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Are you Disney hero material?
by Whatsits Galore


A hero isn't measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart.

So said Zeus to his son Hercules. Philoctetes, trainer of the greatest heroes of ancient Greece, had his own advice for the would-be hero in the form of his 101 patented Hero Rules, presented in their entirety courtesy of Whatsits Galore. Now you, too, can benefit from Phil's decades of experience as you go from zero to hero with this handy guide. Yes, indeed.


I Everybody needs a hero.
II Nobody cares about a zero.
III Use your head.
IV Your trainer is always right.
V Heroes don't make excuses.
VI When rescuing a damsel, always handle with care.
VII The bigger they are, the harder they hit.
VIII If it was easy, everybody would be doing it.
IX A good left is always right.
X Watch your footwork.
XI Heroes are never mediocre.
XII A hero is known by his enemies.
XIII Some are born heroes, some achieve hero status, and some have heroism thrust upon them.
XIV Never hit below the belt.
XV A hero is only as good as his weapon.
XVI Don't turn your back on your foe.
XVII Don't be a sucker for a pretty face.
XVIII Learn from your mistakes.
XIX Keep circling.
XX The greater the risk, the greater the prize.
XXI Always take the full count.
XXII Control your strength.
XXIII The road to hero status is paved with "also-ran"s.
XXIV Don't get cocky.
XXV Never look back.
XXVI Your shield is your best friend.
XXVII Don't rest on your laurels.
XXVIII Keep your guard up.
XXIX Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.
XXX Analyze the situation.
XXXI Failure is not an option.
XXXII Never hit a man when he's down.
XXXIII Second place is the first loser.
XXXIV He who fights and runs away is no pupil of mine!
XXXV A hero who won't be beaten can't be beaten.
XXXVI Heroes take chances.
XXXVII Don't start anything you can't finish.
XXXVIII No knot unties itself.
XL Being a hero is its own reward.
XLI Don't panic.
XLII The best defense is a good offense.
XLIII Not every damsel is in distress.
XLIV Anticipate.
XLV Sheep get sheared.
XLVI Limitations are the shakels we bind to ourselves.
XLVII Every enemy has a weak spot.
XLVIII There is no "try."
XLIX Face your fears.
L A quitter never wins and a winner never quits.
LI Act, don't react.
LII Expect the unexpected.
LIII Never do anything halfway.
LIV Lead with your left.
LV No pain, no gain.
LVI Watch your back.
LVII Be prepared.
LVIII If you look like a hero, you'll feel like a hero.
LVIX Speak softly.
LX Carry a big sword.
LXI The greater your agility the greater your ability.
LXII With great power comes great responsibility.
LXIII A hero is always on duty.
LXIV Keep both eyes open when you shoot; you'll see twice as well.
LXV Compromise is for suckers.
LXVI It's either education or elimination.
LXVII Play by the rules.
LXVIII I make the rules.
LXIX Just do it!
LXX Cheaters never prosper.
LXXI Put the past behind you.
LXXII Outwit, outfight, outlast.
LXXIII A hero is more than a sandwich.
LXXIV Don't barge in without thinking.
LXXV Don't stop for applause.
LXXVI The difference between a champ and a chump is "u."
LXXVII Never say never.
LXXVIII Pressure makes diamonds.
LXXIX There's always a bigger fish.
LXXX Never take your eyes off your opponent.
LXXXI A hero never forgets his public.
LXXXII You gotta stay focused.
LXXXIII It's not about the trophies.
LXXXIV You can't be a hero on an empty stomach.
LXXXV Giving up is for rookies.
LXXXVI The harder to get, the better to have.
LXXXVII Never let 'em see you sweat.
LXXXVIII Keep pushing that envelope.
LXXXIX Heroes are made, not born.
XC Nice guys finish last.
XCI No guts, no glory.
XCII The three most important elements are training, training, and training.
XCIII Stop, look, and listen.
XCIV When the going gets tough, the tough get going.
XCV Concentrate!
XCVII A hero is just a regular guy with the right coach.
XCVIII Be fast or be last.
XCIX There are no shortcuts.
C You're always in training.
CI Go the distance.

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Disney In-Jokes

According to the book The Art of Hercules, written by Stephen Rebello and Jane Healey, there are no less than seven Disney in-jokes in Hercules. We have searched carefully for them, and the results are listed below:

1. Meg's line, "A couple of rodents looking for a theme park"
2. The Hercules Store mocks the Disney Store
3. Scar is seen as a lion skin
4. "It's a small Underworld after all"
5. The Muses' heads resemble the busts in the Haunted Mansion
6. There is a building in Thebes that looks like the Swan Hotel in Walt Disney World
7. ??

Does anybody know the last in-joke?

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