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What is a glitch? Glitches are mistakes in movies and TV shows. They can be technical goofs, continuity errors, or anything that makes you scratch your head and say, "Huh?" We who love Disney films know that they are flawless, don't we? Read on...

New glitches added on the first of every month.

Can't any of the troops see Mushu sticking out of Mulan's collar during her dressing down by Shang?

In The Plowboy, the background scrolls the wrong way behind the running cow.

In The Rescuers, Penny's reflection doesn't show her chin resting on her arms.

A. J. Arno's henchman Cookie is called "Chillie" in The Computer Wore Tennies Shoes.

Georgette knows Oliver wasn't really kidnapped; does she wonder where the ransom note came from? Not that she could tell Jenny about it...

In Mickey and the Beanstalk, Goofy is wearing socks in bed as the beanstalk grows, but is later shown sleeping in his shoes.

That bridge to Atlantis looks amazingly flimsy, yet it can hol two of Rourke's trucks.

If Ben really wanted to get rid of Abby, which he does in the early part of National Treasure, he should have let her believe that Ian had the Declaration and sent her to call the police. Then he could've gone on to his father's house in peace.

There's no reason to keep Elsa's power a secret from Anna all those years. When Anna finally learns the truth, she's not at all traumatized.

Dumbo wears a hat, not a baby bonnet for his last dive from the burning house. Was it changed so Timothy would have a place to sit?

Here are last month's glitches:

In Cured Duck, the broken window gains a lot more glass.

Maleficent travels across the kingdom magically, by appearing and disappearing. Yet she seems to leave her pet raven to fly from place to place the hard way.

Ernesto doesn't even recognize Hector. Does this mean that, in the eighty or so years since his death, Hector has never confronted his former friend about stealing his songs? What was he waiting for?

In Bone Trouble, when Pluto turns his head to watch the fleeing bulldog, his multiple reflections don't turn their heads.

In The Black Hole, the console behind Dan looks like it's about to shake apart. Is the Palomino really that badly constructed?

The "gypsies" escape without anyone realizing they are Robin and Little John in disguise. Yet somehow later the villains figure it out, since Hiss refers to Robin robbing Prince John.

Duchess manages to untie the sack from the inside. Actually, if you look closely, Edgar's hands don't move correctly to tie a knot in the first place.

In The Little Mermaid 2, Dash asks why Melody wants to go to Atlantica. Duh! She's a mermaid. Is it so strange for a mermaid to go to the city of merfolk?

In Mulan 2, Mulan and Shang fight the bandits without swords; presumably they lost them along with their supplies. But Mulan has a sword to place in memory of Shang when she thinks he's dead.

It's in the very corner of the scene and hard to see, but when Mickey as Bob Cratchit picks up his fork, it sort of teleports into his hand.




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