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What is a glitch? Glitches are mistakes in movies and TV shows. They can be technical goofs, continuity errors, or anything that makes you scratch your head and say, "Huh?" We who love Disney films know that they are flawless, don't we? Read on...

New glitches added on the first of every month.

Lots of the so-called TV shows viewed in The Barefoot Executive are actually footage of famous movies, including The Shaggy Dog and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, to name a few.

Tantor sees through his trunk like a periscope, which is not only impossible, but kind of gross.

We should see the kitty basket sitting on the bank while Edgar is driving around the underside of the bridge.

In a moment of rage in Beauty and the Beast: Enchanted Christmas, Beast smashes some of the castle china. Did he just murder his own servants?

In Alice's Mysterious Mystery, the trap door suddenly looks different and moves futher from the building.

In The Boatniks, that's not a Fudgicle Charlie has, it's vanilla ice cream with a chocolate shell. It could be an Eskimo Pie or a Good Humor Bar, but it's no Fudgicle.

Andy gets a Battleship game for his birthday, but the box is the wrong size.

In Early to Bed, Donald tears his blanket, but it repairs itself.

In The Gorilla Mystery, Mickey doesn't pull a flashlight out of his pants or from behind his back as is standard cartoonese; it just magically appears in his hand.

Widow Tweed's pump moves to the other side of her front door.

Here are last month's glitches:

Dumbo loses his collar while blowing bubbles.

What does Mother Gothel do all day? Does she have a job somewhere? Does she spend most days locked in the tower, too? Or is she independently wealthy, leaving Rapunzel alone to go whoop it up somewhere?

Gordon Bombay asks to see the members of his hockey team, the Mighty Ducks, and is told that all of them are in the detention room. Was that entire science class composed of only Ducks? And by the way, Fulton isn't there.

Dodger loses his sunglasses when he scares the driver of the Volkswagon. Actually, they should fall off then, but he gets them back immediately anyway.

Boo does a lot of giggling, but it has no effect on the power.

How do Ben Gates and company, or Mitch and his goons for that matter, escape from London without facing criminal charges for that car chase?

Everyone assumes Will Stronghold will get the same power as one of his parents. Why? Lila doesn't have the power of her mother. And the sidekicks don't seem to assume they'll get a certain power. They all question each other with, "What's your power?" If they simply inherited the same powers as their parents, there would be no question.

In Egyptian Melodies, the spider leads us into the tomb but falls down some stairs. For some reason, he then climbs back up three steps before returning down to the same place he fell to.

I'm told that Berlioz hits the wrong keys while playing the piano. Being unmusical, I can't say, but he definitely stops playing while we still hear the piano.

In Donald's Double Trouble, Daisy loses her bracelet.




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