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scooby spooks Ghosts, Monsters, and More
by Whatsits Galore
It's Scooby Time!

Scooby-Doo and the gang have one ambition in every episode of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You, namely, to solve the mystery. And they do that by trapping the spook. Whether ghostly diver or creepy shadow, every ghost and ghoul eventually meets their match at the hands of this group of meddling kids and their dog. Here you will find a catalog of all the spooks from the classic TV series, before and after the unmasking, along with other pertinent information for all you mystery buffs.

knight What a Night for a Knight

The Spook: The Black Knight, alias Mr. Whipple

The Legend: When the moon is full, the Black Knight comes alive

The Crime: Forgery, kidnapping

The Solution: Scooby lures him into a trap

phantom Hassle in the Castle

The Spook: The Phantom, alias Bluestone the Great

The Legend: The Vasquez treasure is hidden on the Haunted Isle

The Crime: Evading arrest

The Solution: Scooby lures him into a trap

diver A Clue for Scooby-Doo

The Spook: A Ghostly Diver, alias Captain Cutler

The Legend: When Cutler's ship was rammed by a yacht, he went to a watery grave vowing revenge

The Crime: Piracy, grand theft, kidnapping

The Solution: Although the trap misfires, Scooby catches him by accident

miner Mine Your Own Business

The Spook: A Miner 49er, alias Old Hank

The Legend: You can hear the mine moaning for the ghostly miner

The Crime: Grand theft

The Solution: Scooby knocks him off a ledge

medicine Decoy For a Dognapper

The Spook: An Indian witch doctor, alias Buck Masters

The Legend: Leave the pueblo or be trapped there forever

The Crime: Dognapping, kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon

The Solution: A pack of dogs trees him

uncle What the Hex Going On

The Spook: The ghost of Elias Kingston, alias Uncle Stuart

The Legend: Give up the Wetherby fortune or grow old

The Crime: Kidnapping, fraud

The Solution: The gang scares him with special effects, then drops a net on him

ape Never Ape an Ape Man

The Spook: The Ape Man, alias Carl the stunt man

The Legend: The Ape Man lives in a secret cave hidden in the rocks

The Crime: Reckless endangerment, malicious mischief

The Solution: Freddy presses a button to flatten the stairs, sliding him into a pile of junk

charlie Foul Play at Funland

The Spook: Charlie, the Robot (no alias)

The Legend: None

The Crime: None: he's not responsible for his actions

The Solution: An electromagnet scrambles his circuits

puppeteer The Backstage Rage

The Spook: The Cloaked Cavalier, alias Pietro

The Legend: None

The Crime: Counterfeiting, assault

The Solution: Scooby chases him off the edge of a scaffold, where Shaggy brains him with a sousaphone.

clown Bedlam in the Big Top

The Spook: The Ghost Clown, alias Harry the Hypnotist

The Legend: Bad luck comes to any circus haunted by the Ghost Clown

The Crime: Attempted murder, malicious mischief, animal cruelty

The Solution: Shaggy and Scooby use mirrors to cause him to hypnotize himself into behaving like a harmless chimpanzee.

gaggle A Gaggle of Galloping Ghosts

The Spook: Vampire, Werewolf, Frankenstein's Monster, alias Big Bob Oakley, alias The Actor

The Legend: You will meet your doom if you go to Franken Castle

The Crime: Kidnapping, grand theft, tresspassing, reckless endangerment, destruction of private property

The Solution: Scooby knocks him down by grabbing the end of the tapestry

mummy Scooby-Doo and a Mummy, Too

The Spook: The Mummy of Anka, alias Dr. Najib

The Legend: If he is removed from his tomb, the mummy will come back to life and turn those responsible to stone

The Crime: Kidnapping, dognapping, reckless endangerment, destruction of school property

The Solution: While bouncing on a trampoline, Scooby kicks him into a basketball net

witch Which Witch Is Which

The Spook: The Witch, alias Zeb, and the Zombie, alias Zeke

The Legend: The Witch brought the Zombie to life with her voodoo magic

The Crime: Grand theft, hijacking, kidnapping, reckless endangerment

The Solution: Shaggy and Scooby lead them into the trap, then Freddy snaps a branch that knocks them into a wagon, which rolls into the armored car

kook The Spooky Space Kook

The Spook: Ghost of an Alien, alias Henry Bascomb

The Legend: Something's creeping around ever since the ghostly craft from another world showed up

The Crime: Tresspassing, reckless endangerment, malicious mischief

The Solution: Freddy turns on the wind tunnel and blows his costume off

redbeard Go Away, Ghost Ship

The Spook: Ghost of Redbeard the pirate, alias C.L. Magnus

The Legend: Redbeard seeks revenge on the descendants of those who brought him to justice in life

