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Identify, Locate, Exterminate

The world is full of monsters, at least, according to the classic TV series Kolchak: the Night Stalker. If we ordinary humans are to survive, we need information, the who, what, where and how of monster-hunting. And who better to instruct the amateur creature-catcher than Carl Kolchak, seeker of fiends, hunter of ghouls, destroyer of evil? Here is a guide to the menaces faced by our intrepid reporter in the hope that it will aid you in in the fight against the monsters of our world. So, sharpen those stakes and explore the supernatural battlefield of The Night Stalker.

WHO IS IT? Janos Skorzeny
WHAT IS IT? A vampire
WHAT DOES IT DO? Drains blood
HOW DO YOU STOP IT? Drive a wooden stake through his heart

WHO IS IT? Richard Malcolm/Malcolm Richards
WHAT IS IT? A very old man
WHERE IS IT FOUND? Beneath the streets of Seattle
WHAT DOES IT DO? Strangles victims
HOW DO YOU STOP IT? Destroy Elixir of Life before he can take it

WHO IS IT? Jack the Ripper
WHAT IS IT? See below
WHAT DOES IT DO? Slashes women
HOW DO YOU STOP IT? Electrify him

WHO IS IT? Francois Edmunds
WHAT IS IT? A zombie
WHERE IS IT FOUND? Places of the dead
WHAT DOES IT DO? Crushes spines
HOW DO YOU STOP IT? Fill his mouth with salt, place white candles around him, and sew his lips shut. Or, just strangle him

WHO IS IT? Unknown
WHAT IS IT? Invisible aliens
WHAT DOES IT DO? Extracts bone marrow
HOW DO YOU STOP IT? High-pitched sounds

WHO IS IT? Catherine Rawlins
WHAT IS IT? Another vampire
WHERE IS IT FOUND? Grace's Catering Service
WHAT DOES IT DO? Drinks blood

WHO IS IT? Bernhard Steiglitz
WHAT IS IT? A werewolf
WHERE IS IT FOUND? On a cruise ship
WHAT DOES IT DO? Mutilates during the full moon
HOW DO YOU STOP IT? Silver bullets

WHO IS IT? Frankie Markov
WHAT IS IT? A doppleganger
WHERE IS IT FOUND? Wherever conductor Ryder Bond should be
WHAT DOES IT DO? Causes spontaneous human combustion
HOW DO YOU STOP IT? Bring his remains to the place of his death and reunite body and spirit

WHO IS IT? Robert D. Palmer
WHAT IS IT? Politician from Perdition
WHERE IS IT FOUND? US senatorial race
WHAT DOES IT DO? Whatever it takes: changes into a dog, drops elevators, crashes cars, blows up yachts...
HOW DO YOU STOP IT? Drop his medallion in holy water

WHO IS IT? Unknown
WHAT IS IT? A Diablero
WHERE IS IT FOUND? The Champion Towers high-rise building
WHAT DOES IT DO? Transforms into animals; puts victims in a trance; steals jewels
HOW DO YOU STOP IT? Show him his own gaze in a mirror

WHO IS IT? Peremalfáit
WHAT IS IT? The Bogey Man
WHERE IS IT FOUND? In the sewer
WHAT DOES IT DO? Squeezes the life out of you
HOW DO YOU STOP IT? Stick him with a spear made of Bayou gum

WHO IS IT? Matchemonedo
WHAT IS IT? An invisible bear-god
WHERE IS IT FOUND? Downtown Chicago, even before it was Chicago
WHAT DOES IT DO? Congeals plasma in victim's body
HOW DO YOU STOP IT? Freeze him with liquid nitrogen, frigid lake waters, or even a fire extinguisher

WHO IS IT? Rakshasa
WHAT IS IT? Evil flesh-eating spirit
WHERE IS IT FOUND? Can appear anywhere
WHAT DOES IT DO? Possesses a man's mind to make him see the image of someone he trusts
HOW DO YOU STOP IT? Crossbow with arrows blessed by the Hindu god Brahmin

WHAT IS IT? Misunderstood homicidal robot
WHERE IS IT FOUND? Tyrell Industries
WHAT DOES IT DO? Smashes everything in its path
HOW DO YOU STOP IT? A bullet to the electronic brain

WHO IS IT? Inapplicable
WHAT IS IT? Collection of thawed cells from the Arctic
WHERE IS IT FOUND? Tunnels under the old Chicago Stadium
WHAT DOES IT DO? Tears victims limb from limb
HOW DO YOU STOP IT? Tranquilizer darts

