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An Episode Guide

by Whatsits Galore
Move Over, Hulk


If you're like most people of a certain age, you tuned in to The Incredible Hulk every week to see what the Creature would smash this episode. Some, no doubt, also watched the show to catch David's transformation and surname of the week. But there were a few who knew the real reason to view the series: Jack McGee. The intrepid reporter didn't appear in every episode, but he kept things lively, forcing Banner to come up with ever-more-creative methods for dodging exposure.

This episode guide is for McGee-lovers everywhere.



The Incredible Hulk

Intrepid reporter Jack McGee makes multiple requests to gain an interview with scientists David Banner and Elaina Marks for The National Register, a cheap, sensationalist newspaper beneath his talents. The scientists are studying human strength enhancement, but they refuse to grant him an interview. Jack even visits Dr. Marks's home, though it does him no good. When Dr. Banner's car is found smashed in a ditch, McGee investigates and finds enormous footprints at the scene. He further interviews a man and his young daughter who report an encounter with a 7-foot hulking greenish creature. McGee confronts Banner and Marks with a plaster cast of the prints, but they deny any knowledge of the Hulk. Convinced that the scientists are hiding something, McGee sneaks into their lab to learn more, finding evidence that the Creature had been there. Banner returns and finds Jack there, escorting the reporter outside just before the building explodes and McGee is knocked senseless. He comes to just in time to get his first look at the Hulk, which emerges from the blaze carrying Dr. Marks. McGee tries to find Dr. Banner, but it's impossible to enter the inferno. Dr. Marks is later found dead; Banner's body is never found at all. Jack makes it his mission to track down the Hulk and learn the true story of the Creature.


A Death in the Family

Jack heads to the Everett Memorial Hospital to interview one Denny Kayle, a man who was injured by the Creature. Kayle is still under sedation, however, and unable to answer any questions. So McGee tries the Sheriff, who agrees to allow the reporter to tag along on any Hulk-related calls that might pop up. Before too long, they head out on a report of gunshots near the local swamp. It turns out that the Creature had carried a young woman into the swamp; she emerged alone, and tells Jack that the Hulk sank in some quicksand. However, Jack does get a nice story on the stepmother who was trying to kill her.


The Final Round

In Wilmington, McGee interviews boxing hopeful Henry Welch who was rescued from some street toughs by the Hulk. The reporter has a ringside seat when the Hulk later reappears, leaping out of the rafters and interrupting a boxing match. Although he follows the Creature through the arena, Jack fails to catch the Hulk. He does, however, get the evidence to expose a drug ring


The Beast Within

It's a day at the zoo for Jack McGee when the Creature destroys a zoological laboratory. The resident zoologist Dr. Baxter won't tell him anything, but Jack isn't so easily put off. He returns to the zoo after a second Hulk sighting, and hangs around for a while, though nothing comes of it.


Of Guilt, Models, and Murder

Jack's next Creature sighting is filled with unusual incidents. First the Hulk is accused of murdering a cosmetics model named Terri Smith. Jack attends a press conference by Terri's boss, an eyewitness, but while waiting with other reporters on the street for a further interview, his car is stolen. The police soon find it outside a scrapyard, though McGee's tape recorder is missing. When gunshots are heard from within, Jack and the police race inside in time to see the Hulk flee the scene. Later Jack's recorder is anonymously returned to him containing a confession by rival model Sheila Cantrell, stating that she killed Terri. While being interviewed on a news broadcast, McGee reveals that he had been keeping an eye on Sheila from the start.


Terror in Times Square

Jack suspects the Creature, after being seen in Patterson, New Jersey, might be headed for New York. His instincts turn out to be right on the money; the Hulk appears in Times Square, and McGee is quickly on the trail. But no ordinary man can keep up with the Creature, who is soon lost in the crowds. Jack vows to keep searching.


McGee misses his plane and must take a later flight.