The Crime: Hijacking, piracy, kidnapping, destruction of private property, reckless endangerment, terroristic threats

The Solution: A jackhammer knocks him into a stack of tires, which fall and pinion his arms

green A Night of Fright Is No Delight

The Spook: Green Ghosts, alias Creeps and Crawls

The Legend: Colonel Sanders's house is haunted

The Crime: Fraud, reckless endangerment, terroristic threats

The Solution: Shaggy manouvers a flying washing machine to catch the ghosts

snow That's Snow Ghost

The Spook: The Snow Ghost, alias Mr. Greenway

The Legend: The Snow Ghost will turn you into ghosts

The Crime: Grand theft, attempted murder, assault, smuggling, receiving stolen goods, transporting stolen goods

The Solution: Shaggy hits the Snow Ghost with a snowball, causing him to roll down a hill and crash

hyde Nowhere to Hyde

The Spook: The Ghost of Mr. Hyde, alias Dr. Jekyll

The Legend: A potion causes Dr. Jekyll to turn into the ghost of Mr. Hyde

The Crime: Grand theft, kidnapping, assault, breaking and entering

The Solution: Dressed as Hyde, Freddy, Daphne, and Velma scare the ghost into his own trap door

zentuo Mystery Mask Mix-Up

The Spook: Zentuo, alias Benson Fong

The Legend: The warlord Zentuo has returned from the dead to reclaim his stolen mask

The Crime: Kidnapping, attempted murder, smuggling, grand theft

The Solution: A model train with rockets attached catapults Zentuo and his goons into a curtain that wraps them up

creeper Jeepers It's the Creeper

The Spook: The Creeper, alias Mr. Carswell

The Legend: A phantom, the Creeper passes through walls to rob the bank

The Crime: Bank robbery, assault and battery, destruction of private property, kidnapping

The Solution: He is baled in a hay bale

caveman Scooby's Night With a Frozen Fright

The Spook: The Caveman, alias Prof. Wayne

The Legend: A caveman, frozen in ice, thaws and comes to life

The Crime: Assault, kidnapping, grand theft, destruction of private property

The Solution: He's caught by a giant clam

headless Haunted House Hang-Up

The Spook: The Headless Spectre, alias Penrod Stillwall

The Legend: Nobody knows why the Headless Spectre haunts the old Stillwall mansion

The Crime: Reckless endangerment

The Solution: The Spectre falls from a balloon by accident and is unmasked. The kids further trip up a hooded tresspasser.

tiki A Tiki Scare Is No Fair

The Spook: The Witch Doctor, alias John Simms

The Legend: Mano Tiki Tia is angered, causing the giant statue to come to life until the natives leave the village

The Crime: Poaching, grand theft, reckless endangerment, tresspassing

The Solution: The Witch Doctor is accidentally caught by Mano Tiki Tia, then the tiki fals into a pit dug by the gang.

werewolf Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Werewolf

The Spook: The Werewolf, alias unknown

The Legend: The ghost of Silas Long, half man, half wolf, has risen from his grave

The Crime: Sheep rustling, smuggling, assault

The Solution: He paddles his canoe over a waterfall and is rescued by the gang.

wax Don't Fool With a Phantom

The Spook: The Wax Phantom, alias Roger Stevens

The Legend: An old wax-figure maker named Grisby brings the Wax Phantom to life to destory the station that cancelled his TV show

The Crime: Attempted murder, grand theft, kidnapping, terroristic threats, tresspassing, destruction of private property

The Solution: Freddy sprays the Wax Phantom with wax, immobilizing him.



shaggy scooby Shaggy the Vegetarian?
Like, No Way, Man!

Zoinks! In recent years, many sources have stated dogmatically that Shaggy is a vegetarian. To disprove those allegations, here is a list of episodes in which Shaggy either eats meat, tries to eat meat, or expresses a desire to eat meat.
shaggy shaggy
Hassle In the Castle sardine sandwich, ham sandwich
A Clue for Scooby-Doo hot dogs
Decoy For a Dognapper hot dogs, beef jerky, sardines, salami, ham
Never Ape an Ape Man hamburger, anchovies, pepperoni
Foul Play at Funland clams, hot dogs
Scooby-Doo and a Mummy, Too liverwurst
A Night of Fright Is No Delight salami, meatloaf
The Spooky Space Kook baloney, meatloaf
Scooby's Night With a Frozen Fright hot dogs
Haunted House Hang-Up baloney
Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Werewolf? hot dogs
The Secret of Shark Island pastrami, pork chops, frankfurters
The Weird Winds of Winona meat
Phantom of the Country Music Hall sausage, pepperoni
The Haunted Carnival pepperoni, hot dogs, hamburgers





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