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brisco orb Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.
by Whatsits Galore

The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. introduced us to The Orb, a mysterious spherical object with uncanny powers. The Orb was eventually revealed to be a man-made electromagnetic wave-particle net that captures energy at certain nodal intersections of the space/time grid. Although complete details have never been revealed, many significant bits of information about the Orb were presented throughout the series. These facts have been collected here, giving the most comprehensive description and explanation of "that Orb thang," its origin, history, and powers, currently available.

NOTE: Despite the number of orbs known to exist, they are nearly always referred to in the singular: The Orb. Whatsits Galore continues that tradition on this site.



The Orbs form a trinity, but still function after one is destroyed. Senior Spirit

The Orb hates evil; if evil persons try to use The Orb, it eventually ages them to dust. Pilot, Fountain of Youth, Bye Bly

Getting stabbed with a rod turns you to dust. Pilot, Bye Bly

One Orb rod gives the strength of a dozen men. Pilot, Crystal Hawks

Medicine made using the Orb has rejuvenating power, plus gives one psychic abilites. Fountain of Youth

The Orb enables mental control of others' bodies. Crystal Hawks, Bye Bly

The Orb gives the power of suggestion over a weak mind. The Orb Scholar

The Orb kept Big Smith alive in a raging river. Crystal Hawks

When the rods are pulled out in the proper combination, the Orb gives you invulnerability and the power to emit force waves. Fountain of Youth

Orb rods can heal wounds. The Orb Scholar

The Orb can make bullets pass harmlessly through you. The Orb Scholar, Bye Bly

The Orb enables time travel by opening a portal; anyone passing through can choose a chronal destination simply by thinking of it. AKA Kansas, Fountain of Youth, Bye Bly

The Orb is bullet-proof and immune to acid. Pilot, Senior Spirit

The Orb floats. Pilot

When Brisco touches an Orb rod, it glows. Senior Spirit

The Orb is faith, according to Prof. Ogden Coles. This could mean that disbelief hinders certain of the Orb's abilities, but the Orb is not God.The Orb Scholar, Bye Bly


The people of 5502 A.D. created three Orbs and sent them back in time to aid in the advancement of mankind. John Bly used a time machine to travel back from his year of 2506 to 1894 and steal the Orbs, which he then brought to the future and used to rule the world in a 2000-year reign of terror. Bye Bly

Karina traveled back to 1894 to recover the Orbs and prevent Bly's world conquest. Bye Bly

The first Orb was found in a crater in Arizona and later procured by Bly. The scorch patterns on it were consistent with those found on meteorites. Senior Spirit

When Brisco County Sr. captured Bly, he kept an Orb rod taken from the outlaw. Senior Spirit

The damaged Orb disintegrated Loco Bob when he added the last rod. It then exploded. Senior Spirit

The second Orb was found in 1893 by Chinese workers while blasting a tunnel for the railroad. The government confiscated it to send it to a lab at the Smithsonian, but not before Randall Thorogood used a rod to give himself super strength. The train carrying the Orb was hijacked en route to the Smithsonian; the Orb fell out of the train and into the river. Pilot

The government found the Orb somehow, and sent it from their San Francisco warehouse to a secret installation in Nowhere, Nevada, where Doc McCoy tried to steal it for Bly. Brisco found it there, but it was taken away by his future self. Steel Horses, AKA Kansas

The third Orb was obtained by Prof. Cole under unknown circumstances. It was stolen from him by John Bly. Crystal Hawks

The Orb trapped Bly inside a rod. Fountain of Youth

Pepe Bendix stole the Orb from the Emerson Bank for a group of rogue government agents. During the theft, Pepe cracked one of the Orb rods; liquid leaked out, freeing Bly. Bye Bly

Brisco used the third Orb to go back in time to steal the second Orb, which he brought forward in time, using it to turn Bly into a pile of ash. Bye Bly

Karina took the two existing Orbs back to the future. Bye Bly





brisco county


Brisco is always looking for "the coming thing," whatever's new in the way of science and technology. He doesn't seem to realize that he himself is the coming thing in many ways. No mere bounty hunter, Brisco adds to his considerable skill at shooting, roping, and tracking several less-conventional abilities. At least, less conventional for a cowboy. That's what makes Brisco County, Jr. a western hero for the future, and for all time.

Here is a list of some of Brisco's more unusual characteristics:

  • English major with a minor in theater
    The Orb Scholar
  • Knows Morse Code
    High Treason
  • Speaks Latin
  • Speaks Chinese
    Fountain of Youth
  • Speaks some Spanish
  • Some medical knowledge
  • Understands chemistry
    Steel Horses

All characters & images © Warner Brothers and are used for fan purposes only
All other content © 2015-2024 Whatsits Galore


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