The Hulk Breaks Las Vegas

Ed Campion, Jack's good friend, invites him to Las Vegas for help with his expose of Tom Edler, the crooked owner of a casino. Soon after Jack arrives at his hotel, he receives an anonymous phone call telling him that Campion was in an accident and is in critical condition; also that there is a package for him from Campion at the front desk. Jack rushes to the lobby, too late, however, to see the mysterious caller. The packet contains a tape recording of Edler trying to bribe Campion to leave his name out of the story. Jack then checks in with Wanda, Campion's girlfriend, who tells him the evidence against Edler is hidden in an airport locker. Our intrepid reporter gets the evidence, but is waylaid at the airport by one of Edler's goons. He tries to escape and is knocked unconscious, eventually coming to in a gravel pit, right next to an angry Hulk! The Creature pulls McGee out of the pit before going on a rampage against Edler's thugs and a bulldozer. Once the Creature calms down, Jack tries to communicate with it, observing that the Hulk's face seems to be changing somehow. But Edler shoots it in the shoulder, rekindling the Hulk's rage and causing it to run off into the night. Jack continues to investigate an earlier sighting in Edler's casino, but to no avail.

Never Give a Trucker an Even Break

Jack's day off.


Life and Death

McGee shows up at a hospital to investigate a Hulk sighting but learns nothing significant.


Earthquakes Happen

Jack McGee, along with a group of other reporters, interviews Ted Hammond concerning the safety of a nuclear research facility during a possible earthquake. He tries to speak with safety expert Dr. Patterson, but is held back by security. When an earthquake does occur and nearly causes a meltdown, Jack is on hand to question plant personnel concerning a hulking creature seen on the site, though Patterson, now revealed to be an imposter, has disappeared without a trace.


The Waterfront Story

Jack R. McGee is down on the waterfront investigating a Hulk sighting. When the Creature reappears, Jack suspects that a local bartender is his link to the Creature. Unfortunately, he can't get any information from the owner of the bar and never does get to see the Hulk.




The Creature is seen in Hawaii, though how it got there staggers the imagination. Jack questions nearby residents, including Dr. Caroline Fields, but gets nowhere.


The Antowuk Horror

In Utah, Jack encounters an old acquaintance, Buck Hendricks, a big game hunter down on his luck. Buck is seeking publicity for personal gain, but he wants to kill the Hulk and is sent packing by Jack. Then the Creature is spotted in nearby Antowuk, and accused of kidnapping a local man, Harlen Bates. Jack joins a "posse" tracking the Hulk, and finds two creatures. One is merely Bates in a costume trying to drum up publicity for the dying town, but the other is the Hulk in a stand-off against Hendricks. The Hulk escapes into the woods as Jack looks on.


The Hulk escapes again.


Rainbow's End

When the Hulk is spotted at a racing stable, McGee phones multiple times to request an interview, but the head trainer, Thomas Logan, refuses to see him. However, nothing can prevent Jack from attending the race at San Remos. There he spots the Creature running through the bleachers but the crowd prevents Jack from getting close.


A Child in Need

McGee is on the scene of another Hulk attack. This time, the Hulk has broken into a home, beaten a man, and abducted a child. Jack files the story.

Another Path

The Creature is seen in San Francisco while Jack is in Dubuke.


Alice in Disco Land

Jack heads to the Pandemonium Disco to pursue a Hulk sighting. The prime witness, Alice Morrow, who was nearly thrown off a roof by the Creature, refuses to talk to him, claiming she doesn't remember anything. Jack tries again for an interview with Alice, but is rebuffed. He later returns to the disco, just in time to see the Hulk vanish into the night.

Killer Instinct

Another lost opportunity for Jack McGee.


Stop the Presses

Jack is told by his editor he's off the Hulk story unless he can furnish more concrete proof of the Creature's existence. When photos taken by another reporter, Joe Arnold, fail to get Jack a reprieve, a story about a big game hunter gives him the idea that a tranquilizer gun might enable him to capture the Hulk alive. The Hulk is spotted demolishing an Italian restaurant, and McGee interviews the owners; they refuse to give him any information unless he steals some photos from the Register for them, photos falsified by Arnold to make the restaurant look like a health hazard. Although Jack sympathizes with their problem and is disgusted by Arnold, stealing the photos is too unethical for his taste. Later, Jack acquires a tranquilizer rifle. As he ponders where to seek the Hulk, he gets a call from security that the Creature is in the building at that very moment. Jack manages to put a dart into the Creature, but the Hulk grabs the rifle, which goes off, accidentally shooting the intrepid reporter with one of his own darts. He stumbles after the fleeing Hulk. The last thing he sees before succumbing to the tranquilizer is a man's face, too blurry to be recognized.

