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gilligan trial

A Three-Minute Tour

by Whatsits Galore


What can we say about Gilligan? Inept imbecile, unconquerable klutz, goofy goof-up...everything he touches ends in disaster. It's a wonder the other castaways never voted him off the island, the hard way. True, Gilligan has some good qualities: he is kind, honest, loyal, and a downright nice guy. But maybe there is something more.

For all the times Gilligan has botched a rescue, he's also helped his fellow castaways over and over again, even saving their lives more than once. Perhaps the good he's done makes up for all the blunders.

Below is a list of Gilligan's Island episodes along with the ways in which Gilligan has helped or hindered the island inmates. Only what we consider major incidents are recorded; to mention every pratfall and flub would be a task beyond human ability. We have also listed some choice foul-ups or unusual triumphs of the other castaways for your further edification. So, sit right back and maybe we can convince you that Gilligan is a necessary evil to the castaways of Gilligan's Island.

Two on a Raft Trips on a vine & causes a cave-in gilligan
Home Sweet Hut Wrecks every hut the castaways build gilligan
Voodoo Something To Me Sleeps on guard duty
Destroys all the flares
Finds stolen supplies
Gets gun away from the chimp
Good-Night, Sweet Skipper Disturbs Skipper's sleep three times
Destroys transmitter by pounding on lid
Repairs transmitter by pounding on lid
Wrongway Feldman gilligan gilligan
President Gilligan gilligan Digs a well
The Sound of Quacking Releases duck without the message Catches the duck
Good-Bye Island Discovers worthless glue Stops castaways from launching the Minnow just before it disintegrates
The Big Gold Strike gilligan Finds gold mine
Every one of the castaways except Gilligan is responsible for wrecking the raft
Waiting for Watubi gilligan Pretends to be Watubi, curing the Skipper's psychosomatic illness
Angel on the Island gilligan Convinces Mrs. Howell to bow out of the play
Birds Gotta Fly, Fish Gotta Talk Tosses radio and transmitter into the sea
Loses anchor during the shipwreck
Smashes transmitter
Catches fish who swallowed radio and transmitter
Three Million Dollars More or Less Trades three million dollars for a worthless oil company Wins three million dollars from Mr. Howell
Water, Water Everywhere Spills the last of the water supply Finds a new water supply
So Sorry, My Island Now gilligan Frees the castaways from the Japanese sailor
Plant you Now, Dig You Later gilligan Finds treasure chest
Little Island, Big Gun Learns Farrell's true identity
Messes up one attempt to capture Farrell
Drops loot overboard, causing Farrell to jump ship & soak his gun
X Marks the Spot Breaks signal mirror Willing to disarm the missile
Gilligan Meets Jungle Boy gilligan Finds the jungle boy
St. Gilligan and the Dragon Cuts the weather balloon into scrap gilligan
Big Man on Little Stick gilligan gilligan
Mrs. Howell comes up with the plan to discourage Duke
Diamonds Are an Ape's Best Friend Spills the perfume Lures the ape away from Mrs. Howell
How To Be a Hero Traps himself under the fallen tree while trying to rescue the Skipper Rescues the castaways from the headhunter
Return of Wrongway gilligan gilligan
The Matchmaker gilligan gilligan
It's Skipper's idea to recreate the Howell's date
Music Hath Charms Drumming summons warlike natives--twice
Drops the radio, resulting in the Professor's capture
Forgets to put batteries in the flashlight, resulting in the Skipper's capture
Successfully uses a fire extinguisher to frighten the natives. It's not his fault it runs dry
New Neighbor Sam gilligan gilligan
They're Off and Running Tells Ginger the Skipper's plan
Stuffs the turtle with moss in practice sessions
Gives his knife for Skipper to wager
Three to Get Ready Loses the Eye of the Idol twice
Wastes his three wishes
