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Cinderella puzzle
1 available
near mint, complete $4.00

Kaptain Kool and the Kongs puzzle
3 available
1978, mint, sealed$6.00

Mickey's Band puzzle
1 available
light wear, complete $6.00

Donald's Picnic puzzle
1 available
light wear, complete $6.00

Little Lulu frame tray puzzle
1 available
by Whitman, 1974, 1 piece partly creased, edge wear and soiling $3.00

Underdog puzzle
1 available
by Whitman, complete, a few pieces look are beginning to crease, box top is bowed, lots of edge wear, one side of the box has extreme wear $5.00

Vintage skill puzzle
1 available
2½" across, plastic, made in Hong Kong, wear and soiling $3.00

Vintage Skill Puzzles
1 available
by Famus Corp., mint on card, card severely damaged $5.00

Play Time Puzzle Pak
1 available
vintage, by Fleetwood Toys, mint on card, card damaged $6.00

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