

Mrs. Stronghold doesn't know that Lila's a vegetarian? And this girl has been her kid's best friend for how long?

Everyone assumes Will Stronghold will get the same power as one of his parents. Why? Lila doesn't have the power of her mother. And the sidekicks don't seem to assume they'll get a certain power. They all question each other with, "What's your power?" If they simply inherited the same powers as their parents, there would be no question.

You can see Ethan's hands on the back of Ron Wilson's seat, then they're in his lap, then on the seat, depending on which angle you're looking from.

It looks like Lash and Speed's names really are 'Lash' and 'Speed,' according to the Save the Citizen score board.

If you look closely at Royal Pain's armor, any idiot could tell she was a girl.

Couldn't Royal Pain, with her technopathic powers, easily rebuild the Pacifier without going to such elaborate means to steal it from the Commander?

Royal Pain seems to completely recall her past before she was Pacified. If the hero babies likewise recall their pasts, they'll probably never turn into villains, no matter how she raises them.

Where's Larry the two-ton rock kid and all the other super-powered teens when Royal Pain has the doors sealed in the Sky High gym?

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Capt. Jack Sparrow escapes from prison by hiding in a coffin with a prisoner's dead body; the coffin is tossed into the sea and Jack is free. However, the leg bone he used as a paddle looks dry as, well, a bone. Did the guards really hang onto the corpse until it rotted away, leaving only a skeleton? Wouldn't they just get rid of the thing as soon as possible?

Will Turner sneaks over to Davy Jones's right side and reaches across to get the key which hangs on the villain's left. It would've been easier to go around to Jones's left.

The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause

When Scott Calvin and Jack Frost travel back to that fateful Christmas Eve, they see Santa take his tumble and vanish, but after he's already gone, we still see a shot of his gloved hand.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Since Calypso is freed at the end of the movie, will the seas be stormy from now on?

Davy Jones chose to remove his heart and lock it away in a box when his true love was untrue. So, why does Will end up with his heart locked in a chest when he takes over the Davy Jones gig? His love remains faithful.


Giselle could just jump right back into the manhole to return home immediately.

Robert's seatbelt is sometimes over his coat collar, sometimes under.

The New York police horses ignore Giselle's musical summons.

After one day of wandering through the streets, Giselle somehow knows what a vacuum cleaner is. Maybe the cockroaches told her.

Where does Giselle get the shoes for her blue dress--from curtains?

Though dressed to the nines, neither Giselle nor Nancy wears stockings to the Kings and Queens Ball.

National Treasure: Book of Secrets

If Mitch had simply presented the diary page to Ben Gates and asked for help finding Cibola, you know the treasure hunter would've agreed; there was no need for the smear on great-great-grandpa Thomas's name.

Patrick Gates has told and retold the tale of Thomas Gates to Ben, yet he somehow never thought to mention the "debt that all men pay" part.

How do Ben Gates and company, or Mitch and his goons for that matter, escape from London without facing criminal charges for that car chase?

Ben Gates had a map of Mount Vernon for years, but never studied it enough to spot the secret passage. That's not like him.

The President says he can't let Ben Gates off the hook for kidnapping him unless the treasure hunter finds the lost city of Cibola. Why? In the end, he simply makes up a story about being accidentally trapped in a secret passage, which he could've done in any case.

What if a president dies suddenly, before he can reveal the location of the President's Book? Like Lincoln?

At the end of the film, Patrick and Emily appear to be wearing the exact same outfits at the excavation of Cibola as they wore when they discovered it days, weeks, or maybe even months earlier.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Prince Caspian has a different accent than in the non-Disney sequel.

Since Caspian's teacher knows the prince's life will be in danger the moment a boy is born to Miraz, it's surprising he doesn't have Caspian awake and hidden as soon as the queen goes into labor, just in case.

King Miraz doesn't know the corrct pronunciation of the word "respite."

Lucy's cordial saves Trumpkin's life, but it doesn't heal the cut on his cheek received earlier in the film.