Escape from Los Santos

McGee suspects the Creature to be in Minneapolis. He is mistaken.


A different story captures McGee's attention for a change.


A Solitary Place

A tip in San Diego leads Jack to Baja, Mexico. But when he spots a familiar woman boarding a bus, the reporter leaves off his pursuit of the Hulk to follow and flag down the bus. The woman, Dr. Gail Collins, is no longer aboard, and McGee figures she sneaked off into the jungle. He can't hike through the wilderness alone, but he can print the story. Soon Jack finds a trapper who reports seeing people camping in the jungle. So he recruits a Jeep convoy to head out there, sure that he'll find Dr. Collins, a surgeon who fled from a trial for criminal malpractice. McGee grows suspicious of one of his volunteers, Frank Malone, who soon leaves the rest of the party stranded while he drives off alone. The rest of the group catches up just in time to see the Hulk, who attacks the Jeep and injures Frank's son. Jack convinces Dr. Collins they need her help. She performs an emergency tracheotomy, and McGee foregoes any further search for the Creature to get the boy to a hospital.

Like a Brother

Jack is temporarily side-tracked.

The Haunted

The Creature lays low for a while.


Mystery Man

The Hulk is spotted at the scene of an accident out west. McGee interviews a passenger from the wreck: an unidentified hitchhiker with a bandaged face, no ID, and amnesia. Thinking the man might have information about the Creature, Jack charters a private plane to take the man, christened John Doe, to a specialist who might be able to restore his memory. The plane crashes in the wilderness, the pilot is killed, and Jack winds up with a broken leg. John sets the leg and then uses part of the plane's wing to make a sled on which to pull Jack to civilization. For days the two men struggle to reach the nearest town, all the while forming a tentative bond of friendship. John seems to be strangely drawn to the Hulk, even connected in some way; could he be tracking the Creature, too? But then a forest fire forces Jack and John back in the wrong direction, and sets a pack of wolves on their trail. While negotiating a steep slope, both men fall, sliding to the edge of a cliff. McGee blacks out from the pain in his leg, and when he comes to, he's safe a half-mile away. John Doe claims to have blacked out, too, but somehow he must've saved the pair. By this time, Jack is growing weaker and losing hope. And then suddenly, John's attitude changes; he becomes terse, angry, hostile for some unknown reason. Still they struggle on until the fire surrounds them. When Jack is trapped by a falling tree, he sees the strangest sight of his life: John's muscles bulge out of his clothes, his eyes change to white, his skin turns green...John Doe is the Hulk! He picks up the fainting McGee like a doll, deposits him in a passing Jeep, and runs off into the smoke. Though he's in for a hospital stay, Jack, finally knowing the secret of the Creature, renews his determination to capture it.

The Disciple

A false lead sends McGee in the wrong direction.


No Escape

The trail leads to Santa Maria, California, where the Hulk destroys a paddy wagon. Jack believes one of the men who escaped from police custody in the confusion is the Creature; the other is a mental patient named Tom Wallace. Jack visits Mrs. Wallace's house and sees John Doe in the kitchen, though without getting a clear view before the lady shuts him out. McGee catches up with Wallace, who is holed up on a boat with John Doe. When the Hulk appears onboard, Jack prevents an overzealous police officer from shooting the Creature, though the cops haul him away for his pains, and the Hulk escapes again.


Kindred Spirits

When rumors spread that the Creature was seen at an archaeological dig on a reservation, McGee attends a press conference by curator Prof. Williams. The Professor believes he's found the missing link, and the local Indian Chief believes it's an ancient spirit angered by intrusion on tribal land. Jack is chased off by some angry Indians, so he returns to the museum, but gets nothing from Williams's protege Dr. White. Later, the Hulk rampages through the museum, but Jack is too late to catch him.