WHO IS IT? Madelaine Perkins
WHAT IS IT? A witch
WHERE IS IT FOUND? The heart of Chicago's high-fashion district
WHAT DOES IT DO? Attacks with marauding manequins, killer kitties, etc.
HOW DO YOU STOP IT? Publicly accuse her of practicing witchcraft

WHO IS IT? Harold "Sword Man" Baker
WHAT IS IT? Headless motorcycle-riding corpse
WHERE IS IT FOUND? His head's in the Cook County warehouse
WHAT DOES IT DO? Decapitates victims
HOW DO YOU STOP IT? Return the head to the body

WHO IS IT? Inapplicable
WHAT IS IT? Succubus
WHERE IS IT FOUND? Illinois State Tech campus
WHAT DOES IT DO? Scares young men to death
HOW DO YOU STOP IT? Destroy the ancient clay tablet

WHO IS IT? Nanautzin
WHAT IS IT? Mummified warrior leader of the cult of Tezcatlipoca
WHERE IS IT FOUND? The highest staircase in town
WHAT DOES IT DO? Cuts out victim's heart
HOW DO YOU STOP IT? Wait until Venus rises

WHO IS IT? Guy de Mettancoeur
WHAT IS IT? The Black Cross Knight
WHERE IS IT FOUND? Hydecker Museum
WHAT DOES IT DO? Cleaves enemies in twain with medieval weapons
HOW DO YOU STOP IT? A blessed battle-ax

WHO IS IT? Helen Surtees, alias Helen of Troy
WHAT IS IT? Immortal beauty
WHERE IS IT FOUND? Max Match computer dating service
WHAT DOES IT DO? Ages victims to death
HOW DO YOU STOP IT? Get her to offer an imperfect sacrifice and let Hecate take care of her

WHO IS IT? Inapplicable
WHAT IS IT? Bipedal reptile
WHERE IS IT FOUND? Merrymount Archive Inc.
WHAT DOES IT DO? Bites victims
HOW DO YOU STOP IT? Return its eggs


jack trek


It's the most famous unsolved crime spree of all time and one of Carl Kolchak's first recorded adventures. But just who was Jack the Ripper?

Historically, little is known about the celebrated serial killer, except that in 1888, he knifed and mutilated five or more women in the Whitechapel District of London. He was never caught or even identified, although theories abound, along with a steady stream of new revelations, secret diaries, and suppressed files continually surfacing. Still, the truth remains unproven.

Perhaps the question for Ripperologists should be, "What was Jack the Ripper?" Night Stalker viewers know the truth about the elusive killer, but not the whole truth. Although Carl discovered that the Chicago ripper was responsible for a chain of serial murders covering a hundred years, his name and origin remain a mystery. He appears to be an ordinary man, but appearances are deceiving. Not only is he uncommonly strong, but he can also leap over parked cars and shrug off bullets. Seemingly unkillable, the villain is impervious to blows, falls, strangulation, and old age. The only thing that can stop him is electricity. In short, this is not your average mass-murderer.

If we want to know more about Saucy Jack, we must look further afield, to another classic TV series, the original Star Trek. In the episode enitled Wolf in the Fold, the Enterprise crew becomes entangled in a series of knife murders on a distant planet, committed by an unknown assailant. Like Kolchak, Mr. Spock does the research and comes to a similar conclusion: that a series of unsolved murders through the ages were in fact all perpetrated by the same person, the man called Jack the Ripper. But Capt. Kirk and crew discover an interesting twist, namely that an incorporeal alien which feeds on fear is able to possess physical bodies, living or dead, and use them to commit murders; its sole purpose is to generate terror and thereby nourish itself.

Carl stopped the Ripper in the 20th century by electrocution, which utterly destroyed the body, leaving nothing but a shoe. In some way, the alien was forced out by the shock, leaving the hundred-year-old corpse to disintegrate into dust. Unknown to the reporter, however, the alien entity survived, moving on to possess other bodies and perpetrate other crimes. Centuries in the future, it vacated Earth, leaving a bloody trail to the planet Argelius and its current body, Commissioner Hengist. Kirk and Spock deduced that the alien would be harmless if it inhabited a sufficiently tranquilized body, and thus subdued it long enough to beam it into space as a cloud of dispersed atoms.

So the centuries-long menace of Jack the Ripper was ended. Unless the alien, about which so little is known, might eventually be able to re-form its scattered molecules. Perhaps someday the Ripper will return for some tireless though unappreciated reporter of the future to investigate and defeat for the sake of mankind.

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