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Are you a Disneyana collector? Then you've probably noticed that there is not much in the way of Great Mouse Detective merchandise around. If you search, however, you can find some items of interest. Here is our list of toys, books, and other Disneyana related to The Great Mouse Detective.


Dooney & Bourke Disney Dogs bag
4 different styles, features Toby, among other Disney dogs

Dooney & Bourke Disney Cats bag
features Felicia, among other Disney cats

Disney Cats tote
find Felicia and her friends

polo shirt
features Ratigan, with logo on sleeve

tee shirt
features Basil, Dawson, & Olivia

tee shirt
Basil of Baker St. Detective Agency, London, 1897

tee shirt
Basil of Baker Street Detective Agency, 221½ Baker Street

calendar tee shirt
from 2020

DVD logo tee shirt

Sinister Cats t-shirt
features Felicia, along with other Disney felines

Basil, Dawson, and Olivia; also sold as a tee

Disney Villains dress
with Ratigan and other baddies

Disney Cats dresses
both the women's and girl's versions show Felicia

Disney cats denim jacket
with Felicia, of course

Disney Cats leggings
featuring Felicia and other Disney cats

Disney Cats onesie
with Disney cats, Felicia included

Disney Cats raincoat
with Felicia and other Disney felines

Toby backpack
with the rest of the cast in appliqué

Disney Dogs backpack
features Toby, among other Disney dogs

Santa Tails purses
by Dooney & Burke, 2 different styles


Magic Band
for the 35th anniversary

Disney Dogs dog collar
with matching bracelet, featuring Toby


It is impossible to list all the original, promotional, and concept artwork in existence for any film. These would include cels, drawings, storyboards, maquettes, and more, so we will confine this site to merchandise and promotional items.

free with video pre-order

art print set
for sale to cast members only

glossy photos

color slides
from a press kit

film cel
several frames of film, matted

print from Europe

fan card
featuring the films of Ron Clements and John Musker

honoring the films of Ron Clements and John Musker, designed by Tom Whalen

honoring the films of Ron Clements and John Musker, artwork by Dave Perillo

"Basil Sat for Some Time in Silence"
honoring the films of Ron Clements and John Musker, pen and ink drawing by Juliéta Colás

honoring the films of Ron Clements and John Musker, digital artwork by Betsy Bauer

"Ratigan's Plan"
honoring the films of Ron Clements and John Musker, oil painting by Tom Matousek

"Ah, Ha! Evidence!"
honoring the films of Ron Clements and John Musker, gouache painting by Nicole Gustafsson

honoring the films of Ron Clements and John Musker, water color and colored pencil by Alexander Lee

honoring the films of Ron Clements and John Musker, water color and colored pencil by Alexander Lee

"He's a Peg-Legged Bat with a Broken Wing"
honoring the films of Ron Clements and John Musker, digital artwork by Keiko Murayama

"The World's Greatest Criminal Mind"
honoring the films of Ron Clements and John Musker, digital artwork by Keiko Murayama

"Elementary, Dawson"
honoring the films of Ron Clements and John Musker, digital artwork by Alexandria Neonakis

honoring the films of Ron Clements and John Musker, watercolor and colored pencil by Bill Schwab

Cyclops Print Works handbill
An Art Tribute to the Disney Films of Ron Clements and John Musker, screen printed on 5x5" paper

print by Jon Pinto

print by Eric Goldberg

Villain giclée
All Their Wicked Ways, by Tim Rogerson


soundtrack CD, 1986/1993
multiple covers

soundtrack cassette, 1986

45 RPM record, French, songs from the film

33 RPM record, French, dialogue and songs from the film

book and tape set, Disney Storyteller Series, 1986
this set had two different book covers

book and tape set, from Spain

book and CD set
Spanish version

story cassette
English, German, Spanish, and French versions

Disney's Definitive Scores CDs, 2005
the action-adventure, suspense and comedy collections all contain music from GMD

When You Wish Upon a Star CD, A Salute to Walt Disney
contains music from GMD

2-disc CD set
from Reader's Digest
contains music from GMD

Basil, détective privé single, 1986
French record by Douchka Esposito

Disney Danse LP
French record album by Douchka Esposito includes the song "Basil"