The Confession

McGee is in a particularly bad mood when he is assigned a student apprentice, Pamela Norris, and together they fly to Santa Clara to investigate a Hulk sighting. When a man named Harold Milburn turns up and confesses to being the Hulk, Jack and Pamela have very different reactions: Jack knows it's a lie but Pamela is interested in the man's story. Their separate investigations lead them both to a destroyed computer at the medical center where Harold works. Pam writes a story about Harold and calls it in to the Register with Jack's byline; the article is so well received that Jack and Pamela are ordered to continue working together. When Harold learns that they don't believe he's the Creature, he calls them both to witness his suicide at the courthouse. The Hulk appears out of nowhere, trashes the bell tower, and prevents Harold from jumping. Drafting some TV reporters to his aid, McGee narrowly misses catching the Creature in a steel net he keeps in his trunk for just such an occasion. Although initially fed up with his apprentice Pamela, Jack and she eventually forge a relationship of mutual respect.

The Quiet Room

No sign of the Creature today.


Vendetta Road

Although Jack is hot on the Hulk's trail, he's pulled off the story to check out a local "Bonnie-and-Clyde" couple bent on destroying gas stations owned by the Westco Oil Company. As McGee digs deeper, he finds that Ray Floyd, the bomber, has a vendetta against Westco, blaming them for the fire that burned down his father's gas station, killing the elder Floyd. After a shootout between Westco men and Floyd, a shootout in which the Hulk plays a major role, Jack receives a phone call warning him that Floyd is targeting the Westco refinery. Although McGee can barely hear the call, he sets up a meeting at the refinery. Unfortunately, he is overheard by an unscrupulous reporter who informs Westco. Jack arrives at the refinery, but he's not allowed in; clearly something is going on. Once attention is diverted from him, Jack sneaks in too late to see more than the retreating form of the Creature, but just in time to see Westco security chief turn against his boss. Jack is promised an interview that will reveal the corruption perpetrated by vice-president Fielding.




Jack reluctantly seeks an interview with hard rocker Lisa Swan about a fan who was injured and paralyzed at one of her concerts. Her manager/sister refuses to grant the interview, but when the Creature trashes the recording studio, Jack is back to investigate further. He still can't get an interview, but that doesn't stop him. He hangs around the rock concert until the Hulk appears and destroys the stage. Alas, Jack can't get through the crowd in time to catch the Hulk.

Blind Rage

Jack's latest lead turns out to be a dud.

Brain Child

Traffic stalls McGee long enough for the Creature to escape.


The Slam

A prison work camp is under investigation for alleged illegalities and brutal conditions. A team of reporters is sent by the state governor to discover the truth, a team that includes McGee. Jack is particularly interested because the Hulk was reportedly involved in an escape attempt. He gets no information, but still suspects that there is more to the prison than meets the eye. The corruption is eventually revealed and the warden arrested.

My Favorite Magician

The Hulk is not caught this time around.



The Hulk is seen in Texas, bringing Jack to a rodeo where he hopes to find John Doe. Returning from the snack bar, Jack is just in time to see the Hulk collar three toughs.


Behind the Wheel

McGee gets a tip that the Creature has destoryed a gas station. En route, Jack's cab is nearly t-boned by a pickup truck. When he questions the owner of the damaged gas station, the man identifies the driver of Jack's taxi as John Doe, just as the cab drives off. The intrepid reporter returns to the cab company in time to see John Doe being kidnapped. Pursuing in one of the company's own cabs, Jack tails the kidnapper to a quarry, but too late: the Hulk has already appeared. McGee considers taking on the Creature with a sledge hammer, but thinks better of it. For some reason, the cab company has no information on the driver who turns into the Hulk.



McGee arrives in Trevorton, Colorado to follow up on a Hulk sighting. There he questions Dr. Helen Banner, sister of the late David Banner. Although he can't establish a connection, he does get a nice turkey dinner out of it.

The Snare

No news of the Creature this week.



The Hulk crashes through a Mardi Gras parade, leading Jack to New Orleans, where he meets a few of the locals and learns nothing of interest.

