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Basil of Baker Street
by Whatsits Galore

If anyone is familiar with the pin-trading website PinPics, you might remember how it looked before it was revamped. One of the features that was lost in the "upgrade" was the list of pin groups created by members to showcase their favourites. It will come as no surprise to learn that the Great Mouse Detective group was created by Whatsits Galore. For posterity as well as old time's sake, we recreate it here, with updates when new pins become available.



Movies - Great Mouse Detective (The)

Pins and buttons featuring Basil of Baker Street, Professor Ratigan, and other characters from my favourite film, "The Great Mouse Detective."

button Pin 55559: Adventures of the Great Mouse Detective pinback button

This 3" button is an early example of the all-too-sparse memorabilia for a terrific film. The logo reflects the somewhat odd title change to "The Adventures of the Great Mouse Detective," a decision that continues to cause confusion.

Basil and Olivia engage in one of their favourite pastimes: observing footprints through a magnifying glass.
button Pin 57324: Campaign Button

This promotional button was available to retailers in Great Britain as part of Disney's advertising campaign for the first release. It was included with a packet of promo signs and clip art.

At less than 2" across, a small but attractive button featuring a small but attractive Basil examining a clue and shouting, "It's Elementary!"
pin Pin 5168: Walt Disney Home Video pin: Basil

One of 6 Great Mouse Detective pins available only in Europe to contest winners.

Basil is quite happy with his magnifying glass at the ready.
pin Pin 84562: Disney Home Video Great Mouse Detective Basil color variation

Same as above with colour variation; actually a lot more accurate, as Basil's overcoat is brown instead of green.
pin Pin 4662: Walt Disney Home Video pin: Dawson

One of 6 Great Mouse Detective pins available only in Europe to contest winners.

Dr. Dawson is assistant and friend to the Great Mouse Detective.
pin Pin 84561: Disney Home Video Great Mouse Detective Dr. Dawson color variation

Same as above, but with different, less accurate colours.
pin Pin 4666: Walt Disney Home Video pin: Ratigan

One of 6 Great Mouse Detective pins available only in Europe to contest winners.

The Napoleon of Crime of the rodent world performs a peppy song and dance.
pin Pin 3832: walt Disney Home Video: Olivia

One of 6 Great Mouse Detective pins available only in Europe to contest winners.

Young Olivia Flaversham is looking sweet and innocent.
pin Pin 84559: Disney Home Video Great Mouse Detective Olivia Flavisham color variation

The same as above with colour variations much closer to the film.
pin Pin 5170: Walt Disney Home Video pin: Toby

One of 6 Great Mouse Detective pins available only in Europe to contest winners.

Basil's hound dog Toby appears to be ready for action.
pin Pin 5169: Walt Disney Home Video pin: Fidget

One of 6 Great Mouse Detective pins available only in Europe to contest winners.

A smiling Fidget is Ratigan's peg-legged bat henchman.
pin Pin 84560: Disney Home Video Great Mouse Detective Fidget color variation

The same as above with slight colour variations.
pin Pin 38003: Walt Disney Home Video pin set

Set of 6 Great Mouse Detective pins available only in Europe to contest winners.
pin Pin 84558: Disney Home Video 6 Pin Set Great Mouse Detective color variation

Same as the above but with colour variations, of which some are quite major.
pin Pin 5993: Movie Poster pin

This replica of the original movie poster is part of the 75th Anniversary One Sheets limited edition set, released in 1998.

As on the poster, Basil is seen wearing a blue suit he never wears in the film. This was a last-minute effort by the marketing department to Americanize the film in an attempt to distance it from Steven Spielberg's 1986 flop Young Sherlock Holmes.
pin Pin 538: Millenium Series pin

Pin #27 from the Millennium Series sold in The Disney Store. Released on Dec. 3, 1999, it retailed for $4.00.

Recalling the film's climactic Big Ben chase scene, Basil is shown standing on a gear with the film logo and release date of 1986.
pin Pin 17421: Magical Musical Moments pin

This pin series from The Disney Store highlighted various songs from Disney movies. "Let Me Be Good to You" was #70; it was released November 16, 2002 and sold for $4.50

Ratigan entertains Basil with a lively rendition of this cabaret-style song, although he didn't sing it in the film. Wouldn't "Good-Bye, So Soon" have been a better choice for this pin?

Basil's hand is also a peculiar shade of red.
pin Pin 6283: Ratigan lenticular pin

Third in the Villain Lenticular series released Aug 11, 2001 as part of the Epcot pin celebration.

Two separate views of the World's Greatset Criminal Mind in one pin.
pin Pin 5663: 15th anniversary dangle pin

Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of The Great Mouse Detective, this large pin was part of a limited edition of 3500 released in July of 2001, original price $15.00.

Basil, Dawson and Ratigan are seen along with the Professor's infamous bell, used to call his cat Felicia.
pin Pin 47706: 20th Anniversary dangle pin

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of The Great Mouse Detective, this large pin was part of a limited edition of 1500 released July 2, 2006 original price $10.95.