Disney LP
French record album by Douchka Esposito includes the song "Basil"

Disney Top 50 album
French album by Douchka Esposito includes the song "Basil"

Premier Pops with Henry Mancini CD, 1988
one of the tracks is the theme from GMD played by the Royal Philharmonic Pops

Hollywood Backlot: Big Movie Hits Vol. 3 CD
includes the theme music

Audio book CD
This is the original novel, not the Disney version

Sheet music
for the main title theme


Basil of Baker Street
by Eve Titus, 1986
paperback novel with Disney cover

Basil and the Lost Colony, Basil and the Pygmy Cats, Basil in Mexico, Basil in the Wild West, Basil and the Big Cheese Cook-Off, Basil and the Royal Dare
other novels in the series by Eve Titus or Cathy Hapka, which may be of interest, although not actually related to the Disney version

Golden Look-Look Books:
The Great Mouse Detective & Basil's Great Escape

Pop-Up book
In French

hardcover children's book
from Grolier
released with different covers

Basil, the Great Mouse Detective, by Ladybird Books, British

Basil, der groBe Mäusedetektiv, German storybook

Basil Detective Privé,
There have been multiple French hardcover storybooks published with different covers, sometimes with different retellings of the movie plot

Disney Prestige storybook, France
includes Great Mouse Detective and two other stories

Disney storybook collection, France
Great Mouse Detective with other stories

activity book
from Finland

Gallery Book

board books
from England
The Flying Kidnapper and The Clockwork Queen

by Hippo
this may be an alternate cover design for one of the above books

My Little Library book
this may be an alternate cover design for one of the above books

Disney's Year Book 1991
one of the stories is a further adventure of Basil

Off the Record Guide to Walt Disney's The Great Mouse Detective
edited by Maria Risma
DO NOT BUY before reading our detailed review

Disney A to Z by Dave Smith
contains multiple entries

The Ultimate Disney Trivia Book by Kevin Neary & Dave Smith
contains a GMD quiz section

The Ultimate Disney Trivia Book 3 by Kevin Neary & Dave Smith
contains at least one GMD question

The Encyclopedia of Walt Disney's Animated Characters by John Grant
contains an 8-page GMD section

Disney's Treasury of Children's Classics from the Fox and the Hound to the Hunchback of Notre Dame
conatains a 20-page retelling of the story with pre-production art & behind the scenes information
NOTE: the second edition of this book leaves out The Great Mouse Detective

Disney's Lost Chords, Vol. 2
includes unused song from The Great Mouse Detective

The Disney Films by Leonard Maltin
the third edition or later contains a GMD listing

Disney Animation Magic by Don Hahn
contains two preproduction drawings

The Disney Villain by Frank Thomas & Ollie Johnston
contains a 4-page section with preproduction art and background information

An Animator's Gallery: Eric Goldberg Draws the Disney Characters by David A. Bossert
contains a drawing of Olivia

Disney: the First 100 Years by Dave Smith & Steven Clark
contains a brief GMD mention

My Very First Disney ABC Word Book
look at "V" for violin

The Official Disney Trivia Book
conatins a GMD quiz

Walt Disney's Classic Movie Poster Book
includes a GMD poster

The Disney Studio Story by Richard Holiss & Brian Sibley, 1988
contains a few paragraphs, several good stills, and a flattering review

Disney Dossiers by Jeff Kurtti, 2006
Basil, Dawson and the Flavershams are listed, with photos and personal information, under "Other Mice: Great Mice of Mystery," and Ratigan under "Villains: Men of Means"

Art of Coloring: Disney Villains: 100 Images to Inspire Creativity and Relaxation
Disney's adult coloring book contains a few images of Ratigan and his lackeys Fidget and Felicia

Starring Sherlock Holmes by David Stuart Davies, 2001
contains a one-page, unenthusiastic review, no pictures

sticker book
by Panini
published in various languages

coloring book
by Golden Books
published with 2 different covers

coloring/activity book
by Golden Books

Disney puzzle book from the UK, by Hippo
Basil appears in 2 puzzles

sticker book
by Golden Books

Layout & Background from the Walt Disney Animation Archives Series
one leaf of Great Mouse Detective background art


