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Blackbeard's Ghost
3 available
paperback, cover creases $4.00

Cat From Outer Space
1 available
paperback, movie novelization, minor cover wear $4.00

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
1 available
paperback by Ian Fleming, cover creases, tear on spine $1.00

Cosby, Punky Kate and Allie
1 available
hardcover, near mint $3.00

Freaky Friday Disney cover
1 available
paperback, some wear $3.00

Freaky Friday Gorey cover
1 available
paperback, cover soiling & creases $2.00

Dr. Who: The Tenth Planet
1 available
paperback, lots of creases & cover soiling $3.00

Dr. Who: Terminus
1 available
paperback, lots of creases & cover soiling $3.00

A Bug's Life Junior Novelization
1 available
paperback with color pictures, indents on back cover $1.00

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