The Great Mouse Detective and his faithful sidekick are on the case, with a little help from Toby the hound.
pin Pin 66050: 20th Anniversary dangle pin -- Artist's Proof

The same as pin 47706, only with 'AP' on the back.
pin Pin 6940: Mickey's Trade Parade pin

Pin #6 in the Mickey's Trade Parade series from Walt Disney World, limited to 2500 pins, original price $8.50.

Professor Ratigan carries his trading pins inside his cape, like a black market dealer on a street corner.
button Pin 21922: Video pinback button--1st release

This pinback button was a promo for retailers to advertise the 1st-ever release of the Great Mouse Detective to home video on July 17. Measures 3".

The button shows a section of the video cover art, a decidedly happy Basil, obviously delighted to finally be available on home video.
button Pin 14899: Video pinback button--2nd release

This pinback button was a promo for retailers to advertise the 2nd release of the Great Mouse detective on home video on August 31. Measures 2x3".

The button shows the video/DVD cover art, a portrait of our hero in a somewhat Basil-Noir style, looking quite handsome and very satisfied with himself. The advertising campaign this time around was entitled "Get a Clue."
button Pin 18528: Video pinback button--2nd release variant

A slightly different version of the above button with more garish colours, worn by Disney Store cast members. Instead of the "Get a Clue" promotion, this button says "Back to School with Disney."
pin Pin 11454: History of Art pin: Basil and Olivia

This pin is one of the History of Art series sold in Japan at the Mickey & Pals stores. It was limited to 1800 pins, original price 780 yen.

Basil and Olivia observe a trail of sinister footprints through a magnifying glass with a somewhat Japanese-style sunset in the background.
pin Pin 25931: History of Art pin: Flaversham and Olivia

This pin is one of the History of Art series sold in Japan at the Mickey & Pals stores. It was limited to 1000 pins, original price 780 yen, released in September, 2003.

Toymaker Hiram Flaversham is about to hide his daughter Olivia in the cupboard.
pin Pin 32549: A Villainous Voyage Pin Cruise

Only 500 lucky guests on the Disney Cruise line had the opportunity to buy this Limited Edition, Artist's Choice slider pin designed by Disney Design Group Artist Alex Maher. It was released November 14, 2004 and sold for $10.50.

Ratigan looks suitably wicked as he climbs the ship's rope with his usually-impeccable suit torn to shreds.
pin Pin 46153: Disney Dogs pin

Sold on the Disney Auctions website, this jumbo pin was limited to only 100, and sold for $40.00. It was released on April 13, 2006.

Toby is almost lost in this congregation of pooches, but at least he's in good company with his canine buddies from Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid, Lady and the Tramp, Oliver and Company, The Fox and the Hound, and One Hundred and One Dalmatians.
pin Pin 46402: Disney Mice pin set

Disneyshopping.com had a set of 5 mouse pins available for $24.95. Released in April of 2006 and limited to 1000, it was a great set, but this one pin stands far above the others.

Basil strikes a classic pose with his pipe. His costume is a version sometimes seen in promotional material and pre-production artwork, but not used in the actual film. Notice the grey trousers, the waistcoat instead of his Norfolk jacket, and the absence of spats.
pin Pin 48947: I Love Mice pin

From the DisneyShopping.com "I Love Pins" series, this entry was limited to 500 Pins. It was released on August 21, 2006 and sold for $6.99.

Who doesn't love mice? Especially Basil of Baker Street. Oh, and also Timothy from Dumbo and Jaq & Gus from Cinderella.
pin Pin 52111: Ears of Excellence pin: Basil

Awarded to Disney cast members, this limited edition pin was one of several depicting various characters used to acknowledge and reward exceptional service.

Basil appears rather smug, but that's probably because he finds the term "excellence" so appropriate for one of his pins.
pin Pin 52291: Happy Haunts pin set: Fidget

Only 25 sets were made of this framed pin set available at the Happy Haunts Event entitled A Ghoulish Gathering in October of 2004. Each set sold for $175.00.

Of the five bat pins, the coolest is that one-legged henchman with the crippled wing, Fidget.
pin Pin 80863: WDW - 999 Happy Haunts Event 2004 - Framed Pin Set (Surrounded) - Fidget the Bat only

Here is a look at the Fidget pin from the above set, up close and personal.
pin Pin 38429: Just a Pinch of This and a Pinch of That pin set: Fidget

This framed pin set was created by Mark Seppala for the Happiest Pin Celebration On Earth event at Walt Disney World September 9, 2005. It was limited to 25 pins and retailed for $175.00 per set.

It's hard to see in the picture, but Fidget gets to hang out with some of Disney's scariest villains: the Hag, Jafar, Ursula, Cruella de Vil, and Maleficent in her dragon form. The little guy better be careful around such powerful baddies.
pin Pin 76345: DisneyStore.com - Once Upon a Mouse Set - Basil and Dawson Only (Error)

One of six pins celebrating Disney mice.

