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A Basic Timeline for Rodents
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Are you a history buff? Then you are probably familiar with all the most important dates in the history of the world. But, have you ever studied history from a mouse's point of view? They have a history all their own every bit as fascinating as the story of mankind. Whatsits Galore presents here an overview of the most important dates and events in the history of rodentkind, available to humans for the first time anywhere. Students of history, that is, the history of the mouse world, enjoy.

? B.C. Somewhere in Mesopotamia Creation of the first mice, Edam and Ivy. They go forth and multiply.
c. 4,000 BC Mount Ararat Worldwide flood destroys all mice except for Knoah and his wife, who escape onboard the ark. After the ark reaches dry land, they go forth and multiply.
c. 1490 B.C. Egypt Thutmouse III becomes Pharoah.
1450-1000 B.C. Egypt A dark age for mice wherein cats are protected as sacred animals. Millions of mice are embalmed and placed in the tombs of cats to serve as food in the afterlife. After 450 years of this bondage, the mice are led forth from Egypt by Mouses in a mass exodus.
1193 B.C. Asia Minor Athenian army defeats the city of Troy when Uselyssees proposes the building of the Trojan Hound.
495 B.C. China The philosopher Confusion publishes his famous proverbs.
405 B.C. Greece Euripides Mouse forms the Rescue Aid Society for the purpose of helping those species not friendly to rodents.
44 B.C. Rome Emperor Julius Cheeser is murdered by his friend Brutish.
218 Italy Handiball crosses the Alps using St. Bernard dogs as beasts of burden.
c. 500 England Arthur Bendragon becomes king of England and institutes the Knights of the Round Table and the rules of Chivalry.
1000 Nova Scotia Leaf Irksome sails to the New World.
1349 Europe The Black Death (bubonic plague) claims the lives of one third of the rodent population of England and devastates Europe.
1492 San Salvadore Columbust discovers the New World; the native chipmunks prove to be friendly.
1503 Florence Vincie Leonardo sculpts the statue known as The Mona Mouse.
1512 Italy Cofurnicus first postulates a relationship between the affairs of rodents and humans in his treatise Of Mice & Men. He is promptly branded a lunatic and imprisoned for life.
1610 Germany Mathematician Gustav Goudamecht publishes his famous Principle of Opposing Forces in Motion.
1626 Paris The famed Mouseketeers save King Bleuie XIII from the evil machinations of his minister Richernieu.
1661 London Thanks to the loyal Muskrats, Charles II is crowned king and the monarchy is restored.
1683 England Sir Figg Newton is struck on the head by a falling apple. Although he is killed instantly, his companions formulate the law of gravity. In tribute, a fruit-filled cookie is named after him.
1752 Philadelphia Amos Mouse invents bifocals and the stove.
1773 Boston American colonists, angered over the tax on imported cheese, throw a shipload of European cheese into the harbor, in what is now known as The Boston Cheese Party.
1776 Philadelphia After an impassioned speech by Amos Mouse, the American Colonies declare their independence from England and begin the American Revolution.
1804 France Napoleon Bonappetit declares himself Emperor of France.
1815 Louisiana Pirat Jean Deffitte receives a pardon in recognition of aid given to General "Old Hickory Dickory" Jackson in the Battle of New Orleans.
1854 Japan Commodore Perri signs a treaty with the Japanese.
1885 France Louis Munsteur develops the first successful vaccine against hydrophobia (rabies).
1897 England Queen Mousetoria celebrates her diamond jubilee commemorating her 60-year rule.
1901 Italy Guido Macaroni unveils his invention: the radio. It is hailed as a communications breakthrough until it is discovered that humans have the means to detect radio waves, putting radio operators in constant danger of discovery. Macaroni is disgraced and turns to inventing different shapes for pasta.
1903 North Carolina The Wratt brothers make the world's first heavier-than-air flight.
1904 England The first publication of a Basil of Baker Street case, by Dr. David Q. Dawson.
1907 Moscow Ratsputin, the Mad Chipmunk, is welcomed into the Imperial Palace by the ruling Romano family.
1912 The North Atlantic The Luxury liner Titanic sinks after striking an iceberg. Fortunately, tragedy is averted and all mice on board are saved due to the rodent tradition of deserting a sinking ship at the earliest opportunity.
1927 Paris "Lucky" Limburger is the first mouse to fly nonstop across the Atlantic.
1930 Syria The last surviving golden hamsters, a widow and her twelve children, are saved from extinction when scientist Max Tailer develops a yellow fever vaccine.
1932 Ireland Camilla Dearheart is the first female mouse to fly solo across the Atlantic.
1932 Germany Vermin Von Braun develops the V-2 rocket.
1939 Germany The Ratzis, led by Der Furrier, attack their European neighbors, triggering the start of World War II.
1940 England Winston Churchmouse elected Prime Minister.
1946 New York City The U.N. Building becomes the permanent home of the Rescue Aid Society.
1951 Santiago Juan Perrier is reelected president of Argentina.
1957 Russia Yuri Goudanov becomes the first rodent in space aboard the satellite Sputnik II.
1969 The moon Neil Strongarm becomes the first rodent to walk on the moon with the phrase, "This is one small step for a mouse, and one giant leap for rodentkind."



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