A Christmas Carol

The visions of the Ghost of Christmas Present are actually a few hours in the future, as he shows Scrooge in the middle of the night what will happen on Christmas Day. Now we know that if a man's course be departed from, the ends will change. Yet, how extraordinary it is that, when Scrooge turns over his new leaf and attends Nephew Fred's dinner party, the parlor game suddenly comes before the dinner instead of after, as it was in the vision provided Scrooge by the Ghost of Christmas Present (note that, in the vision, the guests are praising the dinner just before the game begins).


In the credits we see the standard blurb, "No animals were harmed during the making of this film." Not by humans, but several animals were eaten by other animals.

Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides

Barbossa wants revenge on Blackbeard because the latter attacked his ship without warning, without mercy, and without a chance for parlay, to which we reply, "Pirate." How many times did Barbossa do the same to unwary ships? Or was he in the habit of warning his prey in advance?

At the end of the movie, Angelica finds the Jack Sparrow voodoo doll. Does she ever use it? Does Jack ever suffer from unexplained headaches?

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

If there was no Chinese dragon around, would that mystical belt buckle animate some other object?

John Carter

Sab Than's close-up during the wedding scene is reversed.

Saving Mr. Banks

There are many inaccurate details seen in Disneyland that only a true park afficianado would spot, but the Pinocchio's Daring Journey attraction in the background, which opened in 1983, is a pretty obvious glitch.

A stuffed Pooh appears in Mrs. Travers's hotel room five years before Pooh's first Disney cartoon premiered.

How does Mrs. Travers get that giant plush Mickey back to London? If she stuffed it into her suitcase, it looks like she'd have to leave some of her clothes behind.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

It looks like Carina has enough slack to step off that trap door if she's afraid it will open.

If a guillotine swung around and around, the blade would remain at the outermost edge of the arc due to the effects of centripetal force.

A Wrinkle in Time

"We can't tesser to Camazotz," says Mrs. Whatsit. A moment later, Meg does just that.

Mary Poppins Returns

Jack rides past one lamp without putting it out. He also tends the lamps attached to the Banks's home. Do they belong to the city? Or is he just doing the family a favor for free?

Why do the lamp lighters risk life and limb to climb the face of Big Ben when Mary Poppins can just fly up there any time she wants to?


The Mickey Mouse Club

During the theme song for The Mickey Mouse Club, a dozen or so different characters, including Humphrey and his three fellow bears, prepare to give Mickey the old blanket toss. But in the close-up, there are at least ten bears, and no other characters in sight.

The Christmas Star

Trudy can't see her dad step on McNickle's hand from where she's standing. Neither can we, in fact, until the close-up. That's because he lays it on his chest instead of putting it back on the floor after moving the wood.

McNickle carries glasses and a deck of cards in that Santa Suit. It's just a costume; does it come with pockets?

Det. Waters stops John Sumner to question him about something, but is distracted by Spider the sick dog and forgets what he was going to ask.

A police officer gets a tip from John Sumner that the store is being robbed even as they speak. But the cop waits for Det. Waters before heading to the scene, and so they are too late to stop the robbery.

Sumner's calendar has a lot of pages in it, considering it's the last week of the year.

The old con says that only you can see your Christmas Star, yet both Detective Waters and the driver of the car see McNickel's star.

Chip N' Dale's Rescue Rangers

Chip's ears are on the back of his head as usual, until he puts on his hat, when they migrate to the sides of his head. Ouch!

In the pilot episode, Gadget adds the "RR" logo to the plane she builds before the rodents form a group or dream up the name "Rescue Rangers."

DuckTales: Treasure of the Lost Lamp

Launchpad actually misses stepping on the trigger. But the trap springs anyway.

After all these centuries, there is still a living moth in Collie Baba's chest.

Scrooge opens Collie Baba's scroll without breaking the seal, which kind of defeats the purpose of having a seal.

The ropes and pegs on the descending platform vanish for a few seconds.

The switch is still up even after the moving platform in the cave is down.

Merlock changes into an eagle, picks up Dijon and flies to McDuck mansion, but when he lands, he's a vulture.

