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Bullwinkle bendy
1 available
by Wham-O, loose, 6" tall, paint wear, tip of finger missing $5.00

Donald Duck bendy
1 available
4" tall, soiled $2.00

Mrs. Potts bendy
1 available
3" tall, loose, lots of soiling, some paint wear $2.00

1 available
mint on card, card damaged $5.00

Beast bendy
1 available
5½" tall, loose, lots of soiling, staining and some paint wear $3.00

1 available
loose, ding in foot, split between legs, soilied, some paint loss, head rough, no broken wires $5.00

Minnie bendy
1 available
cereal premium, loose, paint wear $2.00

Mickey Mouse bendy
1 available
by Durham Industries, 5" tall, soiled, no broken wires $5.00

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