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What is a glitch? Glitches are mistakes in movies and TV shows. They can be technical goofs, continuity errors, or anything that makes you scratch your head and say, "Huh?" We who love Disney films know that they are flawless, don't we? Read on...

New glitches added on the first of every month.


In Riley's First Date, Riley's Dad should see that there's no adult outside the door through that little window. But the animators have him stand to the side to open the door, something no normal person would do.

Edmund holds the Turkish Delight in his right hand when the camera sees him from one angle, and his left hand from another angle.

Actually, that cat in In Search of the Castaways is a leopard, not a jaguar, although there are no leopards in South America.

In The Cactus Kid, Pete dances across the floor, getting his peg leg stuck, of course, in a knot hole. But the second time he dances across the same stretch of floor, the offending hole is gone.

Woody could sneak around the spilled Cheetos and arrive at the same spot where he climbs the couch.

Bianca and Bernard each have five fingers in the restaurant.

In The Vanishing Private, the turf must be awfully spongy for Donald's footprints to keep disappearing.

Why does Violet bring her mom's red costume along? Did she know the silver one would become damaged?

In Trader Mickey, how does the chief get a tiger skin in Africa?

Prince John refers to his plan to capture Robin Hood as a coup d'etat. Perhaps he means coup de maitre, a master stroke. A coup d'etat is a government overthrow.

Here are last month's glitches:

In Santa's Workshop, one elf is dusting right above another elf applying fresh paint to the sleigh, a good way to ruin the paint job.

When Willie appears as the Ghost of Christmas Present, Scrooge's bed curtains change from green to blue.

Santa skips all the other houses on Scott Calvin's street. Were they all naughty?

Lanny should know exactly who jinglesmells is. The elves already know where their missing tech is; all they have to do is check their database for Grace's name and picture.

In Pluto's Christmas Tree, after Mickey chops down the tree, he slides across the screen. That snow must be extra slippery.

In Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Christmas, the rose stays in the jar when Cogsworth lifts it; in the original movie, it remains on the table when the glass cover is raised.

In The Christmas Star, the elves don't even try to cover their ears with their hats when they're among ordinary humans.

The rope on Small One turns black for just a second.

In Babes in Toyland, Mary plucks up enough courage to shoot Barnaby, then when he's tiny and harmless, leaves Tom to fight him and possibly die doing it.

When Poatato Head drops the string of Christmas lights, they also fall out of Sid's window. Didn't Woody tie them to something?




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