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What is a glitch? Glitches are mistakes in movies and TV shows. They can be technical goofs, continuity errors, or anything that makes you scratch your head and say, "Huh?" In this case, the glitches are from the television series Planet of the Apes, not the films of the same name.


Escape to Tomorrow

The existence of intelligent apes on Earth is never fully explained. In the film series, the death of all the world's cats and dogs is the catalyst for the ascendency of the ape, but the dog in the first episode makes that explanation impossible.

When Arno tries to climb back into the spaceship, he lets go of the reins he's holding, and the prefect's horse runs off. Hopefully, he is able to catch it again, or he'll certainly catch it at home.

It takes the apes a whole week to decide to blow up the astronauts' ship?

The Gladiators

"Man is the only animal that wars on its own kind," says Prefect Barlow. Plenty of species fight their own kind: bears, dogs, sharks, and many fish and insects.

Watch the gorilla guard lock the cell door; he doesn't really turn the key.

Pete delivers a flying kick to his opponent, which somehow disorients the astronaut so much that he nearly keels over.

The Trap

Urko is told that the fugitives are traveling south. When he sees that the signal operator is missing, he sends a trooper to investigate, but for some reason, the general then heads west.

Not a true glitch, but Galen sure looks funny when he jumps from the window and nearly falls.

The Good Seeds

Anto speculates that the cow ate the hay which Virdon helped to haul into the barn. That wasn't hay, it was straw, and while many people use the words interchangeably, a farmer would certainly know that a cow doesn't eat straw.

One of the innovations the astronauts give the apes is a split rail fence, although we see similar fences in other episodes.

The Legacy

The vault door opens upwards; if the fugitives knew that, they could've opened the door without going to the trouble of clearing out all the rubble. Come to think of it, when Alan opens the vault the second time, he does know. Yet he still clears away more rubble than he has to.

Pete and Galen capture and question a gorilla guard. Do they kill him when they're through? Or just leave him tied up to starve to death?

Kraik mentions that he sometimes travels through the city sewers. How does he know that's what those tunnels are called?

When Zaius takes Alan's photo, does he also take the astronaut's magnetic disc? Does Alan ever get them back?

Virdon knocks out a gorilla soldier but leaves the ape's rifle propped against the wall.

Urko orders his soldier ape to "post two guards at each side of the door," even though there aren't enough gorillas to accomplish this.

Pete leaves his rifle on the farm. Maybe he's afraid some gorilla will see him carrying it.

Tomorrow's Tide

Why send Pete and Alan to check out the fishing village? An ape and a human together would have an easier time bluffing their way through.

The Surgeon

Dr. Leander drinks from his cup without putting the spout in his mouth the way other apes do.

Apparently surgical masks are not the norm, since Galen must lie to convince Leander to wear one. If that is the case, then where did the fugitives get them?

The Deception

Several of the close-ups reveal the actors' mouths behind the ape make-up.

The fugitives begin to talk about Fauna just as she's leaving the cave, when she is still well within earshot.

Galen, posing as Phoebus, tells Fauna that they are fugitives and must not be seen by her uncle. Later, he meets Uncle Sestus and is sent into the house to meet Fauna. Now, how do they expect to pull this off? Surely Sestus will ask Fauna at some point where Phoebus is.

Alan and Pete see a lone gorilla riding across the countryside and for some reason guess that he may be a Dragoon. It turns out they are right, but what made them suspect him in the first place?

Too bad no one thought to tell Fauna that "Pargo" was married; that might've cooled her ardor without hurting her feelings.

The Horse Race

Urko and his lieutenant hear Galen's wooden noisemaker, but the humans standing around the chimpanzee don't even turn their heads.

The gorilla jockey shows some skin on his arm that is neither very hairy nor ape-like.

Woda falls and a black horse suddenly turns brown.

The Interrogation

The Tyrant

The Cure

The Liberator

The gorillas chasing Clim ride up behind the fugitives, even though Clim himself never passes them. Instead, Virdon, Burke and Galen duck out of sight on the side of the road and somehow manage to pass the apes and catch up to Clim.

It looks like Pete and Alan could cut the thongs with their axes and easily overpower the two unarmed guards.

The padlock doesn't appear to be locked when Galen tries to rescue his friends.

The astronauts convince Miro to fight the apes who come to take prisoners for work in the mines. This after destroying their cache of gas bombs. How do they expect to win without weapons? Even if they do somehow defeat the gorillas, they will never get away with it. They'll have to eventually fight the entire ape government. Virdon and Burke have either sent these villagers to their doom, or started a world-wide revolution. And Galen seems to be okay with this, as long as they don't use gas bombs on his fellow apes.

Up Above the World So High

The apes have never seen a magnifying glass before, yet the hospital in The Surgeon has a microscope.

Watch the human hammering on the cart wheel in the background; he barely swings that hammer at all.

Why doesn't Galen tell the gorillas about Carsia's plan?




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