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What is a glitch? Glitches are mistakes in movies and TV shows. They can be technical goofs, continuity errors, or anything that makes you scratch your head and say, "Huh?" We who love Disney films know that they are flawless, don't we? Read on...

New glitches added on the first of every month.



Why does the crowd cheer when Anna knocks Hans into the fjord? Can they really tell he's been revealed as a villain from way back there?

Flaversham hides Olivia in the cupboard and tells her to stay there. Presumably, that's to keep her hidden from the intruder. But as he is spirited away by Fidget, he reveals her presence by calling her name.

The kids in Bedknobs and Broomsticks could jump off the bed when it gets hooked.

Maximus doesn't hear Flynn shouting Rapunzel's name the first time. Is he daydreaming?

Dot flies a long way before she chooses a rock to show to Flik, passing up a bunch of other rocks in the process.

In When the Cat's Away, the swiss cheese sign is gone when the cheese falls.

We see the Sugar Rush game in Litwak's arcade with only one player seat instead of two.

The lamp on Fagin's boat that Francis grabs with his tail has no cord.

In The Swiss Family Robinsons, Fritz begins by putting a pad on the pig's back, in preparation for attaching the barrels. When Father comes to help him, they lose the pad and just slap on the pontoons. Later, we see the pig swimming with the pad under the pontoons.

In Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day, who puts Eeyore's tail back on after Roo pulls it off?

Here are last month's glitches:

Did Al have to use that Toy Barn commercial he shot in which he breaks down and cries? Maybe, after losing all his vintage toys, he can't afford to do a retake.

Who took that picture of Dexter in the doctor's office in The Compputer Wore Tennis Shoes? It later winds up on the front page of the newspaper.

In Olympic Champ, you can clearly see the bottom of Goofy's shoes, and there is no hole in them until he exits the sawdust pit.

Where is Namaari carrying that concealed crossbow?

In The Incredibles 2, all the supers except the main characters are left to protect the ambassadors. What good will that do if the yacht crashes? They should send some, at least, to prevent that disaster.

During the premiere of Mary Poppins, as portrayed in Saving Mr. Banks, the scenes are shown out of order.

We're told that Judy Hoppes has 275 brothers and sisters. But this is at the beginning of the movie, when she's only in elementary school. By the time she leaves for Zootopia, they'll all be grown up, or close to it. Does she have hundreds more by then? Or are all those little bunny kids in the train station just the neighbors?

Edgar sometimes reels the fishing line in although it plays out.

In On Ice, the campfire near where Pluto's sleeping is gone.

King Eidellig tells Taran where to find the Black Cauldron, but not that he can't destroy it, even though the boy says that's his plan.




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