Captive Night

Even the best reporters hit the occasional dry spell.


Broken Image

Jack is nearby when the Creature is spotted in a parking garage. Although the attendant is less than helpful, McGee moves on to a cheap hotel where the creature was seen. As he seeks to question the maintenance man, the door flies open, and Jack is face to face with Dr. David Banner, returned from the dead! Unbelieveable as it seems, "Banner" turns out to be Mike Cassidy, a gangster, who throws McGee out none too gently. When Cassidy is eventually arrested, McGee is still uncertain, but apparently David Banner is still dead, and the Creature still at large.


Proof Positive

Chasing the Hulk is beginning to take a toll on Jack, causing nightmares and hallucinations. But the biggest trial the reporter faces is his paper's owner's daughter Pat Steinhaur, who intends to improve the Register's image by dropping, among other things, all mention of the Creature. McGee courageously fights for his story, revealing some of his own inner demons in the process, and finally takes Miss Steinhauer along on a search for John Doe at a steel mill. Witnessing a hulk-out first-hand convinces her, but any good she might've done Jack's career is destroyed when her father returns to full control of the Register. Jack and Pat become friends, with the hope of, perhaps, a deeper relationship.


The Hulk lays low.

Long Run Home

Jack covers a different story for a change.


Falling Angels

The Creature is spotted again, this time by a pair of sanitation workers who direct Jack to a home for orphaned girls. No one is there but the exterminators. When he returns later for another try, Jack again finds the house empty. He hears a crash, however, and spies the Hulk snashing through the outbuildings in the back yard. McGee follows the Creature to a posh mansion. The Hulk smashes through, revealing a jewel thief along the way, and escapes yet again. The reporter continues to question the orphans and staff, but gets no further leads.


The Lottery

A news report puts the Hulk in San Antonio, Texas, and Jack is on the trail, all the way to Houston where the creature plows through a ritzy hotel. McGee questions the various guests, including Generalissimo Marino from South America, but learns nothing of interest.


The Psychic

A hot tip from one Annie Caplan sends Jack to San Francisco in pursuit of the Hulk, who is accused of beating teen-aged Robbie Donner to death. When Annie has a change of heart and refuses to divulge the identity of John Doe, the intrepid reporter turns instead to Robbie's best friend Johnny and uncovers the truth: that Johnny, not the Creature, killed Robbie. Johnny then shoots McGee, who is saved by the appearance of the Hulk. Jack is genuinely moved by the evident affection Annie has for the Creature. Although no closer to learning the Hulk's identity, Jack single-handedly unmasks a murderer.

A Rock and a Hard Place

Jack comes up a day late and a dollar short.



A serial killer lures Jack away from his usual beat. When the police arrest a suspect, McGee is frustrated at not being allowed even to see the man. Members of the town soon form a lynch mob, grabbing McGee as well. He tries to get Chief Rhodes to stop the violence but to no avail. When the Hulk breaks out of the police holding cell, Jack realizes the wrongly-accused suspect was actually John Doe.



McGee is only a few steps behind a fleeing Hulk, who, changed back into his human form, escapes in a motor launch. Jack traces him to a private island owned by the wealthy Diane Powell. Donning a wet suit, the intrepid reporter swims to the island, changes into a tuxedo, and infiltrates Diane's annual masquerade party, where he searches for John Doe behind one of the costumes. He trails a likely suspect and ends up in a library, face to face with John Doe, though a lampshade obscures the man's face. The lights go out, and the quarry bowls Jack over with a rolling ladder and escapes, but not for long; Jack is in pursuit, but it's the Creature, not the man he finds. He tries to bring the Hulk down with a tranquilizer pistol, but has the rug pulled out from under him, literally. He chases the Creature through the party in progress, temporarily delayed by a woman who wants to dance with him, and into a room filled with racks of costumes. There, at last, stands John Doe, now masked. McGee rips off the mask, but is buried under a pile of costumes and locked in. He picks the lock with a coat hanger and returns to the party, making the mistake of revealing his profession, an admission that gets him escorted from the island. On the way, however, sounds of a struggle lead to a tussle with Diane's would-be murderer, a man who turns on Jack until the Hulk appears. The Creature crushes the tranquilizer gun and escapes yet again.

