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Beauty and the Beast playset
1 available
by Applause, new in package, packaging cracked and yellowed with age $7.00

Little Mermaid playset
2 available
by Applause, new in package, packaging yellowed with age $7.00

Smurf Pop-Up Playset
1 available
near mint, damage to box $7.00

M.A.S.K. Firefly with helmet
1 available
converts into aircraft, by Kenner, 1986, loose, includes helmet for Hocus Pocus, one wheel missing, some stickers damaged, strut bent $6.00

He-Man Roton
1 available
from He-Man, loose, complete? 1 bent gun, light wear, some damaged stickers $7.00

Fisher-Price Bouncing Buggy
1 available
dated 1973, loose, lots of wear and soiling, rough decals $6.00

Little Mermaid stampers
1 available
Ariel & Flounder, 3½", loose, no caps, near mint $2.50

Snoopy Colorforms
1 available
missing 1 baseball, lots of wear and soiling, box is bowed with split corners & broken sides, instructions wrinkled $8.00

Disney Infinity Toy Box Challenge
1 available
still sealed, mark from price tag $23.00

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