The Great Mouse Detective adjusts his deerstalker as he and eager sidekick Dr. Dawson prepare for a new adventure.

There is a glitch on this pin: part of Basil's sleeve is coloured grey, as if it was Dawson's coat.
pin Pin 83782: Disney Store Europe - Ratigan

Released 3rd June 2011 and limited to 150, this pin was sold online through the Disney Store UK.

Dressed to the nines, Ratigan delights in surrounding himself with gold and jewels.
pin Pin 88037: D23 Membership Exclusive 25th Anniversary The Great Mouse Detective Pin

Available for purchase only by lucky D23 members, this pin was released Nov. 28th, 2011 to celebrate The Great Mouse Detective's 25th anniversary. It was limited to 250, selling for $19.95, and worth every penny.

Basil and Dawson, each looking perfect in purple-and-gold, smile broadly at us.
pin Pin 90950: Good Vs Evil - Mystery Pack - Basil Only

From the Good vs. Evil mystery collection, released July 19th, 2012 in both Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

The luckiest buyers found Basil in their mystery pack, happily searching for clues, as usual.
pin Pin 90951: Good Vs Evil - Mystery Pack - Ratigan Only

From the Good vs. Evil mystery collection, released July 19th, 2012 in both Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

Who could be more evil than that arch-fiend Professor Ratigan?

Note the colour mistake: the blue around Ratigan's eyes make him look like he's wearing a mask. Perhaps he's on his way to a fancy-dress ball.
button Pin 92009: D23 - Destination D: 75 Years of Disney Animated Features Button Set Set 3

Set 3 of 6 different sets released at the D23 Event.

Basil and Dawson share the moment when their official working partnership began.
pin Pin 94312: DSF - Beloved Tales - The Great Mouse Detective

Limited to 300, this pin from the aptly-named Beloved Tales series is a steal at $12.95.

Basil leads his comrades to adventure in a scene bearing an uncanny resemblance to a certain DVD cover. Dawson, however, appears to be a somewhat sickly shade of grey.
pin Pin 96501: DSF - Pin Trader's Delight - Olivia Flaversham #1 - GWP

Limited to just 300, this pin was a giveaway with purchase of a Pin Trader's Delight sundae at the Disney Soda Fountain in California.

Olivia appears as delighted with her ice cream cone as we are with this pin.
pin Pin 101283: DSSH - Pin Traders' Delight Basil - GWP

Limited to just 300, this pin was a giveaway with purchase of a Pin Trader's Delight sundae at the Disney Soda Fountain in California.

Basil of Baker Street examines his giant ice cream sundae through a magnifying lens, perhaps on the lookout for poisons.
pin Pin 101087: DSSH - Pin Traders' Delight Ratigan - GWP

GWP / PWP pin received when purchasing a Pin Trader's Sundae (PTS, PTD) for $14.95 at Ghirardelli's Soda Fountain and Disney Studio Store in Hollywood.

Professor Ratigan, looking fiendishly dapper, slinks around a human-sized ice cream sundae.
pin Pin 114737: DS - The Great Mouse Detective 30th Anniversary

This pin released by the Disney Store features Basil in his green wool coat and deerstalker hat holding a magnifying glass and a lamp. This pin will have split distribution, with Europe getting 500.

Dressed in garish green plaid, a five-fingered Basil holds a lantern in one hand, while his magnifying lens frames the 30th Anniversary logo.
pin Pin 117759: Button - Basil with Magnifying Glass

This 1" pin back button features a close-up of artwork seen on the DVD cover.

A front view of a keen-eyed Basil gives us a very close look at his right eye.
pin Pin 118174: DSSH - The Great Mouse Detective

This pin was released as a 6 pin set at the DSSH Animation Celebration pin trading event on November 6th, 2016.

Basil holds up a lantern to illuminate the El Capitan Theatre marquee.
pin Pin 118178: DSSH Marquee Pin Set

The 6 pins of the set in which the above pin was released.

Five different El Capitan marquee pins surround the central, and most important of the lot.
pin Pin 118448: Ratigan Framed

Part of the Framed Villains series, limited to 700.

A very wicked-looking Ratigan grins from this jeweled frame with a Fidget's head design at the top.

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Buyers, beware! This bootleg pin was spotted on eBay. Note the absense of the error on Basil's sleeve.


This lot was made illegally but can still be found for sale.

bootleg bootleg bootleg bootleg


Artist Mike Royer created these sketches for proposed Great Mouse Detective pins. Though they were never produced, fans and collectors can still admire the artwork and dream of what might have been.

basil basil basil

dawson dawson dawson

ratigan ratigan ratigan

fidget fidget fidget

toby toby toby

olivia olivia olivia

flavisham flavisham

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