Nine Hours

McGee is feeling a little under the weather.


On the Line

Jack tries to check out a Hulk sighting, but is turned away because of a forest fire. He returns as a volunteer to fight the fire, but he can't spot John Doe among the mask-wearing volunteers and never gets so much as a glimpse of the Creature.




It's off to Utah to follow up on a Hulk sighting, but there's a bigger mystery on hand. Jack encounters a secret military operation with a group called Prometheus. Investigating further, he steals a uniform and a Jeep and follows the conversations of the Prometheus team via walkie-talkie, which leads Jack to the crash site of a meteorite. Through binoculars, the intrepid reporter spots a couple near the impact zone. When the man turns into the Hulk before his eyes, a Prometheus helicopter traps the Creature in an extra-terrestrial containment unit and carries it away by helicopter. The Prometheus uniform allows McGee to stow away in a truck bound for a hidden base in Colorado. Once inside, Jack follows a civillian, a Dr. McGowan, to the inner workings of the complex. He switches to doctor's scrubs and finds the holding cell where the Hulk is incarcerated. A few minutes with a computer allows Jack to observe a group of scientists studying the Creature, whom they believe to be an alien. Their studies so enrage the Hulk that he breaks through the floor and escapes into an access tunnel. Jack finds and frees the blind woman who was with the Hulk when he was captured; she explains that John Doe, for some unknown reason, became trapped halfway between man and creature, unable to transform back to human form. When the Hulk appears, McGee courageously stands between him and the woman, but he can't prevent her from being carried off. So Jack reveals himself to the scientists, explaining the true nature of the Creature and enlightening them as to the military aspects of their complex that he's uncovered. And when the creature, once more only half-transformed, is found, Jack convinces the base commander to let him try to talk John Doe into giving himself up. But the reporter is betrayed; troops move in, try to seize the woman, and shoot the creature with tranquilizer darts. The Hulk emeres, as McGee knew he would, grabs the woman, and smashes through a wall and into the ventilation system. Only Jack is brave enough to follow, thereby escaping the complex, but the Hulk is long gone once again. Later Jack meets again with Dr. McGowan, convincing her that it's time the public knew about Prometheus.


McGee's whereabouts are unknown.

Dark Side

Nothing of interest happens.


Deep Shock

A guard at the Tres Lobos power plant phones in a Hulk sighting. But when Jack arrives, he's stopped at the plant gate, learning nothing but the names of the men, Edgar Tucker and David Benton, who were on a scissors jack doing electrical repairs when the creature appeared. McGee next tries the hospital where the two men were treated, but they've both been discharged. When he hears on the radio about an emergency at the plant, and that both Tucker and Benton are there, Jack rushes back to Tres Lobos. It seems Tucker is protesting plant layoffs by locking himself into the control room and overloading the grid, while his friend Benton crawls into a vent to try to prevent it. Jack is sure that Benton is John Doe; the reporter is on hand to witness the Hulk break into the control room, destroy the panel that's about to overload, smash his way out, and disappear.


Bring Me the Head of the Hulk

McGee gets a visit from an international mercenary named LaFronte who wants a million dollars for killing the Hulk. Jack turns him down flat, but a rival paper, Limelight, agrees, hoping to ruin The National Register in the process. Jack calls on a friend at Limelight, Pauline, who tells him that LaFronte's been hired at her paper. Jack promises her a job at The Register if she'll find out more. McGee keeps digging, uncovering a record of LaFronte's shady--and violent--dealings all over the world. When Pauline gives Jack the location of a dummy lab set up by LaFronte, the intrepid reporter heads there on the double. He tries phoning Dr. Cabot, head of the lab, and warning her about LaFronte. While watching from a distance, McGee sees LaFronte prepare a bazooka to kill the Creature, then heroically drives his car to intercept the bazooka shell, risking his own life, but saving the Hulk's.

Fast Lane

A false tip leads Jack McGee in the wrong direction.

Good-Bye Eddie Cain

A slow news day.

