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Bionic Woman backing card
1 available
from action figure fashions, CARD ONLY, cello attached on one edge, card has creases and tears $3.00

Spirit of the Force Obi-Wan
2 available
Frito-Lay premium, mint in sealed package $5.50

Riddler Retro Mego-Style action figure
1 available
8" tall, mint in re-sealable package, NRFB $20.00

Domino action figure
1 available
with Twin Weapon Arsenal, mint on card, card has edge wear and bent corners $5.00

Green Lantern vs. Dr. Polaris
1 available
plus the Atom, figure gift set, box has minor damage $16.00

Mega Armor Flash
1 available
mint on card, card has damaged corners, remains of price sticker $7.50

Kirk vinyl figure
1 available
vinyl figure by Presents, near mint with stand & tags $15.00

Zam Wesell
1 available
mint in box, box damaged $12.00

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