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What is a glitch? Glitches are mistakes in movies and TV shows. They can be technical goofs, continuity errors, or anything that makes you scratch your head and say, "Huh?" We who love Disney films know that they are flawless, don't we? Read on...

New glitches added on the first of every month.

Where do the Atlanteans get the crystals for their new babies? They live for 8000+ years, so there can't be many crystals handed down from dead relations.

The Cone of Shame is left on poor Alpha even when he visits the Seniors' home.

Patrick Gates has told and retold the tale of Thomas Gates to Ben, yet he somehow never thought to mention the "debt that all men pay" part.

In The Three Caballeros, the square wheels vanish from the train, though the train does gain more cars from somewhere when the Aracuan Bird breaks it up.

In Steamboat Willie, many items disappear: the "FOB" label, a pot lid on a hook, even the cow's ear.

Coach Archer and Milo fly to China on the spur of the moment at the end of The World's Greatest Athlete, leaving Milo's car parked at the airport curb, where it's sure to be impounded eventually.

In Hooked Bear, why are the fisherman so afraid of what they think is a shark? It can't get you on the shore.

Why does Bellwether give her henchmen such specific targets? Wouldn't any predators do for her plan?

Jumba has no qualms about ramming Gantu's ship during the resuce effort, even though he might kill Lilo in the process.

One slat in Medusa's door changes color.

Here are last month's glitches:

Snow White sometimes appears to be looking up at the hag, who is shorter than she is.

If a guillotine swung around and around as it does in Dead Men Tell No Tales, the blade would remain at the outermost edge of the arc due to the effects of centripetal force.

Doc Terminus' body seems to instantly lose its momentum when the harpoon hits the pole.

In Father Noah's Ark, the patch on Noah's robe flashes when he blows his horn; then in the next scene, it's gone.

Muse Melpomene sings with Thalia's voice.

Although Lewis's machine does fly apart and cause the volcano to erupt, it would've erupted earlier if Stanley had done a better job with the wiring. In which case, the volcano would've set off the sprinklers which caused the rest of the chaos, and Stanley would be in trouble instead of Lewis.

In Presto, the top hat is on the right side and the magic hat on the left of the magician's secret drawer. Yet when he removes them, the top hat is in his left hand, the magic hat in his right.

Why does Big Mama, an owl, sleep at night?

Wilbur's chest turns blue for a seond while in the hospital truck.

In Mickey Cuts Up, Mickey's shadow appears and vanishes while he's inside the birdhouse.




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