Grolier's Magical Memories, limited edition

music box, Grolier's Musical Memories collection, 1988

French feves
ceramic miniatures for baking in traditional holiday cakes

Walt Disney Classics Collection, 2009
Basil and Dawson, open edition
shown with specification drawings

French plastic figurine
with book

figurine with book,
figurine tells the story when attached to the speaker, from Spain

Disney Sketchbook Christmas ornament


comic book
bilingual: the story of the film in both English and Norwegian

foreign comic books
these same stories can be found in British publications

castmember publication, multiple issues

Telestar, Dec. 8, 1986
French TV magazine features Basil and Douchka on the cover
find the original photo here

Disney Magazine, British
contains a Basil comic story

Die schonsten Filme von Walt Disney, German
contains a Basil comic story

Mestarietsivä Basil Hiiri, Finnish

Le Journal de Mickey, French
Beside the several Basil comic stories, one issue contains a GMD calendar

Donald Duck comic magazine #47 of 1992, Dutch
contains a one-page behind-the-scenes look at GMD

Donald Duck comic magazine #05 of 1993, Dutch
contains a centerfold poster

Donald Duck comic magazine #46 of 1999, Dutch
contains a centerfold poster

Donald Duck comic magazine #21 of 1993, Dutch
contains a history of Basil
the 2005 issue of Winterboek, another Dutch magazine, contains the same article

Picsou magazine, French
With a Great Mouse Detective board game

Starburst #99, Nov, 1986
contains a 3-page review with stills

Movie 87
contains a 2-page article that is mostly pictures

Animato! #23
contains brief but positive review, plus several interesting mentions in the John Musker interview

Animation Magazine #17, Autumn 1986
contains a GMD review

Files Magazine: Focus on Sherlock Holmes, 1987
contains a 6-page article on GMD, no pictures
this magazine needs a good editor, but it is informative and entertaining

Disney Adventures magazine, November 2007
contains a 3-page Basil comic featuring Olivia and Fidget

sampling of Japanese magazines and/or books


Halloween mask
made in France by Cesar

kitchen towel
cat design includes Felicia

pillow case
from Finland

character glass
made in France

ceramic villains mug
includes Ratigan

plastic mug
shows the video logo

ceramic logo mug

ceramic Disney dogs mug
featuring Toby, among others

ceramic Disney cats mug
featuring Toby, among others

desk set
includes pen, letter opener, and, of course, magnifying glass

Disney Dogs stationery set
includes a tiny Toby notepad

Disney Cats notebook
with Felicia

Disney Dogs pen
decorated with Toby and other dogs

dog bowl
with Toby and other Disney dogs

cat bowl
Meow-gical design, with Felicia

cat collar
Felicia is one of the cats pictured

digital trading cards
virtual cards by Topps

pocket calendar
made by Panini

calabash pipe

ceramic stein
Basil is among the characters on this animation timeline

face depicts the film's logo

ceramic villains Christmas ornament
shows Ratigan

phone card
three different versions

issued by St. Vincent

stamp, Walt Disney Cartoons series
issued by Congo

villains beach towel
including Ratigan; this same montage is available on a postcard

villains checkbook cover
with Ratigan


movie poster magnet

DVD cover magnet


Cinema Sticker,
Australian, #1 of a set of 20

McDonald's Sticker,
from France

cereal premium stickers,
set of 6

sticker sheet,
from Germany, also features Mickey and Cubbi Gummi

Disneyland 40 Years of Adventure map,
features Basil and Dawson among the characters around the border

from Japan, made of paper

bubble gum,
from France, with temporary tattoos


VHS video, 1993/1999

DVD, 2002/2010
shows both covers plus collectible tin
In the UK, fans could get their choice of collectible sleeves