Webby wishes all her toys alive, but Quackypatch remains just a doll.

Where is the meeting for the Archeological Society Ball held? It's in the middle of a snow-covered landscape, although the weather in Duckburg appears to be balmy. Of course, there are plenty of cold places in the world, but did Murlock really fly thousands of miles as a bird to get there?

Some very interesting people are members of the Archeological Society: Cinnamon Teal, Lord Batmountain, a London police detective, and several other familiar characters from the DuckTales TV series.

The shadow of an owl passes through the nephews' bedroom and stops in mid-flight at the extreme left of the screen.

If Merlock had changed into a chimp he could've pressed the elevator button easily.

Louie might've gone forward through the Money Bin's lasers instead of backward, even without the instructions; it is just as far, and the danger would be equal.

The plane Launchpad flies over the money bin still has Scrooge's monogram on the tail, even though it should've changed into a "D" along with everything else.

Scrooge's beret suddenly turns into his top hat.

When the money bin is transformed into Merlock's fortress, Scrooge has the misfortune to drop his cane, which is then absorbed into the morphing floor. Luckily, Scrooge somehow finds it again a few moments later.

Darkwing Duck

Darkwing Duck has a sidecar on his motorcycle even before he dreamed of having a sidekick.

Negaduck is the Negaverse version of Darkwing; he has the same adopted daughter and lives in the same house next to the Muddlefoots. So, why doesn't Negaduck ever attack Darkwing in his secret identity of Drake Mallard? It would be the easiest way to eliminate our hero.

Perfect Harmony

What is on Taylor's face when he first hears Landy playing the harmonica? It looks like burns or bruises covered with make-up.

Marc is eating with the other boys when he's supposed to be recuperating. He's also singing at graduation, even though Principal Hobbs said he was leaving school. Maybe he changed his mind.

Rev. Clarence says to boycott the whites and refuse to go to work. Those who work at Blandings Academy, at least, only comply when it's time to go to the Scrapper Johnson concert.

The Return of Jafar

Although Genie lost his slave bracelets when he was freed, he wears them again in the DTV sequels and the television series; maybe it's a fashion statement.

The stem on Jasmine's jeweled flower suddenly grows much longer.

Genie has his arms around Aladdin and Jasmine at the end of his song, but when he turns around, his friends are suddenly on his opposite sides.

Maybe before dropping Jafar's lamp down a well, Iago should rub it and make three wishes. Granted, it's a bit dangerous, but when you're as greedy as Iago, it's worth considering.

The top of Jasmine's vanity is suddenly different.

On their magic carpet ride in The Return of Jafar, Aladdin and the Sultan spy a hippo, which should mean they are in Africa. If so, then Aladdin walks a long way back to Agragah.

Carpet could just scoop up the Sultan and carry him out of harm's way instead of placing himself in front of the horse and commanding it to stop, which, no duh, doesn't work.

Aladdin is washed downstream past the rock, but then suddenly surfaces right next to it.

When Genie magically frees the Sultan from the dungeon, he also restores his hat.

A Goofy Movie

The car door handles open differently at different times.

When Max throws his possum hat on the ground, it is reversed--if he put it back on, the possum would be rightside-up, which is actually wrongside-up.

Goofy loses the drawstring on his trunks during the hot tub scene.

Goofy pulls the handle off the fishing pole, but it is there again a moment later.

The reflection under the bridge is reversed.

The exploding car blows Goofy right out of his shoes and socks, but he has them again when he's hanging through the porch roof.

Aladdin and the King of Thieves

Part of Al's tunic is missing when he climbs onto Carpet.

Some guests neglect to bow to the Sultan at Aladdin and Jasmine's wedding.

Jasmine asks, "What's wrong?" while touching the scepter; shouldn't the Oracle answer that question?

On the other hand, we are never told you have to touch the scepter to ask your question. In fact, Cassim asks his question while tied to the mast. But if that's the case, then surely scores of people have asked questions in the oracle's vicinity without meaning to.