Forget Me Not Causes the Skipper's amnesia with a whack on the head Cures the Skipper's amnesia with a whack on the head
Diogenes, Won't You Please Go Home? gilligan gilligan
Physical Fatness Drinks the Professor's phosphorescent dye gilligan
It's Magic Switches flash powder for Mary Ann's baking powder Attacks the "monsters" single-handed
Goodbye Old Paint Reveals Mr. Howell's scheme to Duboff. Of course, Duboff's transmitter turned out to be worthless, so it really doesn't matter what Gilligan did. gilligan
My Fair Gilligan Dislodges a rock that falls on Mrs. Howell Saves Mrs. Howell from the falling rock
A Nose By Any Other Name gilligan gilligan
Gilligan's Mother-In-Law Refuses to be Haroki's best man Wins the spear-throwing contest
Beauty Is as Beauty Does gilligan gilligan
The Little Dictator Allows Rodriguez to disarm him
Waves his hat at the wrong time and fails to catch Rodriguez in the net
Ginger has a perfect chance to take the gun from Rodriguez and fails to do so
Smile, You're on Mars Camera Breaks the lens
Causes the feathery explosion that makes Cape Canaveral see the Castaways as chicken-people
Breaks the Mars probe
Finds the lens
The Sweepstakes Loses the ticket Gives everyone $50,000
Quick, Before It Sinks Moves the Professor's measuring stick gilligan
Castaways Pictures Presents gilligan gilligan
Agonized Labor gilligan gilligan
All the castaways unknowingly make Mr. Howell believe they are laughing at him
Nyet, Nyet-Not Yet Breaks the cosmonauts' radio
Sets his watch for the wrong time, causing the castaways to miss the sub
Overhears the Russians' plan
Switches the vodka for water
Hi-Fi Gilligan Breaks the radio
Knocks his tooth back into place just when the castaways need a radio
Turns himself into a radio receiver again just in time to hear the storm warning
Allows Mr. Howell to take his place in the cave
Causes the castaways to abandon the cave before it caves in
The Chain of Command Almost drops a tree on Skipper Creates a good working trap
Ginger's the one who lures the Skipper into the trap, and Mr. Howell beats him with a stick
Don't Bug the Mosquitoes gilligan Gilligan is the only castaway who doesn't want to rush the Mosquitoes into leaving
Creating the Honeybees was Ginger's idea
Gilligan Gets Bugged Wrecks the Professor's lab Builds a working bathtub
Mine Hero Catches the mine
Accidentally activates the mine
Tows the mine safely away
Gilligan and Mr. Howell together get themselves magnetized to the mine
Erika Tiffany Smith to the Rescue gilligan gilligan
Not Guilty gilligan It's Gilligan's idea to re-enact the crime
Slams the door to solve the murder
You've Been Disconnected Lost all the provisions when he forgot to tie up the raft
Put the last flare on Skipper's birthday cake
Threw the blowtorch overboard
Lights his pants on fire
Wrecks the Professor's colored vines
Wraps the phone cable in rubber
The Postman Cometh gilligan gilligan
Seer Gilligan gilligan Burns the mind-reading bush
Love Me, Love My Skipper Spilled soup on Mr. Howell
Ripped Mrs. Howell's dress
Stepped on Mr. Howell's glasses
Finds the missing invitation
It's not only Ginger's plan to get the Howells back together, but she's the one who convinces them to come to the party
Gilligan's Living Doll Puts rabbit's foot inside robot and damages the message Walking to Hawaii is Gilligan's idea
Forward March Loses the staring contest First to spot grenade every time one is thrown
Suggests the cave might have a back door
Befriends gorilla, getting him to use up all his ammo
Ship Ahoax gilligan gilligan
Skipper talks Gilligan out of lighting the signal fire
Feed the Kitty gilligan Befriends the lion
Operation: Steam Heat Accidentally removes the bomb from the pit Finds the hot springs that alert the Professor to the volcano
Will the Real Mr. Howell Please Stand Up? gilligan gilligan
The Professor's pontoon boat is a total flop
Ghost a Go-Go gilligan gilligan
Allergy Time Creates the hair tonic that makes everyone sneeze Fixes Mr. Howell's favorite chair
