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Beyond Baker Street

by Whatsits Galore

We hear of Basil everywhere these days. Though based in Baker Street, Disney's Great Mouse Detective certainly gets around. Below is a report of various sightings of characters from Disney's The Great Mouse Detective in other films, television series, and anywhere else they may have been spotted.

The official Disney website
You used to find this image if you searched the Disney Archives

The Ink & Paint Plush Adoptable Plush Site
Adopt a virtual plush toy from Great Mouse Detective and other animated films, created by Road to Nowhere

Darkwing Duck, 1991
Many episodes showed a Basil statue in Drake Mallard's home

Walt Disney World Happy Easter Parade, 1991
Basil and Ratigan were the Grand Marshalls

Baker Street Journal
The comic strip column "Art In the Blood" by Scott Bond gave us this Basil in an unknown issue

Disney's House of Mouse, 2001-2
Check out these episodes:
Rent Day: Ratigan Ratatouille is featured on the menu
Donald's Lamp Trade: Basil, Dawson, and Ratigan visit the famous club
The Mouse Who Came to Dinner: Ratigan again appears on the villains' table
House of Scrooge: Ratigan is in the soup line
Donald Wants to Fly: Basil and Dawson are seen in the ad for Dumbo Airlines House of Mouse website
One of the video clips featured Basil

Grosvenor Resort, Orlando, FL, 2002
A tribute to The Great Mouse Detective featured standees of the characters

Disney Club, 2002
Basil and friends appeared in the membership binder and online on the search results page

Battle for Procyon, Treasure Planet PC game, 2002
One of the crew members was named Olivia Flaversham

Fantasia/2000 video
The introduction by Roy Disney mentioned the use of computer animation in GMD

Lion King Special Edition DVD, 2003
Disc 2, Film: Origins

World of Disney store, Downtown Disney
The montage video that ran in the former Wonderland Room showed several clips from The Great Mouse Detective

Sioux City Art Center, 9/27/2003-12/14/2003
An exhibition entitled The Animation Art of Ron Clements: Modern Disney Magic

Games Magazine, December 2006
This Pic-Tac-Toe puzzle by Jeff Moran featured Basil

Jungle Book 2-disc DVD, 2007
The featurette on the making of the film showed Vance Gerry standing in front of the storyboards for Great Mouse Detective

Walt Disney Company Annual Report, 1993
Basil and Toby were depicted in a cover montage

Silver Screen Partners Annual Report, 1985
Discusses The Great Mouse Detective's box office performance.

Disney Wall Calendar, 1998-99
Perhaps the only wall calendar ever to include a scene from Great Mouse Detective, though a British 1994/1995 department store premium calendar contains a shot of the video cover and both this 2011 calendar and the 2013 calendar from D23, From Concept to Classic, include the same piece of pre-production art.

Walt Disney Page-A-Day Desk Calendar, 2003
Although this calendar depicts scenes from GMD every year, Olivia once appeared on the box

Advent Calendar, 1998
Basil was among a huge host of characters, and was seen inside the door for December 15th

Tales from the Laughing Place magazine #13, 2009
Contained an article on animation maquettes, including Ratigan

Souvenir map from Disneyland
Basil and Dawson were among the many characters around the map border

Music video featuring French pop star Douchka Esposito, 1986
Although Whatsits Galore can not recommend the music, Basil and Ratigan do appear in the video

Disney's D23 website periodically features relevant content. Although membership is required, the lowest level is free
On July 2, 2010, The Great Mouse Detective was featured in the This Day in Disney section
The Great Mouse Detective was included in a list of 15 Disney Movies You Should Definitely Revisit Right Now

Disneyland brochure
A 1992 brochure included a surprise Basil on the back

WDCC brochure
Andreas Deja appeared in an early Classics Collection brochure, along with the maquettes on his animation desk

Animation Maquettes
Basil was sculpted by Rubén Procopio, Ratigan and Dawson by unknown artists.

Crocheted doll
Mouse-fan Megan Gascoyne designed and created this hand-crocheted doll. Basil is 10" tall with painted features.