The Sultan says there's nothing he can do about Cassim's life sentence. He changed the law once, so that Jasmine wouldn't be forced into marriage. Why can't he change it again?

Iago is awfully small when Jasmine holds him.

The golden touch always spreads from the point of contact with the Hand of Midas until it covers the entire object touched. Except for Salu'uk; the golden spell spreads from both of his hands to the middle.

Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves

Wayne and Gordon have a huge struggle getting Tiki Man into the attic, then expend useless effort to turn him around to face the shrink machine.

Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas

Fifi says'll wear the tiara you bought me in Montemarte; it sure won't fit her as a feather duster.

We never see Chip's siblings. Apparently they don't get to celebrate Christmas.

Angelique walks past the Christmas tree, yet we see her on the top. Is there a second angel tree-topper in the castle?

Forte acts like he wrote Deck the Halls, a sixteenth-century Welsh tune. Maybe he's just adding lyrics to a familiar piece, and Thomas Oliphant copied them from him.

The enchantress doesn't do as the prologue to the original film tells us, giving the prince a second warning before turning him into a beast.

There is a pocket in one of the stockings. Why? Do you have pockets in any of your socks?

In a moment of rage, Beast smashes some of the castle's china. Did he just murder his own servants?

One of the chairs disappears from Beast's table.

Belle takes a sheet of paper from the drawer when there's a blank sheet right there on the desk.

Chip casts a shadow on the parchment, but the pen doesn't.

The book Belle makes for Beast is bound on the wrong side in one shot.

Belle's storybook is all in French except the illuminated words "hope" & "joy".

The Beast can read, else why give him a book as a gift? This does not harmonize with the continuity of the original movie's extended version.

Forte makes a snide comment about the "creative wrapping" on Belle's gift to Beast. But the organ never saw the present wrapped.

Fife tears the corner of Beast's cape, but it soon repairs itself.

Fife's triple arms are on the wrong side.

When Belle stands up in dungeon, the blanket falls from her shoulders, but it's not anywhere on the floor.

The castle tree has blinking lights in one shot, long before homes had electricity.

Pocahontas 2: Journey to a New World

Ruby-throated hummingbirds like Flit migrate south for the winter. So what's he doing in Virginia in the winter?

Flit shrugs his shoulders while flying, making his blurred wings look like they're not even part of his body.

Hercules, the Series

Hercules and Hades meet in almost every episode, yet in the movie, Hades believes Herc to be dead.

Our hero meets many of the gods and goddesses of ancient Greece throughout the series, including Trivia, the god of crossroads. Only, according to Greek mythology, Trivia is supposed to be a goddess.

The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea

Even though Eric must be at least thirty years old, he's still called "Prince" without a king in sight.

Hammerhead sharks are not found in arctic regions.

Morgana can walk upright on land on her tentacles, whereas sister Ursula could only manage a crawl.

Nobody spots Sebastian in the back of Melody's dress, even when her hair moves out of the way.

Morgana doesn't have to wait until Melody finds the locket, an event which nobody could count on anyway. The sea witch could grab the girl and offer her a mermaid deal the first time she ventures into the sea.

Dash asks why Melody wants to go to Atlantica. Duh! She's a mermaid. Is it so strange for a mermaid to go to the city of merfolk?

Melody isn't the least bit surprised when she sees the magic picture of Atlantica for the first time.

Ariel's grotto was destroyed back in The Little Mermaid, but it looks fine years later when she searches it for Melody.

Undertow's fin is much too tall when it sticks out of the water.

Morgana makes a mistake when she says that all with fins are under her control: Sebastian has feet.

All the sea creatures, and for that matter, Eric's ship, travel from the temperate waters of the kingdom to the arctic in record time all throughout the film.

Melody goes barefoot on an iceberg with no discomfort.

Eric's sword disappears when he's dragged underwater.

Penguins, like Tip, are found only in the southern hemisphere, while walruses, like Dash, are found only in the northern hemisphere.

The Tigger Movie

Like every film set in the Hundred Acre Woods, this one takes place in England, yet we see several hummingbirds.

Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure

Tramp reminds Scamp that he's not allowed on the furniture. But Lady, that privileged pooch, is perched on an armchair in the background.

Return to Neverland

Where does Hook get the pixie dust to make his ship fly? That stuff does wear off in time.

How does Hook find Wendy's house?

Hook and his crew enter the window, cross over Jane, who is sleeping on the window seat, then turn around and kidnap her.

Peter Pan and the Lost Boys are still living under Hangman's tree, a very dangerous place since Capt. Hook already knows it is their hideout.

Jane has more than a half dozen bananas.

Kim Possible

Kim Possible started her "I can do anything" website to earn pocket money by house-sitting, dog-walking, etc. She only got into the save-the-world business when a client contacted her by accident. Yet she adamantly refuses to accept any money for her heroics. So how does she earn spending money?

101 Dalmatians 2: Patch's London Adventure

Cruella discusses the illegal job she has for the Baduns right in front of a constable.

The Baduns fit 98 puppies into only five medium-sized cages. Then, to make room for Thunderbolt, they stuff the puppies into only four cages.

Thunderbolt's cage is much bigger on the inside.

Mulan 2

Mulan's hair is continually changing length.

"Let's get back on the road," says Shang, slthough the next scene shows him and Mulan going fishing.

Mulan and Shang fight the bandits without swords; presumably they lost them along with their supplies. But Mulan has a sword to place in memory of Shang when she thinks he's dead.

The bandits cut the bridge part way and run. What's their hurry? They have plenty of time to cut it the rest of the way and drop Mulan into the gorge But noooo...

So, does Mushu command Lord Chin to unite his kingdom with China at the end of Mulan 2, even though none of his sons marries a Chinese girl? The Mongols are still coming, you know.

The Three Musketeers

Only three musketeers rescue young Mickey, Donald, and Goofy, at least, according to the pictures. But Mickey's hat has four signatures.

Princess Minnie is called "Your Highness," "Your Majesty," and "Your Grace."

Capt. Pete flips when he hears his henchmen tried to drop a safe on Princess Minnie, and rightly so; for his plan to work, the kingdom must think his lookalike is the real deal, which could never happen if Minnie was a pancake on the palace steps. But Pete actually orders the Beagle Boys not to kill her at all, only to imprison her, which is not necessary for his scheme. All Pete needs is for the Princess to be believed to be alive after her abdication. Therefore, his merciful act of sparing her life seems pretty much out of character.

No matter what happens to Mickey's, Donald's, and Goofy's swords, they are always repaired when needed.

When Goofy breaks through the window, he leaves a goof-shaped hole. However, when the windmill tosses him back inside, we see the glass break completely, leaving a large, irregular hole. Later, Goofy sees the same old goof-shape in the glass.

The skeletons look human, even though there's not a human being in the whole movie.

Donald rows his boat backwards, stern first.

The Beagle Boy who carries Minnie and Daisy over his shoulder suddenly rearranges them so that Minnie is on the other side of Daisy.

Goofy's whole plan hinges on the fact that the second time he goes out the window, with Mickey this time, he will end up in the exact same place, thus knocking the Beagle Boys out the window. On his second trip, however, he hits the hanging cage, which didn't happen before.

When Mickey and Donald hug, the duck's beak is suddenly over Mickey's left shoulder instead of the right one.

The sack's mouth is tied in a knot, but when Pete throws it, it suddenly has a cord wrapped around it. No matter; the girls somehow get out of it while locked in the trunk.

In the climactic close-up, Capt. Pete's sword is a cutlass, even though every Musketeer uses a rapier throughout the film.

Where does Mickey get his sword at the climax? Last we saw it, Capt. Pete was standing on it.

Stitch Has a Glitch

David grabs his sweater from the bench but quickly loses it somewhere.

The scratches vanish from Lilo's face.

Tangled, the Series

Varian is a huge fan of Flynn Ryder, confusing Eugene Fitzherbert with the same book character that inspired Eugene to change his name. Trouble is, that character's name is Flinnigan Ryder, Not Flynn, like on Varian's book.




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