Classic Card Collection, 1997-2005
Suncoast video offered cel cards with video purchase,
The picture of Basil on the folder makes you think there was a Great Mouse Detective card, but we've never been able to find one

laser disc

VCD video disc
from Malaysia
We are unfamiliar with this format


Millennium Pin #26, 1999

Disney Store song series pin #70, 2002

pin set
from the first video release; 2 color variations

Ratigan pin #6, Mickey's Trade Parade
from Walt Disney World

Ratigan lenticular pin

15th Anniversary pin, limited edition

History of Art pin, limited edition from Japan
for the film's 15th anniversary

History of Art pin, limited edition from Japan, 2003

20th anniversary pin, limited edition

Disney dogs pin, limited edition
from Disney Auctions

Ratigan pin, limited edition, 2004
from Disney Cruise Lines Villainous Voyage

Ears of Excellence pin
for cast members only

Filmstrip pin
made for the 35th anniversary

Basil pin
from a set depicting various mice

I Love Mice pin, limited edition, 2006

Fidget pin, limited edition, 2004
from the Happy Haunts framed set

Fidget pin, limited edition, 2005
from the Just a Pinch of This and of That framed set

movie poster pin
from 75 Years of Animation poster framed pin set

Basil and Dawson pin, 2010
from LE set of mouse pins

D23 pin, 2011
celebrating the 25th anniversary of the film,
limited edition of 250

Ratigan pin, ltd. ed. from Disney Store UK
Ratigan as king

mystery pins
from Good vs. Evil set

Beloved Tales pin
limited to 300

Basil with ice cream sundae pin
LE, from Disney Soda Fountain

Ratigan with ice cream sundae pin
LE, from Disney Soda Fountain

Dr. Dawson with ice cream sundae pin
LE, from Disney Soda Fountain

Olivia with ice cream cone pin
LE, from Disney Soda Fountain

Hiram Flaversham with ice cream sundae pin
LE, from Disney Soda Fountain

Fidget with ice cream cone pin
LE, from Disney Soda Fountain

Felicia with ice cream sundae pin
LE, from Disney Soda Fountain

Toby with ice cream pin
LE, from Disney Soda Fountain

30th Anniversary pin
limited to 1100

Marquee pin
the same artwork as the 30th Anniversary pin, but with an added background
limited to 300

Ratigan pin,
from the Framed Villains series, limited to 700

Mice Series pin,
Basil, Dawson, Flaversham, & Olivia flying on the balloon contraption, limited to 300

Ratigan pin,
from yet another Villains series, limited to 250

Fidget pin,
LE, from the Crooked Comrades series

Felicia pin,
LE, from the Cat Portraits series

Basil and friends pin,
LE, from Imagineering's Character Cluster series

Ratigan with Felicia pin,
limited to 700, from the My Cat series

Basil and Dawson in sailor costumes pin,
limited to 1000, from the Disney Disguises Reveal/Conceal series

Ratigan in kingly robes pin,
from the 2nd Disney Disguises Reveal/Conceal series

Felicia Cat Nap pin,
limited to 300, sold at the D23 Expo of 2019

Fairy Tails paw print pin,
limited to 300, sold at the D23 Expo of 2019

Fairy Tails Basil and Toby pin,
limited to 750, sold at the D23 Expo of 2019

Fairy Tails Falicia Paw Print pin,
sold at the D23 Expo of 2019

Ratigan and Fidget pin,
from the Villains & Sidekicks series, limited to 300, sold at the D23 Expo of 2019

Pin Trading Nights pin,
Basil and Toby, limited to 1000, 2019

Bat Day pin,
Fidget's head turns from side to side, 2020

Best in Show pin,
Toby, 2020, LE 300

Cats & Dogs pin,
Felicia, blind box

Heroes vs. Villains, "How to Be" pin set,
4 pins: Basil, Ratigan, Perceptive, & Charismatic, LE 750

Heroes vs. Villains, Sidekick pins
Fidget & Dawson were available in blind packs

Magical Comics pin
hinged to open like a book

magnifying glass pins
Toby, Ratigan & Fidget, Felicia & Fidget, Olivia, Queen Mousetoria, from WDI

Good vs. Evil Spinner pin
Basil's portrait inside a magnifying glass flips to reveal Ratigan's face

