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Doll brush and hand mirror
1 available
loose, Barbie's?, a few bristles broken off brush, lots of soiling, tarnish to "mirror" both for $3.00

Tall red Barbie boots
1 available
from Walking Pretty pack, no splits $3.00

Francie Side Kick dress
1 available
missing 2 buttons, thread made red mark on checks, missing threads for hook to catch, flattened from years of improper storage $6.00

Sun Set Malibu Francie bathing suit
1 available
pink and orange, soiled on one leg, loose threads where neck seam is coming out $4.00

All-Star Ken doll
1 available
wearing disco outfit, no shoes, loose, some soiling, tiny gouge in one elbow $9.00

Kevin doll
1 available
Skipper's boyfriend, 1989, Mattel, brunet, loose, nude, some soiling $5.00

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