King of the Beach

Jack arrives too late to see the Creature.


Wax Museum

Jack investigates a wax museum that was reportedly damaged by the Hulk. He meets Lee Gamble, a sculpter who saw a man change into the creature. She even fashions a Hulk from wax, but believes the sighting was only an hallucination. Though he's invited to leave, McGee finds an unguarded entrance and returns just in time to be locked in by Lee's uncle, who sets the museum on fire. Jack bravely tries to rescue Lee, but is overcome by the smoke. When he and Lee awake later, safe from the fire, Jack modestly denies having saved the sculptor's life.

East Winds

Jack McGee takes a much-needed vacation.


The First

A reported Hulk sighting brings Jack McGee to investigate. The local sheriff informs him there had been sightings of a creature in the area thirty years past, a creature that appears to have returned. People in the town believe local Del Frye is connected to the creature somehow. Jack accuses Frye to his face of being John Doe, the man who becomes the Hulk. Frye attacks the reporter and knocks him cold; when Jack wakes up, he contacts the sheriff, and the pair head for Elizabeth Collins's home, just in time to witness a fight between two green creatures. The sheriff shoots and kills one, which turns back to Del Frye. Elizabeth shields the other Hulk, allowing him to escape. She warns McGee to leave John Doe to find his own solution to his problem, but Jack renews his resolve to find and capture the Hulk.


The Harder They Fall

Jack follows a lead to a bar that was damaged in a Hulk rampage. He tries to get information on John Doe from a friend of his, Paul Corton, who happens to be wheelchair-bound. Corton won't talk unless McGee can guarantee a story on the plight of the handicapped. Jack's car is stolen, and he never does get anything helpful out of Corton.


Interview With the Hulk

Emerson Fletcher, a bitter reporter who is past his prime, takes a phone call about a Hulk sighting meant for Jack. Fletcher then steals McGee's files and follows up on the tip himself. When Jack discovers that the file is missing, he does some digging and tracks Fletcher to Atlanta. Once there, Jack lets nothing stand in his way: he chops down a door with an ax and climbs onto a third-floor ledge, but falls before he can take the Hulk down with a tranquilizer pistol. The Creature catches him and then runs off. Unrepentant, Fletcher does nothing to make amends for all the trouble he caused.


Half Nelson

A tip leads McGee to Baltimore where he seeks to question a midget wrestler called Half Nelson. Instead, he finds a rude masked wrestler whom Jack soon realizes is John Doe. The masked man is dragged into the ring by an irate wrestler who pummels him in a jealous rage. Jack tries to put a stop to it, but John Doe soon transforms into the Hulk. The Creature crashes through a wall and escapes, with McGee preventing the police from shooting him down.


Alas, no McGee this episode.


See above.


Since Jack appears in only one episode this season, it is clear that the bulk of Season 5 is apocryphal.

The Phenom

Two Godmothers





Once the Hulk appears at a logging company, McGee arrives to investigate. He can't get far, since the foreman and all the employees are too afraid of their boss Ellis Jordan to talk. Jack tries for an interview with Jordan, but gets stonewalled again. When a limo leaves the Jordan estate, McGee follows, losing them on a side road and arriving at the Jordan worksite just in time to spot the Hulk running away.

A Minor Problem


Made for TV Movie


The Incredible Hulk Returns

One night, Jack falls asleep and he begins to dream that he has quit the National Register. When the Hulk appears after a two-year absence, Jack humiliates himself to get his job back and then heads for the Joshua Lambert Institute where the Creature was seen battling a giant muscle-man, officially a mere publicity stunt. Jack learns nothing of value. Then, when he investigates the kidnapping of Margaret Shaw, a scientist from the institute, witnesses tell him they saw the Hulk on the beach with a Viking. Jack tracks down the address of Shaw's boyfriend and fellow scientist Dr. Banyon, who turns out to be an insulting boor, hardly a scientist. McGee makes his exit, fearing he's talking to the wrong man, but later believes him to be the Viking seen with the Hulk. And then, bam! McGee wakes up, glad it was only a dream after all.

The Trial of the Incredible Hulk


The Death of the Incredible Hulk








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