WDI profile pin

pinback button

pinback button
video promo item

pinback button
video promo item

pinback button, British
also called a film badge

Destination D: 75 Years of Disney Animated Features button
available at the D23 convention

villain pinback button
includes Ratigan

pinback button
artwork from the video cover


Basil plush

Basil plush, Smuckers giveaway
with official detective certificate

beanie set, 1998
Basil, Dawson, Ratigan, Olivia

Toby beanie

Toby plush, 1998

Toby plush, blue ribbon version, 1998

Olivia plush


Ratigan postcard

foil villains postcard
includes Fidget

villains postcard, 2 different styles
with Ratigan

movie poster postcard

movie poster postcard
French version

Disney dogs postcard by Bill Robinson includes Toby
also available as a print


movie poster
two versions for two separate releases

unused variations for the original movie poster

various posters from around the world

British safety poster

British campaign poster

British poster of unknown origin

Disney Magazine poster

65 Years of Animation poster

Celebration of Characters poster by Cody Reynolds
also available as a postcard

bus poster
seen in Disney parks buses

door poster
found in movie theaters

Disneyland limited edition poster

2 different villains posters
each includes Ratigan

2 mini-posters

Los Angeles County Museum of Art poster

Italian fotobusta posters
set of 4

French fische poster

Japanese poster

British Poster Story Book
unfolds like an American poster magazine


video standee, version 1

video standee, version 2

video standee, version 3

video standee, version 4

lighted sign

lobby cards

credits card
9x12" card featuring credit list on the back

studio stationery

book mark
advertising a video release

press kit

copyright guide
gives information to retailers on promoting the film

not sure how you could win this

program book
from Austria

program book
from Japan

Rice Krispies cereal box
from Finland
2 versions, with cutouts on the back

Cookie Crisp cereal box
originally included free stickers
See the stickers here

Disneyland brochure
features an ad for the movie

movie press sheet
from the UK
gives publicity information to newspapers and magazines


PC game

Disney Classics screen saver
contains one GMD scene

Disney Villains screen saver
contains several Ratigan pics

The D Show PC quiz game
one category is Great Mouse Detective
one Bonus Round Casting Call game is Great Mouse Detective


PVC figures/cake toppers
by Bully
Basil with pipe, Basil with magnifying glass, Dawson

deck of playing cards
from Japan

trading cards
part of a large Australian card set

trading cards
from the Disney Treasures sets 1 and 2

Ratigan trading card
from villain set

Ratigan trading card
same as above, but with the Disneyana Convention logo

6 of the 7 cards shown
in the Disney Studios Collectors Card set

Trivial Pursuit cards
from the game of the same name

Wonderful World of Disney Trivia cards
from the game of the same name

Pictopia Trivia cards
from yet another trivia game

German board game

a completely different board game,
also from Germany

jigsaw puzzle

movie poster jigsaw puzzle

jigsaw puzzle,
2 designs in one box

Villainous jigsaw puzzle, Ratigan
after the board game

villain jigsaw puzzle
packaged in a tin,
includes Ratigan

Sanitarium Ricies pogs
an Australian cereal premium, 1996

Choco Party figures
take-apart toys from Japan

Olivia Flaversham Neo figure
vending machine toy from Japan,
part of the Disney Girl's Party set

Spy Kit
promotional giveaway

Vinylmation Basil and Ratigan figures

Funko Pop figures
Basil, Ratigan, and Olivia available

French card game
similar to Go Fish, depicts many Disney characters, including GMD

basil advertising




Here are some suggestions for new merchandise featuring Basil and friends. We would definitely buy all of these items. Are you listening, Disney Merchandise department?


  1. Tiny Kingdom set -- Too bad this series is now defunct.
  2. Watch -- We suggest the face of Big Ben with the two balloons flying around it
  3. McDonald's Happy Meal Toys -- McDonald's has started making Disney promos again, so...
  4. Art of The Great Mouse Detective -- Coffee table book
  5. Christmas Ornaments -- The Sketchbook ornaments are fabulous, but we want one of those Storybook sets
  6. Snow Globe -- Suggestion: Basil shooting holes in the pillows with feathers for the "snow"
  7. More PVC figures -- The Bully toys are great, but we must have Ratigan and Fidget
  8. Computer Game -- Yes, there was one released in the eighties, but it's quite primitive by today's standards
  9. Walter Foster How To Draw The Great Mouse Detective book -- these books are fun
  10. Action figures -- We'll take Magical Collection or Funko (the ones that are so on-model, not those Pop things)

All Disney characters & images © Disney and are used for fan purposes only
All other content © 2007-2024 Whatsits Galore


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