Waking Sleeping Beauty,
The film is referenced several times in this Disney documentary.

Symposium by John Musker and Ron Clements,
At the Sherlock Holmes: Behind the Canonical Screen, UCLA, August 31-September 3rd, 2012

Behind the Voice Actors,
a fun website

Character silhouettes,
from a chart of all Disney animated films, created by Juan Pablo Bravo

Screen shots from the vintage Great Mouse Detective PC game

Disneyland Exhibit Sign,
used to explain the animation process to park guests

John Cleese,
who was almost chosen as the voice of Basil

Walt Disney World mural, by Bill Justice
Great Mouse Detective characters are at the bottom left

Models of the sets
used to help the animators

Color keys,
used in the animation process, sold by Van Eaton Galleries

Concept art by Mike Peraza,
used in the filmmaking process

Basil tops Disney's Best Dressed List of characters

Eric Goldberg draws Basil
In his book, An Animator's Gallery: Eric Goldberg Draws the Disney Characters, veteran Disney animator Goldberg tackles Basil and Dawson

Basil Bucks
Anyone can have US currency printed with their own picture, but someone decided Basil was worthy of that honour

Adult Coloring Book
Disney has gotten into the adult coloring craze, and their book Art of Coloring: Disney Villains: 100 Images to Inspire Creativity and Relaxation contains images of Ratigan and his lackeys

Oh My Disney quiz
There are many quizzes on the Oh My Disney site, but this quiz has a Basil surprise at the end

Disney Rewards Villain quiz
Disney credit card holders can take this quiz to find their inner villain. Although Ratigan is not one of the choices, there are some stills from The Great Mouse Detective along the way.

Original Movie Ticket
Those luckey few invited to the premiere of The Great Mouse Detective received a special ticket.

stained glass window
Lovely fan art showcases Ratigan in stained glass.

A whimsical autograph by voice of Basil Barrie Ingham

autograph card
A color card signed by Shani Wallis, the voice of the Lady Mouse

Frank LiVolsi plays the pub tune from The Great Mouse Detective

magazine article
Clipping from a French magazine.

Eric Goldberg draws Olivia Flaversham
From his book, An Animator's Gallery: Eric Goldberg Draws the Disney Characters.

name tag
A Disney cast member name tag that highlights what might be Fred's favourite film.

unused poster art
This concept art by Paul Wenzel shows variations on the original movie poster that were never used.

Disney Company quarterly report
The 1986 quarterly report touted, among other things, the release of The Great Mouse Detective.

Disney Classic Collectible Cards
Although I've never found a Great Mouse Detective card, Basil's picture does appear at the top of the packaging.

MyPoints held a Disney Villains poll in 2020
Ratigan lost to Ursula.

Fabulous Fashion: The Great Mouse Detective Edition
What the well-dressed rodent is wearing.

Disney Destination Style: London
Disney Bound suggestions for capturing the Baker Streeet look

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode
This free video game at last allows players to unlock the Great Mouse Detective.

Drawings by Francesco Barbieri spotted on eBay

Your Guide to the Fantastic Films of Ron & John
A D23 article showcasing the Disney Duo responsible for The Great Mouse Detective, among other films

Disney Insiders
This artwork celebrated the 30th anniversary of The Great Mouse Detective

Disney Doodles
These park mashups were posted on the Disney blog

EuroDisneyland Guidebook ad
This ad appeared in an old guidebook brochure, back when the park was called EuroDisneyland

Disney Store catalog
In the good old days, when the Disney Store put out physical catalogues, you could buy this Ratigan cel

Disney Charades
The 1999 game with this name features two game cards with questions from The Great Mouse Detective

Once Upon a Studio
This 2023 short film shows us Great Mouse Detective characters in several scenes.

French candy wrapper
Régal'ad fruit candy made by the Krema company sometimes used Disney characters on the label.

Wish closing credits
Some would say this was the best part of the movie.




All Disney characters & images © Disney and are used for fan purposes only
All other content © 2010-2024 Whatsits Galore


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