Discovers the real source of the allergy
The Friendly Physician gilligan Switches the brains of Boris Balinkoff and Igor with the dog and cat, preventing the doctor from recapturing the castaways
"V" for Vitamins Falls asleep on guard duty
Fails to tell anyone about the citrus fruits on the island
Gilligan is the only one who doesn't waste time arguing about the distribution of the orange
Mr. and Mrs.??? Gets the ring stuck on his finger Suggests the wedding on the raft
Gives Skipper the idea to make Mr. Howell jealous
Ginger proposes the scheme to make Mrs. Howell jealous
The Skipper's plan for the headhunter attack does the trick
Meet the Meteor Continually prevents the Professor from building his geiger counter
Tells everyone about the aging effect of the cosmic rays
Throws the lightning rod into the meteorite, thus destroying it
Up at Bat gilligan gilligan
Gilligan vs. Gilligan gilligan Discovers both the spy and his knapsack
Frees himself from his bonds
Chases the spy off the island
Pass the Vegetables, Please Removes the cover from the crate without ever letting anyone see the warning gilligan
The Producer The castaways' play, which backfires, is all Gilligan's idea gilligan
Voodoo First finds the artifacts that bring the witch doctor's wrath down on the castaways Finds the voodoo dolls and personal possessions to break the spell
Chases the witch doctor off the island
Where There's a Will gilligan gilligan
Man With a Net Scares away the butterfly three times gilligan
All the castaways' plans to influence Lord Beasley fail, but it's the Professor's that actually loses them the rescue
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow gilligan gilligan
Ring Around Gilligan gilligan gilligan
Topsy-Turvy Trashes the Professor's lab Rescues everyone from the headhunters
The Invasion gilligan gilligan
The Kidnapper Steps in the snare set for the kidnapper gilligan
All the castaways are taken in by Wiley, not just Gilligan
And Then There Were None gilligan Holds the trap door open
All About Eva Spills the beans to Eva gilligan
Ginger gets the idea to give Eva a make-over
It's the girls' conversation that makes Eva doubt her new self
Mrs. Howell inadvertantly gives Eva the idea to return to civilization as Ginger
Gilligan Goes Gung-Ho Locks up the castaways before they can set up the phosphorescent rocks Breaks down the cell door
It was the Professor's lousy idea to choose a sheriff
Take-A-Dare Sees the helicopter but says nothing gilligan
Court Martial Failed to tie the anchor line before dropping anchor during the storm that beached the Minnow
Drops the lean-to on Skipper's head
Prevents the Skipper from hanging himself
The Hunter gilligan gilligan
Lovey's Secret Admirer gilligan gilligan
Our Vines Have Tender Apes gilligan gilligan
Gilligan's Personal Magnetism gilligan gilligan
Splashdown Messes up the "SOS" logs Launches the capsule from the beach
High Man on the Totem Pole gilligan Scares off the Kupaki headhunters
The Second Ginger Grant gilligan gilligan
Ginger's refusal to wear her wig puts Mary Ann in a state of shock
The Secret of Gilligan's Island gilligan gilligan
Since the tablet turns out to be useless for leaving the island, whoever found or broke parts of it is irrelevant
Slave Girl gilligan Saves Kalani's life
It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Gilligan Uses up most of the fuel
Flies into a cloudbank
Loses the jetpack
The Pigeon Smashes the mirror Finds the pigeon
Releases the pigeon, which drives away the spider
Bang! Bang! Bang! gilligan Distracts Skipper from pounding the explosive nail
Destroys all the explosive putty without harming the monkey
Gilligan the Goddess Attacks friendly natives Although Gilligan gives up his goddess charade, he manages to scare the natives into leaving without harming anyone



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All other content © 2006-2024 Whatsits Galore


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